Jan Mayen – The Fiery end of Civilization

Photographer: Hannes Grobe, released under GNU. A desolate sign-poste with a cinder cone in the background. Jan Mayen, the northernmost active volcano.

The Norwegian island of Jan Mayen is situated north of Iceland. It might be the only place on earth where no one yet has bothered to find anything valuable. Except for a shirt stint in the early twentieth century when Norwegian trappers hunted polar bears and blue fox. Jan Mayen services as a combined polar research facility, meteorological post and radio station. The islands airstrip is also used as a point for air rescue services.

The location of the island gives Norway a large part of the Arctic. The Norwegian economic zone is counted from the eastern part of mainland Norway all the way to Jan Mayen. This “ownership” is becoming increasingly challenged today since large sub-aquatic oil and gas-fields are thought to be located there.

Jan Mayen is consisting of two connected areas. The northern is dominated by the towering Beerenberg strato-volcano that juts 2277 meters straight from the ocean. The southern end is elongated and rather flat.

The islands volcanic activity reminds quite a lot of the Icelandic. The island comes with its own hotspot, also named Jan Mayen, and the Island is placed on the Jan Mayen micro-continent. The micro-continent once belonged to the Greenland plate, but is welded to the Eurasian continental plate, right beside the Jan Mayen triple-rift spot on the North Atlantic Ridge, aptly named Jan Mayen of course. Jan Mayen is surrounded by about ten sub-aquatic volcanos, but very little is known about their level of activity.

Photorapher: Gernot Hecker, released under GNU. Soaring straight out of the ocean, Jan Mayen might be the most beautiful strato-volcano.

Beerenberg volcano is a mainly basaltic strato-volcano with an abundance of parasitic cinder cones on its slopes. The volcano has had a period of heightened eruptive behavior that started in 1970 with a VEI-3 eruption that forced an evacuation of the island. Then another small eruption came in 1973 (VEI-1) and the latest 1985 (VEI-0). It is believed that the diminishing sizes of the eruptions is a sign that the volcano lost momentum, and might go dormant until the next eruption cycle starts again. The cycle dormancy length is normally roughly 100 to 150 years, so if that is true, it will be some time before an eruption occurs again.

The southern end of the island is consisting of the inactive Holocene rifting fissure volcano system of Sör-Jan. It is comprised of splatter cones and seems to have erupted in short fissures running along the length of the island and finally reaching quite far south of the island.

If I would speculate a bit here, the shape of the volcano more seems like a central volcano with a southward fissure swarm than two separate volcanoes. But this has to my knowledge not been scientifically tested.

Animation: Matthias Kabel, released under GNU.

A Karman Vortex Street is a fancy name for oscillating turbulence. It is when for instance wind goes around a flag-pole, and it start to alternate to go around on the left and then the right side. That creates a flag-pole that will start to vibrate and “sing”.

Beerenberg is a rather stupendous flag-pole due to its height and narrow top. The volcano sometimes slices apart passing clouds that get divided as they try to pass. And then the wind starts to the left, then back to the right, and so on back and forth. The result?

A Harman Vortex Street is one of nature’s most beautiful phenomena. Whoever said that theoretical physics can’t be beautiful when let loose in nature?

Image courtesy of MODIS/NASA


691 thoughts on “Jan Mayen – The Fiery end of Civilization

    • Hi Armand,

      thanks, I will look at the feed set up later today – I think I used that same link, but I’ll check The way it works in wordpress is that the RSS widget displays two things, first the original page in the title (the line where you see the rss symbol next to it) and then below that the latest post from the feed appears (which right now is the series of earthquakes in NZ). I hope that’s ok?

      About the webcams, I linked your collection from the Volcano Webcams page in the menu – I think the link there is the same as you posted? I’ll check later (right now have to do some of that pesky thing called work…)

  1. Measuring Bob.
    Would be interesting to place a base line on top of the hill above Bob and survey the disturbance with one or two guns. You would then have the ability to see changes over time.

  2. Let me repeat what already somehow has been said and everyone knows, but just for the “pressure release”… With all what’s left in Bob’s guts, and when you see how the tremoring evolved the last days / yesterday, it’s just not thinkable that there’s nothing to come after the “cut” yesterday evening. And in this kind of context, the longer it goes, the “bigger” the “thing”. Extension of the fissure, new vent, whatever consequence of an emptied gas bubble like stated by I think it was Carl before… I can’t stay away from the f…ing computer as somehow it’s unbelievable that nothing happens in the next – erm, hours…?
    And please, I’m not scaremongering. “Something” doesn’t have to be dramatic. It’s just the curiosity of seeing the volcano evolve, whatever it does.

    • I too feel like this. I expect to see another jacuzzi off La Restinga. I have lost the webcam at Las Puntas on the North coast. I have not had that for some days. I have the webcam here but I really should be getting on with work and packing for next week.Quite how I will survive on my visit to London without my computer I don’t know. I am supposed to be a proper Gran mother and spend my time entertaining a toddler but I can see I will be suffering with withdrawal symptoms!!!

      • Changing dipers might remind you of the whole eruption stuff. Visually and olfactory wise. Finally all about hot material erupting out of a vent in a fissure. You don’t always know when it happens, but at least the localization is set. Not elegant – once more. Nearly feel sorry to be such a rude piece of a human being…
        They sure have internet – tell them you want to show your kiddies volcano images. It’s educational. Start youtube videos of eruptions, and next to it read us… 🙂

        • You are wise geo. I will try that. 🙂 I can teach her new words like Pyroclastic flow and harmonic tremors:) As long as her tremors are harmonic and her nappies do not flow 🙂

        • Newby I am a biologist, ) I see child behaviours interesting they show the very basics of human behaviours with no pretence. Young children show amazing strategies for survival…..right down to whacking a perceived threat with a rattle or making sure they get more attention from parents than anyone else .

        • Dianna, the good thing about it being a grandchild is that you can observe such behaviours without the exhaustion of being a mother. Or perhaps I was just exhausted as I had three kids with the first born when I was 36 and the last when I was 42.
          After the third I was down to the very basics of human behaviour too. 🙂

        • It it is good to be able to hand them back:) I had 2 of my own, they grew and left home then took on 3 more one Friday night, they were literally left on our doorstep. I was 50 🙂 Funnily enough it all worked out well 🙂 All have now left home and OH! it is so peaceful : except Saturdays when they all seem to find their way back just in time for an evening meal 🙂

    • The amount of earthquakes have increased a lot, and also the strength of them is also increasing. Ontop of that the tremoring is slowly, but steadily, increasing.
      I would say that something will happen in a little while.

      • Look, geologists are a special breed. Smart assed like no other, knowing everything about anything, but always referring on others or the untamable nature when it get’s too hot.
        You know Randy Marsh? He’s one pretty good example. Nearly as good as Ross in Friends.

        • …the best of course being Pierce Brosnan in Dante’s Peak. I love it how he “tames the lava” with a 4×4. When you see the lava flying around because of the endlessly wheeling tires to cross the flow – nearly as good as when they are pushed by the pyroclastic flow / nuée ardente…

        • Yes, and sedimentologist. It’s all geology.
          In my times we did a lot of stuff during the cursus. We hat up to 36 lectures a week. According to the american system or the new european system with all this ECTS credits I should call myself mineralogist, sedimentologist, paleontologist, petrologist…
          Naah, more seriously, what does “geologist” exactly mean nowadays? It’s a very vast field. Those who talk to the stones… 🙂

        • Randy is one of my favourite characters of all time and therefore, my favourite Geologist! His most famous discovery, of course, was the link between climate change, flatulence and spontaneous human combustion – genius!

          May Randy never be taken away from us, life would never be the same 🙂

        • Yes, long life to grand master Randy. I loved him on the climate change issue too. Neither was it bad when he discovered that you don’t need to stick something in your bottom and suck another to run the “it” from Garrison…

        • Dantes Peak, almost as appalling as Volcano with him from Men In Black in it. A volcano erupted in the morning, they knocked down a building to channel the lava, and it was tea and scones for all by bed time! Do any ‘decent’ volcano films exist?? Other than the streaming worldwide network of webcams, I can’t think of any.

        • 2012: they did it – show the eruption of Yellowstone…

          And fabulous in volcano – stopping lava (think of its density / weight) with some concrete-pieces made to border highways…

        • The fun part about 2012 was the visualization of the disaster.

          Having poked around the numbers in geology a bit, I was fully aware of the magnitude of the forces needed to do what they were trying to relate. From that aspect LA was the funniest part.

        • @Merlin:
          I am happy, on so many levels, that I never saw that movie… Mutating neutrinos might be the stupidest movie coment of all time.

          Krakatoa – A story of love: that movie was actually fairly okay, but then it was made before CGI.

        • You all forgot Super Eruption… the Drama that went with the National Geographic documentary. I think that was really the one that set the doomsday brigade in the USA really panicking.

      • Or if you go to close to a 10 ton rock to whisper it “don’t fall on the houses there below” and then end as flat as pizza because it didn’t care… Very, very dangerous job.

        • Nonononono! Reading this again things are getting clear in my mind. I have to talk to my boss. They must double my salary, and five me some helicopter and fat laser guns (to measure whatever, or burst cats in pieces when they want to pee or poo on my equipment) and stuff if i shall go on with my job.

        • I thought I was the only one with cat’s pee problems on my nice cedar front door or basement windows. With the basement windows, it really makes it real nice at thaw in Spring. The whole house becomes quite fragrant.

          The guy who invents a laser guns that can zap a cat spraying (just a “convincing shock” will be enough) will be a rich man !

        • 7.5 joule air gun (flat and light bullets, of course) is an alternative until they sell the laser. Right in the “ham” it won’t really harm, but helps your educational efforts. They are not dumb as one might think. With time they learn that there are certain areas of the territory where they get this little spank if they “lurk” around too much…

        • Neighbours aat that uses my garden has learnt already it is a no-go area, I got a terrior dog. He hates cats and pigeons. Doensn’t do the plants a lot of good though. 😦

      • Geologists: “Those who talk to the stones…” , GeoLoco? I think it is they that talk to us!! And what a story. Absolutely fascinating.

        • Problem is the “normal ones” don’t hear the stones when they talk to us, so they understand it better when you explain only the part that they can see / hear, the moment when we answer… 🙂

  3. http://www.gobiernodecanarias.org/noticias/?module=1&page=nota.htm&id=145092
    Newest report (18 Nov, 11:56)
    A brief summary in English:
    – Earthquakes: 17 registered on Thu, only a few felt by people, largest 3.6M at 16:25 with III intensity in El Mocanal, Valverde, located 4km from the coast at 22 km depth
    – Tremor: signal decreased noticeably around 22:08 last night. Following the analysis of seismis data there does not seem to be any evidence for a second source of tremor in the North (not clear to me if this is after the increase or already before?).
    – Deformation: same instability in horizontal components as in previous days. Deflation of vertical component of the stations in the south and the east. In the zone of El Golfo there is a stabilisation towards the south and the west and a light deflation towards the east.
    – Mancha: no visible signs on the surface and practiaclly no visible activity during the entire day. In the afternoon there was an emission of material into a small area. but no constant production of lava fragments observable on the surface.
    – Chat-lines: on 12 Nov Red Cross has opened chat lines for inhabitants of El Hierro where they are encouraged to call and ask for support, if they wish, to be able to respond to the situation in a better way and take care of their mental health. Until now more than 200 persons have sought advice on these lines – most of them were worried about the influence that the eruptive process is having on their lives. They and their families and friends are supported in this in various ways, with instructions on how to deal with it mentally, organising support groups, etc.

    • “Red Cross has opened chat lines”

      ??? I didn’t know the Red Cross did that. I wonder if you have to give them a credit card first….

      • GeoLurking, its normal to do and has purpose or relieving stress and such. Red Cross here has such phone numbers, its for help of people. No card needed.

    • No second source in the north???
      Well, I know where the second source is. Roques de Salmor. It is/was a whopping large gas-vent and it basically made the land area next to it lethal.

  4. As I took quite some space for the whole “geologist-thing”, I dare going a little bit on as it won’t change the world. Decision for which I might have been tarred and feathered elsewhere… 🙂

    Suggestion: Shall we from now on and in this very place name the geologists after THE grand master Marsh: “The Randies”?

  5. I was looking for other real-time satellite images than Modis Terra/Aqua and came across ESA’s MIRAVI website: http://miravi.eo.esa.int/en/
    This shows MERIS/ASAR data and here’s the latest image showing El Hierro:

    Mind that this is not visual image, but a radar image, so what you see is radar backscatter, which gives you a 3D image and textural information. Not sure how interesting this is for monitoring Bob, but still, I though this portal is pretty cool.

      • I don’t know, could be la mancha. 🙂 Or could be just waves – e.g. if wind was from NE on that day, there would be more swell in other places, but the areas SW of the island would be protected.
        Radar imagery is usually used for 3D mapping or in environmental applications for sea ice mapping (different in texture than clear water), oil-spill boundaries, iceberg detection, etc.

  6. yeah, all this waiting and staring at the twinkling sea is having an effect on me. Something makes me feel we might just suddenly see a gigantic great rooster rise from the sea, go squawk, and disappear again.

  7. Yeah… it’s just noise. No one will notice noise. Minor transients that we can be bothered to locate. Sure, we have several thousands of dollars of equipment spread all over the area, but we can’t be bothered with the small stuff. After all, the public is too stupid to notice.

    A spectral plot, artifacts cross checked with the running IGN quake list. Magnitudes of the artifacts labeled as they appear in the list… with the exception of the question marks. Hey, it’s just noise, right?

  8. Has anyone else noticed that they are playing with the webcams at La Restinga? The Panorámica general is shaking violently, and they are constantly refocusing the Zona de erupción. I think I read somewhere that they were planning to strength the camera mounts, so perhaps that is what is going on?

      • Once again, caveat in that I have not real all posts … … … I suspect the changes are due to the auto focus that makes it seem to zoom in & out spontaneously, not a man made or a “Randiological” reaction to the natural environment. I am most likely wrong though 🙂

  9. I really think that Carl has a splendid idea with this site. By allowing the conversations to flow to other subjects we get to learn so much about so many things. I love it!! I can go to Jon’s and get serious discussion when I want to and here I get really interesting discussions with such a wonderful variety. Thank you everyone who contributes here with comments.

  10. Hi, thought it was about time I came out! Been following Jon’s blog and Eric’s Eruptions since Eya. I don’t feel I have a lot to contribute I just enjoy reading all the comments and banter, so glad you set up here. By the way I make Sheep! (from willow)

    • Hi Rebecca…You are a sheep creator. That’s brilliant.:) Willows are such amazing trees. Where I was born in Somerset, there are willows along all the roads and between the fields. Their Long shoots or withies are harvested every year to make hurdles and baskets and artistic people like you can make sheep and chairs and… well anything 🙂

      Have you all noticed how sheep creep in here in all sorts of ways 🙂

  11. And this could be a nice one for Carl:

    Diario El Hierro again – of today 11:18.
    Title: “El Pevolca prohíbe el acceso desde Arenas Blancas hasta Las Alcusas, en La Restinga”. http://www.diarioelhierro.com/
    If I get this right, it says that it is now forbidden to pass through a certain part of terrain from Arenas Blancas up to Las Alcusas near La Restinga due to danger of gaz emissions.

    But on the other hand, they are announcing a Car Slalom (!) for tomorrow in or near La Restinga (does anyone know where exactly that will take place? Una Canaria perhaps?):

    Por otro lado, este sábado, 19 de noviembre, se disputará el XXV Slalom Isla de El Hierro en el circuito Juan Casañas Morales en La Restinga. La presencia de gases en zonas como Tacorón, no afectará al desarrollo de esta prueba deportiva. ”

    ….??? !

    • What is it with Armas and making weird competitions during the eruption? He started on the very first day of Bob with anouncing an internatonal photographic diving competition, and now it is car slalom in lethal gas… One thing is for sure, I kind of like the guy, he has vision, and he is crazy like a loony bat. I think that when he has been kicked out of office he will become a volcanotourist blogger 🙂

      • Yes, with a little bit of exercise, he is getting better and better …

        These antics would be most amusing, if they wouldn’t ressemble all too much hopping on a balloon full of noxious gases … 🙂

        • Kenpea,
          What a terrific hill climb in that video – must be several km long on closed public roads.
          Makes UK hillclimbs look tame.
          Good for them.

        • @ Kenpea, this Escuderia is an organiser of two car races, one is called “Ascent of La Cumbre” and the other “Slalom of El Hierro”. The slalom was supposed to take place on 8 Oct, but was cancelled because of the volcanic crisis and the new date is now set to 19 Nov. If you click on the slalom link, it will be run in the circuit Juan Casanas Morales, called La Machacadora (“pulveriser”) which is in El Pinar, near the cross at Tacoron, above La Restinga.

        • Silly me. As I read the description of the location of the race, I thought I was reading the location where they closed the area due to fear of LETHAL VOLCANIC GASES.

        • You are quiite correct… That is one of the closed off sites…
          Armas is our favourite for so many reasons. He always find the oddest thing possible to do and say when things happen.

    • The Circuito Juan Casañas Morales is in El Pinar, near the intersection of Tacorón, in the Restinga zone. Bread and circus…

  12. And a bit more to the north, in Iceland, there have been no less than 160 earthquakes in two days, mostly as parts of two earthquake swarms over at Hengill.

    And this does still look like harmonic tremor ( http://hraun.vedur.is/ja/oroi/san.gif) or not? Esp. as there has been practically no wind at all at Hellisheidi within the last 2 days http://www.vegagerdin.is/umferd-og-faerd/faerd-og-astand/faerd-og-vedur/sudvesturland/linurit/st001.html .

  13. What just happened to this blog? i popped out to lurkings link, and when i got back, all looks different, different font and size, page widht settings changed? Anyway first thing that came to my mind was that everyone here took a good sip of helium before commenting. Kind of funny imaging you all saying your comments out loud with a “helium” voice…. No offense meant to anyone, just a sensation i got from the page’s current looks 😕

      • From WikiThing

        Great Auk:

        “he last colony of Great Auks lived on Geirfuglasker (the “Great Auk Rock”) off Iceland. This islet was a volcanic rock surrounded by cliffs which made it inaccessible to humans, but in 1830 the islet submerged after a volcanic eruption, and the birds moved to the nearby island of Eldey,

        When the [Eldey] colony was initially discovered in 1835, nearly fifty birds were present. Museums, desiring the skins of the auk for preservation and display, quickly began collecting birds from the colony. The last pair, found incubating an egg, was killed there on 3 July 1844, with Jón Brandsson and Sigurður Ísleifsson strangling the adults and Ketill Ketilsson smashing the egg with his boot. However, a later claim of a live individual sighted in 1852 on the Grand Banks of Newfoundland has been accepted by the International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources (IUCN)”


    • It doesn’t matter what country people are from, How rich or poor. How academic or practical. We would not be here without this great pieces of nature’s engineering 🙂 One day I may tell you about the great grey Slug, Limax maximus. 🙂

    • That is one whonking big shield volcano, and the weird thing, on the first image it looks like a mixture of a Thuya and a shield volcano…

      Hellishivewreckedreykjavik? *rofl*

  14. The tremor at CHIE has been growing smoothly all day but I reckon its growth has accellerated a bit in the last hour or so.

  15. Mr Cobbold, do you have any experience of Hamburg hens? We have an extremely nervous cockerel and he’s getting worse fast. I’m wondering if there is a problem with the breed.
    Before anyone suggests it our birds don’t end up in the pot however tasty 😉

    • ‘Fraid not. Our Buff Orpington started attacking its owner – drawing blood – unless she carried a stick. One day, she forgot her stick and had to sit on henhouse roof until he lost interest. Not much meat on him apparently….

    • Dunno about Hamburg’s but we’ve an ex-battery hen thats had so much hormone fed during her caged life to make ’em lay twice a day, she has ‘changed’ and acts like a cock, tries to crow, no eggs and grown a good comb!!

      • I’ve heard that sex changes are not particularly rare in the world of chickens though all of ours seem happy with their gender.

  16. Hello!
    The Sheepy Dalek Friday Bar has now officially opened.
    Please remember to leave anything serious in here, or the other sciencey posts. We can not have that in there can we? Nono… that would be Baaaaaad 🙂

  17. Two things left over from earlier today:
    @ GeoLoco: Bob monitoring links now linked from the menu.
    @ Armand: I check the URL for the RSS feed in the sidebar and it is the one you gave us – so if it’s late, sorry, but I can’t do anything about it, it’s how wordpress shows it. 😦
    If you’d like me to use some other feed (do you have a special one for volcano articles or for El Hierro?), please let me know.

    And now time for the bar. 🙂

  18. carl. What were you saying about Theistareykjarbunga?

    Is Theistareykjarbunga waking up?

    18.11.2011 15:57:51 65.860 -16.966 7.6 km 0.5 99.0 1.7 km SSW of Þeistareykir
    18.11.2011 15:30:43 65.864 -16.950 6.1 km 1.9 99.0 1.2 km S of Þeistareykir
    18.11.2011 12:44:55 65.088 -16.112 9.7 km -0.0 99.0 8.3 km NE of Upptyppingar
    18.11.2011 00:04:18 65.864 -16.947 5.8 km 0.8 99.0 1.2 km SSE of Þeistareykir
    18.11.2011 00:04:18 65.860 -16.887 1.1 km 1.5 60.53 3.5 km ESE of Þeistareykir

    • Theistareykjarbunga was found to be inflating at a rate of 3cm annualy in a research on spreading of the TFZ and Kolbeinsey Rift Zone. Theistareykjarbunga had GPS:es installet as reference only, and the data came out wonky. So they put in more GPS:es. It has been continous untill early 2011 when the paper was released.
      So, yes, I have been expecting it since I read that paper.
      I wrote about it over at Jóns blog.
      My guess is that she is preparing to erupt, but it will take at least a decade. I suspect that she awoke in the 1870s after the very large quakes that occued then with at least 2 confirmed +7M quakes. My guess is that she has been inflating on and off since then.
      We should remember that this is a truly enormous volcano with the largest confirmed effusive eruption in Iceland after deglaciation counted in cubic kilometers of lava ejected. So she needs to drink for a long time. She has never had a under 1 km3 eruption.
      If/when she erupts it will be a benign effusive eruption and the only danger would be gasses.

  19. Hi Diana,

    I agree willows are the most amazing tree you can make so much from them. I gather you are a red rose? I am of the white variety! I’m a bit behind with the comments can’t do this time of night too many interuptions, but during the day when I should be working I’m here. Thanks for replying 🙂

    • I’m a sort of hybrid rambler rose sort of pinkish Rebecca… I started off south west and have got as far as the Yorkshire Lancashire border with a slight diversion Via Birmingham to the West Indies 🙂

      • Do I – not English – understand this correctly: are English girls and ladies calling themselves white resp. red roses after the regions where they are living in England as depending on the partition of the times of the Wars of the Roses (Lancaster vs. York)?

        That’s interesting – though very much OT. 🙂

        • Hi Inge, Both men and women from the counties of Yorkshire and Lancashire keep up a friendly rivalry in sports and so on. The county badges are the red rose for Lancashire and the white rose for Yorkshire. 🙂

    • Rebecca, i think the most amazing thing about willow is its amaging regenerating power. Someone I know put in large willow posts to hold a fence. They now have a beautiful grove of willow. 🙂

  20. @Tyler Manison from the other thread.
    There seem to be no harmonic component over at Hengill, the activity is either purely tectonic or induced by the OR pumping down slack water.
    Today icelandic activity seems to have been in one of the fissure zones inbetween Krafla and Theistareykjarbunga. The most likely culprit is Theistareykjarbunga who had a small (minute really) quake swarm today. Theistareykjarbunga is know to in a current inflation phase since 2007.

  21. I see the eruption at El Hierro continues its smooth return to previous levels of violence. Am I being sent a different feed to everyone else? Whenever I look at the La Restinga cameras I can see nothing happening on the sea whatsoever except the occasional boat and people on the harbour wall. The sea just looks like sea.

    • There is even not a lot of reduction in tourism taking into account the circumstances: around 25% (865 tourist were on El Hierro now in october whereas there had been 1.216 in october of last year).

      Diario El Hierro of today:

      Un total de 865 turistas se alojaron en establecimientos hoteleros de la isla de El Hierro durante el pasado mes de octubre, 351 personas menos que en el mismo mes de 2010, cuya ocupación fue de 1.216 viajeros, según la última encuesta de alojamiento turístico en establecimientos hoteleros elaborada por el Istac. También cae el índice de ocupación y las pernoctaciones.

      • Inge, the great trial will be next Christmas, a high season period. I am convinced that a lot of people will go anyway as visibly almost nothing happens except some nice coloring. A lot of vacationers have been following ER and will be heading for EH –

    • It is not often that there is any big activivity there. I have not seen much on the camera during the last couple of days.
      The activity seems to be slowly increasing tremor whise, but then instead the quakeing has dropped quite a lot. The activity in El Hierro is rather going and coming in “waves”, so I suspect that the activity will increase to a new maximum in a few days when the pressure has built up sufficiently.
      One thiing we though should keap in mind is that the activity gets worse (a little) every time activity peaks. This last time we for the first time we had a new vent opening up from El Golfo.
      I wish I gould show the image taken from the cliff top of the closed of area around the tunnel mouth. There was quite simply a new Jacuzzi going at Roques de Salmor, but this Jacuzzi was so far gas only. But I have to save my sources identity so I cannot show it now. It is horrible that they are hiding things like this.

  22. Aw, this was a very nice post. In idea I wish to put in writing like this additionally – taking time and actual effort to make a very good article… but what can I say… I procrastinate alot and certainly not appear to get one thing done.

    • Do not post that page link in here again.
      1. It makes your comments to catch in the spam-filter.
      2. The site contains coding that is not approved.
      Any subsequent posting of links to that page will be deleted.

      Link has been manually removed.

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