Friday Blowout Bar at the Sheepy Dalek – Grand Opening

Cheezburger, released under GNU.

An evolutionary Tale

In the beginning there was Sheep, and the Dalek found that all was good. And the Sheep feasted on the animals of the beach. So much feasted the Sheep on the poor dog-like animals that they came neigh unto extinction.

Then the small dog like creatures gathered and said to each other. “This thing with living here on the beach is not working out ‘cause them dang Sheep, we should go back unto the ocean and swim like the fish again, and feast on the shark instead. And we shall forthwith be known as Dolphins!” And most of them stepped out unto the ocean and swam like the fish and feasted on the sharks of the ocean. Some of them where though afraid of the water and ran unto the hills instead, and become captured by shaggy beasts. (But that is another story entirely)

Desolate and bereaved of their pray stood the Sheep on the beach, and there was an abundance of crying. “What shall we now eat?” One of them cried. “What is this green stuff without legs?” said another sheep. And they ate of the green stuff, and they found all was Baaaed.

Copyright: Demiurg Productions. Permission explicitly given to the Volcano Café for free use by Demiurg Productions. “I am so baaaad”!

Welcome to the Sheepy Dalek, the bar is in front of you, the Magmatic Fireplace Dalek is burning in the lounge, beware of the Sheep, they will be entertaining later. Welcome in, welcome in, dear Ladies and ‘Gents. All Drinks on the house.

Here is a movie to dry you all up while we pour your drinks!


244 thoughts on “Friday Blowout Bar at the Sheepy Dalek – Grand Opening

  1. God Morgon!

    I go away for a week to Dubai (mmm… warm) and come back to find so much has happened!

    Good luck with this Carl – I have been lurking for some time at the the other places, and am learning a lot. But it’s nice to have a chuckle along the way, so well done!

    Meanwhile, here’s some nice Icelanders to greet you this morning.

  2. Morning all, hope you are all not feeling too worse for wear! Just got round to watching Sleepy Pete Ocean Sheep – very trippy 🙂

    Relatively quiet on the movistar webcam, aside from the drug runner boat making an appearance a little while ago. Looks like a bit of activity may be starting up again, or maybe just a little head butt from a sheep :

    Lastly, for those in need of their morning coffee, enjoy:

  3. Good day! Not like the one here, rain rain and more rain.
    Sorry I didn’t make the party last night, is anyone going to clear up the glasses and sweep up the wool everywhere?

  4. Skål! – nice party u had last night. I joined for a while, but fell ashleep with a smile on mye face… not enough rest the last days following your exiting blog. Keep it comin 🙂

    • I will do my best, I hope that we will have a post by one of the other upcoming regular bloggers this week.
      Now I am off to a dinnerparty for a while 🙂

  5. Nice to see that there are still folks stopping by here! Will the bar remain open throughout the week for the occasional lollygagging (one of my grandmother’s favorite words, btw) until reopening in a new post next Friday, or will it become the neverending bar post (scary, scary thought, especially with all of those sheep running loose in here)? In any case, I would like to thank you, Carl, for inviting all of us here for the party, and for being the consummate host of the “Sheepy Dalek”. If by chance I ever own a bar I think that I must name it that! 🙂

    • Well, the Sheepy Dalek will be open all week long for whenever people feel like Lollygagging (nice word!).
      I will probably open a new Bar-post next friday without the sheep, I think the never ending, never closing sheep bar would be to scary. And also I think people would stop using it for lollygagging if it dropped out of sight (and sound).

      Oh my how people would wonder if a bar was actually named that 🙂 Unless it was a big convention of sci-fi nerds around, they would love it.

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