Sheepy Dalek & The world’s smallest Volcano

A shoop where you are rumoured to be able to by volcanoes for any style of New Years Firework.

In a world filled with large volcanoes erupting all over the map, some countries get rather annoyed as they are feeling left out of the fiery fun. Particularly countries with low self esteem get annoyed by this. Especially the fact that the USA is well endowed with volcanic phallacy seems to be driving some countries rather irate.

So the national pride and joy knew no bounds when Tor Zawar in Pakistan erupted gloriously in a party enhancing way on January 29th 2010. This spectacular eruption contained two different types of lava, had a glorious lava flood. It kind of had it all.

Only problem is that the Glorious lava flood of national pride and furtherance only reached 8 meters in length before halting. But, that did not stop the national pride and party mood of finally achieving volcanic phallacy. In joy they dug up all of the 7 cubic meters of lava and hauled it off to Karachi where a lot of celebration took place, of course without alcohol. Ahem!

My New Years wish is that all countries on the planet will have a Tor Zawar during 2012, and that this conflagration of mini volcanoes will happen directly under particularly nasty local politicians bedrooms all over the planet.



658 thoughts on “Sheepy Dalek & The world’s smallest Volcano

  1. If Bob is not alone does this completely change the situation of El Hierro?
    Could there be movements now under the other islands especially La Palma.
    The line of the earthquake swarm looked to be heading towards La Palma so could the two islands be connected by an underground chamber or rift we cannot see or have overlooked?

    • Umm.. no, and yes.

      No, no common chamber. Also no “common” rift.

      The trending in both islands basement strata is pretty much the same. The age and alignment of the oceanic crust accretion is the same. That means that rifts and substructures will have similar layouts.

      As for a common magma source, yes, if you count the mantle.

    • Continuing (phone)

      The alternative noise souce that I am refering to, is likely degassing down in the feed stucture. Diana’s mention of alternative subsea locations is also valid since I can’t rule that out.

      I’m gonna have to think on it and study, but it might be possible that to coax a bit more info now that I can pull individual freqs out of the plots.

  2. Several people have contacted the IGN website to ask about the rare signals from seismograph of Tenerife, Ccan. IGN has responded to transferred the question to his colleagues at volcanology. Although the most probable is that this is caused by electronic interference.

  3. Really OT!!
    Of all that’s silly – we’ve a Bumble Bee around the bowl of scented cyclamen in our front porch – I think I’ll have to make up some sugar solution for it!!!
    If anyone needs any non-Mayan Voodoo Pebbles – I’ve plenty on the lawn gratis the Mole!!

    • The bumble bee should be fine Alan if you don’t live too far north but will be very happy with some sugar water. I don’t know where in England you live but on the South Coast here the bumble bees are still continuing their business as normal, so are the wild honey bees that are in an old woodpeckers nest in our local park. This is certainly a crazy year for weather.

    • Yes – just as the tremor under El Hierro appears to be dropping, there seems to be a marked build up of tremor under La Palma.

    • Is difficult to know the magnitude of the magma chamberand, the amount of magma that contains, and just how far. May be the magma is moving from one island to another. Who knows.

  4. Hello all!

    As you probably have noticed there have been 2 earthquakes west of Hekla during the last couple of days. Both where followed by transients, and what is even more interesting, harmonic tremoring recorded at the Saurbaer SIL-station.

    If one look closely at the 1-2kHz band there are a couple of odd transients before it gets really shaky.

    As you all know Hekla is really close to erupting, and right now all available signs point to it being close. I would say we are anything from an hour to a few weeks away, but, Hekla has had two aborted eruptions during the last 5 years, one in 2007 and one on July 7 2011. Those are the two last eruption warnings issued by the IMO. So, it could go back to resting.
    I would advice that it is actually more pointing towards an eruption now, than during the last two times. So save those cameras and also save this link, sadly it is not really working as well as it should. If needed I have a back up link that works, but I will only publish that one if IMO does not get this one back up before the eruption starts.

    I will also jump the rest of the volcanoes in Iceland (Krafla all the way to Eyjafjallajökull) and write a first Hekla post that should be up later this evening.

    • Hi Carl, am looking forward to blog post, should be really interesting!

      However, while you were ill there were 2 earthquakes pretty much in the same place as this, so I asked Jón, and he said they were tectonic?

      But am starting to believe these could be something else… 😉

      • I agree, they are tectonic, but the interesting thing is that they reverberate in a magmatic way. So to be totally exact they are of the class magmatectonic earthquakes since they produce harmonic tremoring.
        One should always remember that a tectonic earthquake can still do nasty things to a primed volcano like Hekla.

  5. I think a lot of people will agree with the statement below about the situation being NEGLECT AND INCOMPETENCE !!
    Avcan FB Copied.
    Estoy totalmente de acuerdo con Julio, mas que conspiración, es desidia total e incompetencia. También estoy de acuerdo con Jose Antonio, como el volcán no saldrá a saludar, ni hoy, ni mañana, tardará bastante o quiza no salga. negaran todo para ver si pueden escaquearse y que se trague otro el marrón.
    I totally agree with July, more than conspiracy, is total neglect and incompetence. I also agree with Jose Antonio, volcano will not come to greet, neither today, nor tomorrow, soon enough or maybe doesn’t come out. they refuse everything to see if they can extricate and which to swallow another Brown. (Translated by Bing)

    • Judith, you know what people say about PEVOLCA? He says he is like a € 500 bille. Is known to exist but no one has seen it. 🙂

  6. Una
    I totally agree but what worries me more is that the powers that be seem to have turned a blind eye . I just wonder if anybody that should be is watching these graphs.
    The movistar webcam tech thismorning did not even know the webcams were down he said it was not his problem it was a problem with the Madrid server.
    I thought that Madrid were supposed to be keeping an eye on el Hierro its turning out to be a right farce !!!

    • Yes, the issue of Movistar camera is amazing. And the absence of information on the possible increase in gas or not does not sound good. But I prefer not to be pissed off, because I removed the objectivity and also does not help. If the Pevolca not provide the information, there will be other ways of knowing.

  7. Have to ask this but is this just more than coincidence that since Bob has started up again we are getting more movements on the other islands graphs.

    This is now the main holiday time in Spain leading up to the Kings day on the 6th January so surely consrtuction work would be more limited now at this moment in time as a lot of Spanish workers take time off now?

    • Hi Alan, the East of the UK then, no wonder you were amazed to see the bumblebee then as i would imagine it is much colder in Norfolk than here. We had 11C yesterday, an amazing temperature for mid-winter! In fact I have crocus budding and unless it gets colder soon they will be out in a week. Geraniums are STILL flowering since spring-time last year!

  8. ER are saying Bob has taken his last breath.
    Update 02/01 – 17:38 UTC
    – Based on harmonic tremor, the eruption, who showed like a last breath yesterday (10 earthquakes – IGN added another one today on the 9 we had listed yesterday) comes to a near end. During the past several days and weeks HT decreased often sharply after the collapse of a vent, but in this case HT decreases bit by bit to a very low value.

      • Good morning everyone. Bob loves to surprise, and has a habit of resurrecting himself when given last rites. Not taking my eyes of him yet, he is a tricky fella.

        • Hi, Hattie! I think that Bob is not understood either by the volcanologists are currently investigating. They are all so clueless.

    • Yet oddly enough, the deep tremor remains.

      The 1 Hz signal at EHIG and EGOM did not come along until after Bob had become pretty well established.

      In my view, the source of that signal is from deep in the path, and is probably the degassing. With a nod to Diana, it could be a vent somewhere else in the area that we don’t know about. In that case, it would be at depths that render them un-observable to us. Only a research vessel would know about them.

      Until that other tremor source dies out… I’m gonna have to dismiss the ER position on it being over. Maybe the Jacuzzi known as Bob, but the system driving it is still alive.

      • It does seem a bit premature to say that Bob is definitely over, especially as the jacuzzi has been active throughout the day.

        Has anyone checked that CHIE, itself, is ok or, whether or not the setting is still the same?

      • I agree, I think Armand lost the ball on this one. The low frequency between 0,5 and 1 is still very consistent on the unscaled plots of EHIG and EGOM.
        I will not rule out Bob untill Bob has been stainfree for at least a week. And I would still be nervous if the low frequency signal continued after that.

      • Has the area under Tanganasoga definitely deflated yet? (Lovely color coded GPS plot by Lurking some time ago.) If not, that would be the area that I would continue to monitor as it might be doing its thing independent of the submarine fissure vents that we collectively refer to as Bob. Perhaps Bob has a cousin or two… ¿primos?

    • This actually makes more sense than the Guy Arkansas swarm. The likelihood of a connection is greater. Though poorly constrained, (not accurate) the depth of the quake is in the realm of common deep well depths.

      At Guy, the quakes didn’t fit the well depths.

      I don’t the permitting data for Ohio to actually look at the well depths, and thats about the only way to have a better feel for it. Even so, it may be premature to instantly blame well operations. This area of North America is still undergoing lithospheric rebound from the last glaciation, and it’s on the northern trend from the New Madrid area to the likely eastern end of the Mid Continent Rift that runs under Lake Superior. Somewhere here, that ties into the formation that parallels the St Lawrence Sea Way.

      And… don’t forget that on the other side of range in West Virginia, is Virginia, where they had that larger quake last year. The one that scared the crap out of our corrupt capital.

      Those are the players in the geological setting. What caused it remains to be seen.

      Pet theory. (not supported by anything)

      The North American plate has been having quite a few moderate events in the last year or so. (Virginia, Guy AR, Colorado, Oklahomam Texas etc.)

      I think that these are manifestations of increased stress running across the plate as it pushes further to the west. These are all happening along and in areas that have had some sort of seismic past as they became part of or functioned as part of the north American plate. In other words, weak areas. If I am right, then the stress load on the area in and west of the basin and range province should eventually feel it. Whether or not this affects the San Andreas depends on how the Basin and Range area accommodates it… or if the stuff along Walker Lane does so.

      Again, it’s just a pet theory and has no basis in real data.

    • Beautifull video evidence of A) finns does not freeze ever, and B) finns are generally nuts 🙂

      Very beautifully filmed!

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