El Hierro – Fire coming out of Bob

Flaming Restingolitas!

The Volcano known as Bob south of La Restinga in El Hierro has started to sprout fiery flames. They where first discovered by commenter Newby, and later cought on video by our own helper Sissel, and then by Lori (known as Buenamusa in here).

We at Volcanocafé extend our heartfelt gratitude for their hard work.

What the flames consist of is as yet unknown. A tentative hypothesize has been put forth by Peter Cobbold that it could be methane gas released from a sedimentary layer. Another theory is that it could be the beginning of Surtseyan style roostertails. Time will tell what it is.

Update: According to Lori (Buenamusa) they are large volcanic stones called Pyroclasts that flashglow as they surface. It makes sense, because then what looks like flame is the light from the glow hitting the steam puff they produce. It also makes sense that these stones would become hotter and more “glowy” as Bob comes closer to the surface.

This is the Video produced by Sissel.

This is the Video produced by Lori (Buenamusa)

Update 2: Here is a third video produced by Julio del Castillo Vivero. It contains blow ups of the flares that are slowed down for clarity.


367 thoughts on “El Hierro – Fire coming out of Bob

  1. earthquake-reporUpdate 06/01 – 13:51 UTC
    Julio del Castillo Vivero (the time lapse specialist studying photography in the UK) has just made a call the the ACN press people (U-stream cam). Here is what he got to now :
    Just been on the phone with ACN Press. Today, as it is a holiday, there was only a person incharge, and the technical side is not in today. She said she would try making a few calls and see if there would be any luck. If today can’t be repaired, she said tomorrow (but its saturday, so lets see… could be like this till Monday).t.com copied.

    • I have a Mac and could never get Ustream to work for me, it always said “off line”. Movistar usually works for me, and now with this link I have both, so many thanks!

  2. Looking at one zoom now I’m pretty sure that ares over heated water vapors. Just take a look! and besides how comes that this supposed floating rocks stays in the same spot for couple hours??? is a calm sea, I know, I know but so flat dead water movement?!?

  3. Avcan FB Copied

    Suponiendo que ahora fueran las dos bocas juntas, que es lo que yo creo, ya no sería Bimbachito propiamente dicho, así que tendrías que buscarle otros nombres nuevos. Podías llamarles por ej. Bimbachín y Bimbachete…Ja, ja, ja!!! Ahora en serio, esto parece como si encendieran una hoguera debajo del agua, es que el humo es tremendo.

    CRAZY! Assuming that they were now the two mouths together, which is what I believe, no longer be proper Bimbachito, so you’d have to find other new names. You could call them eg. Bimbachín and Bimbachete…JA, ja, ja! Seriously, this seems as if they went a bonfire under water, is that the smoke is tremendous. (Translated by Bing)

  4. Did any of you see the sailboat entering and ( after “ship-Ballet-dance of 5 tries) dockinh in the habour? I took a few screenshots.

  5. Video about Bob’s smoking habits 🙂

    If this eruption reaches the surface and forms a island big enough to survive the beating it will get from the sea, then Bob island would be a great name for it.
    Even better if it was in honor of the original smoking Bob.

    Bob Marley was one of the clearest minds to inhabit this planet in a long time.

    • fantastic isn’t it! 😀 What I find interesting is that it seems as if the water itself is hot and steaming, I can actually only see a few restingolites surface, unless there anre many very small ones?

  6. GUUUUUYYYYS!!!! Icelanders!!!! You there!!!…I suppose that you might recognize better than us regular ppl what it look like hot water vapors or not….can somebody give us a hint??? It’s a kind of Blue Laguna there?

  7. Actually what I should have said that I’m trying to watch this volcano and I keep getting distracted by this housework I have to get done. That really better discribes my current situation. lol

  8. Karen

    This is why I have no faith that the people of El Hierro are being looked after!!!!

    Update 06/01 – 13:55 UTC
    – Thanks to Julio del Castillo Vivero and the ACN Press people, the U-stream webcam is back online.
    – NOBODY seems to bother about what is going on at the vent.
    – It’s Three Kings Day, a festival day in Spain, that maybe the real reason about what is happening.
    – We are wandering if people at La Restinga feel OK with what is happening (in the meantime, Joke told me that people at La Restinga are telling her that there is “a lot of activity” today).
    – No helicopters, no boats. No infrared camera’s at night.
    – Joke went to the CAP science center a little while ago and the IGN people on duty said – As usual, nothing special.
    – IGN People at CAP were laughing about the burning lava at sea the day before yesterday (thousands of people have seen this phenomenon, images are online, videos are online, what else do they need to be convinced that gas was ignited + Joke has confirmed the burning lava with her binoculars ).
    This site is not a “science fiction site, but a factual site”.

    • Judith, is this serious?
      “– Joke went to the CAP science center a little while ago and the IGN people on duty said – As usual, nothing special.”
      I can’t believe it (almost)! Don’t they have internet?

    • Judith, we have a saying here, “There are none so blind as those who will not see.”
      In this case though that blindness could be a danger one day.

    • IGN confirmed a few days ago that the rocks they tested were hot: 40C on the outside with gasses inside at 200C or 400C (can’t remember which). Air is incandescent at 375C (but you need to check the actual figures, as again this is from memory). What is visible on the webcam is confirmation of what IGN has reported.

      But did Joke ask why IGN said it was nothing special and what would be special? I have not had time to read her report yet.

  9. when we look at the tremor charts, we can see wht looks like two big explosions. I think Bob cleared his path today.

  10. Ha! the zoomed area of Ustream is only one left third of the pluming (?!?) area of moviestar camera or I’m I wrong?

  11. Wow. I supposed the steaming could have been due to some weather artifact (temperature, humidity, etc), but after looking at the live feed from Ustream, now to me it’s likely NOT that!

  12. Looking at the waves there must be some kind of “plume” as they “break the wrong way” from time to time ?

    • The helicopte images from the other day showed a lot of turbulence there oldcowboy so although we can see the steaming you can still be sure it will be very turbulent activity in the eruption area. Interesting isn’t it!

    • Oh my Godabunga!

      That is just plain Stunning!!!
      IGN seems to have been smoking something really strong to say that this is business as usuall.

      Here is quick theory about what we are seeing.
      Bob has lost gas pressure, quite a lot of it. And that shows on the tremor-chart. But the lava has been going at the same rate, or even higher pace. I think that we now have an effusive phase with lava being ejected in Hawaiian style. So the explosivity level is almost zero. The only explosivity will be as water steamflashes. But there will be no rooster tails Surtseyan styla. It will just be more and more of the ocean cooking as Bob gets ready to lowly emerge.
      But I do think Bob has been very active the last few day. I would say that he is getting much closer to the surface to be able to do this level of steaming.
      The only question I have is how close Bob is to the surface. I guess we will never get a realiable answer from IGN about it. So here is my guess for whatever it is worth. I think Bob has well passes the 50 meter mark by now. And that the lava flows is sollidifying in such a way that the sides of Bob is really steep, giving a fast rate of buildup, much faster then before when it was pumice pillows that was the main product coming out.
      And by the way, the amount of pyroclasts was low in the video, for whatever that is worth.

      Biggie up Sissel!

      @Fönix: Bob is named after a woman impersonating a man in Black Adder TV series.

  13. Hi every one! I’m Arjan a lurker since Bob came to life. Could the explosions today around 11 UTC caused a partial collapse of Bob? Could this expose a lot of hot lava which in turn send a collumn of super heated water to the surface? This might explain the steam also i think other than bob getting ever closer to the surface.

    • It’s a good question but I don’t think so – the tim eon the video above shows 13.54
      the Harmonic tremor looks pretty normal at that time, at 11UTC it look like there was a big chugg – but given that this steaming is ongoing 2hrs after that it seems unlikely that there was a major collapse at that time. (I’m not a volcanologist)

    • A column of superheated water would have a produced a very definite column of steam above Bob.

      I think that we are seeing steam from larger hot pyroclasts – they are floating for sometime due to the hot gasses in them (larger – take longer to cool).

  14. Lovely videos, guys! And as others said earlier, there seems to be a considerable amount of solid matter in the sea around the ‘steaming area’ – in the past the ‘bob-corn’ didn’t hang around like that. This is certainly something I’m having difficulty tearing myself away from……….

    • The picture Joke took of the rocks IGN collected showed that the rocks were large-gas filled “balloons”.

      But I agree that a few minutes ago there did seem to be quite a few close to what appears to be the jacuzzi. And there were some large greyish bubbles to the left of the steam plumes. There were some smaller bob-corns closer to the cam and possibly more distant.

      Be nice if the cam zoomed out occasionally so you could get a good view of the whole area.

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