El Hierro – Raise your fist for Freedom of Information!

Bob Beamons protest against rasism, 1968 Olympics. This is one of my personal favourite images. To openly protest against any form of oppresion is a noble thing to do. Therefore I raise my fist today against the oppresion of freedom and information.

Sometimes people do and say things that make me wonder if we are a truly sentient species. Today the US is voting on the SOPA and discusses the PIPA. Both are laws that if enacted will seriously reduce the freedom of Internet for US citizens, and in a secondary way, the rest of us. Today Wikipedia are protesting against those laws through closing down the English part of the Wikipedia. An act I fully support.

Nemesio M. Pérez


Dear Sir,
The Takeshi Sagiya’s GPS data from El Hierro is not a public data and is related to a research project in progress. I would appreciate if you can delete the videos based on this information which it has been taking from Takeshi Sagiya web page without his permission. Thank you in advance for your collaboration.
Nemesio M. Pérez (Scientific Coordinator INVOLCAN)

This is one of the greatest brain farts I have had the pleasure of mentally smelling. It is wrong on so many levels. First of all, it is not Nemesio M. Pérez that owns the GPS equipment. It is not INVOLCAN that owns the equipment. It is the University of Nagoya that owns it. So he does not have the right to claim, state, or ask anything. The one who could do it is Professor Sagiya, who happens to control the equipment.

Second of all, it is publicly published on the Internet. And as such it is free to use in Europe as long as his name is stated as the source.

Third, INVOLCAN, IGN & PEVOLCA is in the middle of an enormous crisis of trust. They have willfully misled people, blanketed out data, and done a wonderful job of trying to cover up their mistakes. And more over, they have been blatantly wrong in their predictions for the volcano at El Hierro so far. In most parts they are a risk for the safety of the citizens of El Hierro. The worst among their errors have been to declare the eruption to be dead without any proof thereof.

Nemesio M Pérez, Sir, you are just making an ass of yourself. Question is if it is out of jealousy? I would also like to state that by attacking GeoLurkings works, you are attacking a valued member of this community. Our little community (Blog) has 5 000 views on an average day. By going after GeoLurking you have attacked us all here. That is why I feel fine about writing a public post about your behavior Nemesio M. Pérez. And just so you know it, in here among the 5 000 daily views, GeoLurking is wildly more respected than you are. I hope you are happy about having lowered the opinion about your person quite like this.

Legal matters

Since the subject is up for discussion I will here state the position of this Blog.

I am a Swedish citizen. I am the duly appointed Publisher of this Blog. Under Swedish law I am protected by very strong publishing laws. Anyone who wishes to start a legal battle with me will have to do so in a Swedish Court of Law.

And by both Swedish and European law any information available from a Governmental Internet Site is fair game since it is Public material and as long as the source is given.

Any user who publishes here is automatically protected by Swedish Law. And I am protected by law to not give out names or email addresses for the users.

Anyone who tries to impinge on my freedom of expression, and my right to publish other peoples expressions will post haste be taken to a Swedish Court of Law. To put it bluntly, I can afford more lawyers than you can.

Personal note

The oppression of the Freedom on the Internet must end now. Also the willful suppression of scientific information from the Spanish so called “Competent Authorities” must end now. Information not only wants to be free, it must be free.

On an even more personal level I have another thing to say. I pay a lot of taxes and a part of them the Swedish Government sends to pay for the squandering Spanish Government. I just calculated how much of my taxes go to Spain. It is about the same as Nemesio M. Pérez yearly salary. I morally therefore feel that I am the one paying his salary. And since it is my money I feel free to say this. Nemesio M Pérez, shut up or I will stop paying you!



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  1. For those who wish to get a feel for what sort of crapfest this is all about… visit Groklaw.

    I used to lurk there quite a bit reading and watching the maneuvering of the plaintiffs and defendants of the Caldera (No! Call us SCO! We bought the name!) vs anybody using Linux case(s).


    I’ll give you fair warning, a lot of legalese is in the postings, as well as the accounts of some amusing schooling of less than competent lawyers by other lawyers and judges.

    Pamela Jones, the operator of the site is a Paralegal by training and does a really good job of documenting these shit fights.

    What you should take away from it, is what sort of wrangling and manipulation of law and “intellectual property” that some of these malicious @#$ tards try to get away with every day.

  2. Wow, there are some really interesting points being made here, but it leaves me with a major dilemma.

    My heart generally lies with the general consensus, but I am also a professional writer/editor. I have personally been subject to numerous cases of electronic (and print) plagiarism. Normally it doesn’t really matter – if the person repeating my words cites the source then it can be seen – sometimes begrudgingly – as good publicity.

    However, in two cases I have encountered folks who were subscribing to my publication, scanning the pages the moment they received their copy, and posting them on the internet for everyone to see for free. My company had spent a small fortune producing those pages in the first place, and I shut those websites down very quickly. I adopted a “my lawyer is bigger than your lawyer” approach and thankfully (for me) the issue was resolved quickly.

    Was I right? I would argue that I was protecting my very real commercial interests (read ‘feeding my family’). Others might think that the internet is a free-for-all and that I had no right to stop the ‘spread of information’. I guess it comes down to whether your livelihood depends on it or not.

    What is happening in my field is that the genuine experts, who were previously happy to share their analysis and information openly, now only post behind expensive subscriber-only walls. The downside is that the open internet, at least in my field, is populated increasingly by people who have little insight, treat rumour and flights of fancy as facts without question, and have not done the first-person hard research. The result? Tons of ‘information’ freely available, but a decreasing percentage of it based on any reality. And it is read by an increasing number of people who lack the necessary knowledge (or can be bothered to corroborate) to divine what is ‘good’ info from what is ‘bad’. A cynical person might even argue that Wiki should remain shut down for good as it is the worst culprit!

    Those who know me would say I’m the last person to support ‘authority’. I admit to vested interests, and I guess I’m playing the devil’s advocate here to some degree, but there has to be some protection for genuine researchers, authors, photographers, artists etc. I’m fairly sure SOPA/PIPA is not it, but there has to be something or else the great, increasingly wonderful flow of information, art, music etc – which ultimately comes from people being PAID to provide it – might just dry up as it’s no longer commercially viable.

    (Rant mode off. This has nothing to do with El Hierro, INVOLCAN, Takeshi-san or the release of government data! Furthermore, I love this blog, particularly the willingness of folks who know what they are talking about to share their knowledge with me and others. If only the rest of the internet was this frank, open and honest.)

    • I understand you. And you have the total right to close down your websites. But the global trend is powerful and is one towards a free world where knowledge and art are for free. We cannot stop this anymore, except by total destruction of the society.

      I think having a career as a musician or writer will be very different in the future. Even the money thing. We are just approaching a time in our history that all the notions we had for granted will be heavily challenged.

      The future will be extremely interesting and the changes that we have seen since the recent decades are just a beginning, the change is going to be way larger in next decades, that’s the way things are going now. There is no stop to this. Either we worry, try control it and we fail, or we embrace the new trend and adapt to it. Unfortunately many people over 30 and 40, are failing to adapt to this faster changing world. They waste their time trying to get things as they were before.

    • In your case, someone re-publishing what you are actively selling is wrong in that they had made an electronic copy of it. In this instance, copyright applied. Fair use would have been snippets and pointing at the source.

      Where I have issue, is when the content and acquisition of the data is funded by the public or that there is a direct safety issue at play. If it’s raw data,as in specific numerical values that could have been collected by anybody, I have a hard time accepting that as the product of creative thought.

      Where is get pretty @#$’ed up, is when a corporate entity takes possession of a work and then keeps extending their exclusive right to it for time immemorial. Imagine that the works of Plato could not be published or quoted without going though a lengthy licensing process. Machivelli, Dante, Pythagoras etc.

      This is the sort of thing that saps the Public Domain.

      • Totally agreed with you there – especially the publicly funded aspect. My own government (UK) is one of the worst offenders for trying to hide, or charge for, information that its populace paid for in the first place. To the point of us not being bothered and we’ll go to Wiki instead! (sorry, I was perhaps a bit harsh on Wiki)

        I wasn’t referring to the more specific case at all – just trying to put another slant on the wider issue for us poor dinosaurs that still try and earn a living by doing the first-hand stuff. I don’t really know what to think any more, to be honest. I think I know what’s right and what’s wrong, but in this instance sometimes the two are the same!

    • The other side of the story is that public/charity funded research is used as a cash cow by academic publishers hiding the fruits of that research behind paywalls. George Monbiot summarises this global scandal:
      Most of my own research publications are hidden behind paywalls, and since I had – like most academics – to transfer copyright to the publisher I cannot legally scan my own papers and put them on a web site. (To see the facts, use Google Scholar and search for “Peter H Cobbold” : there are five Nature papers hidden from public view, four were charity-funded.)

      The situation with the GPS data is different. The University of Nagoya posted the data on its web site, with no restriction on access. That is excellent, and encourages science and an interest in science. But it brings with it the possibility that the data might be used in ways the originators did not anticipate. But that is science too. I doubt very much Professor Sagiya supports N M Perez’ stance – but we will know if he does if the collaboration of ITER, Grafcan and Univ Nagoya kills public access to the data.

      • I wasn’t aware of that. That’s scandalous to be honest. At least the funding charities should have a share, or all, of any income.

        As I said before, I wasn’t commenting on the Nagoya GPS data – after all, it’s difficult to copyright plain information – just trying to add another dimension to the way the discussion seemed to be going: that “Everything on the internet is free”, and the potential problems associated with that.

  3. My friends trust me, in 50 years either we have dark ages, or we have a time where everything is said, spoken and shared over the internet. There will be no published music, tv or newspapers. I am an optimist; I think we will follow the second path, after a period of some big changes and fights in years ahead.

    • @Irpsit
      I think you are right. But who produces the music, tv and newspapers (and all the other stuff)?

      Even today the news is increasingly written by corporate/governmental PR departments. I really hope I’m wrong, but I can’t see anyone doing the hard-arsed journalism job or painstaking research that reveals the truth unless they are being paid for it. Which means you and I will have to selectively pay for what we receive through the internet. It’s a process that has already started if you want to rise above the dross.

    • I hope that you are right Irpsit. I myself is very cloven in this matter. I am an adamant believer that publicly funded scientific material should be free. But on the other hand I know quite a few artists, musicians and writers who can not any longer live on their work.

      One example comes to mind. A friend of mine wrote a book, it then sold in a couple of thousand copies. So far so good. Then the idiot publishers made it into a listening-book, that one sold 500 copies. But 100K copies where downloaded via various sites. So, it was a fail.

      I think that we will have to go for something like government grants or something.
      If you reach say 100K downloads, then you get paid a salary. It is just an idea, I rather pay musicians or writers via my tax, than I pay for other stupid things that governments do.

        • In sweden they pay for e-books. But if a library buys a paperbook they pay about 0,1€ per borrower. But an e-book is charged by the publishing comany wth 2€… So the publishers do their best to kill off libraries here.

    • My cynical view, based in large part on watching the increasing degradation of freedom in my own country (Australia), is that we are headed for a dark age and that the year 2100 will more closely resemble 1900 (or even 1800) than 2000.

      Why do I come to this conclusion? Because everywhere you look, freedom is under attack by Government and “Big Money”. In my own country the FOI process has been watered down to the point that it is nearly impossible to get anything sensible out of the Government. Age old common law rights are under attack in the name of “security”. 100+ year old natural monopolies like the railways are being broken up & sold to vested interests in the name of “economic rationalism”, and in all things (even essential Government services) the new mantra is “user pays” (hence my local public transport system just had its 3rd 15% fare rise in a row, done at arms length by a Government Owned Corporation, and consequently bus/train ridership is in freefall).

      I feel like the era of the Western so-called democracies standing for liberty & freedom for all is rapidly passing, and we are heading for a world dominated by very dark corporate states where the boundary between Government & corporations is blurred to non-existent, and personal freedoms are relative only and always come second to “profit at any cost”. Think the new China, but on a Global scale.

      As such, I applaud any site (like this) that makes a stand, and enthusiastically agree with the Wikipedia black out.

      • Sounds like the virus of Thatcherism has just reached you. She sold off the UK rails separately from the trains. A feeding fenzy for lawyers and accountants. Bet your fares dont come anywhere near ours – yet.
        My guess is a more malign virus will be culling us before 2100.

        • You’re right about fares in the UK Peter. I don’t think I’ve ever paid as much to go such a short distance as on some of my UK train trips (mainly First Great Western out around Bath & Bristol). It’ll take a couple more rises before we reach those levels, although our suburban train fares are closing on London levels fast!

          I was shocked when it cost me more to go from Chippenham to London on an ancient Intercity 125 than it did to go from Madrid to Barcelona on a 300km/h high speed train.

          Anyway, please pardon my cynicism. I guess I’m just a cynical middle aged leftie who vehemently disagrees with the spirit of our times. I also suffer from a similar afflication to our friend Tyler, and that does affect my worldview (in a negative sense) a lot of the time.

          Let’s talk about Volcanoes instead. It’ll make me feel better 🙂

  4. Quite a few quakes lately under the Iliamna volcano in Alaska, the latest a 2.2 at a depth of 0.25 miles.

    • I have noticed this, too. Redoubt is also very close to Iliamna. Iliamna is lat 60.03 – lon 153.09 and Redoubt is lat 60.48 – lon 152.74. The last known eruption of Iliamna was in 1876. Redoubt has erupted more recently in 1989 and 2009. Does this make Iliamna more likely to have a bigger eruption if or when she goes?

  5. May be we are missing the point here. Tell GeoLurking not to do something, he goes and does it. So may be someone needs a new plot urgently? 😀

    @GeoLurking, I might be wrong here so tread warily.

    • The power here, is that it’s a Youtube account. Youtube, being an appendage of the two-faced Google, doesn’t really give a shit about the details of a conflict of opinion. Oh they will give lip service, playing the PR aspect of it, but they could really care less. They would shut down my account there in a heart beat just to make the problem go away.

      As for my static images… most of them are anonymous tinypic postings. I can’t even go back to them myself after about three postings. I can no more yank those than I could shit golden apples. Until Nagoya yanks the data down, I can still analyze and post the data as needed… if needed. The same applies to IGN info. If it’s there it can be analyzed… and with effort, the un-screwing of the “lateral offset only” aspect can be overcome.

    • Well…
      Now that you mention it KarenZ, would it not be nice with a GPS spread plot… now that tremor has been so high. Kind of curious about if the pressure increases, or if it goes somewhere…
      Quietly and slooooowly hinting…

      • Hint noted.

        This will be off of IGN’s data, closing date of 13 Jan 12 (latest graphic)

        It will be a static overview plot using daily change rate for the last three days. I may also do a shorter period of one day change. It will be about three or four hours.

      • Lateral offset change rate in distance to FRON. Regions to the East of FRON show a net positive offset not represented by these colors.

        And the data set.

        My read on this, is that some deflations has occured in the region that saw quick and non-symmetrical uplift/offset the other day.

        The region over top of the “dead zone” in the early quakes still shows up when you look at the areas either side of it…. but is not as pronounced.

        • I wonder how it will look when we get the latest days.
          But it is logical that increased activity at Bob should show up as a small deflation really.

        • Thanks Lurking

          So I take it that degassing has occurred and is occurring, while hydro-magmatic content is being released pretty steadily through the valve that is Bob, and deep below the earth’s surface the diapirs rhythmically push upwards… Correct me if I’m wrong but I recall in August the quakes were deeper than 30km, in November they were deeper than 20km and now they are still deeper than 10km.

          Looks to me like an evacuation plan needs to be pretty well defined, pretty soon. We still hope it will come to an end without erupting but it would be wise to have a worst case scenario planned for just in case, so that people know what to do if the pressure from below affects the surface of the island.

  6. Well – what a day. Unbelievable actions of Involcan.
    Surely raw data cannot be copyrighted – unpublished results from analysis, maybe.
    The days of protectionism and hoarding are over. Share and you shall prosper !
    Any limited view I had of the professionalism of the science community at Involcan has now gone.

    As to ‘Bob is dead’ – reminds me of the hapless Basil Faulty – fire, what fire ? ………and then the panic as the reality sets in.

    Advert at the beginning but well worth the wait !! What a laugh

  7. Thanks for the good thought provoking discussions. Not much to report on Bob tonight, tremor has dropped over the last hour and no new quakes to report.

  8. AvcaMary Carmen, right now there is an eruption in progress, “ONGOING”, and nothing can do to predict the next step. When the system was pressurized continued the staircase of the devil and is could predict something their behavior now does not follow any pattern because it is in continuous eruption.

    If tuviesemos access to inclinometros (if any) and other data, we could say something, although I do not believe it to be inconclusive, moreover it seems to me that neither the PEVOLCA know, what will be the next step? No one knows. Can only be doing one thing, be calm but alert, monitor it closely if you change or there are indicative of this and try to anticipate. (Henry)n FB

  9. This is from an abstract published in The American Geop0hysical Union, Fall Meeting 2009, Lonpre, M. et al. This abstract was then reposted at the Smithsonian/NASA Astrophysics Data System. This post is under fair use for educational purposes only.

    “…unstable and its north flank collapsed seaward to form the 15-km-wide El Golfo embayment. Since this event, eruptions at El Hierro have concentrated at the base of, and directly on, the landslide headwall…The most striking examples of such eruptive products are located at the prominent Tanganasoga volcano, where at least ten eruptive vents have produced a large bulge in the centre-west part of the El Golfo embayment….We propose that the formation of Tanganasoga’s ankaramitic magmas and clinopyroxene megacrysts is the result of a complex interplay between prolonged magma storage, regular influx of fresh magma and efficient crystal growth, fractionation and accumulation at upper mantle depth. The eruption of such dense, crystal-rich magmas probably requires forceful triggering, and appears to be facilitated after large-scale landslide events.”

  10. From an E-mail Identity redacted, but I will address it publicly since much of what it is about is from this thread.

    “…I do not know the reason of this act. Moreover, I can not find any logical explanation.

    … What I do not agree at all is the gratuitous insult without further proof that an email, to a person do not even know it directly..”

    Fair enough, though I do take exception to one part.

    ” I wonder how would you feel if in Spain criticize you and a member of your country, by means of ridicule and sarcasm. You all have made this a personal matter, when in fact it is not.”

    I would actually celebrate this. If someone found that a well known American Scientist… such as Dr Michael Mann or Dr James Hansen of NASA was falsifying or hiding data, I would stand an applaud anyone, anywhere, who called him out.

    I have noted that I can not be certain that it was Nemesio that sent me the take down directive, and that there is a possibility that I have been spoofed.

    As such I have tempered my tone somewhat, though I am a bit concerned at the timing. By my nature, I do not believe in coincidences.

    If I have offended someones sensibilities, I apologize, but I can not be pleased with what appears to be subterfuge.

    I am quite certain that the entities are quite adept and proficient in their fields. One thing that really should be looked at, is garnering support and confidence from the population that they work for.

    Most of my animosity comes from the inane comments of a public figure head (a politician) and the seeming obfuscation of data.

    • Clarification.

      “…garnering support and confidence from the population that they work for.

      By that, I do not mean us, here in the blogosphere. I mean the citizenry of El Hierro.

      Satisfy that and they will literally throw stuff at me for saying anything cross.

      It’s okay, I can duck.

    • Additionally, since my comments were made in the open and in public, I felt that this response should be here also.

      But the identity of the other person querying me is private and shall remain so.

      • Ok, this is my answer and I have no problem quoted here. The reason that led me to write the email was none other than to show you my point of view because you were the most affected. And like I said, I’ve left this blog for one reason very, very personal, so I allowed myself categorically not to enter.
        But I think now that it is necessary, here I am.
        Lurking, with all due respect, in the emal, when I use the word “you”, I mean the whole world, or at least some of you, I do not singular.
        Yes I was deeply disturbed discharges insults to the person of Nemesio Perez. But first I would like to see with my own eyes and tested physical evidence lying.
        I do not know if I miss something else.
        Ah, yes. I also sent an email to one of your companions. But for some unknown reason, long ago he does not answer to any (not sure if mine only or also to other participants of the blog). However I have.
        Finally, what hurt me most, was the matter I explained to you and I thank you that you’ve observed.One more thing, as I said in my email, I defend to the death of freedom of expression. Let no one doubt it.
        Thank you all. And good luck.

        • Una, It saddens me that you have decided to leave the blog, you will be missed. I hope you will reconsider your decision and return sometime. If I have offended you in anyway I would like to offer an apology.

        • Thank you Una, for all that you gave to the blogs, here and with Jon, before you were offended. As I am sure you know – we wish you all well on El Hierro, and hope you will all be safe.

          Best wishes

      • Well, I am just going to sit cross-legged on my Chug Rug and contemplate all this and the things that I want to know that I guess I’ll never find out, like, are they monitoring helium levels, how tall is Bob, etc. At a certain point, it will become moot, because Bob will probably show up.

  11. Good morning Una.
    I´m not sure but I think this Sir is not the 1st time making this kind of things…
    Time ago I rememeber aTenerife forum of geology saying:
    Be carefull we can´t publish this because is from Involcan… We have not permission. We can put the link by not the image.
    I am spanish but I am a citizen of the world. If it is needed removing the mask to the peolpe of Pevolca, I´ll do it.
    I´m agrre with you and with Alejandro that the issue with Pevolca is one and the issue with Neme is other…

  12. Wow, what a development. Well congratulations Lurk, you can’t get any better confirmation that you are on the money than when they start trying to censor you. Well done!

    As for the wider debate…
    I have some sympathy for artists and other creatives who are finding it increasingly difficult to make a living in the age of instant and free access to just about everything. In the end, universities and similar publicly-funded institutions will probably be the last refuges for those seeking paid work in a specialist field not already served by firms who can fund it for pecuniary gain. Yet at the same time it would be a huge folly to stifle any open science or other creative work by people who are not dependent on a cash kick-back from their work and don’t even seek it. That would be throwing the baby out with the bath water. In my idea of utopia we would all have the material means to feed, clothe and educate ourselves and endless hours to debate stuff on the internet and all for free, but yeah, it’s just a utopian vision, but hey, maybe one day you’ll join us.

    Re El Hierro,
    the December issue of Nature Geoscience (yeah that “Nature”) had a fascinating article on plume research that answered one question that always puzzled me, namely where did the trigger come from for all the seismic activity/magma genesis in the first place?
    There is a great review article by Weis, Garcia, Rhodes, Jellinek, Socates and Lurking, ok, just kidding, not Lurking, on Hawaii and the reasons why it displays two different magmatic signatures (the Kea trend and the Loa trend). If I understood it correctly this corroborates the second hotspot type put forward by Courtillot in a model he drew up a decade ago and discussed by Koppers (wow, all this referencing sure is tedious) elsewhere in the issue, that these superplumes originate from the core mantle boundary with 90% of the superplumes stalling out at the DII boundary but feeding isolated plumes in the upper mantle (which I guess also explains the spatial discrepancies of the Canaries that stretch over 300 km).

    But as with every little insight on the way to Nirvana this just opens up more questions for me:
    1. If the trigger comes from a deeper source in the mantle, why was there no seismic signature marking its ascent?
    2. Is the ascending plumelet molten (I guess it would have to be otherwise we’d be waiting for millions of years between eruptions)
    3. If there is no signal for it, how can we know it has stopped feeding the magma stored under El Hierro – i.e. maybe Bob could keep spewing for years..

    And for the sake of completeness, there was another great paper modeling the chemical density of plumes from the core mantle boundary by Deschamps, Kaminski, Tackley and Lurking, no not Lurking.

    • Oh, Bruce, I appreciate this post so much! It seems that I have been reading papers in just this arena. I was wondering about the trigger, and rolled around to papers on the geochemistry (based on the pretty colors in the Calm, Calm Sea, which the guy came and evaluated. ) Then, I got off track and started watching a science fiction movie about triggers for horrible storms…when I get back on track, I’ll be able to discuss just a teensy bit of it. The heavy hitters here will have to do it until then.

    • I will answer your 1 and 3.
      We have during the last hundred days (that I know about) had several instances of a very low frequency signal in three distinct frequencies. 0,259, 0,59 and 1,2.
      Thare have been picked up simultenously by almost all stations when it has been going, with the exception of CHIE. This low frequency sound artifact indicates a deep source compared to other sounds recorded. My hypotheis is that this is magma coming up through the feeding hotspot mantleplume.
      This episodes are often followed by other signs of magma arrival such as, increased harmonic tremoring and inflation.

    • Thanks for that.

      I’ve read elsewhere one idea that the African (specifically south Africa) megaplume stops partway up and then feeds smaller plumes/hotspots over a wide area.

      This sort of fits your proposal about the Canarian situation.

      • That’s all speculation – there’s no imaging or heat flux data I know of. If Icelands hot spot can be so extensively queried ( Eg Foulger at ‘Mantlre Plumes’ website) then the presence of a Canary hotspot must be the more uncertain.

        • Hotspot mantleplumes is a very poorly understood subject to beginn with.
          I tend to thread lightly around the subject. Of couse they exist, but their mechanics is so poorly understood in most cases that it is better to just mention them in passing.

          I am for instance fully happy with interpreting the Canaries with a classical single plume. Perhaps with an addition of globuses sliding around after arival. But that is about as far as I dare go.

  13. Hi guys!
    I’m afraid that we miss the real message within this mail.

    Prof. Sagiya is an academic Japanese personality therefore acts strongly related to them culture: they hardly work to build “Digital Japan”. Therefore according to GSI which is mentioned as first Associated Organization to Nagoya University “Geographic information is also open to the public”. See http://www.gsi.go.jp/ENGLISH/page_e30233.html
    Therefore we can find the following to his page:
    “I welcome students and post-docs who are interested in studying dynamic deformation of the Earth’s crust through geodetic observation, data analysis, and numerical modeling (no restriction about the time scale of the research target or research technique).”
    Then it comes Prof.Nemesio, European personality, strong related to many academic and cultural habits but on different cultural background.
    Then it comes also “our” European common sense that establish some rules regarding databases use which in fact is Mr.Nemesio concern… See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/EU_Database_Directive
    The GL graphs and animation are a contribution that fully accomplish the following:
    “”The World-Wide Web was developed to be a pool of human knowledge, and human culture, which would allow collaborators in remote sites to share their ideas and all aspects of a common project.” (Wardrip-Fruin, Noah and Nick Montfort, ed (2003). The New Media Reader. Section 54. The MIT Press) See also: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/World_Wide_Web
    So everything is then reduced to cultural diversity clash….topping maybe a jealousy sentiment.
    Of course that YouTube policy try to fairly response in a www environment to copyright issue. But, as is proved by latest years this is something to BE done, nowadays is just in childhood.
    In my opinion there are 2 issues to be reconciled to solve the www future trend: the sense of ownership and value recognition. Once these two are completely covered by rules we might say that we are a decent www society.

    But then it comes the root factor: www meaning, purpose and technology….what in fact is THIS?
    I define it as an Earth mantle build of “esoteric” knowledge and expression of the human race. Is the first place where we all are “together” by all full meaning, regarding color, nationality, location, sex, whatever else.
    Is our first expression as human race. Is the first shout of a new born child.
    In ten years maybe we’ll be able as adolescents to start to understand the world as it is at this level. Maybe…

    Further I don’t give a damn to this Nemesio guy mail. Frankly I don’t give a damn to YouTube policy. Is a world wide open there to shout. Entering on it by publishing whatever is technologically supported is just a statement of existence with bad or good as we, humans, are.
    The censorship concept appeared once with human society and is one of the facts that defines the human nature. Let’s remind ourselves that animals don’t have it.
    But nowadays got a lot of variation all related to our human activity: political, moral, religious, military so on censorship.
    It missing only web censorship.
    We need it of course but let’s do it as common human practice not on cultural or political basis.

    I just feel the need to express myself. Don’t punish me! 😀
    Meanwhile Bob got severe hiccups!!

    • Thank you Criseh!

      That was fun, I know that Japanese Universities are open, but it is good that you found the Nagoya document on public sharing. Talk about INVOLCAN putting its foot in the mouth.

      • Hope it helps you.
        But if I’m to be in your place I’ll send a mail to Prof.Sagiya and ask kindly to an opinion. Who knows? maybe the GL work can help him after all somehow.

  14. Yes! Our Internet driven International Society will have to change Laws, systems, in all THINKING and PHILOSOPHIES. There will have to be new liasons made between countries. There will have to be dialogue between countries. The world has started on a new path of cooperation. It would seem, rather like Middle ages in Europe… the big Bosses call the shots….
    However I am an optimist. Individual Creativity cannot be stopped. Somehow people will still desire to own an original. The marketing of original works will be a new niche in the market place a little further down the line.

    One point I dream about and smile quietly…….
    What happens when we have huge power cuts in our big cities and centres of electronic control?
    It does happen!!

    What targets for terrorists! What targets for bringing down a financial opponent! Realms of science fiction? I think not.

    I think today I will be an elderly ostrich and bury my head looking at web cams. I am well over 40 and I love the internet, such freedom to virtual travel and such freedom of speech.

    Una It is your choice not to join in, but here you can say how you feel and not be castigated. This was the whole point of the start of this Blog. A place where we can talk science and express humour and opinions.
    Like in real life here you are free to walk away or join in with a rant. As long as things do not get too personal and nasty make use of this Blog………before it has to go underground into Bob’s tubes to hide from the SPIDERS……. (The web patrolling police…. Sinister People Instigating Doomsday Eradication of Real Skills )

    • I do not dream of power cuts 😀 sooner or later will happens, the mother Earth is a living raging entity….
      The terrorists start to pale…10 years ago a virus could wipe your machine…nowadays are only “user friendly” viruses 😀 kills your network access or transform you in a server…That’s a censorship behavior that start to emerge 😀
      The real terrorism comes from our minds, that’s what I’m afraid of….
      We imagine ourselves, and unfortunately drive our life habits toward this esoteric world the mighty www.
      Even the first purpose of computers “computing” … start to loose in front of this new state of “gate” toward internet. The softwares are slightly and undoubtedly migrate toward internet platforms….him
      The problem is that this occurs at a very fast rate….
      I feel like loosing my human inheritance…all that it matters for nowadays kids is internet….ain’t we the real terrorists??
      Where is that “to boldly go where no one has gone before”? ain’t we prepare the new generation to loose the curiosity??? after all this internet will summarize only conscience needs, what about race survival?

      • The greatest terrorist is in the end our own fear of terrorism. Because it give the powers that be the support to instigate laws that limit our freedom.
        Cars annually kill a heapload more people than terrorists ever will do, it is actually a larger risk of dying or being horribly maimed while getting dressed in the morning.

        The great battle of our time is to keap our rights of Thought, Expression and safety before the Law. Most countries today are found wanting. During the last ten years the internet has been the greatest resource for keaping those rights, or even acquiring them. Now the struggle is to keap the Internet as a place for the struggle to keap those rights, because internet is now under attack.

        • “The greatest terrorist is in the end our own fear of terrorism. ”

          Spot on! All that was required for the West to turn away from generations of freedom was to blow up a few planes, plant a few bombs, and then our own institutions happily did the rest of the job for them.

          The fact is that you are many many times more likely to die crossing the road or riding in a car than you are to get killed by a bomb wielding lunatic. And yet we run around shutting destroying our very own freedom, while not giving a damn that the true carnage – the one on our roads – continues unabated.

  15. Have just watched a ‘steam plume’? from Bob that was in the same place and persisted for over 5 minutes (It was already a long stream visible on both Movistar cams when I managed to get my internet connection back). c. 11:30
    Any ideas?

  16. I still cannot get this link… Moviestar doesn’t work at all for me any more. I have only the U stream.
    Can anyone else in the UK get this link? Am I the only one? What can I do to see it? I have tried all links and ways… the only one I can see is on this link

  17. And yet another one of the really odd quakes out at Höfn i Hornafirði. I wonder what is really going on down there.

    19.01.2012 10:09:18 63.452 -15.295 4.2 km 2.5 71.59 89.0 km S of Höfn í Hornafirði

  18. Diana
    I am UK manchester and it works fine on the IP address link u have to hit F5 a few times and the page loads

    hope this helps

  19. Just a point about the copyright of the data from Bob. Bob is the recording artist, he is singing freely to anyone who wants to listen. All the equipments is owned by the authorities, but this is basically just a microphone, AD converter, some digital logic and a hard drive. The authorities are NOT the creatives, Bob is.

  20. Curiosly the values of S02 this morning were the lowest I have seen over 1.6 So2.
    The last week with the “stability” So2 values was around 9. http://www.gobiernodecanarias.org/cmayot/calidadaire/tiemporeal.jsp
    There are many papers talking about desgasing and So2 values to predict microseismicity and eruption.
    Papers talking about microseismicity related to desgasing and I remember this paper talks about low So2 values previous eruption.
    To compare activity in specgtrogram there were some relevant dates of activy.
    The begginig october 10th.
    November between 5th and 25th. (I dont remember the exact period on november) and with the notebook is very tired to review screens.
    Finally the periode around december 10th-15th (I dont remember the exact date).
    As said Carl this frequencies were seen in the maxium periode of activity…
    Instead in the grat periode of activity around december the frequencies If I remember well were low around 3hz the red colour. (this periode of december was when the scientist said water was enterening in the conduits or tubes).

    • I think that the SO2 is dropping on the island due to the gas being released out at Bob. It seems like Bob is the center of attention again.
      I would say that Bob is now having a full blown eruption phase again.

    • Hi Carlos

      I think that the values given by the government of canarias are only there for one purpose : they are monitoring air quality versus the different contaminants (SO2, H2S…), in the La restinga location.
      It is not a measure of the concentration of gases like the one you can find for monitored volcanoes. So it show only air quality in La Restinga (to be able to evacuate if the concentration reach unsafe levels – but one human nose should do the job -:) ), but are not directly correlated to volcanic activity (depends of the direction/speed of wind, rate of absorption of gases by water column, depth of vent…)

      • “but one human nose should do the job”

        I know it was just injected humor, and I appreciate that. (It’s good too) But H2S tends to dull the sense of smell. One exposure to an instance of H2S can make it impossible to determine if it has gotten any stronger on subsequent “sniffs.”

        That’s why it is so dangerous.

        • You’re right. It is dangerous
          However, the “danger level ” concentration is high so I would be more concerned with SO2. Most of the accidents with H2S occur in closed spaces due to fermentation processes where you find very high concentrations (> 500 ppm).

          But The spanish authorities are right to monitor because for instance there could be a whiff from Bob during night time….

          Meanwhile ieo seems to want to communicate a little more than before.

          IEO FB copied

          Ieo Comunicación
          En estos momentos los investigadores están terminando el informe, que será publicado en los próximos días. Los trabajos científicos son muy complejos y los tiempos no se pueden programar con la precisión que es posible en otras actividades. Por otra parte, el IEO es un organismo público de investigación que se debe atener a los protocolos de actuación que le han sido determinados por instancias administrativas superiores. Cubiertas estas dos condiciones, siempre hemos dado a conocer públicamente la información, algo que seguiremos haciendo.

          Maybe they begin to realize thanks to GL (and others) number crunching and graph plotting that they cannot hide information as they want.

        • Someone somewhere noticed all the protests against the hideing of information and had a bright idea…

          “Wait a minute, we have sofar not received a lot of crap. We can pick up some points if we actually publish something!”

  21. Yes Carl…. It seems is doing that full blown eruption.
    Thanks to bathymetry we could see in the activity of november 8th (on that week) was when Bob with the fissure associated to volcano eats the northern slope of the canyon and make different dynamics of building and destroy the volcanic building…
    With the notebook is very difficul to me compare if the actual activity seems more like october 10th or seems like the activity around november 8th (that week).

    • Right now it is looking more like the period of full eruption and building up of the cone.

      But the problem I have is that I think that Bob have quietly and slowly been building up the side that collapsed. So, now it would be nice to know the depth of the cone.
      If this keaps up it is though clear that the cone will be building rapidly once more.

  22. The earthquake at Höfn í Hornafirði has been resized by the IMO.
    I still wonder what is happening there. It is not related any volcanic activity, and as far as I know there is no fracture zone out there.
    But now we have had a string of them at the same place, and that got me started to think (not good). I wonder if the plate spreading is starting to exert so much pressure that what we are seeing is some sort of fault line starting to subduct. I do not know though, and I doubt anyone does. But these quakes are something to keap an eye on. They are after all very odd for being in Iceland.

    19.01.2012 10:09:18 63.438 -15.275 7.8 km 1.7 99.0 90.5 km S of Höfn í Hornafirði

  23. People have been saying that the recent earthquakes around the rest of the Canary islands are just normal .
    But I ask a question why then last night within ten minutes of a 2.2 on El Hierro there was a 2.22 in the middle of the atlantic between Tenerife and Gran Canaria?
    Could it be that all the islands are being affected by magma moving under them which is directly due to the activity in El Hierro?
    Ciuld the magmabe moving into chambers and rifts under all the islands?

    • No, it could not be doing that.
      If that was happening the level of uplift would have been on an insane scale.

      No, the reason for the quakes is just resettlement from the inflation of El Hierro, and normal EQ activity in the area.

  24. Avcan FB Copied
    The truth is I think tamponade of the output by a small detachment in the crater or something through asi, and high tremor and seismicity tells us that magma has now to clear the output or seek another, by what it would be rare that opened another mouth in the vicinity and the tremor gave a sudden downturn. How much is coming out and his force frames, that is difficult to know… but seen so pretty (Henry).
    about an hour ago · Like · 12
    Current volcanic Canary Islands (AVCAN) Buenos days. It would be interesting to those who live in El Hierro, could tell if you’re feeling some kind of special vibration to coincide with explosions, ruídos, blockages of ears, smells… It’s always. And it is very important to know the area where this occurs, if it occurs. Thank you (Elena).

  25. Avcan FB Copied

    That’s another thing Bernabe… I think that could open a mouth for gases on the Canal, on the ground when this happens, forms a structure called a spatter cone, so that you do an idea, a structure that the most known is that of the cloak of the Virgin in Timanfaya, and when it would have released pressure sealing again…

    What happens there is a problem, we are under water, the duct must be very narrow and pressurized so that water will not enter and if happens that, lowering pressure come the water into the Canal and would have more explosions at that point that could open another mouth, this time with everything to block the duct of magma flowing below (Henry).

    Photo of the cloak of the Virgin near the islet of Hilario in Timanfaya (Lanzarote)

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