El Hierro – Short Update (Updated)


Image by IEO and scientist of S/Y Ramon Margalef, IGN and Gobierno de Canaries. If anyone feel left out in the ascertation of who is reponsible for this nice picture, just tell us.

IEO has released a report on the bathymetric measurments. It is based on the measurments from 11th and 12th of January. So it does not take into account the last weeks heightened activity.

The current depth of the volcano is 130 meters. The cone is now mended with new material and has a lower incline of the slope, and should as such be more stable. This new stabillity should give Bob a good chance at growing if the eruption continues.

A lot of the ejected material has gone down slope, both from the earlier flank collaps, but also with a lot of new material. It has now filled up the canyon leading away from Bob. This should also increase the growth rate.

The total volume ejected via the volcanic flank eruption vent called Bob is now above the 0,145 cubic kilometre mark. Considering the amount of tephra suspended in the water, high volume of floating pumice stone (pyroclasts) we could now consider Bob to be rated at a VEI-3 on the explosivity scale. But remember that this has been achieved over more than a hundred days of activity. As a direct comparison we can compare with Eyjafjallajökulls eruption that lasted about 90 days and ejected a total lava volume of 1.4 ± 0.1 x 107 m3, comparing tephra volume is hard, but should be about the same really although the tephra here is suspended in the water. But judging from stain size it is a probable guess that we can assume roughly that Bob has ejected 1.4 x 108 m3 of tephra.

Our little Bob is actually not that small. Just very slow and steady in his build up.

Post from before:

Image by IGN showing clear clipping of the signal. Later the signal was rescaled due to this clipping.

Between 11.00 and 12.53 the SIL-station at CHIE showed a very large increase in harmonic tremoring causin the signal to overload and clip. The pattern showed every sign of a full blown eruption happening down there. There have been reports of prolonged steaming from the same spot, and a lot of gas has been spotted coming up. I have also seen pyroclasts surfacing during the day.

This clipping forced a rescale of the plot to be able to follow what is happening. Compare with EGOM station and the rescale is obvious.

During the last two days the temperature above the vent has increased in temperature.

This level of activity has not been since back when the eruption was at its previous peak. There has as the readers of this blog knows been quite a lot of activity at the volcanic vent known as Bob, as well as rapid movements indicating a succession of inflation and deflation periods happening under the Tanganasoga volcano.

Image by GeoLurking (Lurking). Slight decrease in distances between GPS stations on El Hierro following a phase of rapid expansion between them. Based on data from IGN.

The next few days might be very interesting for those who like to follow Bob south of La Restinga.


GeoLurking (Lurking) has during the last days asked for thermal imaging, or satellite thermal images. If anyone knows where to find them, or have access to them, please inform him in a comment in here. We will all benefit from this in the usual plotted manner I am sure.



650 thoughts on “El Hierro – Short Update (Updated)

  1. Good evening!
    Just passing by to say hello to my dear old friends.
    i have been lurking from behind and following the warm discussion.
    too bad I have very little time to hang around, but soon I will be back.
    Congrat, Carl!

    • Great to hear from you, Renato. And glad to see that you’re following here too. Pop in with you words of wisdom whenever you can.

      in Adelaide

    • Wow! a lot has happened here! Congratulations to Carl!
      Brave warrior for us all! i would think the powers that be would be thanking
      Lurk. Let’s hope pride doesn’t hurt people in the long run. i’ve kinda lost the knowhow
      of replying here so i hope this goes thu… i used Rio’s note cause we are friends and he won’t mind. i see the people taking control of information as long as the internet
      survives… don’t really know if that will be long. Worlds changing folks….. could be
      either good or bad but i bet it’s a combination of both and so i wish All of You REMARKABLE brave people here:
      The Best!motsfo

      • Forgot the coffee input: i like mine strong black and hot… but have been known to throw back a cold cup of same if desperate…. hubby likes it hot sweet and with cream…. which i think is chokable…. have You seen a forgotten cup of that stuff? deplorable! Now mine, You just dump it and scrape the ring out and You are ready for a refill!

  2. Sometimes I forget that I am the night shift. I posted at 2:42 and I don’t want to post it again. At least I entertained myself. If I drank, I would have a Bloody Mary with a pickle then a Tequila Rose on crushed ice.

  3. Wow, this place is even doubly amazing,

    respect to all of you for the above discussion. I actually majored in US foreign policy and political studies (instead of studying volcanology under Walker – the crimes of youth!!) so it’s kind of a surprise to come here and be doubly entertained in my two favorite pastimes. Lurking, my admiration for you was already high, now it’s going kind of stratospheric. I’m going to have to watch that. https://volcanocafe.wordpress.com/2012/01/19/el-hierro-short-update/comment-page-3/#comment-13592

    Re the whole national comparison thing. I’m pretty sure 90% of the hurt and affront felt would disappear if you take the “nation” out of the discussion. I don’t think that it is nations that are the issue in this day and age, I think there are much more fundamental global trends going on, that are actually pretty exciting because nobody knows how they are going to pan out.

    For instance, this whole SOPA issue is really a reassessment of what ownership means, ownership being the power to exploit an asset. Our whole economy is built on the protection of private property for this very purpose yet this concept is starting to fray at the edges. A hell of a lot has changed in the last 30 years and the world is still feebly feeling its way forward into an uncertain future where private ownership is starting to cede to the global village.

    Trouble is, I don’t know if the global village is economically tenable, so, we could well be at the cusp of breakdown and war, or, alternatively, some kind of better form of society. I, for one, can’t pick it.

    Now, back to my daytime job of exploiting my dwindling personal assets for pecuniary gain. Cheers and once again, respect to all. What a great place this is!

    • I agree with all you say Bruce. here are so many power shifts going on. The internet is indeed a catalyst for social change.
      I am really an optimist and hope that like our little group here there will be peaceful and beneficial changes.

    • Loved that you lifted it up to the Global aspect.
      This is after all a global issue, and not a nation issue.

      If we are ever going to get any laws that would be respected, and actually followed I guess it would need some sort of UN agreement.

      It is a titanic struggle of what global means, the SOPA version of it, or the happy sharing version of global. I believe in the second. Like what we are seeing here.

  4. To all –

    Wow! This week on the blog has been like a roller coaster ride. We come together here to share information, to learn and to laugh, and like a mini United Nations we can express our opinions and argue our points of view but still manage to exchange ideas in an environment of respect and civility. Kudos to Carl for creating this place and keeping it in order!

    Therefore, as a tribute to the wonderful Etta James who died today, but also as a tribute to VolcanoCafé where “world peace” generally reigns, I offer you the Etta James version of the Bob Dylan song. “Blowing in the WInd”. (Good night everyone, and RIP Etta.)

    • Goodnight Denise, I agree. For me this is a special place. We are a bunch of individuals from all walks of life, countries and even continents, coming together to share an interest. Along the way we share our views and lives, our similarities and differences. We do not have to agree with each other just have respect. Like you said it has been a real up and down week, we lost Una, and she will be missed, found Newby who was just MIA, and have had debate on issues that can be touchy.
      Maybe we are just emulating old Bob right now, he’s rather up and down.

  5. Carl, the real Vikings were all Norwegian and even they only managed to colonise the a sew places in the north and west of Scotland. The Danes did better. Swedish coffee is like stew…all the bitter oils cooked in…and don’t get me started on meatballs, an idea you nicked from us Brits..

    You Swedes have given us the volvo estate and decent matches though, I’ll give you that.

    • You are actually wrong…
      While the Norwegians went to you guys we founded Russia… We went east, they went west. But we where all Vikings.
      Swedish coffee is the only real coffee, black, bitter and a hell of a kick in the ass in the morning 🙂

      Meatballs? From you? Nope, we stole that one from the Turks actually.

      • Never could understand how anyone could drink bitter, black coffee. I have though graduated to not having sugar in coffee, so I am getting there, like the snail I am. 🙂

      • Manofthemoors.
        To be serious here, it was the Danes that occupied you first. And lost you in 1066.
        It was Swedes and Norwegians that occupied you (Normands = Northmen, not norwegians) later the same year at the Battle of Hastings.
        That is why you have a lot of Swedish city names in England, like Upsala for instance.

        The Norwegians only where better at PR than we where, publicity stunts like Iceland, Greenland and the Americas gives notority.

        And also, it is rather wrong to talk about Sweden, Norway, and Denmark. Back then we where rather divided, and we kind of operated on the basis of a lot of Chieftains getting together, and deciding who to whack next… Disorganized Heathens really. But it worked rather well for 400 years.

  6. Morning
    Debbie yesterday Fuerte had no wind at all the cold weather was just to the temperature drop especially in the evening.
    We have had not really had any strong winds for a while .
    Looks like we are going to miss the winter rain aswell we have had none yet .

    • They’ve cancelled our rain too! The 10 day forecast (Algarve) had RAIN for Wednesday, Thurs, Friday next week – Today that forecast is slightly cloudy. We’ve only had 3mm since early December when the fields were seeded.

  7. Good morning everyone… Carl and Newby , I hope you are feeling better today. It’s Saturday and blowing a cold gale here.

    Once my Pirate Party duties have finished and I have been totally Toddlerized I will be back.

    A message for Una Canaria, if you are lurking, Please come back you are missed, Life is too short to feel sad for long. Tyler (((((hugs)))) Thinking of you and hope you feel better soon.

    My song for today is for everyone here and in the world……Please see it though to the end where a sheep wreaks havoc…….Have you noticed how sheep are into absolutely everything?

    • Hi Diana and many thanks for the good wishes. I am just having to learn to pace things a little better for now until I can see the doc and get to the bottom of things. Many thanks to Betty, Hattie and many others who missed me too. It is nice to know people on here are such caring people. I also say, if you are reading Una Canaria, please do come back. Life is too short to allow hurt feelings and misunderstandings to fester for long. Nothing is worth losing friends over and I hope we were friends.

  8. For all, I don’t put Hitler on a pedestal. He was just an ass hat. An ordinary, self obsessed ass hat that did a lot of evil. And like that ass hat that chased me around the entire map in tonights gaming… he’s dead. Deservedly so. I only wish the Russians could have gotten a hold of him while he was still alive. That’s about the only way it could have been better.

    See…. they had a few issues that they wanted to discuss with him.

    • One thing rarely mentioned about Hitler, and that probably explains a lot about him, is the fact that he is one of the really few ones that where fighting the war from get-go to armistice. He was seriously wounded twice (gassed once) and then sent back to the trenches.
      Even those of us who have seen modern action cannot even understand that kind of hell really. 4 years of constant battle. In his first battle he was the only one left. He was commended 17 times for bravery. Promoted many times, and demoted many times for insubordination.
      I think this explains how a culturally rasist artist with nerve problems became the epitome of evil. But nobody have ever written that he was most likely the victim of historys worst case of post stress dissorder. I guess psychologists prefer to write about other things of more dubious nature.

      • My grandfather also suffered all those things, he was at the Somme having to step from dead body to dead body just to get across the battlefield. He was also wounded a couple of times, He was only 18 years old then. When he was dying of cancer at the age of 76 he was screaming out to my mother to “keep the Huns” away from his bed. Obviously no matter how he tried to forget the horrors of what he saw during those 4 years of war his mind would never let him forget. Remember, it wasn’t Hitler in charge that time. He also lost 3 of his brothers in that war. I think apart from the amount of people who died the 1st World War was truly the MOST barbaric with troops being sent across ‘no mans land’ by generals who knew they would never advance anyway. Truly the men were just ‘cannon fodder’.

  9. Hello All, As a night shift nurse here in Australia, I’m never quite sure who I’m in sync with time-wise! It’s just afer 7pm here – so I’m up having dinner/breakfast ( bizarre, I know) and watching Bob wake up (just after 8.30 am there).
    And Judith, yes plenty of smoking action today! And lots of ‘rolling’ on the surface as the gas rises.
    I’m sure we should use the seagulls as an early warning system. They do get very interested when Bob churns everything up.
    Looking forward to watching during my night (Bob’s day) to see how things pan out.
    PS even if you do open the bar later, Carl, I’m not allowed to drink when I work! A lemonade will do, thanks.

    • Hey Kathryn, I am on the west coast of Canada and part of the night shift crew. Its nearly one in the morning here so its bed for me soon.

      • Sleep well, Hattie. I think that between the whole group, we must have the whole 24 hrs covered as a series of ‘watches’ – those ex-navyboys should feel at home. 🙂

  10. A funny and real that occurred in a football match in Spain. There was a play hard, fighting players and the public shouting “piisalo” which in Spanish means “stepping on another player, kick him.” The English speaker who was broadcasting the game was thrilled and excited broadcast “the audience stood up shouting peace and love”
    we cant not make another thing than to try being beter human beings individually and how a group and to feel empathy for the other human beings.
    And continuing controlling Bob… This bad boy is still alive… hahahaha

    • NICE!

      I’m not sure, but I think I may have heard about the “peace and love” part of it. It disgusted me at how it was held up at how much more “civil” people were at non american sporting events.

      Now I feel much better. Everybody plays for keeps. It was just an idiot reporter.

      • Actually, I would like to say that when I lived in your neck of the woods (US) I was amazed at how nice and friendly the sports games I visited was.
        Loads of people BBQing, drinkin beer, and being downright cheerfull and happy. I wish we could learn that from you guys. To turn games into familly parties. We should get you guys to come over here as consultants.
        Here I am even afraid of going to a second level football game without bodyguards.
        Probably why I never attend sports here, to much violence and hooliganism. I prefer to be alive. So I watch it on the TV instead. Sad really.

  11. Question to Carlos, what do you think how are the harmonics scaled right now? Like before or after 19.1. 15:10?
    And as we thought there is a new vent yesterday, the action right now is above the old vent, or not?

  12. Quite a lot of floaters popping up now, there are a few every minute. Bob bubbling like in his best days. We have a german saying: Totgesagte leben länger.

  13. I think the boat is the Salvador Adhara again. I uploaded 2 screenshots of it. I also noticed the helicopter but it did not stay within view long enough so i could grab it.

  14. yes!! he’s not exactly acting like a cruise captain! I would hate the prospect of a hot exploding 1 metre boulder actually moving towards me from below by it’s own free will! How surreal does it get!

  15. Just been looking at the La Restinga village web cam and can see what seems to be large waves or steam above the cliffs(s) on the right of the picture to the right of the harbour. Suspect the latter as is it infrequent. Also a few smoking stones outside the harbour and a suggestion of a second vent between the main vent and the village,

  16. Dedicate to the valiants of the Salvamar Adhara and for the choper´s pilot.

    Michi, excuseme because I didnt answer you. Just now I have arrived home before the football match of my boy…
    I have not seen yet how is going the event this morning.

  17. So, this is where all you people were hiding!
    Nice to hear from you and even better to hear you speaking from your guts about touchy matters. I believe everyone here has a point, so, I have little to add.
    I must say I like Lurking’s ways to express his indignation. I have lived during the tough times of military dictatorship in Brazil and I loath any type of censorship or fascism in disguise.
    Irpsit is also right when he says we’ve become old. But I fear for mankind when the changes happen much faster than human sense. Oh, yes, we’ll have to adapt in one way or another, only hope people won’t loose the big picture, mingled with their petty individualistic approaches to belong to the voracity of gastronomic contemporaneity.
    Good to be here and trying to finish an everlasting paper for the academy.
    But I’ll be back for more.
    Meanwhile, the jacuzzi has become constant. Only hope little Bob will have a safe delivery.

    • We weren’t hiding……. we were having a quiet drink and a chat! We have a wonderful bar, complete with a fire-place, and we are watched over by a wonderfully hospitable bar-man and a rather friendly dragon (but that’s another story). Oops! now I sound as though I’ve been sampling the bar-stock……. I haven’t, as I’m at work!
      Great place to hang out…….

  18. T oadd to the discussion about America’ legislative efforts – in the past the have spouted vehemently against protectionismn with a preference to open markets (if it suits) and yet here we are trying to protect industries that seem to want to change little. I’ve written a fair amount of ‘copyrighted’ material but wonder how valid the (c) symmbol is these days. I realise though that writing once and expecting to gain for eternity is dead.
    The days of singer/songwriters hoping to gain a chart-topping single or album and expecting to live off it for the rest of their lives are gone – most new artists know that and many make a living from continuing to perform at gigs and music festivals. The film industry has to look at ways of producing films that can be accessed quickly and easily – it may mean that a night at the cinema may no longer be viable….but if that’s what people want, the industry must adapt.’Illegal’ downloading in the music industry has led to many new ways to access paid music, be it spotify, amazon, or itunes – because it is now easy. It has also opened the market to many new artists that want to share their music but perhaps could not otherwise get a producer interested in their work. My daughter’s range of listening is much wider, than it was when I was her age.
    Take the amazon kindle – massive range of books and texts available instantly for a low cost. Whole works of Shakespeare and Jane Austen for less than £1 and many others for a few £s more.
    Let’s face it, the american film industry has become formulaic – easily scripted films based on high school kids with predictable story lines – what is there to protect ? It seems though to still able to produce the odd blockbuster.
    I believe most people are willing to pay for books, films, music – to a limit. Unfortunately, the american legislation is looking to raise this to the highest possible.Making it difficult will only produce opportunities for the criminals – who’ll eventually operate out of countries where they cannot be touched. Cutting entire internet traffic from those countries would be a sad journey to take.
    Protect and prosper rarely works because everyone else will then start to protect their ‘assets’ and we close off markets that were previously open. Monopolies are there to be broken – attempting to create them now is useless in the digital age. The internet is more likely to create innovative solutions if left as open as possible.
    So ends my time on the soap box….. I see Bob is joining in the lively discussion

    • Agreed. I feel very uncomfortable about the Mega Upload guys being extradited to the States for crimes under US law that are not crimes in their own respective countries. I am not particularly enamoured of these guys either, earning millions by facilitating piracy and living in fancy villas overlooking the Hauraki Gulf (ok, so I’m jealous) but if every country can extradite anyone anywhere, you have just reduced the entire legal system of the globe to the lowest common denominator and at one fell swoop created a repressive regime for ALL of us. That isn’t my idea of a global village at all. If this keeps up we are going to be in the highly ironic position of all having to move to communist China to protect our personal freedoms. That’s a brain fart if ever there was one. ‘Scuse the language.

  19. anybody else having trouble seeing the eruption cam from moviestar? I can get the panorama all right, but the close-up just keeps buffering on a black screen no matter how many times I refresh 😦

  20. @ Birgit & Katherine – Thanks for the Jokulsarlon shots – they’ve gone into my desktop change folder thingy!! 🙂
    Now, I’m gettin’ confustikated!! (Easily done!!) I think Shepherd Carl has an imposter!!
    Who is Carl le Stranger?? 😀 🙂

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