Sheepy Dalek – Ramon Margalef Day!

We have been nagging the Powers that be a lot for more information. Now that have gotten a lot of information I would like to thank the brave crew of S/Y Ramon Margalef and the IEO for it, by dedicating tonights Sheepy Dalek to them.

Our heartfelt thanks to you girls and guys!

I hope it did not feel like this while you did your work.



183 thoughts on “Sheepy Dalek – Ramon Margalef Day!

  1. Hello!
    As Alan noticed in the last post I was all of a sudden Carl le Stranger…
    I do not have a clue how it happened really.
    But it was me posting those comments. Now it should have been fixed 🙂

  2. I know the quality is low but…….
    21.01.2012 17:53:39 64.003 -19.686 2.5 km 0.6 68.69 1.5 km NW of Hekla

  3. @ Ursula
    Would you be able to get my work email address from Carl – I’ve an idea – VC related – perhaps you may be able to assist with . Security we won’t publish details here!! ❗

    • Alan, I think it’s better if you consult Carl for any ideas with respect to the blog. If I can help technically, I will do so, but it’s really Carl who should decide about what ideas to implement. 🙂 Hope you don’t mind.

  4. Nothing more happening yet at Hekla (18:56) – 60+ min elapsed – I am watching cams and geophones (so likely are everbody else) – Local web cameras are all “up and running” and there are clear skies in the area. If anything happens it should show up (With empasises on “if”).

    • I noticed that the quality is only 68.69. How long does it take IMO to check an earthquake? Also, if they considered this one significant wouldn’t they be checking it sooner rather than later?

      • Saturday
        21.01.2012 17:53:39 64.002 -19.694 0.7 km 0.7 72.4 1.7 km NW of Hekla
        Quality gone up slightly and minor details changed but the quake is still there and now o.7 but still probably too small and too shallow to trigger anything tonight I reckon. Need a few more and a little larger to change the status quo I think. Hope that isn’t famous last words. 😉

      • I am sure today someone was driivng close to Hekla. The weather was very sunny and calm today and its a Saturday. Also the wind blowing from north, if there was sulphur smell it would have been noticed in the farms or summer houses southwest of Hekla.

  5. Dropped in for a coffee but having seen Carl’s video above, I’ll have brandy with it!

    Cheers to the Ramon Margalef and her crew! 😀 😀 😀

  6. Could i have a pint of beer, please, I have 8 full work shifts to rinse out of my throat this week(6 nights, 2 days…) now 2 days off and then back for 4 nights….

      • Lights in the foreground of the Mila cam are most likely man-made. Red lights are usually vehicle tail lights.

        Dunno what the purple or green lights are. But if they are flecked across the screen rather than focussed lights, they are probably something to do with the webcam itself; it may not be 100% dark.

        • They seem to be focussed lights that flash across a large area like a very stong torch. i thought car headlights but colours are strange.

      • I think the Mila cam is near a farm. Could it have been sort of fireworks or the like? Perhaps because of Bondadagur. Icelanders love fireworks.

        On the other hand, the RÚV cam is up on the often mentioned Búrfell, a table volcano (tuya) of about 670 m height out in nowhere. 🙂

        • There’s an airport near the Mila Hekla webcam; not sure exacty where. But this could explain red and green lights. Purple still has me puzzled. Fireworks would have other colours as well (white / gold).

        • I saw such red/purple lights in the Thingvellir webcam a few times. I think the red are cars and the puprle/violet are linked to the webcam, because it’s not a night vision one, as these patterns are flecked all over.

    • If you all are referring to the pattern of red, and sometimes green and purple lights that cover the whole screen on the Mila cam, then I should tell you that I have seen that screen pattern many times before. Because I am not on European time, I often “check out” the webcams in what is the middle of the Icelandic night, and this pattern is very common. Not having a better explanation, I have always attributed the pattern to a night vision effect of the webcam.

      As for the RUV cam, I cannot seem to get it on my Mac, either with Firefox or Safari. It is always distorted and does not load. Any suggestions would be appreciated!

      • This is the extent of Mila Hekla cam during daylight:

        So I don’t think there would be any cars/airplanes around and like Denise says, it’s probably all just the effect of the webcam’s not-proper night vision.

        As for the RUV cam, I have the same issue as Denise, that it does not load and I tried on windows 7 with Firefox/Safari/IE8. I remeber however that someone at some point posted a link to another page that was streaming the RUV cam with the dalek and I could see it by loading that other page. Except then of course I lost the URL… So if anyone knows of a web page that is not, but that is streaming the cam, please, let me know.

        • I think the cam with the dalek is down cos I tried it this morning and there was a message to that effect
          How do you get such a super screenshot? I try and get nothing – does one have to sign up for something?

        • Alan, here’s how to get a screenshot:
          1. set the view of a mila cam to full screen (right click on the picture, select Toggle Fullscreen)
          2. press Crtl+Alt+PrntScr at once (this captures the screen)
          3. open some graphics program and paste the screenshot (Edit-> Paste or Ctrl+v), you can use the standard Windows Paint or something else (I used to have Photoshop, but now I use Gimp, which is free and as powerful as Photoshop, but a bit more clumsy to use)
          4. save the picture and
          5. upload to tinypic for us to see. 🙂
          Hope this helps?

          The RUV cam problem is not just from today, I haven’t been able to see the cam in a long time.

        • @ Ursula
          Thanks for the info!
          There’s only one way to find out……..
          As the saying is ‘I may be some time……….’ My computer skills in’t too brill!!

  7. <<<<<< waves at Newby and Hattie and sends a warm Hug for Tyler ;

    Feeling totally toddleirsed, tired and sad because # 2 srep son and grand child have left to return to Noway. It will be a long time before I see them again…
    Please pass me a nice comforting Coffee … still not allowed any alcohol but pain killers are great 😀 I Am slightly in the land of the fairies 😀

      • Never shut up Diana, your comments are very much appreciated and my spelling is atrocious even when I am on tip-top form. Which is seldom. I read on Jon’s blog your comment about keeping a cam ready (or something like that, I have a thick brain fog at moment and memory is shot) please do, as I am off to bed very soon unless something happens in next 30 mins and I would hate to miss anything.

      • Hi Diana, parting is always hard, but time goes quickly and you will be seeing them before you know it. Spelling eak! I am the master at misspelling.

      • I also hope, that you will be better very soon. And please, do never shut up. We would very much miss your warmth and courage! 🙂

        • Awwwww! Thank you all. I am not really ill, I just have bad arthritis that get’s worse when I go and do things that is should really ask for help or I forget and think I am still around 16 years old…… The garden often fights back, this time it was trying to reach something in the wash house……I forgot how vertically challenged I am 😀 The whole lot of stuff fell on me…. hence bruises etc
          and now the Iceland Met office is playing sillies… Just the right time for an eruption somewhere….Oh I do believe somehow Bob is in contact with Iceland… Jungle drums up the MAR!

        • Arthritis is no fun. Had it for 18m following an infection. It’s no trouble provided I am very careful with diet and exercise but I’ll get it again when age catches up (soon).

    • Something is happening in the IT space though, this page and everything linked from there (tremors, strain) is now down:
      All I get back is that there is “Error reading from remote server”.
      Did we just crash the IMO Hekla website? Or is there something really going on and there was an unexpected stream of people connecting? Or if there is something going on, did they take it offline?
      *end speculations*

      • And now I get this message:
        Service Temporarily Unavailable
        The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to maintenance downtime or capacity problems. Please try again later.
        So IMO website definitely crashed…

        • I expect many in Iceland are also worried when they see a quake right on target at Hekla.
          no wonder the site crashed. I was going to sleep but found I couldn’t if there was a chance something could happen in Hekla, logic says it wont but when did logic have anything to do with volcanoes.

      • Yes, I’m now having trouble too. Me thinks I’ll be keeping a close eye on the webcam for the next few hours. I wonder what Opera Carl is going to see, if something were to happen at Hekla this evening I would imagine the Opera would make great background music 🙂

      • So… Hekla crashed the IMO servers by having a quake and every one flooding it to find out what’s up.


      • I suspect we crashed the server, and that the staff is occupied with having a few…

        Even the livestream is on partial access. That means that not even the duty officer can see everything.
        But from what I can see there is no eruption at Hekla.

        • It’s most probably tectonic or in the worst (?) case volcano-tectonic. If there is magma 700 meters beneath the surface, an eruption would occur within minutes and we would already have seen many more earthquakes.

          In response to the people discussing the lights on the webcam. Please remember (and I can not say this enough), the first observation of an erupting volcano is NEVER glowing or light. Eruptions in this case will be precedeed by a swarm of earthquakes, a drop of strain and an explosive increase in tremor. In addition to that: Hekla’s eruptions start off ashy with any liquid lava. So yes, it’s most certainly a moon.

        • Sorry to worry you; just wanted to know what the light effects were. I assume that an eruption at night would look like the picture at the top of this blog.

        • Sorry, if my previous comment sounded a bit disrespectfull, I din’t mean to. It’s just that so many people cling onto webcams nowadays, which is obviously because near most volcanoes in the world there is no decent seismic/deformation data avalaible. However for Iceland there is. If anything is going to happen, it will be preceeded by many factors that can not be observed by staring at a webcam, but can be observed by checking the IMO data for earthquakes, tremor anomalies and abnormal strain drops.

          Oh and most probably a Hekla eruption wouldn’t be very similar to the banner. The banner itself shows fluid (red) lava, while Hekla’s eruption in most cases start of with an ash cloud and no lava at all.

        • but can be observed by checking the IMO data for earthquakes, tremor anomalies and abnormal strain drops
          Pieter, you are absolutely right. Except the IMO website with all this info for Hekla crashed an hour or so ago, so for the moment we’re stuck with what is online. 🙂

        • No problem. So if no lava at the start, only tephra (I say “only”, the UK has had a lot of that dumped on it from Hekla in the past & Iceland a lot more), would anything be visible at night? I assume that the tephra would be hot enough to glow?

        • Well, it’s a wild guess, but most probably the electrical charges in the plume will trigging lightning, which will be well visible. Other that that there wouldn’t be anything glowing in the first phase of the eruption. (this is only applies when Hekla follows it’s ‘usual’ eruption pattern)

  8. Good evening, if ye will all remain awake and the webcam to watch? But Carl had a link to a page for mount hekla, someone could set this please again item? I have saved the link only in the office.

  9. Long Valley is acting kinda peculiar lately. Several small swarms beneath Mammoth Mountain and the Sierra Nevada part of LV. GPS data show an increase in inflation from both Long Valley resurgent dome and Mammoth mountain.

  10. Depending on which direction the Hekla webcam is pointing I’m thinking that the bright light is either Jupiter or Sirius, both are very prominent in the night sky at this time of year. Also, Sirius twinkles brightly with beautiful flashes of colour so maybe this could be the colours seen on the webcam? Also, the moon has set for the night and will not rise until 9.50am in Reykjavik.

  11. I am with little pc (netbook) and it is dificult to me to review screens of days before…
    But it seems the last trend is phases between 7-12 hours of eruptive activity and relaxation eruptive with some microsismicity and the consistent feedback or pressure related between the 2 activities.
    It seems the levels of energy seems lower each day…
    I know there is not a switch on-off and this bundles of energy, pressure or magma might not be linear…
    Now in this moment my hero will be and specialist as GeoLurking tell us the levels of the bundles of energy coming or how are thes bundles coming.
    is it the begginig of the end? Im not saying just now but in the short or medium term.
    could the bundles of magma were coming in delayed mode or diferent pattern of now?
    will be the fat girl sing soon?

    • “This is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.” Said by someone cleverer than me but not about Bob. Seems appropriate to me though.

  12. I am very crazy with the music I dont like any style and I like all… hahahahaha
    I only know and fell if a song like me and I dont if it is one style of other…
    Since classic music until tecno house… hahahahaha

    My best wishes to you, Kiese WE

  13. Were in the bar… so I can do this.


    I have always been a fan of dystopian stories.

    Resident Evil was a game franchise that made the leap to movie story fairly well, with Milla Jovovich playing the part of Alice and the travails against a Megacorp called “Umbrella Corporation.” Through bioengineering, they develop a virus that essentially turns the dead into zombies.

    It’s a common theme used in a lot of other stories and game fabrics. (Doom is similar, but scientists inadvertently open a portal to hell, which is sort of what you see in the movie Event Horizon)

    Anyway Resident Evil I, II, and III were pretty good, but three sort of reeked… more of a cross between Agent Smith from the Matrix as the “Boss Creature” in the movie. (hard core gamers will understand the concept of Boss Creature, it’s the meanest opponent that you come up with at the end of the game) All I can say is that the last one; Resident Evil: Afterlife was a major disappointment. (as were the last of the Matrix series). Sometimes the end of a story should be left untold.

    Also, catapult launched V-STOL aircraft leave a bit to be desired as for believability.

    But… there is hope for Milla Jovovich since there will be an additional film Resident Evil: Retribution slated for release in fall of 2012.

    Not that I’m a bit Resident Evil fan, but I do like the character that Jovovich plays… whether it is Leeloo from “The Fifth Element” or Violet Song from “Ultraviolet”. (In ultraviolet, the thing infecting humanity is an infection/mutation that turns people into vampires….)

    Dunno, maybe I just like seeing her prance about the screen.

  14. Regarding Hekla

    As you all seem to have noticed there was two earthquakes recorded earlier under Hekla. In fact those two where one quake at 0.7M. It was originally recorded at 2,5 KM depth, but was later revised to 0.7km.
    Someone above remarked that it would have set off an emediate eruption. That is not entirely true though. We should remember that it is 0.7km below the baseline. So in fact it is some 2.2km from the top.
    What is interesting though is that it is the roof of the uppermost chamber of Hekla.

    During the last 24 hours there have been 7 earthquakes in the Hekla system ranging from 0M to 0,7M. Distance has either been directly under the volcano, or to the east of Hekla. The furtherest distance has been 5km. The depth has been ranging from 7,5km to 0,7km. The trend has been from east to center, and from depth to top.
    This is an assymptomatic behaviour of Katla. But reminds me of her behaviour during the last eruption. That time the miniquakes started a mere couple of hours before onset of eruption.
    The amount of quakes are those that have been recorded on the livefeed. There they report on general more quakes than at the IMO quake page.

    There is no increase in harmonic tremor. The borehole strainmeters are gone for the night. There has been no GPS rapid movement during the last week.

    My interpretation:
    Hekla is continuing to close onto an eruption, this is a new sign of that. It is though not the onset of an eruption. Caveat: An eruption at Hekla is always potentially two hours away, but can also happen in a hundred years time (though unlikely).
    I hope that IMO get things back up and running. It is one thing that the server we can see is down. But when their live feed to the duty officer is also partially down, then it is not too good. I would guess the cars driving around is fixing whatever the problem is.

      • The opera was nice, but Placido Domingos voice has really started to get past the best before date… Otherwise is twas nice, it is not often one get to watch a new opera being premiered.

        • Haven’t seen him ‘live’ since I left London in ’82, but would imagine that his vocal projection has suffered over time. There are so many others capable of the role – but maybe the Met wanted the drawcard of having his name associated with the new production. It’s being shown in HD at the movies here in Feb so I’ll check it out then – the Met HD screenings are a passable alternative for us down here.

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