Sheepy Dalek – The Oregon Eruption

Few know that Oregon has been the site for a whale of an Eruption. This is the actual news photage as the eruption occured. It goes to prove that authorities should never be given access to a lot of TNT.

This video is dedicated to GeoLurking and GeoLoco.



616 thoughts on “Sheepy Dalek – The Oregon Eruption

  1. Some of the Islanders seem to be getting a little bit uneasy at the moment?

    Avcan FB copied.

    Lo que está sucediendo es algo realmente asombroso y desconcertante a la vez. La información de Julia Sisi y Victor Manuel dan a entender que esta situación lejos de terminar tiene todas las señales de fase de reactivación.

    What is happening is something really amazing and disconcerting at the same time. Julia Sisi and Victor Manuel information give to understand that this situation far from finished has all signs of reactivation phase. (Translated by Bing)

    6 minutes ago · Like.
    Conchita Rojano Taberner ¿Pueden ser posibles asentamientos los sismos de la cumbre? Lo dig porque ya están a 8- 10 km… y a menos de 10 podrí significar una “prealerta”

    Can possible settlements be of the Summit earthquakes? The dig because they are already 8 – 10 km… and to less than 10 could mean an “early warning” (Translated by Bing)

    5 minutes ago · Like

    • Avcan FB Comment

      Good afternoon. The earthquakes of settlement are not safe. Cause or may cause crack and “open” microfracturación. (Elena)
      36 seconds ago · Like

      • Avcan FB.

        Elena AVCAN, y el que fué a 3 Km. de profundidad?, por la zona del Tanganasoga, aunque haya sido de 0.8 ……???, pero a esa profundidad…..da mal pensar….no se….

        Elena AVCAN, and that was 3 km. deep?, in the area of the Tanganasoga, although she was 0.8…?, but at that depth it gives… wrong…. think not is…. (Translated by Bing)

    • Avcan FB

      por lo que entiendo, para ellos la cosa esta estabilizada y ya no representa ningún riesgo, pero por otra parte están los datos que se publican en avcan, que no son tan tranquilizadores. Los que no entendemos con que nos quedamos??

      so I understand, for them the thing is stabilized and it no longer represents no risk, but on the other hand are the data that are published in avcan, are not so reassuring. Those who do not understand with that we are left? (Translated by Bing)

      15 minutes ago · Like

      • Avcan FB

        Good morning. I am concerned that simo in the terrestrial coastal North. Depth around 3 (before revision hipotetica), then we will see. do that is going to be corrected as many “shallow” earthquakes, there are devices that are malfunctioning?.? In recent days, and in that same area there have been a couple of them that originally were on the 3 km and then correct them. not is it high time tune devices or systems of measurement?. The security of the islanders is at stake. I was that by the account that brings them they will not distort the data, but it should be more tuned when what is not alarm the population. With regard to the EMU, they know what they do and I don’t want to make more comments. Many times I get a mental idea that the bag of magma under the island of el Hierro is larger than the island building and I say that because earthquakes occur scattered but please all sides, North, South, East, West and in fairly remote areas of North and South marine areas, maybe this bag from magma split few Kim to the South of the island of La Palma and quite Miss South of the Iron. Needless to say that this big bag of magma would be quite in-depth, pk but turns off and vamonos. In short, we are still waiting to see that you can spend with these earthquakes to the North, allegedly not so shallow….

        • Judith, this information would be of much more value if you include the name of the author (so you know who wrote it) and the URL of the source (so you can easily go there yourself and look further).

          • Sisssel I have put above Avcan FB.
            The comments have all been copied and translated from the Avcan Facebook page and have been posted today.
            On search for Avcan and they are all listed on there.

          • I mean the name of the author, the person who wrote the comment on Avcans facebook page. A name is important – one author you will always read, another one only if you have a lot of time, others again not at all.
            And it is so much easier (and faster) for the reader when you do not have to search, just click on a link and get right there!

          • You must post both the link & the name of the author. Otherwise you appear to be representing an individual’s own view as that of AVCAN, which could seriously upset AVCAN.

  2. The captain of the sailboat seen earlier is either fearless or a complete idiot. Joke told ER that he was coming from Gomera, was filling the water tanks (with water from Bob?) and was then heading west to the America’s. Sailing across the Atlantic this time of year? I think being too close to Bob might be the least of his worries.

    • He had probably been wintering at Gomera (normal spot for doing that). And getting water is actually normally best done in La Restinga since it is the westernmost port with water.
      Normally you leave for the US/Caribbies anytime from New Years to about now. The big heard left around 15th of january. So, leaving now is late, but normal.
      The reason for leaving during this time of year is that you have a nice and steady wind hitting the ass of your boat, it is called a trade wind, and it is also to early for the large storms building up (pesky habbit of turning into hurricanes later on…).

      And regarding Bob, it is a well known way of getting rid of seacrap growing on the boat to sail over a hotspring. I’ve done it twice at Santorini, handy way of saving a horkload of work.

      • As usual, this is a place of much learning. My thought was that if he got into high waves, it could cause icing on the boat. But, he will probably take a SW route. Very interesting about the hotspring cleaning the boat. I have no experience with sailing – just lake boating with no hotsprings and a lot of hard labor cleaning. I was 8 km out on Lake Michigan once when a fog bank rolled in. Could barely see the front of the boat. Pretty scary. We had GPS and a beacon to get back to shore, but worried a lot about the other idiots running into us.

        • The normal route for an Atlantic crossing is from the Canaries to the Caribbean or Miami. For visation reasons most Europeans sail to a commonwealth Island, effectuate a visitation visa maritime there, and then go to Florida. Although Europeans do not need a visa per see, we do need to pre-register a date for when to arrive, which can be hellishly hard to do on a sail boat…
          Fog is scary, I normaly take a storm than fog. Fog is baaaaad news if you are in a shipping lane.

          • Please don’t forget the French west Indies with 2 interesting volcanoes, La Grande Soufrière (Guadeloupe) and la Montagne Pelée (Martinique) (of sinistre mémoire but where modern volcanology was invented) ! There you are in France and Europe, with all the facilities (hospitals and the like)

          • I am not forgetting Martinique, fantastic place and with Rhum that is beyond belief. For those who do not know it, Martiniquean rhum is not sweet, it is more like whiskey, and with a complexity that rivals singlemalts and fine cognacs.
            Never to forget that one if sailing in the ‘hood.

          • Yepp, I prefer to drink nice things on the few occasions I do take a drink. So instead of taking four glasses of hork, I drink 1 that tastes nicely.

  3. Crazy weather here in Fuerte yesterday morning it was 14 degrees in my car at 0930 this morning at 1030 it was 22,5 degrees pure blue skies and hot sun,

    Now I am sat with a scarf on the clouds came over about an hour ago then it started to rain and now its freezing!!!!

  4. BTW, Diana. You scared me for a minute as I was catching up on the blog this morning with my first cup of coffee. Thought I had slept all thru Sunday and was now late getting ready for work! Hahahaha 🙂

  5. Uhm… Fastest Spam bot on the planet…
    About ten minutes after writing about my permit to command ships I got a letter saying that I am welcome to Apply for a permanent position at Royal Caribbian Cruise Lines.
    It makes me wonder… Do they have a lot of ships without duty commanders and Captains? Sounds like a desperate way to find staff really.
    Now I only wonder if Fred Olsen is a bot or someone who reads our comments here?

  6. Reply to judith and KathrynB today at 13:51. Think this is the view you meant:

    The cam was panned westwards to let us see a part of the stain with jagged white lines, which looks like foam.
    Who knows what it is?

      • First I thought it was a trace from a boat (with a funny course) but it really looks like foam. Maybe it just drifted there with the current after all.

    • My guess is that most of it is small gas bubbles caught in the stain that have been swirled around abit with the local currents. You see this effect in polluted stretches of water e.g. in the Thames, ponds etc.. Not sure what the larger blob that the cam focussed on for a bit was but I suspect that it is more of the same. BUt whether it is from de-gassing, the sulphates acting as a foaming agent or a chemical reaction, I couldn’t say.

    • Something is amiss the post was about a cam view what i get is a U tube music video this happen rather often not limited to a single poster

    • Well caught, Sissel! That’s exactly it. The Camera operator was sufficiently interested to pan around to it and make several zooms to get a closer look. As you say, probably some sort of foaming………but then there is always that Icelandic river/rope monster on the prowl:-)


    Burbujeo más que notable en la zona marítima sobre el volcán submarino, la intensidad del tremor se ha duplicado con presencia de explosiones y fenómenos de desgasificación. La actividad eruptiva está en clara fase de aumento…

    I burbujeo more than notable in the maritime zone on the submarine volcano, the intensity of the tremor has doubled presence of explosions and phenomena of degassing. Eruptive activity is clear phase of increase… (Translated by Bing)

  8. This commentary in the AVCAN group is interesting too, it comes with an image of the ‘mini seismo under Las Cañadas on Tenerife
    Actualidad Volcánica de Canarias (AVCAN) Sismo muy local a Tenerife sólo apreciable en dos estaciones de esa isla en los sismogramas del IGN que presenta al público. El sismograma de MACI ha sido obtenido mediante una muy interesante herramienta denominada Global Earthquake explorer, pensada como herramienta educativa y totalmente gratuíta, que pueden descargar desde: . Este software permite adicionalmente descargar en bruto los datos del sismógrafo, para que Uds. puedan procesarlos. Observen la diferencia de políticas de acceso a los datos del IGN y la red IRIS en la que está integrado el sismógrafo de MACI (JR)

    Actualidad Volcánica de Canarias (AVCAN) very local earthquake Tenerife that only can be made out at two stations of that island in the seismograms that IGN presents to the public. The MACI seismogram has been obtained through a very interesting tool called Global Earthquake Explorer, designed as an educational tool and completely free, which can be downloaded from: This software lets you download additional raw seismograph data, so that you can process them. Note the difference in access policies and data from the IGN and the IRIS network in which the seismograph of MACI is integrated (JR)

  9. Ok I will in future add the names of the people who posted the comments on the Avcan FB page.

    The posts that have a name in brackets at the end eg (Elena ) (Henry) are actual quotes from Avcan personnel themselves so there wont be a link name.

    • Thanks Judith!
      The reason why I want it is because there was a slight ruccus there from two people about what I and Lurking has been writing and plotting. I know that it was not AVCAN that was miffed, and that it was the personal opinion of two people, but in the light of that I do want to keap AVCAN themselves happy.

      And it also makes it easier to follow the interesting people in there 🙂

  10. Avcan FB comment from Avcan .

    Good evenings. Although Member of AVCAN here and now the only thing I will give is my personal opinion. It is true that the decision taken can cause and causes malaise, dissatisfaction and other feelings. But let us think and remember news that recently we have seen and read where the scientific community are not even able to agree on the situation that is now the eruption: some say we’re in one third phase, others that it is stable, and there are even to ensure that it is in its final phase. If any of us had to make a decision based on disparate conclusions, who can ensure that the decision taken was correct? Absolutely no one. Is the decision taken by the PEVOLCA correct? Each can have their own opinion, but know anyone can know it, even if it is a mistake, because the data which are made known scientists themselves are conflicting each other. That could have been reduced in part EMU device would have been at all? Is it could have done, as was he could have maintained during a short period of time while you get more data. Hopefully the decision is ultimately correct, all I can say is that it is not easy to take a decision on the basis of such contradiction in scientific reports. And I hope that it is taken solely on the basis of these data and there are no other factors which have also influenced when taking this decision. (Nino López Alonso)

    • PEVOLCA, AVCAN, IGN etc are in a difficult position. Volcanology and seismology are relatively young sciences and there is very little data on El Hierro’s eruptive past so no-one can really predict what will happen next.

      The emergency planners must still take into account the fact that no volcano is safe so they have to be in a position to act fast if the situation deteriorates (noone knows how much warning the volcano is going to give them). But I am sure that they are aware of this.

  11. Avcan FB

    Incremento de sismicidad superficial, tremor activo, etc..hasta que no esté extinto cómo se puede hablar de estabilidad!!. ¿qué indica una evolución estable del fenómeno?, ¿tenemos un patrón predecible?. A mi entender se está subestimando al mayor episodio volcánico acontecido en la historia moderna de Canarias, exceptuando Timanfaya!

    Shallow seismicity, active tremor, etc. increase.until that is not extinct, how can we talk about stability!. What indicates a stable development of the phenomenon?, do we have a predictable pattern?. In my opinion is is underestimating the largest volcanic episode happened in the modern history of the Canary Islands, with the exception of Timanfaya! (Translated by Bing)

    13 minutes ago · Like

  12. Thank you, Judith, for taking the time to read and translate these posts. I feel for the people who are obviously greatly concerned and confused by the opposing comments from the scientists and/or authorities.

  13. From the report of IGN of today:

    “5 earthquakes have been located in the El Julan and Sea of calms, with magnitudes
    between 0.9 and 1.7 on the Richter scale, in depths less than 16km. None of these
    event was felt by the population.”

    less than 16 km? hahahaha
    what kind of report is this?

    Carmen (IGN), my love…
    if you have lost the tape measure, just tell me and santvalentines day I gift you one… hahaha

    You are warned … Do not tamper …
    Starting tomorrow and see that crap report, will we be precise who the depths of … If it is 3 will 3,if 6 will 6 … what does it mean “less than 16km? hahahaha

  14. As a curiosity the volcanic area known closer to my house is the volcano of Cofrentres … 1 km from the nuclear power Cofrentes …

    The smoke you can see behind the mountain is from the nuclear power plant…×200/2010-05-09_IMG_2010-05-01_23.56.06__DV014CV001.jpg.jpg&w=318&h=167&ei=Dig4T-3tNo6BhQfVw7z_AQ&zoom=1&iact=hc&vpx=711&vpy=77&dur=10644&hovh=133&hovw=254&tx=152&ty=69&sig=104605407205754895600&page=14&tbnh=91&tbnw=173&start=190&ndsp=15&ved=1t:429,r:4,s:190

    Research Cofrentes
    The Cerro de Agras, 500 meters high, known as The Volcano Cofrentes, was exploited in the eighties by cement Asland, which led to its virtual disappearance draws the volcanic cone while a few researchers unsuccessfully claimed protection the hamlet.

    Two scientists, and Lopez Saez Ridruejo Marine investigated in 1975 the volcano, which also outcrops on the hill of the castle and the Pico del Fraile, a result of studies conducted to validate the location of the nuclear power Cofrentes. Had to rule out an eruption that could endanger the installation.

    Eumidio Ancoechea, professor at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid and one of the key figures of Spanish volcanism, says one of his works that Cofrentes volcanic rocks are low in potassium, so that the accuracy of the method used in dating Cofrentes volcano in 1975 “is scarce.”
    Cofrentes samples were sent to the University of Coimbra and Kruger Enterprises in the United States. The “ages” obtained in two laboratories, with different samples is also different, ranging from a million years and 2.6 million.

    Ancoechea argues that volcanic activity in Cofrentes not lasted for long, nor had different phases. The researcher committed to an age between 1 and 2.6 million years with a mean value of 1.8.

    Picassent no recent data to an age, but now can say with some certainty that the last major eruption was in the Tortonian half years up or down 8 million years ago. Maybe that’s why there’s hardly a trace, not even from the air, of what must have been in his day a volcanic cone perfectly defined.

    According to him, in the Gulf of Valencia “frequent” references to the existence of volcanic rocks, however, only emerge in Columbretes Illa Grossa whose figure still visible volcanic crater. Numerous surveys conducted in the oil provide insight into the extent of the volcanic-in graph-whose amplitude has also been confirmed by geophysical methods.

    According to investigators, the volcanoes of the Columbretes would be “the youngest” among the volcanoes of Valencia, although with age, also “venerable” of between 300,000 and one million years.

    However, it appears that volcanoes Valencia have said its last word. In 2007, a ship chartered by the CSIC two small volcanoes discovered just off the coast of Valencia.

    Mountain cerro de Agras.,r:0,s:0

    This castle is on a part pf this volcanic mountain.,r:9,s:10

    volcanic bomb in this same place?,r:2,s:70

    • Go to my Youtube channel and shoot me your E-mail. I have an Excel file derived from the SRTM topology. It’s enhanced with bathymetry for the surrounding area from NOAAs GEODAS design a grid. (but, at one minute resolution).

      I can pipe it out as a csv for use so that you can pull it into whatever program you use.

    • The SRTM was processed with Landserf and exported as a text based point file and brought into Excel.

      (Landserf is free, java based… and a resource hog)

    • BTW, if that was you that just subscribed… all I need is an e-mail addy that you want it sent to. You can do that via that channel or directly via jason [#]

      Make the appropriate substitutions in that addy.

  15. Hi Judith and everyone…I think that it is incredible that the people of El Hierro are being abandoned so must they feel …one minute being told that the erruption is over, then seeing the jacuzzi and lots of SLSs – huge big stain, lots of degassing etc …then being told everying is stable… withdraw the military emergency service,,,,, and now more shallow earthquakes that are being felt by the seems to me that all of the “experts” cannot be 100% sure that things are safe on El Hierro, so why take any risks ….can they not spend a little bit more time and spend a little bit more money in reassuring the people by having a “protective presence” on the Island, at least to give the population the feeling of a bit more security…I was shopping in Mercadona on Saturday, and the Red Cross had loads of people asking for donations to raise money to help the Herreños in case of a disaster occurring… to pay for ambulances, medical care etc…

    • If the local emergency services can provide transport etc to evacuate the local population fast, should the situation deteriorate, the military may not be needed and there would be fewer people to evacuate. But I would like to see a tried and tested plan before I was comfortable.

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