Hekla – Probably not erupting

At 21.13.31 Icelandic time Hekla had an earthquake at 0.1km depth. The earthquake was 1.4km west of Heklas top, that places it roughly at the center spot for the 1947 eruption.

Image by IMO: Earthquake at 1.2M at Hekla proper.

The location puts it 1500 meters from the top of Hekla, and at a location that is inferred to be right on top of the fissure chamber running right under Hekla. The current quake is in a suitable spot since magma seems to have moved to the west during the last two weeks.

It is hard to make any conclusion out of the changes in the magma that might have happened. I am hoping that we might get a good plot soon from the master of plots, GeoLurking that will shed some light on this.

Image by IMO: No large transient after the earthquake at Hekla.

This is probably not an eruption

The reason for this is the lack of strainmeter transients, the lack of micro-quakes, and no changes in tremor levels. This might at any time change. I advice everyone to carefully follow the information given by IMO and Almannavarnir.

Image by IMO: The earthquake is very visible on the Mjoaskerd SIL-station. No harmonic tremor component is yet visible, even on higher resolution.

Before an eruption there should be visible “popcorn”, and series of small earthquakes, and probably a 2M earthquake. There is nothing like that now.

If nothing more happens during the next 8 hours the danger is most likely over for this time.

For those who want to read up on Hekla I strongly advice to read my posts on Hekla, you can get them by clicking on the word hekla on the right side of the page under Categories. The apropriate articles are named Hekla.

Also, for those who I have told that volcanoes do not react to any small earthquake. Well, let us just say that Hekla is the only known exception to that rule. My articles explain why, look under Hekla.


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