Sheepy Dalek – Nemesio learns to Vaporize!

Very happy man celebrating his discovery.

Involcans Presidente for Life, Nemesio Péréz, has discovered the Final Solution to the problem with Bob the Volcano. In a stroke of genius, he has discovered that you can use everything coming out of Bob in a Volcano Vaporizer to get magmatically stoned.

After the discovery he is believed to have said; “I see things in a new light, holy basalt dude!”

Volcano Vaporizer instructor Zaphod Beeblebrox in the process of instructing Nemesio at an unknown dormitory conference at Harvard. The teacher later said; “Basalt is heavy shit Dude!”

Nemesio discovered the Volcanic Vaporizer while attending a conference in an unknown dormitory at Harvard. He emediatly saw the possibility to solve all volcanic problems (and baldness) in the world with this final solution. Together with his teacher Zaphod Beeblebrox (above) he found that all samples taken from Bob was very vaporizable. In the testing all know samples from Bob was used up. It is believed that El Hierro will get an economic upswing from selling Bob material for vaporizing.

“I have found Bob to be very enjoyable. Rock on dude!” said the very happy volcanologist.

Involcans new press material with a very happy supermodel.


P.S. Volcan Café is against all forms of volcano imbibing, it is bad for health, may cause excessive weight-problems, harmonic tremoring and loss of GPS-data. D.S.


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  1. Comments by Raymond Matabosch.

    blog of 66270_Des-roses-and-des – spines will – blog .com

    Eruption El Hierro to the day: February 26, 2012.
    Sunday, February 26, 2012 at 6: 00 pm

    It strange published that the graph of the harmonic tremor is retranscrive as “weak”

    a fine line, without more, while hydromagmatiques explosions occur at the level of several vents

    and that, since February 23, 2012, the 00 h 00, 45 microearthquakes tangential in the Bay, off the coast of Tacoron where fumes are seen on the plan under the mountain El Julan where residents are detected with fumaroles and water…

    Point to be too forward but eruptive events are going to be more and more visible at the level of the water in the hours and the days to come

    A large substantive work has been done and the writing will be an article which will be published before February 29, 2012.

    26 February 2012 © Raymond Matabosch

    SUN 26 FEB 2012 1 COMMENT
    Good evening Raymond,.

    • SUN 26 FEB 2012 1 COMMENT
      Good evening Raymond,.

      Delighted to see again you.

      All I see is a resumption of the “jacuzzi” for 2 days, but this is thin…

      Pause or end of eruption, is all that wonder.

      Kind regards


      Fanfoe63 – now at 01 h 09
      Hello François

      I wasn’t party EAP but as the eruption time of lull, I to have benefited, navigation authorities leaving leisure to a zone of 400 metres, for further research into the ins and outs of…

      Anything, I can uncover you, prior to publication of my next article, that is neither a pause, next to the little visible manifestations on the level of the plan ‘ water, or a rash purpose…

      We are seeing a different form fissurale with type traps in the marine environment and fumaroles land available… but I will say more in the course of my next article

      Kind regards


      Raymond Matabosch

      • It’s not a question for me.
        I appreciate his analysis and to discuss with him !
        And I appreciate too to read this blog !

      • According to this blog he was there in November.

        Important Update 05/11 – 23:40 UTC :
        Raymond Matabosch reports from his location at El Hierro that, following him, the Surtseyan Eruption phase has started. Burst of ash and water are ejected out of the sea every 30 to 40 minutes.

          • Another blog from a different site.

            Update 08/11 – 16:04 UTC :

            In reference to both reports of Mr. Allard and Raymond Matabosch, we can report that the wind is blowing from the North or from the North West, this maybe partly the reason why Raymond isn’t smelling the gases anymore like he did last night. So, an eventual ash-steam-gas column will presently blow towards the south and will be falling in the Las Calmas sea, making standing at the edge of the island less dangerous than claimed before.

            Opinion of Patrick Allard on the present situation

            We have asked the opinion of Patrick Allard on the observations Raymond just made a little while ago and the video and other information available online.

            Patrick Allard is Directeur de recherche CNRS, Paris, France. He has been working on munerous erupting volcanoes worldwide over the past 40 years and has carefully followed the evolution of El Hierro events at a distance. Mr. Allard is not a member of one of the local scientist teams. He can only give his ideas on what is happening based on the open source information available on the internet.

            Raymond’s observations and the new video you put on the site are actually preoccupating. Yes, the situation might rapidly threaten La Restinga and then possibly people watching on hills at 150 m height, if the gas-water-ash jets start to become powerful (i.e. high) enough and if wind is blowing in the wrong direction (see above for the wind direction in the 16:04 update)).

            In any case, it sounds me highly reasonable that evacuation of La Restinga be maintained and that outside observers be advised of potential risks from volcanic gases and ash fallout. Strange to me the lack of sulfur odor reported by Raymond! One must also be careful because H2S can be no more detected by nose (saturation of the detector) above a threshold of several hundreds of ppmv…Otherwise, carbon dioxide should not be a risk for people staying at 150 m elevation, given its atmospheric dilution during volcanic cloud expansion and transport.

            In contrast, due to its higher density than air (molar weight 44, compared to 29) volcanic CO2 might locally form concentrated gas sheets over the sea and become a danger if these move towards the coast.

            When ashed about the probably similar style Capelinhos, Azores eruption, Patrick Allard writes the following :

            This type of eruption usually starts with a phase of gradual increase in intensity, determined by the depth of the vent, the magma-gas flow rate, and the building rate of the cone until its emergence at the open air.

            Afterwards, the height of eruptive columns becomes controlled by the extent of magma-sea water interactions (phreato-magmatic fragmentation, generating steam column from vaporized seawater, ash columns and ballistic blocks (cypressoid jets). The danger is conditioned by the height of those columns, their gas and ash density, and obviously the wind direction.

            Once the vent becomes isolated from seawater, then pure magmatic eruption began. This can be more or less explosive, depending on the magma composition (viscosity) and volatile content (overpressure).

            Webcam closed by the President of El Hierro ?

            We have to be cautious in reporting but we want to publish this tweet captured by someone in the discussion platform. It may explain why not only the image is not reached, but all the webcam configuration has been lost !

            From El Hierro twitter

            Nos informan que Presidencia no quiere instalar webcam porque perjudicaría el turismo, da imagen de inseguridad y peligro

            We report that the president does not want a webcam because it would hurt tourism as it would give the feeling of insecurity and danger
            Update 08/11 – 14:37 UTC :
            – Joke had to leave to El Pinar (wisely following Raymond, because she was not safe at her viewing point)
            – Raymond is finally back to observe the eruption. He had to do a lot of things in Valverde. At we had no more news from him since more than 8 hours. We feared he would have been picked up by the Guardia Civil
            Here is his first report written at arrival at his safe viewing point (we will translate it soon) :

  2. I’m baaaaaack! Sorry people, been moving, buying my first home actually. Something ecxiting happening at the moment?

    – Christina

    • Right now it is very slow volcanically speaking 🙂
      But we are as nutty as ever.
      Hope that the moving went fine!

        • Hekla is doing something rather Heklaish that we do not really understand yet… 🙂

          So it is up to something. What… weell… ehrm…

          • Jag vet faktiskt inte.
            Just nu har Hekla en brutal deflation.

            I will wait a week, and then we will see.
            Problem is that it is hard to envisage what is happening, and the trends are the same still as when Lurking did the amazing plot last week. So, for a while we will let it do what it does, and then go at it again.

        • Maybe this has something to do with Raymonds Theory,

          Copied from Avcan FB

          According to friend Raymond, already translated (to neglect such page… heh.)

          Then I put the photo

          The enigmatic volcanism in the Canary Islands and El Hierro. Do bases to try to better understand the Canary Islands and the volcanic eruption in course of la Restinga, a series of maps with annotations of seamounts and characteristics: Legend: white: seamounts, of Purple: Agadir Canyon, Red: way of the Hotspot? Masked convergence? From the Rift Valley in the training? From the Rift or training? The volcanism of the Canary Islands began, there are 80 to 100 million years, to the South of the platform underwater of

          Essaouira and Agadir Canyon with marine Essaouira, Agadir and the twins Rybin mountains… and continues to both sides of the anomaly materialized with the dashed line red, by the seamounts of DaciaTriton, conception… and earthly appearances, Salvagem Islands and the Canary Islands, whose characteristic eruption of Timanfaya on Lanzarote from 1730 to 1736, for current seamounts: PAPP, Africa, Echo and the tropic… A study on this basis, is… 12 2011 © Raymond Matabosch MER 11 JAN 2012 no comments

    • Yes, that is not entirely impossible you know. We had a lot of stains you know.
      Regardng the second picture. On that someone is just confused. There are hundreds, if not thousands of ancient cones down there.
      But they are not from this eruption.

    • Looking at them beautiful Sigrún Hreinsdóttir (be careful of spelling *slaps Carls fingers*) GPS plots (de-focussing eyes) and then trend show me up´s-and-down´s, she Hekla is on down trend now. Deflating to away reservior, area? Is she only idling, pumping and warming up? I believe so. Lots of “static” (bottom noise level is high on “mjo” SIL station, compared to most others). What shall I say more – Purring as a kitten – and waiting to roar like Lion-King. Likely. Has she the power of six-cylender-in-line 250 cu-in engine (last two-three events), or 35 Liter V-12, turbo-supercharged, with direct fuel injection and GM-2 boost. (pick any larger event at will). Link below is just to put one up!

  3. And at the same time in GeoLoco-land…
    A 1.8 at Alp Ota Suot.
    It is rumoured that a watch almost but not entirelly, missed a second beat.

  4. Hi guys. Couldn’t follow these days. Wild times. Won’t even try to catch all up. Hope to find more time fore nuttiness again.
    Just from what I have seen in a glance, I feel like making a comment on “scales”. I have a thing with “scales”. I’m always and in any situation coming with my “scale thing”. One should always consider that he’s observing and thinking on a certain scale, and after a thought is done zoom out or in and look if his thought fits at that scale too.
    So to Iceland-thinking, I know it’s not one volcano, but it’s the MAR. The MAR with a plume under it. And that makes it come out of the sea. Whenever we get lost in interpretation of earthquakes or swarms with M1-3 shakes, we should never overestimate what can be interpreted out of what our perception offers. The “primary driving thing” behind all that happens there is plate tectonics and a hot spot. Compare a quake to the sound of a honk that get’s to your ear. You d0n’t see if this honk belongs to a V8 Truck or to a 3 cylinder Smart. I say the MAR/hot spot in the icelandic region is getting into a more active phase than the last years. Who cares about some more or less quakes for some days…
    Same goes for El Hierro. Sometimes it’s good to make a step back to simplest basics. The volcano there is Tanganasoga. It got reactivated. This reactivation has been influenced by venting along the fissure. Will it go on on “freeze” again – wait and see. I don’t mean to say one should not make predictions because of that – where would be the fun without it. But never forget that all predictions are only worth looking at for the causal thinking behind. Nature has her ways, and who doesn’t think his interpretations over an over whit every new element quickly ends up as a fool.
    Why do I write that? For nothing in particular. Just needed to peer in and somehow say hello. So why not with a half-philosophical comment on everything an nothing, and adding a bad joke.
    For those non-academic among us, do you all know exactly what a PHD is? Pretty Huge Dick. We’re happy for you Miss Steaming. Ursula, I have to reconsider this wonderful picture my mind painted of you… 🙂
    Again, blame it on me as a person. My fellow citizens or other human males have no responsibility concerning what I am.
    Have a very nice day all of you out there!

    • Good Morning Geo 😀 I have missed your comments. I agree. If a behaviour is slightly out of the ordinary it is worth watching. If that Huge Elephant you see every day on your daily drive taking tourists to see South African animals always just carries on eating. You are OK. You can sit and let your passengers take photos.
      If that elephant one morning, raises his head and puts his ears well back……. a very small gesture…..not even looking like a charge attack…….It is advisable not to hang around and get the hell away!!!
      To notice small changes it is necessary to watch consistently over a long period of time. I firmly believe that we volcano geeks here are actually more useful than we realise.. We watch and wait and take note of small changes. Also we are used to being told something is nothing….and still we continue.

      Did you notice the 4+ m quake in the French Alps yesterday ? Do you get many quakes where you are that cause landslides?

      Have a good day at work Geo.


          Three weeks before the eruption, the people near Paricutin village heard the rumbling noises that resembled thunder, yet they were confused because the skies were clear of clouds. The noises were associated with earthquakes at depth near Paricutin. On February 20, 1943 a farmer, Dionisio Pulido, and his wife Paula were burning shrubbery in their cornfield when they observed the earth in front of them swell upward and crack to form a fissure 2-2.5 m across. They heard hissing sounds and later described the rise of “smoke” from the fissure, which had the repugnant smell of rotten eggs. The “rotten egg” smell is a hallmark of H2S gas, and the crack that opened in front of them would, within hours, develop into a small volcano. In Dioniso Pulido’s own words:

          “At 4 p.m., I left my wife to set fire to a pile of branches when I noticed that a crack, which was situated on one of the knolls of my farm, had opened . . . and I saw that it was a kind of fissure that had a depth of only half a meter. I set about to ignite the branches again when I felt a thunder, the trees trembled, and I turned to speak to Paula; and it was then I saw how, in the hole, the ground swelled and raised itself 2 or 2.5 meters high, and a kind of smoke or fine dust — grey, like ashes — began to rise up in a portion of the crack that I had not previously seen . . . Immediately more smoke began to rise with a hiss or whistle, loud and continuous; and there was a smell of sulfur.”

          “I then became greatly frightened and I tried to help unyoke one of the ox teams. I was so stunned I hardly knew what to do . . . or what to think . . . and I couldn’t find my wife, or my son, or my animals. At last I came to my senses and I remembered the sacred Lord of the Miracles. I shouted out ‘Blessed Lord of the Miracles, you brought me into this world — now save me!’ . . . . I looked into the fissure where the smoke was rising and my fear disappeared for the first time. I ran to see if I could save my family, my companions and my oxen, but I could not see them and I thought that they must have taken the oxen to the spring for water. I saw that there was no water in the spring . . . and I thought the water had gone because of the fissure. I was very frightened, and I mounted my mare and galloped to Paricutin where I found my wife and son and friends waiting for me. They were afraid that I was dead and that they would never see me again.”

          • @ Diana
            it was also rumoured that for several years preceeding, this the youngsters used to play in a hollow that was unusually warm

      • Hi Diana,
        No, didn’t feel anything. But we have to see that it was geologically far away of where I sit. A lot of faults and stuff between that quake an my “donkey”.
        For me, everything under 3 isn’t worth noticing around the alps. 3-4 aha. 4-5 aha too. 5 and more ahaaa, and if damages “oh shit”. But it’s plate tectonics.
        I don’t know of many quake-triggered land-/rockslides in “my region” in the last times. But of course there are many situations where a 5+ quake could be this little drop that starts the flood. So potentials where a quake could be the final trigger exist. We even have some places where it’s mentioned in the natural hazard mapping. But this often is classified in the “residual risks”, as the probability of a 5+ quake is quite small – at least smaller that landuse planning usually considers… Our “classic” hazard mapping analyses occurencies up to 1/300 per year for “hard” consequences (where i.ex. building is prohibited because of that), and up to 1/1000 when we plan protective structures and look and what happens if their dimensioning (zero damage for 1/100 events, weak damage for 1/300, no human casualties) is “challenged” by a big event (dam that bursts…), and how to organise evacuation and stuff in this case. Specialities like big dams and nuclear plants have harder conditions to respect, of course. There it tends towards the 1/10000 scenarii. Just to be a bit of a donkey, I claim the quake / tsunami of march 2011 was something like 1/100 probability… But that’s more to fuel mental exercizing…

        • I agree about the march 2011 being a 1/100 event. It is pretty much exactly 100 years since the last 9 quake hit Japan. Even though they have been theoretically knowing it would come, it is actually quite stunning that they really never planned for it.
          Just take that wave that went over the plainland. They knew beforehand that it would come, and that it would kill thousands. And still not a single levée to stop it anywhere. To be exact, there is no levée anywhere in Japan, not even in Tokyo. Building deflatory levées are really not that expensive compared to the lives they save. Especially if you know that you will have several cities eradicated every hundred years.
          And the Fukushima… if it was not so common in the nuclear business I would probably be mader about it.
          After working in the nuclear business I can say that I have yet to see a nuclear powerplant that is safe.

          • I agree about the safety of nuclear powerplants. Anywhere in the world. Ours are quite under heavy critics because if you paint 1/10’000 scenarii objectively, with all the interactions between the different events that occur in parallel in such cases, we’d get some problems – and I’m quite sure there’s not many countries that thought about that soooooo much more than we did. Humanity underestimated the risks linked to this form of energy-production – or as always overestimated it’s possibilities to handle nature when it leaves the “waiting mode”.
            I was keen on seeing how Japan would rebuild in the territories that were hit. Half-egg shaped concrete buildings that you can completely close and that would resist an new Tsunami? Rebuilding up in the hills, above 50m above sea level (managing the slides, rockfalls, volcanoes and stuff up there), and building highways to the sea for the fishermen? Levees or other constructive solutions to diminish the effect of a wave? Let’s not forget they already have probably the world’s best alarm/evacuation system. What do we see? Mankind needs hope and doesn’t want to think about “bad” realities, so reconstruction mainly consists in rebuilding the situations we had before… A way to cope with it. Who would I be to judge it. Due to my personal standards the whole country would need delocalisation…

          • I think this applies to a lot of places. The low-level land in Britain is being quickly filled with housing developments. This applies to river valleys and coastal plains. The old settlements followed the contour lines of hills – to get spring water and to keep feet and houses dry. Permanent coastal settlements were about half a mile from the coast and only fishermen had huts on the beach. Along came the Industrial Revolution and this old wisdom disappeared. Humans could do anything! Now we have new housing estates on flood plains and big cities right on the shore. The next storm surge ….. the next really wet season ….. everyone will be shouting “Why did no one tell us not to do it?”

          • Moving Japan inland would be hard, and really expensive, so the levées are the cheapest way to go about saving lives. And Japan is not a poor third world country.
            Let us say that they poured in 100 euros annually into Levées, they would then get 13 billion euros of levées a year. And that should would give a medium effective protection for almost all cities after a 100 years. Should save 9/10 lives. And if you ontop put in another 100 euros into building improvement…

            For the rest, a levée is not a perfect solution, it is a solution that stops most tsunamis, and those they do not stop they either help to deflate a bit, but mot importantly slow them down, thusly diminishing the area hit.

          • @Talla:
            Actually not that true.
            The Isles is filled with old villages ranging from bronze age up to today, that has through erotion fallen into the sea. Even a few cities that where bustling around 1600 is today gone in whole, or in portions. When studying archaeology I realized that people in ancient times where amasingly like us, they to prefered a lake view.
            Englands greatest risk for the cities is not tsunamis, it is land erosion.

            Otherwise England is rather safe from most things. It does not even have a lot of low country to get flooded in the predicted meter of landhightening.

            Here in Sweden the 3 majors are, more rainfall increasing the strain on the hydropower dams, so all of them had/has to increase strength and throughput capacity. Losing a few cities due to water levels rising, and that would require a lot due to our large isostatic lift (0,2 to 1,0 cm/year) and increase in storm strenghts damaging woodlands. All except the last one is being taken care of allready.

          • Talla,
            It’s always the same cycle. Scientists point at a risk. Politics and the economy doesn’t want to hear about it, mainly because the scientific predictions are not “precise enough” and there’s an uncertainty about the probability of occurence. “Development” goes on. Shit happens. Everyone is asking what governments do about hazard prevention. Governments set a way to cope with hazards, that means set principles (don’t build if you have that situation, take care if it’s like that…) and start analyzing the hazard situation on large scale. The result is not the one many would like to be. The analyze method or standard is questionned, the consequences of a type of hazard for landuse planning or building are questionned as they could “slow economic growth”. In the beginning some stand behind the idea of prevention, and as time goes by and memory erases the disaster and it’s consequences you have only some “mad scientists” left that fight for the prevention principles. Facts are watered by economical considerations, first exceptions appear, they generalyse, “solutions” are found to turn around the prevention principles… Shit happens again and everyone asks what the governments do about it. Governments analyse their analyses and principle, mayble strengthen them a bit. The first decisions are taken in coherence with prevention principles, then we forget, economy pushes for developpment, we increase the exposure to hazard and shit happens… And so on, and so on.
            I’m one of the “mad scientists” in that story. You can also call me Don Quichote. Sometimes blindness pisses me off, but the worst is “what does society do to handle it?”. Hey! It’s everytime you call me mad and that I don’t understand the needs of those wearing ties… I’m smiling when I write. Am not an agry guy per se, and somehow love to be the mad ass in that tale… 🙂

          • @Carl
            Most of the towns that have fallen into the sea were actually classed as ‘ports’: entries into the land. They serviced cities such as Norwich and York (which does flood but only in the recently settled bits).
            The Severn river floods badly about every 30 years – in the 1970’s I remember a TV helicopter flying over the flood plain and every farmhouse was noticeably on a little island out of the water – either because it had been a settlement for centuries and the land had risen due to detrius or because the builders waited for a flood and picked the dry land to build. The last flood was about 5 years ago and hundreds of houses were flooded because they’d been built in the last 30 years.
            @ GeoLoco

          • @Talla:
            I was not really talking about flooding you know, I was talking about land erosion done by the ocean to poor ol’ Isles.
            Most people in UK do not know how large amount of the country disapears annualy by sea erosion, in many place we are talking about a meter per year.
            I visited one little village, that used to be a (for the time) large city. All that was left know was the bell tower of the church for the leprocy sanctuary. The rest of the city was out in the ocean. The Bell Tower was moved in the mid 20is to save it from going into the ocean.
            So, about a kilometer and a half has gone poofing in the last 700 years at that spot. Nast things is that we are talking about cliffs.

          • @Carl
            Sorry – yes land erosion on the east coast is very bad – Ravenscar (I think that’s the name) has completely gone and it was once the biggest port on that coast, apart from London. But soon the new towns that have sprung up on that coast will be little islands surrounded by tidal salt flats because they insist on flood defences while the surrounding farmland is not protected. There was a ‘sea level rise predicter’ map on the CNN website last week which was very interesting: East Anglia and the Bristol Channel were the places that would be most affected in England.

          • Japan actually did have an extensive network of seawalls in place. But the result was the kind of tragical farce that is worthy of the stage. Many people thought they were safe because of the seawalls so didn’t move to higher ground. Likewise the designers at Fukushima thought the plant was safe behind its walls so they put the emergency generators in the basement for hork’s sake. What nobody apparently thought about was that the tsunami might be bigger than their design specs. More info in this NYT article:

          • Yeah, only that the tsunami in the end of the 19th century was even higher than the one last year…
            Remains quite a weak consideration for the hazard-issue in the planning phase…

          • People are funny, they always believe that the storm-flood levée will protect them…
            It is actually not designed to protect, yes it will do that for small to medium-sized events, but for the large ones they are there to slow things down, decrease the amount of water, and reduce the area affected.

            To build a levée that actually stops a 20 meter wave, you need to build it 25 meters high.
            But if you instead build 2 levées that are 5 meter high, and space them at maximum wave-length distance (500m) then you have better protection than through the 25m levée.
            The first one breaks the momentum of the wave crest, and a 20m wave does not contain an average water height of 5m.
            But, a double levée is not as sexy as the honking 25m version that is to expensive to build… So they put up a 25m just for show that is to short to make any difference.

            Now people say… but the buildings in between the levées will be horked.
            Yes they will. But the rest will be safer. If you need the area (and japan does), just build the houses on stilts. The power of the residual wave will not be large enough to knock over a stilted house if it is well constructed.

        • Thanks Geo…. I now have a god perspective of the effects of tectonic mvements in your area. It’s always good to get perspective correct. It saves me from unwittingly joining the doomsday groupies 😀

          • @ Carl I was born on the Somerset coast. behind the sand dunes are the Somerset levels. This is a huge area of marshy land in the South West of England.
            Then this happened….. Was it a Tsunami?
            Anyways, the Somerset levels are still prone to flooding.
            When will men ever learn they cannot tame water. They can do a good job until there is an event unforeseen or ignored because it happens so infrequently.

          • You know, we have them up to 4s, and we are not even considered seismically active…
            So, when you are used to getting at least a 3 up your behind yearly, for no other reason than isostatic lift. Then you kind of expect more from a large earthquake… 🙂

          • There is an error in the article you linked to, as a tsunami increases in height, it loses speed. Yes, as it is pushed through a constriction, that in a tube works as a speed increaser, but in an open top constriction it just increases height, not speed.

            Apparantly they where not good at physics.
            It could also be rouge waves from an off-shore big storm. It is not uncommon really, and in the US they track those for the purpose of surfing.

          • Actually I have to be honest and less sober and optimistic than I would like too. In Basel, we could anytime have a quake like the 6.7 of 1356 again. And many buildings, including the stocks of the chemical industry, wouldn’t stand it. Estimated 50 billions of swiss francs damage. Quite a mess. Seismicity there related to the Horst-Graben-system of the Rheingraben, the “horsts” building Schwarzwald in Germany and Vosges in France. Kaiserstuhl-volcanism is in relation with that system.
            Graubünden and Wallis (Simplon-area for example) could also have “good quakes” of clearly M6+. We’re not Turkey or San Francisco, but the seismic issue is to be taken seriously even though there’s no need for panic.
            Nevertheless, seeing the media publishing several infos about the 2 last swiss quakes made me smile a bit. Good for the guys at the ETHZ that this way might get more witness-reports and learn about seisms, but that was quite a lot of blabla for really nothing. Well, except you see everything as a sign of the activity of earth’s crust, then of course it’s a proof for plate tectonics and that sooner or later the earth’s surface will no more look like it does now. And if there’s plate tectonics there’s the MAR, and if there’s the MAR there’s Bardarbunga, and if there’s Bardarbunga there’s hundreds of millions of cubic meters of lava to be erupted somewhere in the future, and if that is in the next dozens of years we might see it, and if we see it we’re in the shit, but hell I will not turn my eyes away from it.
            What is green and turning red when you push the button? A frog in a mixer. Have a good afternoon.

          • Bruce,
            Imagine doom in southern Germany / Switzerland. RTL would finally have something else than Hartz IV-cases to show. Frauke Ludowig in the middle of burning sky-scrapers, and we can watch her being crushed by half a floor falling down. Something for Pro7 Galileo Big Pictures. The whole infotainment industry would boom…
            But, erm, if Germany is doomed, who will pay for the PIGS? Wowwowwow, too hot for me to imagine, and I don’t want to start talking politics, of course… 🙂

          • PS getting back to scales. The Siberian traps discussed at various places yesterday erupted over 1 million years. That’s a long time for us. For the Earth it was just a major event spread over a long time. Likewise the ignimbrite flare-up that produced La Garita etc. or even the Taupo Volcanic Zone or the calderas in the Andean plateau. Gawd, our lives are sooooooo short. In geological time a 1 in a 100 probability is farcical. Even 1 in a 1000 is kind of weak as it is measured on past events, i.e. places where the shit has already hit the proverbial and not those places where disaster will strike in future and of which we are currently blissfully unaware. Take Christchurch for example. Everyone thought the big one there would be along the Alpine fault, not directly under the city.

          • haaha. re feeding the PIGS, I could imagine Greece could come and give some expensive consulting advice to Germany, I mean they have like 2000 years of experience with earthquakes and buildings falling down. That would reverse the cash flows maybe.

          • That’s it Bruce. We have so much trouble convincing people not to build where there can be a “severe damage” 1/100 or 1/300 event. They don’t believe it can be reality. Then they believe to see the end of the world when there’s a 1/50 or 1/100 flood. “Normal” people just absolutely are unable to imagine 1/1’000 or 1/10’000 ore more events. But let’s face the fact, we can’t do anything effective with proportional amounts of money for events higher than these 1/100-1/300. Especially not when you think of the lifetime of our buildings… Just don’t go where shit can happen, that’s all I can recommend. And on the other hand, live your day and we maybe are fools to think too much ahead… Life is short, as you said…

          • They have experience with falling buildings – you want the buildings to stay… So maybe that’s not gonna work… Aaaah, shit. Such a lack of luck…

          • I wanted to comment here at work, but the system “Comments on this site is illegal” kept coming up!
            Carl’s tower is at Dunwich – once one of the largest ports on east coast, now all washed away.
            Problem with some of the east coast – its all glacial crap ,boulder clay, silts and sands;
            Happisburgh (pron ‘Aisbro’ !) is on weakly consolidated Corton Sands that wash out at a whim!
            The flood plain problem seems to lie at the laps of idiot planners/developers who seem unable to think old names on maps mean anything – what the hell does Fen Lane, Watery Lane or Stream Road mean??

    • @ Geo: I’m too busy now to read this whole thread and will return to it later, but, just FYI, PHD actually stands for Piled Higher and Deeper, which is often ridiculously and hilariously correct about PhD life.

      Warning: reading the archive may become addictive and may take hours out of your life so proceed on your own responsibility. 🙂

  5. Buenos días a todos.Hoy ya tenemos siete sismos cinco en tierra y dos en el mar : Uno en el Mar de las Calmas y el otro a las 05:02 h., intensidad 0,7, prof.19,90 al E de El Pinar. ¿ Al E de El Pinar? yo creo que es el primero en ésa zona……

    Good morning to all.Today we already have seven earthquakes five on land and two at sea: one on the calm sea and the other at 05: 02 pm, intensity 0.7, prof.19, 90 e of El Pinar. To the E of El Pinar? I think that the first in this is area… (Translated by Bing)

    2 hours ago · Like · 3

  6. What a nice day for walking the dogs; -3, wind 10-15m/s, about 10 cm snowfall during past hour, visibility about 20m….

    There seems to be minor increase in low freq harmonics again on egom and ehig, not much, but it’s there…
    Well I’m going out now, hope I find my way back 😛

    • Ah, you have the crap we had during the night.
      Next dog walk should be nicer, we have splendid sunshine now.
      +3, dripping from the roof, birds are singing 🙂

  7. Eruption El Hierro to the day: February 27, 2012.
    Monday, February 27, 2012 at 20: 30

    Strange day on the water of the Restinga despite a record of the harmonic tremor standards SHZ, moribund

    especially when compared to the registration of the harmonic tremor, same standard SHZ, Tenerife

    But good… turn on the Hz scale which is still blocked at maximum for El Hierro…

    10 microearthquakes, which one of magnitide. mbLg greater than 2.0, since the 12: 00 a.m., especially concentrated in the area of the mountain El Julan where people continue to see forms fumerolliennes

    The situation on the water was with long parallel trails previous days, in the axis of the cracks, and parallel to the coast between La Restinga-Puerto Naos and Tacoron, marking a series of spots with vapour emission and light bouillonnements… Such events show that fissuraux form, resembling the type traps, to poduisent in the marine environment…

    That reserve the hours and the days to come? A resurgence of activity at the level of the listed vents? or the appearance of new vents? As Ramon Margalef continues to achieve of bathymetry and the IGN takes the Salvamar of the Guardia Civil… Strange ballet of boats on the water of the sea of Las Calmas for a rash that some would defunct…

    27 February 2012 © Raymond Matabosch

    • Blog 66270_Des-rosa and of épines. iron eruption during the night: February 27, 2012. Monday, 27 February 2012 at 20 h 30 day strange in the water of La Restinga despite a record of harmonic tremor, standards SHZ, dying especially if compared with the record of harmonic tremor, standard same SHZ, Tenerife but… move the Hz ladder who is still trapped at its peak in El Hierro… 10 microsismos, one of the magnitide mbLg 2.0 from 00 h 00, concentrated especially in the area of the mount in the Julan, where people still perceive forms fumerolliennes the situation in the water was consistent with the previous days with long stripes parallel to the axis of the cracks, and in parallel to the coast between Puerto NaosLa Restinga and Pinar, marking a series of spots with emissions of steam and baths with bubbles of light… These events show that the spread fissures, resembling the type traps, it is marine poduisent… Reservation that the hours and days to come? An increase in activity in the identified sources? or the emergence of new smokes? Especially since Ramón Margalef continues to carry out the bathymetry and IGN Salvamar monopoly of Civil Guard… Strange ballet of boats in the waters of the sea of the calm for an eruption, which some people want to dead… February 27, 2012 © Raymond Matabosch Mon, February 27, 2012 1 comment

    • Raymond should study a bit.

      His comment “turn on the Hz scale which is still blocked” is just ludicrous.
      It has been known for 3 months that the CHIE and the CCAN are designed to not pick up low frequencies.
      And his references to Tenerife is also rather hilarious.
      And… if he ever had bothered with studying volcanology, and here I mean study in a loose frame of mind, even reading some books would do. He would know that the microseisms are not relevant for a fissure volcano.
      Raymond might be a good poet, but he should read up on volcanology. Right now he is just making people nervous over nothing.

      Regarding El Julan and fumaroles. It is odd… nobody has found any new fumaroles there. And the old ones have been around since the first inhabitants, there is even a hotspring spa built there for that reason.

    • When does he say where these “Fumerolles aperçues par les habitants”?
      You know, this kind of activity tending towards the main volcano would make me much hotter than even 30 or 40 quakes of M1 to M2 per day… 😉

      • Geo

        Have just posted they are just talking about these vents opening on the groundin the North of the Island on the Avcan FB Page.

      • Even more interesting would be…
        What are his sources? Could we find an islander that has ever seen a new fumarole?
        I would happily call the islander in question. Or even go there and check it out later.
        If things go as planned I will be in the canaries in a few weeks. And I would be happy to swing by El Hierro and check it out, and wave infront of the cam to prove that I am actually there, something that Raymond forgot to do…

          • Just since it is you, and you bed, I promise to do the Moonwalk out on the pier in full suit.

            That should be visible and proof that I am there, even from a distance. But, I am still waiting for the confirmation of the meetings in Tenerife. And no, I am not going there due to Teide erupting 😉

          • Yeah – bed; hm, I thought we were starting a new level of our relationship. Would have felt sorry for Steaming. But finally I’m glad to see I’ll not have to think my life over and make big choices…

        • That would be great ! With real-time e-mails or other e-gizmo, we can all be watching the webcam when we ask you to wave !

        • There was a picture of Raymond on the island, if in fact it was Raymond, early on. Doesn’t anyone else remember this? Looking for this pic, but I have so many I may not find it. Not a high priority right now.

        • Well I was in Gran Canaria last week and I definitely did not see Raymond -:))

          I did not fly to El hierro because it needed too much time and money and the cam showed not much happening at the time.

          However GC is a nice place with plenty to see volcanically speaking including 2 big caldeiras

          Yes I am curious too to have confirmation of these would be fumarolles R speaks about. I am very surprised that should there be fumaroles on the mainland no official information would get out.

          As for the HHZ ans SHZ, if I may say these are the seed norms for naming the type of seismometer,

          S as a first letter means short period
          H means High broad band

          H as a second letter means high gain

          Z as a third letter means orientation vertical

          I some one could explain to me what are the differences between HHZ and SHZ…

      • Depending on how they where constructed really.
        The point of a levée is to actually break the wave front. With a double levée system 5m high you will take out the wave front, it would just collapse as the foundation was taken out from below, and then it would trap 2500 cubic meters of water per meter of levée.
        It does not sound much, but it is enough to make a monster into a kitten due to the wave actually not containing more water than that. Actually it is less than that.
        Okay, now comes the thing with there being more than one wave. Each concecutive wave gets smaller, and if we for each one take out the energy by cutting the footing of it and breaking it, the amount of water would be troublesome, would probably kill some people. But, it would not be a large disaster, and that in the, would be all we could ever hope for really.

        • Yeah, but a tsunami is not a wave but a surge and contains an enormous amount of water. Check out some of the videos from Japan and see how the levees held out for a while and then just became totally redundant as the surge swept up over them. Particularly evident from 2.51 onwards:

          • Yepp, but notice that this is a single levée system. I did not even see a levée in the video. I just saw walls, breakwalls, and road-embankments. This is not what I am talking about. I am talking about a 5 meter high dam with 50 degree sloped sides that has a 5m wide flat top. A completely different animal. With two of them you have enough to take the Oomph out of the Dragon.
            And yes, the amount of water is enormous, that is why you should go for the energy, not the water.
            And no, it is not a surge really, it is just a wave. A surge is a dome of water that is sucked up in the middle of hurricane (among examples).

            What though I should have been very clear about is that any system of protection can never be designed to give a full protection. The truth is and will always be rather horrible math, how many lives do we save for this bunch of money. Saving none costs nothing, saving all costs infinite. The levées would have taken out most of the energy, and the initial wave (yes I did the math), and doing that would have saved a lot of lifes. How many? Hard to calculate, but if it had been covering the entire stretch it would have reduced 90 percent of the total energy and half of the area would have been flooded. The cost? 5000€ per levée meter.

          • Ok, I’m neither a physicist nor an engineer, and I’m about as good at maths as that sheep but I don’t quite get your reasoning here. I always thought (and videos kind of corroborate this) that it was NOT the wave front (i.e. kinetic energy in terms of the speed of the wall of water hitting things) that did the damage but the sheer volume of water pouring into areas that suddenly found themselves below the new sea level (assuming a wave length of several hundred meters or more). If this is the case, what good would a 5m high dam do (or even two in succession) when confronted by a 10m high tsunami? At first the water would pool in front of the dam, then top it and successively pour over the top as the sea level rose, inundating and destroying everything in its path like we saw in Japan..or have I misunderstood something basic? For instance that classic scene halfway through the video shows a reinforced concrete building with the water pouring through its second storey. This was actually the home to the local civil defence forces AND behind a high tsunami wall. So confident were they in their seawall that they convened a meeting in the building to deal with the crisis and were caught with their pants down when the surge finally topped the wall. Only those that made it to the roof of the building survived. The rest perished.

            To some extent, though, the Japanese seawall defences did provide a minute or so extra time for people to get away. You can actually see this in some of the videos. So I guess to that extent they were successful.

          • The kinetic energy has a bit to do with it, but energy is also speed.
            If you can slow something down, then you also get more time to do things, and also it travels a shorter distance. Think of a ball here. A fast ball goes further than a slow one. But in this case you truly do have the thing with the water amount. It also is affecting things, but by cutting away a portion of it, and 2500 cubic metres per levée meter, you reduce the amount a lot.
            As I said, it is not about saving all, it is about giving as many as possible a fighting chance.

  8. On avcan FB they are talking about vents in the ground opening in the North of the Island.

    Fumarolas en tierra? Mary Carmen: me pregunto yo también, fumarolas en tierra?

    Fumaroles on the ground? Does Mary Carmen: I wonder I also, fumaroles on the ground? (Translated by Bing)

    4 minutes ago · Like.

    Jose Mauricio Mendez Febles Y no solamente de ahora, ya en el norte gente de el Hierro también lo habían visto

    And not only from now, already in the North people of iron also had seen (Translated by Bing)

    • New “vents” and fumaroles that “opened” or got active in the last 2 days? Photos somewhere?
      Either it’s very interesting, or bullshit on a scandalous level…

    • Judith,
      See that’s what I like with all your info. Even if sometimes I’d like to beg you on my knees to stop posting every M 0.7 quake (but I never will and promise to completely hold it back), it’s the fact that we can trust on you for every new info that can make us talk that gives you a great value in my eyes.
      Cool to know you have an eye on these things for us.

    • I think they are commenting on the idiocy of Raymond, he is the one claiming the vents, the people on Avcan mainly seems to say, “Have anybody seen them?”

      They are not commenting them, they are more like going… What the hork? Show us proof.

      I say the same…
      Give me proof. Hard proof. Because without a direct emplacement of new hot material at 4 km or less there can not be any fumaroles. And even then it is unlikely. You would most likely need magma emplaced at less than a km to get fumarolic formation.

      • Yep. Hard proof and still the 0.59 Hz thing would slowly turn me into a serious Bobbyholic. From fart to wet fart, I’d begin to think we go towards a potential for a bit of little shit.
        Mr. Matabosh is not the only poet in the house…

        • Ha!
          You schnoort Bob with the best of them 🙂

          Actually, there is a little 0,59Hz today at EGOM and EOSO, but it is very very weak.

    • I wont, because sooner or later you are going to find that essential piece of evidence that is really important. Even though I do not agree even remotly on the miniquakes issue, I know that it is just a question of time before you find something that everyone has missed.

      • Carl as the saying goes two heads are better than one.

        I just love this site and the people on it because there is so much diversity of people we all seem to be giving something and the discussions that follow are invaluable .

        I am no expert but am totally hooked by what is happening in El Hierro and apologise if some of my postings go on a bit I just hope my two penn*orth worth will help .

          • Yup! Two pen’orth better than not worth a sou. 😀 Please remember though I am 1/4 Lancastrian 1/4 Yorkshire, 1/8 French and the rest Somerset peasant known as “swede bashers”. This Swede relates to the large pale orange Turnip type root rather than Large, business suited gentlemen from Sweden. So Carl you are still very safe 😀

    • Bah, please! Post, post, post. No one wants you to stop. Just please let un tickle you about the miniquakes. I feel “dual” about it. Like “goooooosh what about these pointless quakes”, and in the same time I really started to find it cute.
      Like Carl says, you’ll be our hero finding “The thing” that matters. I’ll sure not be among those who slowed your enthousiasm.

      • Well, don’t forget that eventually I’ll be intrigued enough to go pull the set and plot them… Just to see what they are about.

        • Would probably make someone pissed off if you did. And Judith would become happy. Two good things in one go.

          • I am flummoxed by the need of companies to continually count things.

            The reasoning is that “you will be able to maintain track of your inventory as it changes” by using the system once they finish getting it set up.

            But since I don’t and will not have access to that system…

            Eh… time to drive.

  9. I ask a bit of calm… I have seen several fumaroles and bastates skunks (which is not seen but will smell) I have here and I can say that now are there and two hours are not, by problems that sometimes occur when people need one try palpable….

    Jose Mauricio… I know not it is covering the mouth anyone… What if, by unofficial and not contrasting reports is that from a few immense weeks ago feel smells, vibration and noise in various parts of the island do not correspond with any localized earthquakes, and on border, in the LLanillos in the North, in the area of the Mocanalbetween border and Valverde, as out of the tunnel to Valverde… also I receive reports that in some places there are other phenomena such as Windows that fit poorly and doors that do not close… all of them indicate that there is an active volcanic process, we do not know how it will progress… just that and it will have to be vigilant against the possible emergence of something more concretol.

    An example of something more specific would be a gas fireplace as a large fumarole that if you could indicate something more serious… for the moment nothing at all… or almost… against the Charco Azul the other day they saw a bluish mánchas and burbujeos in the area of la Restinga, no photos, which stays as information to compare and verify… that could be… especially if it happens and someone is capable of providing photos and evidence that this is really happening. (Henry)

  10. Durante toda la mañana de hoy, las vibraciones han sido seguidas, con espacios de tiempo, no muy largos, algunas mas leves y otras, con vibraciones sentidas en las paredes, ventanas, puertas y muebles, ya reportadas al IGN.

    Throughout the morning of today, the vibrations have been followed, with spaces of time, not very long, some more mild and others, with vibrations felt in the walls, Windows, doors and furniture, as reported to the IGN. (Translated by Bing)

    3 minutes ago · Like · 1

  11. Blog 66270_Des-rosa and of épines. iron eruption during the night: February 28, 2012. February 28, 2012 at 13 h 15 although few changes, these same zero in the registered graphic of tremor harmonious in El Hierro by IGN, however, major changes in microsismos that after records of several “recalculations” drop in intensity and magnitude, between 0.4 and 0.6… and for some:-either by the sub-affleurence, sinking into the depths of 0 to affouillant focal depth 10-15 km – considered by some residents forgetting the registrations the impossible to locate, most… It is true that the scale of Hz which is tightening the most, these risks are unreadable on the graphs of tremor… In the water in front of La Restinga and on the face and port Noas Pinar, superficial manifestations are identical to those experienced during the day yesterday February 27, 2012. More lines are much more visible, as well as demonstrate that the degassing of the eruption is always active and extends to the… towards the Punta Orchilla… Finally, some rare forms of fumaroles were observed between the morning at El Julan Hill… February 28, 2012 © Raymond Matabosch sea on 28 February 2012 no comments

    Now attached photo
    See Translation

    • So Raymond is now amazed over that they recalculate the earthquakes. It is of course standard procedure to recalc them all over the planet, but that should not stop him.

      And what he is talking about at La Restinga and so on, are the same thing I wrote about very early on. As the eruption ends, the residual heat will continue to produce an upwelling of warmer water, and that will go on for years. I also wrote that gas would be coming up for at least a century. It is normal in every other volcano on the planet, so why would El Hierro be different?
      That is why I do not get exited about the activity in the water.

      And still those rare forms of fumaroles. Untill I get a photo showing them I will say that the only thing that is “rare” about them is that they are so rare that they do not exist…

      The thing with the attached photo, there didn’t happen to be a link to it?

      • Exactly. Forget about the whole water thing.
        Raymond: Show us these freaky fumaroles!!! Putain de bordel de merde! The rest is TinkyWinky having a fart contest with Lala.

        • Didn’t want to but can’t resist. The context could actually take place between Dixi (at least should make the german speakers with >50% of my brain damage) and Poo.

          I HATE the teletubbies. Even more than bloody trolls and 2012ers… 🙂

          • I will try to find the Ph.D. dissertation about the sexuality of the Teletubbies for you.
            Never ever has anything been written with such a straight face about something so silly.

            The author “proved” that pretty much every problem on the planet was caused by humping teletubbies. It causes teenage pregnancies, homosexuality, furrism, transpecies sexuality, and of course baldness among men as we rip the hair out when having to watch it… The dissertation never mentioned what women do instead of ripping the hair out.

            For those who wonder about the word furrism…

  12. INFORMED fresquito, vamos hoy del SR. Dr. Raymond.

    The blog of 66270_Des roses and des – spines will – blog .com

    Eruption El Hierro to the day: February 28, 2012.
    On February 28, 2012 at 1: 15 p.m.

    Although little change, these same draws, in graph of the registration of the harmonic tremor on El Hierro by the IGN

    But major changes in records of microearthquakes that, after multiple “recalculations” decline in the intensity and magnitude, between 0.4 and 0.6…, and for some:

    – or sub-affleurence, buying even in the depths of 0 to floodplain to the focal depth 10-15 km

    -is felt by some residents

    all forgetting in recordings, the non-localizable reasons, a majority of them… It is true that the Hz being upgraded to its maximum level, these hazards are unreadable on graphs of the tremor…

    On the water in the Restinga and Puerto Noas and Tacoron, surface events are identical to those known during the day of yesterday February 27, 2012. More visible and discharges more rows of spots are showing that the rash is still very active and extends… in the direction of the Punta de Orchilla…

    • And here he is just divinating.
      There is nothing in the images from him that is new. He is time after time coming up with old formations that has nothing to do with the current eruptions.
      He is showing circles around old cracks that are from a failed landslide episode. The cracks are thousands of years old.
      The 4 volcanos area. They are old, really old. They are from a completely different era of volcanism. And they are not 4, there are hundreds of them. You see them quite well on the GE.

  13. Volcanocafé,
    Please, when the statistics are published at the end of the year, put Judith in a category of her own. We other’s just have no chance to achieve a top rank if you treat us the same way.
    It’s frustrating. We’re gonna start compensating with even more off topic hork.
    Thanks for your understanding.

    • Top five culprits in order.
      Carl le Strange, GeoLurking, Ursula, Diana Barnes, Carlos, with GeoLoco as the number 6 contender. Lurking does it in a slow, deliberate steady stream. The rest are more squirty, with KarenZ as the ultimate at doing all the posts in short time.
      Judith has to step it up to pass KarenZ on seventh place.

      • Grrrrrr, Carlos! Do you feel my breath in your neck? Do you???
        You thing you can have me with your videos? Huh?? Wait boy, will see if they can stand the full power of my madness…
        In 30 years, when I’m retired, you’ll not have the shade of a chance. F-cking need for food and thus job.
        Sólo espera a mi hijo.

          • Hey, Carlos, still number 5,
            Did you watch the Teletubbies a lot? Huh?
            It’s just a question. Not ment to link it to badly with Carl’s thesis that it can cause plenty of “things”…
            Dream on. The stats count at the end of the year.
            Duuuude this is not over. Ooooh no…

          • Hm, Geo, have you ever wondered why you have developed a severe case of Randies?
            And… have you also ripped out the hair yet?

            In Sweden the broadcasting of the teletubbies coincided with a marked declination of nativity, and increase of large hole construction into the ground.
            I wonder if they have started to air it in the Canaries recently?

          • I’ll be able to wonder and think again when the thing between Carlos and I is solved!
            Well, you now, the canaries being part of Espana, my relation to Spain right now being a bit “special” (again, the Carlos thing…), me hating the tubbies like trolls, it might be strategically clever to hold back my possible answers to this question…

          • ha, you are truly loco. Just wait till I retire and move back to New Zealand! You won’t be able to save yourself with all the pictures of sheep I’ll be posting, all named individually and their relationship to the nearest volcano. there’s a thought.. I could start a new field of volcanology to complement tephrachronology. I could analyze wool qualities to determine the chemical properties of past eruptions. This joker obviously grew up near Taupo and later worked as an Italian building inspector for instance:

          • @Bruce:
            Oh my Gódabunga…
            It will take an army of New Zeelandic current and former sheering champions to clear that one… This is probably why it became so hairy.

          • Ok Bruce, if that will become your main occupation next to posting and commenting in here, I’m ready to leave you my future rank 5.
            PS. Sorry Carlos. Just face the facts. Just face them. 6 ist really not that bad. You’ll see…

      • Diana,
        Nothing to fear. You’re a Lady. I’ll completely respect your 4th place. I just want top 5. Don’t worry about what you’ll see in the next month. It’s between “friend” Carlos and I.
        Aaaaaaah, Carlos. Carrrrrlito. I knew it from the beginning. Waitwaitwaitwaitwait…

        • Ahhh! GeoLoco…. I am not fearful! I am called Diana for a good reason….. Indeed My Father named me after his favourite Air rifle. 😀
          Goddess of the Hunt, the moon and chastity Sometimes called by other names.

  14. CHIE has been very, very slowly creeping up today – just that the yellow is moving up but no red yet so it may be nothing. Just a feeling. (I’m just posting my first hunch here – could get totally blown away on it!)

  15. Oscar Perez Santa Cecilia’s see, many things, and I try not to put the pata.por parts:
    1 º) As measured volcanic activity in this crazy country: here I really like the whole issue of the GPS, have a network throughout the country (they have left a lot of money on them and especially in the placement), most volcanoes in this country, or rather, the largest are covered by ice, so have to find an outcrop of rock in the glacier called Nunatak and that’s where the station, I guess you go to measure the exhaust gas to the glacier has to be hard-nosed, these people are still much in the tremor, but what happens is that while this sometimes difficult to interpret, either by the dynamics of glacier, which shakes and ice cracks open and close creating earthquakes and glacier own water system also makes it preduzcan shaking, but I have well understood … the water are low-frequency tremors and finally there are the winds, devilish!! gusts of 150 km / h are also moving the station and make some tremors ….

    The network of GPS and seismograms are here: englishweb / tremor.html

    Then also have measured, as the plates sink and movements of the same … englishweb / GPS / cts / index.html and movements; http:// / ja / englishweb / GPS / cts / siszall.html and gentlemen with forgiveness (all for free, as it should be)

    2 °) the activity of the volcano: Let’s see, there are dating historical, and some made with radiometric and this volcano Katla, not Krafla (which is in the north) has a periodicity of 100 years and when Eyjafjalla erupts does Katla also (based on the assumption that they have / share a magmatic conduit, and that was what alerted in 2010, because the first eruption (fissure, as is common in Iceland) was in the valley between the two glaciers and then in May, was when the second outbreak originated east. now, some people say that the eruption of 2010 was the one who had to have happened but it was in Eyjafjalla Katla, and others say that the incident of June of 2011 which caused a jokulhaups and took a bridge ahead is the long awaited eruption

    Some researchers, who are expecting something big, and with a large explosive eruption, because the 600-meter layer of nine that are on the crater and some say it can be like what happened with the volcano Laki, ie it of 2010 was not all a large amount of ash in the atmosphere, which hinder the entrance of the sun’s rays, causing the milder summers, winters cold …. toughest in Europe and a widespread drop in temperatures in the globe, in fact, the little ice age, some suggest that one cause was the eruption of Laki volcano ……

    if more doubts .. at your service …

    Oscar Perez Santa Cecilia; many things, and I try not to put the pata.por parts:
    1 º) As measured volcanic activity in this crazy country: here I really like the whole issue of the GPS, have a network throughout the country (they have left a lot of money on them and especially in the placement), most volcanoes in this country, or rather, the largest are covered by ice, so have to find an outcrop of rock in the glacier called Nunatak and that’s where the station, I guess you go to measure the exhaust gas to the glacier has to be hard-nosed, these people are still much in the tremor, but what happens is that while this sometimes difficult to interpret, either by the dynamics of glacier, which shakes and ice cracks open and close creating earthquakes and glacier own water system also makes it preduzcan shaking, but I have well understood … the water are low-frequency tremors and finally there are the winds, devilish!! gusts of 150 km / h are also moving the station and make some tremors ….

    The network of GPS and seismograms are here: englishweb / tremor.html

    Then also have measured, as the plates sink and movements of the same … englishweb / GPS / cts / index.html and movements; http:// / ja / englishweb / GPS / cts / siszall.html and gentlemen with forgiveness (all for free, as it should be)

    2 °) the activity of the volcano: Let’s see, there are dating historical, and some made with radiometric and this volcano Katla, not Krafla (which is in the north) has a periodicity of 100 years and when Eyjafjalla erupts does Katla also (based on the assumption that they have / share a magmatic conduit, and that was what alerted in 2010, because the first eruption (fissure, as is common in Iceland) was in the valley between the two glaciers and then in May, was when the second outbreak originated east. now, some people say that the eruption of 2010 was the one who had to have happened but it was in Eyjafjalla Katla, and others say that the incident of June of 2011 which caused a jokulhaups and took a bridge ahead is the long awaited eruption

    Some researchers, who are expecting something big, and with a large explosive eruption, because the 600-meter layer of nine that are on the crater and some say it can be like what happened with the volcano Laki, ie it of 2010 was not all a large amount of ash in the atmosphere, which hinder the entrance of the sun’s rays, causing the milder summers, winters cold …. toughest in Europe and a widespread drop in temperatures in the globe, in fact, the little ice age, some suggest that one cause was the eruption of Laki volcano ……

    if more doubts .. at your service …

      • Well, if they actually study it they won’t.

        …Wait until they discover the purported microplates or try to figure out the alignment of the spungur.

  16. webcam update: panorama is fixed, close-up is out of focus? could be trying to see past bob where there seems to be activity..

  17. Hi Geoloco… yuuuuu-huuuuuuuuuu…

    2 dyas ago I obtained the paper about landslide risk in my city in case of an earthquake (1/470) mag 5.
    The last was in 1620… I might talk the history… hahahaha

    I am very interested in publish it in parts… hahahaha
    it is very big…
    It might be divide in 987 parts… hahaha
    I am not an expert but it seems to talk about more risk for landslide of soft terreain than tocks fall.

  18. New information officers, appears to be the volcano slows and that still rose a little more, until about 100 meters from the surface…(Henry)


    28-02-2012… 16: 03 – Ministry of economy, finance and security

    They are not expected phenomena in surface even when the cone is located 100 metres of depth, as it confirmed the IEO

    The National Geographic Institute (IGN) has confirmed to the direction of the Civil Protection Plan by volcanic risk (PEVOLCA) the process of normalization of the eruptive phenomenon of El Hierro has maintained in all parameters, with a marked reduction of seismicity, deformation and presence of associated gas, noting only a process of degassing in the broadcast area.

    Therefore if there is any escalation of the phenomenon in course, they are not expected surface phenomena which involve an increase in the risk for the population of La Restinga even when issuing Centre is 100 metres from the surface as noted by Ramón Margalef, of the Spanish Institute of Oceanography in the recent work carried out in the area.

    Given that the process has not been completed, IGN will keep operating the service of monitoring and warning volcanic 24 hours, the center of attention standing in La Restinga, as well as continue the work of the rest of the institutions which are part of the Scientific Committee of the PEVOLCA (CSIC, INVOLCAN, do?)

    In this regard, and as it will be recalled that several institutions of the Spanish State agreed a program of actions for the coming months of March, April and may, with different ships which carried out the bathimetrys with a periodicity around 7-10 days. The ships are owned by the Navy, Guardia Civil, society of maritime rescue, General Secretariat of fisheries and the Customs Department of the Ministry of defence; Interior; Building; Agriculture, food and environment; and the Ministry of finance and public administration, respectively.


    As regards developments yesterday, the tremor signal is registered with low amplitude, barely unchanged, and there were 14 very low-intensity earthquakes. The larger, reached 2.1 on the Richter scale, was felt slightly by the population.

    The sign of deformation recorded by stations GPS of IGN, located in the Gulf, show a slight tendency towards the North in the horizontal components. The rest of the seasons and the vertical component remain stable.

    See Translation

    They are not expected phenomena in surface even when the cone is located 100 metres of depth, as it confirmed the IEO

    • And there we had the report. It confirms what we have allready deduced.
      But this time to gave a real tidbit. The GPS inflation in the northern area. But that is as expected regarding a volcanic complex like Tanganasoga.

  19. It is not clear…
    Something is failing…
    ¿are the machines liying us?¿had newby reason?
    This little bastard is growing without the machines (me) and without our common sense(newby) about what we see on sea surface…

    I am a bit confused…
    I think this is the only one volcanoe in the world growing without tremor… hahahaha

    If boats are going to review underwater each 7 days…
    The normalization they expected is not very clear… hahhaaha
    Althought a volcanoe emiting in the air its normal too… hahaha

    • Avcan FB Comment by

      No es esperable pero a crecido 20 metros mas sin apenas actividad visible en la superficie, puede que ese volcan no continue creciendo pero el resto de la isla sigue con bastante actividad y ya conocemos lo que muchos Herreños nos cuentan, olores, ruidos, vibraciones etc

      It is not expected but grown 20 meters more idle barely visible on the surface, can this volcano not continue growing, but the rest of the island is still quite active and already we know what many islanders tell us, smells, noises, vibrations etc (Translated by Bing)

      6 minutes ago · Like · 2

    • Carlos, you are really smart. You have many times laser-focused on the precise facts which have been obscured in the main or translated post. Your deductive reasoning is terrific. I enjoy your posts. Keep up the good work.

  20. Nice sequence of quakes in Vatnajokull, then looking at their depths they are probably not related since the first quake at Bardarbunga at shallow, but later quakes were much much deeper, and to the south around Grimsvotn and in direction of Oraefajakokull.

    Otherwise, not so much happening today, except that spring is already trying to show up here in south Iceland

  21. Is something going on in the harbor at la Restinga? right side, black spots in water and steaming?? It’s probably just surf…

  22. Not complaining… but I am always amused by the way the Facebook translations read when you take them out of context.

    “…noises, vibrations etc (Translated by Bing)”

    6 minutes ago · Like

    See the bold? To me, a native (US) English speaker and immersed in the nuances of the way that our modern culture mangles our own tongue, the “like” is an afterthought. It conveys the meaning ‘sort of like six minutes ago.’

    Everytime I see it I chuckle. Again, I’m not complaining… I just think it’s funny.

  23. avcan FB comment by Avcan

    We must think that also say “If there is no escalation of the phenomenon under way” and “given that the process has not completed” so cover the expense, and the truth is that if look at the vertical deformation…Nagoya sensors begin to glimpse a small swelling in the area of border and IGN movement in the horizontal,… where seismicity lately…. the less curious is giving… This has not yet finished… of that I am sure… Sun missing gases by INVOLCAN… to see that they indicate… We’ll see what happens…(Henry)

    Border swells…

    That if la Restinga is maintained, with an upward trend.

    and Valverde sinks, the less funny….

    • By the way, best Valverde Nagoya Station GPS forget her…not look at the scale and see that if I did in the other and it is without any update since December… or is that we do not know like this, my apologies for the gazapillo… (Henry)
      8 minutes ago · Like

  24. @ Carl, a plea: could you, please, please, put a new post up? I just can’t watch the photos in this post anymore, popping up every time I check for new comments.
    Pretty please???

  25. On water’s effects on a large scale i suggest>>> David Alt , Glacial Lake Missoula and it’s Humongous Floods. or what 500 cubic miles of water can do in a 600 mile race to the sea

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