Sheepy Dalek – Name that Lava II!

After the first installment of the “Name that Lava” competition I discovered how insanely talented the crowd in here are. It just took a few hours to get the correct answer.

The winners so far

In just a short little span 4 points was awarded. The standing is now 1 point each to Schteve, Jim, Heather B & Luisport. Congratulations to them!

This weeks contest

Photograph by Hailey. Please click to see a bigger version.

This installment of the competition comes from my dear fiancée “Hailey”, who found a rather hard one, I could for one not get it.

This time I want the volcanic complex responsible for this odd one, and the name of the particular lava flow. Extrapoint if anyone can give more info than that. A hint is to go rather geological here on the scale of it.


During the last couple of days there has been a bit of discussion on how to cut/paste things from here into other sites, as well as how to best do it in here. I favour simplicity. I am happy with people copying things, but as Lurking said, I want people to know that I am the idiot who wrote it to beginn with. Here is my prefered way of how it should be done.

1. Make a summary of it in one sententence.

2. Make attributions; name and organisation (or site) of who wrote it.

3. Put in a link to the original place where you got it.

I also would like to ask for a bit of help. I am going on a business trip next week, and since Ursula is also travelling and Sissel is on a much deserved walkabout we need another moderator in here. I like to keap it tidy. It actually takes surprisingly little time.

So if you are an oldtimer (been around since the start or longer) then I would really be happy if you dropped a line in the mailbox.


335 thoughts on “Sheepy Dalek – Name that Lava II!

  1. Britain has added volcanoes and solar storms to floods, flu and terrorism on a list of threats to national security.

    “Severe space weather” poses a threat to communications systems, electronic circuits and power grids, the list said. Solar storms — eruptions of magnetic energy and charged particles — are part of the sun’s normal 11-year cycle, which is expected to reach a peak next year.

    The storms can’t hurt people, but can disturb electric grids, GPS systems and satellites. In 1989, a strong solar storm knocked out the power grid in Quebec, cutting electricity to 6 million people. Last week, the strongest solar storm since 2004 passed without major disruptions.

    Last month, Parliament’s defense committee called on the government to prepare for disruptions to electrical supplies and satellites from electromagnetic pulses — whether caused by the sun or by a nuclear weapon exploded in space….

  2. OT.. of sorts.

    Significant eruptions can toss a volcanic plume as high as 45 kilometers. These are really really big ones, well up into the stratosphere, and close to the bottom of the mesosphere.

    Most columns don’t make it this high. Remember, just the REALLY bit ones.

    That’s what I was thinking about when watching this.

    It’s a compiled NASA video shot from the booster engines of the Space Shuttle… back when there was such a thing.

    Other things that you can note…. a view of the whole shebang as it crossed the speed of sound. The condensation envelope shrouds the shuttle and engines and is then gone as quickly as it formed.

    When the altimeter reads 28 miles… that’s about 45 km up.

    • Awesome video, GeoLurking, thanks for posting it!

      Since I couldn’t take my eyes off of the mph, here is what might be a stupid question: Is that almost 3000 mph the fastest humans have ever traveled, or so they go faster in orbit and/or during re-entry?

      • Faster in orbit. This was just the shuttle chugging it’s way up there.

        Nominal speed is listed in WakiWikiPedia as about 27,870 km/h (17,320 mph) (7.743 km/s)

        Low Earth Orbit (LEO) for an elliptical shape ranges from 6.5 to 8.2 km/s, circular orbits are less wide ranging. (6.9 to 7.8 km/s)

        • Yes, of course that makes sense if it orbits the earth in 90 minutes. I am assuming that the lack of gravity makes that speed possible. Not warp speed but still very impressive! (Too much Star Trek in my life so sometimes I even confuse myself.) 😯

          • Now I feel quite ridiculous not being aware of something so basic. Too much time spent in the Humanities and thinking I could learn science from Star Trek. 😦 I will now transport back to my starship and ask the replicator for a cup of Jestral tea before retiring for the night.

            Thank you for taking the time to inform and enlighten, and also for providing the great links!

  3. There has been lots of discussion on Avcan Facebook about the latest blog of Raymond Matabosch and copied below is his reply from someone who asked him what his findings were based on.

    Translated by Bing Avcan FB Comment posted by Mauricio Mendez.

    This response:

    Raymond Matabosch Hello Mauricio Méndez. There are several criteria on which I have based my findings: 1 / for days, I realized that it had been a shift in eruptive style and lava flowed from the mouth several / initially suggested me that the composition of the magma has changed since seemed much more fluid and fluid… 2 ° / I realized, too, even when the swell is large enough masking of the largest part of the readability of the water, supported events, very different from those that can produce waves, where repeated same place (10 to 12 well marked) on three axes, two of the same point of departure, the cone drawn by Ramon Margalef is about 2 km from the coast. The first axis of a cone by Ramón Margalef / Puerto de Restinga, the second axis of a cone by Ramón Margalef / Pinar, and approximately a third, double and parallel to the coast 200/300 and / 400 500 meters, in an axis of the port of La Restinga / Pinar 3 / Finally, I realized, although still obscured by the heavy surf that occurred the bubbling with obvious signs of degassing and liftsthe surface and volcanic material such as tephra, ash and pyroclastic intermittent. .. These events, as part of an underwater eruption, are signs of low hidromagmáticas or medium intensity explosions. 4 ° or signs I noticed near the port of La Restinga, are located a few meters 250/350. At this point, the ground of the body of water is around – 50 / – 70 meters of depth. 5Th / what also noticed me is that all these points I noticed are avoided by vessels of the University of La Palma and the Guardia Civil’s research, the Salvamar and the light ship is also following the evolution of the eruption… In conclusion: why does no one speak? There are almost two weeks has PEVOLCA decreed the end of the eruption. I was the only one continuing to declare and explain my conclusions that the eruption still underway… I was alone until that scientists at the University of La Palma in the Canary Islands filming the affirmation of the seabed and still the eruption and lava followed the flow through several eruptive episodes… However, made videos will not be published… It is not surprising why? Cordially Raymond Matabosch see translation makes approximately A hour Ya No Me Gusta · · 2

    See Translation

    • I was the only one continuing to declare and explain my conclusions that the eruption still underway


    • Avcan Facebook posted by Jose Mauricio Mendez

      Sorry posted out of sequence but this is the question asked to Raymond Matabosch.

      Do do Jose Mauricio Mendez Febles Mr. Raymond, on which is based to tell us that he has noticed bubbles at the entrance of the port of La Restinga?, when no one in that area (La Restinga) has manifested itself of these bubbles?, (and that have sailed boats in this area).
      Supposedly according to you, burbujeó hidromagmático, and I say, if it were so close to the port and so little depth, should not have been noticed something more notorious?.
      Yours sincerely.
      Mauricio Méndez
      2 Days ago · I like it

    • Weird that he can see all that from Quebec where he is reciting his awfull poetry. Once again I am reminded of Douglas Adams, but this time it is Vogon-poetry that comes to mind… Yes I tried to read his so called poetry… 😦

  4. ELSEWHERE on the Internet….

    I was poking around with fault motion/displacement vs quake magnitude. All the magnitudes are in Ms… but there is an Mo listing.

    I have an Mw to Mo formula for Icelandic quakes, but am unsure of the source and how the hell I came up with it. Before I do anything else, I needed to verify what is was I had determined in the past.

    So… I went spelunking.

    I ran across this:

    “SAFER – Seismic eArly warning For EuRope”

    Heads up KarenZ Page 34 kicks arse.

    And as the normal hazard when poking around for data, there is always the chance of getting sidetracked.

    “Joint interpretation of the size and time distributions of seismic activity around the Hengill triple junction (SW Iceland) between 1993 and 1999”

    • Thank you for the heads up.

      While we are waiting to see what Bob does next, I have been looking EQs round Japan.

    • Wow. Great thanks for the links GeoLurking. The latter paper relates many memorable events I in person observed at the time – all too frequently in “still nights” (when there supposably were to be no disturbances at all due road traffic, weather, frost-quakes etc), but in winter, spring, summer, autum, winter, spring (1994 – 1995 period) there were often felt (very frequently at times) “long duration” EQs (almost “vibrations”) lasting up to tenths of seconds, often few minutes, at a time. I was living nearby and logged some of this in notebook (I still have it). Even calibrated my watch by the IMO (GPS) clock to get more precise time in my notes. This EQ swarm was often in news at the time. But what I personally felt, was not the larger “normal” quakes – These I often felt (or missed) – What I reported (verbally) was ´confirmed´ by leader IMO EQ research person, in person – it turned out be some kind of “harmonic´s” – not that well detected by the then current EQ (SIL) stations (and then there was no internet access for me to them, and some were not even set up yet!) Many meetings later with same IMO person (writer of paper abowe), a new SIL was organized and is today “san”. I helped find (suggested) suitable spot for that meter and housing for PC and monitor, and phoneline was already in place. Yes, now I can say, it was likely caused by “inflation” (magma on the move under the triple junction – or that same magma heating up the nearby Thermal Water system), setting out “low freqency quakes” I think. Due this long gone experiance I now (mentally) memorise all arrivals of P and S waves and can tell almost instantly if an near or distant EQ has happened. When June 17, 2000 quake hit, I estimated it be 25 to 30 km away at 5,5-6,0 (or larger). It was larger (and further away). Next large quake (June 21, 2000) was nearly spot on, so was also regarding the May 2008 quake. These were all Richter 6+ events and I was indoors in all of them. Well, thats my EQ experiance.

      • We should collectively applaud Islander for this, not many have been involved in the creation of a SIL.
        Nicely done, and thank you for sharing this story. Now I will always associate SAN as Islanders SIL. 🙂

  5. Avcan did actually confirm the existence of the hydromagmatic bursts Raymond Matabosch commented on in his previous blog.

    Carmen, because despite everything said, the truth is that the sensor of CHIE sample detected and perfectly visible activity consisting of small closely spaced earthquakes or microsismicidad and small explosions small hidrodromagmaticas since that time… (Henry) & station = CHIE & Anio = 2012 & month = 03 & day = 18 & type = 2 & time = 17-18 & est

    21 minutes ago · Like · 2

  6. Ahh, the good things in life. Slab of ribs on the grill, a cold beer, and for some inexplicable reason… a dog that eats paper.

    Go figure…

      • When we got our Patterdale cross terrier 6 months ago from a rescue centre we didn’t know what we were letting ourselves in for! He ate a huge corner of his blanket, he ate some of the chair cover, after we had him neutered he ate the surgical dressings, and I do mean ATE them all, no sign of any shredded remains and apart from the odd thread no signs of him passing them either. Fortunately the dog is as happy and healthy as ever but still eats bizzare things, even the grain put down for ground feeding birds. Those I do see in passing. 😀 We put his strange appetites down to him being a stray and extremely thin when we collected him from the rescue centre. He even eats slugs which is a worry as they can carry a disease dangerous to dogs.

        • Hi Newby! You are probably right about why he eats so much – you’ll have to make sure he’s not overfed. I’ve had two dogs who ate whatever was put in front of them – no “off” button at all – and two that only ate till they were satisfied and then left their food. I guess they are like humans in that regard! I’ve known two people who had really hard childhoods and, although one was fat and one was thin, they always had really well-stocked larders and insisted on feeding their families and friends to bursting point! 🙂

    • Shot and a half of Tequila and a double shot of whiskey… five beers and I still can’t figure it out.

      But I do know I had to edit this post five times before hitting “Post Comment”

      • Man… half sober now.

        Been shooting at twitch monkeys in online games. They don’t like it when a lumbering missile shooter skirts the edges of the maps laying in rockets.

    • Pork, low temp, periodically misted with water for one and half ours, held at above 165°F (74°C) for 30 minutes along with baked potatoes, onions + bell peppers, and a side of sausage links.

      Grilled with chunks of smoldering Maple to add flavoring.

      • 21°C here right now.

        The original plan (my wife’s) were that I would cook the ribs. Ostensibly this was for the odd collection of family to eat. By the time it was underway, the only people here were the two of us, plus the three dogs that belong to the kids/grandkids who had plans elsewhere.

        It is difficult to do data analysis and operate a grill at the same time… so the beer/whiskey played the role of entertainment as I watched the (weird) dog consume paper.

        • You know… I hate hearing of people having better weather… Sad part is that about the entire planet have better weather then we do… It is a hard job hating an entire planet 🙂

          • +3, rain, about 20 cm of slush above ice…. no wind at the moment, well, im going out to walk the dogs…..

          • Don’t worry… June is coming.

            It’s one thing to detest farking cold and dreary weather, it’s another to wonder if you and your house are gonna have to endure 185 kph winds this year.

          • Yeah, I definitly don’t envy those… Had enough with the one that hit me, will happily be hurricane-less for the rest of my un-natural life 🙂

  7. The Etna erruption was mentioned on English Television this morning ITV .

    Translated by Bing.

    Etna erupts for fourth time in 2012 and leaves a cloud of ashes

    This new episode took place in a very active crater of the southeast of the volcano and the lava has been advanced by the slope of the Valle del Bove

    Rome. (EFE).-the Etna volcano on the Italian island of Sicily, today erupted in the fourth episode of this kind recorded in 2012, and ejected a column of ash that reached from the 6,000 to 7,000 meters above the sea level.

    During the morning there were the first signs of activity of Etna who recorded an eruptive episode from 8.00 hours (0600 GMT).

    The eruption took place in a very active crater of the southeast of the volcano and the lava advanced by the slope of the Valle del Bove, a desert area, while the wind has made that the ash cloud be moved eastward.

    By the time this new eruption has not resulted in alterations in the activity of the airport of Catania, close to the volcano, but you are planned for the possibility of vary some routes if necessary, Italian media reported.

    During 2011, this volcano 45 kilometers in diameter, located in the East of Sicily, which is inflated and deflated by their internal magma pressure, entered eruption on 18 occasions

    Vida| 18/03/2012 – 13: 45 h

  8. Iceland EQ’s and tremor:
    – There was today an earthquake at a rather unusual place, in the middle of the southern Langjökull caldera. Mostly the EQ’s in this system are more to the west near Prestahnúkur and Thórisjökull.
    There was also a bit of tremor to be seen on the stations around during the last days GYG and ASB: and esp. at ASB . On the other hand, the latter could as well be influenced by something going on in a Snaefellsnes volcanic system like Ljósufjöll (about the same distance to the station as Langjökull).
    There are apparently no SIL stations on Snaefellsnes (peninsula) itself, though there being three active volcanic systems.

    – There has also been a small quake at Hofsjökull. Would not be very good, it he would wake up. Better he rests asleep.

    – Yesterday, there was also some tremor at Krýsuvík, it seems.

  9. Hi

    Congrats to Talla, she cracked a hard one !
    As for the Matabosch story, how can you know Carl that he is in Québec ?
    I’m still wondering at what he says, but I do think that if there were so much bubbling and fumaroles, somebody would began to do something.
    Meanwhile what do you think of the videos of univerity of Las Palmas ?
    I had a look and am a bit disapointed, we do see some rocks but not much else.

    • Videos of ULPGC show nothing, it’s just communication …
      Just hope it will make the other scientific organization to publish more !

      Does anyone knows what happened every day at 00h50 on CHIE ? (00h49 before and now 00h51)
      Certainly human but what ? (new challenge !)

      • Hi all, been away for a few days…
        This has been discussed before… Routine maintenance of the machine, a lid being opened then closed?
        Well done Talla, that makes you the new leader 🙂

  10. Good morning all. Virus has been combated. I feel more myself! I seriously have the urge to take my duster and glass polish to the cam at La Restinga!
    Things are quiet in Iceland the only thing to note is a quake under Langjokull. But nothing to really make a note of unless more occur. I think it is more tectonic than magmatic.
    19.03.2012 05:26:31 64.591 -20.282 4.9 km 1.9 77.78 20.8 km SSE of Eiríksjökull
    The weather is pretty murky in Iceland with winds and snow over the higher ground. The hekla Dalek looks very miserable and cold through the gloom.

    • Glad you are feeling better! The weather here in southern England is glorious – but being British, a drought has been declared and everyone wants the rain back.

  11. Whats up with the quakes around eyjafjallajökull?

    19.03.2012 09:03:17 63.628 -19.520 9.2 km 1.1 34.31 5.8 km SSW of Básar
    19.03.2012 05:21:58 63.656 -19.520 4.9 km 2.0 30.97 3.0 km SW of Básar

    • There is just the smaller one left, IMO took out the one at 05:21 (seemingly a ghost. There is nothing special going on. 🙂

  12. Glad to hear you are feeling better Diana we have a very cold wind again and grey clouds it just looks like a grey winter November day in England.

    The ocean is a dark grey colour and looks very choppy.

    • Good morning Judith. Yes! I went over to El Hierro after feeling so cold in Iceland and found the weather there was worse than looking out of my window! A Serious problem for those on the sea off La Restinga if they suffer from sea sickness 😀 Big waves splashing up in front of the hotel so Bob would have real jacuzzi competition there!
      Weather here in North West England, sunny between heavy showers. It’s not too bad for early Spring.
      Talla, due to the drought they are forecasting expensive vegetables especially potatoes later in the year. I suggest you should forget growing traditional vegetables and concentrate on melons and prickly Pears, also consider breeding camels down there in the South 😀

      • Morning All
        @ Diana – no camels here! we just had two hungry Muntjak around last night him ‘n’ her – eating anything – ok my own fault for putting old stored apples out for them (He comes to the sitting room window and takes apples from the window sill and doesn’t run off when we look at him just shows off his horns and fangs!!)
        Gorgeous sunny day and ready for a walk on the beach with Maisy – dog!
        Potatoes chitting nicely, 300 onions planted Saturday – all we need is a good deal of rain now……..rain dance around garden!!!

        • Oh Alan! How lovely but I am glad we don’t have deer or rabbits! We only have a badger that tends to do a good impression of a rotovator !!
          We ordered a shed half an hour ago! Desperately needed for storage and shelter. Due to virus I have been out of commission for a few days, now husband has a week off so my digging routine is on hold but I desperately need to get the patch ready for my potatoes!
          I’ll try to send some rain your way as we seem to have plenty here, The planters on the decking are all waterlogged!

  13. Good morning to all of you. Here in Holland the sun is shining but it is cold tomorrow my grass looked frozen. With little Sophie and mother all goes well she drinks now good from the breast of mother and she is growing 100 gr in her first week. Its lovely to see. A question: Is their so much fog on El hierro or is the cam not clean. I had no time to follow here everything but on my iphone i logged sometimes in. A very nice day to you all!

  14. Good morning Dean! Greetz from Zuid Limburg. Sunny but cold here too.
    About the Movistar webcams, I think they suffer from light sensitive night settings with a very low framerate – 1 image/second is much too little.
    Maybe the operator is on vacation now, as there is little or no action to see on the surface?

  15. Hallo Diana She is a very sweet baby she sleeps well and only at 2200 she cried a half hour. That for a baby not much. So all goes very well and good. I’m now back in my own house. But tomorrow im going their and i gave her than a hug from you!

  16. @All:

    Hello everybody!
    Lately there has been quite a lot of copy/paste going on. Why this is not always good was made abundantly clear today when I found that a blogpost of mine (old) had been translated into spanish and posted on AVCAN, and then it got retranslated back and posted in here as a comment. This is not good, for so many reasons.
    I have also received a bit of complaints about this from others. So, I feel that I have to adress this somehow before it goes to far. I thought it would be enough with the rules for posting things in here, or to take text-snippets and posting them in other places. But it seems it was not enough.

    So here are some new guidelines. Please note that I am not banning copy/paste, just giving a heads up on how to filter things:
    1. Official reports are fine to post and translate in any way, as long as they are attributed and commented in the CarlosB style.
    2. Parts of posts from other blogs as long as they are commented and attributed in the CarlosB way.
    3. Very interesting comments from par example AVCAN, must be attributed and commented in the CarlosB style. Please, do only post things from this category if you find it really interesting. It should be about a big change in things. Examples for this would be the harmonic tremoring increasing massively, Bob shooting large stones into the air, lava pouring out on the island. You all understand what I intend here I hope. It should be something noteworthy.
    4. And for the love of Gódabunga, could we cut down on the Bing, Giggle translations? At least clean them up significantly before posting them. (Posting humorous tidbits of maltranslations are of course okay).

    I hope I am not coming through as a grumpy bastard here, but if the amount of copy/paste does not diminishe I (and the other moderators) will have to start cleaning the copy/pastes away.

    Kindest Regards

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