Problem with redirects to other sites

The picture is a statement about what I feel for unsolicited redirects and Badoo in particular. I hope this will be solved quickly.

Hello Everybody!

As some of you have noticed during the last half a day there has been a few people being redirected to some sort of rather creepy dating site. This is believed to be caused by an ad run by WordPress that has an ill formated tag.

For the time being my suggestion is that you create a WordPress commenting account. This will first of all make you immune to any ads since those only show for readers and commentators that are not logged in, and it also solves the redirect problem.

I have now twice adressed WordPress about this problem, without getting a good answer, or had the problem solved. So, if you suffer from any ad related problem, log in on your account, and second of all, please email me emediatly on the link to the right.

You can also go to the Support page and complain in the appropriate thread titled “Badoo redirects still happening” You must be logged in with your WordPress account to do so.



3 thoughts on “Problem with redirects to other sites

  1. Use this post to report problems with redirects, Badoo in general, and any other ad related problems.
    Keep the volcano discussions in UKVIGGENS splendid post.

  2. For some days I had this annoying problem with redirecting to datingsite Badoo. It was completely impossible to enter the blog – without logging in on WorldPress. When I logged in, the Badoo site disappeared immediately.
    I found a Dutch review site on internet with a lot of similar complaints about Badoo, mainly by people who in vain tried to watch YouTube. So Badoo has strange behaviours.

    Yesterday however Badoo was gone and today mu computer is Badoo-free as well. I suppose Carl’s email to WorldPress about this problem has been succesful.


    • I hope that it solved the problem.
      I am though still contemplating more permanent solutions to the problems.


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