Sheepy Dalek – Name that Lava V!

Picture by Ukviggen. Click on the image for a larger view.

Last week Diana Barnes did a slam dunk and scored all 3 points in that competition, it took the whopping time of 39 minutes for her to identify the volcano, the vent and the lavas. An astounding thing since it was a private image given by “Ursula” to me.

She was of course correct with it being in her own words; “Mt. Gambier, South Australia. A Maar Complex rather than a single volcano. Last erupted 4300 years ago. This crater is called The Blue Lake.
The surface rock before the eruption was limestone, a band of which can be seen around the lakeside. Above is Tuff and Ash. The limestones in places has been changed to Dolerite by the volcanic activity.” And that puts Diana at the helm of the competition.

The Score is:
3 Diana Barnes

2 Talla
1 Schteve
1 Jim
1 Luisport
1 Heather B
1 Birgit

This week’s competition

I will award one point for the correct name of the volcanic system. I also want the volcanic event that gave the name, and of course the name of the 2 lavas visible on the image. A friendly hint, just saying basalt won’t cut it. Thanks to Ukviggen for the picture.

Icelandic Volcano BBQ

Also, for those who are going to attend the 14th of July Icelandic Volcano BBQ, it is soon time to book tickets and so on. Also, it would be nice if people gave a heads up on if they are coming when they have decided/booked. I will most definitely be there!


230 thoughts on “Sheepy Dalek – Name that Lava V!

    • there have been quiet a few in this area and one scientist even said it belongs to a super volcano laacher sea ???? like stretching over the middle of Europe, stretching a bid isn’t he, but then one never knows

  1. Okay, here’s a question. What is the deepest depth that magma can rise from when refilling a volcano?

    • Umm… 2,890 km. But it probably won’t make it to the surface. Underneath is the liquid outter core, and that’s nickel-iron, that defiantly has a poor chance to make it.

      Of course anything originating in this area would probably be classed as a mantle plume.

    • South East of Myrdalsjökull (SE of Katla)
      Only small quakes happening at same time as one 2,1M at ENE Nýjadal.
      tremour graphs have adjusted to only small quake
      likely false alarm

  2. Laugardagur
    07.04.2012 03:08:27 64,767 -17,788 1,8 km 2,7 90,06 14,1 km ANA af Nýjadal
    07.04.2012 01:08:58 63,645 -19,332 1,1 km 1,5 77,88 4,1 km V af Goðabungu
    07.04.2012 01:08:17 64,766 -17,779 2,1 km 2,1 90,01 14,5 km ANA af Nýjadal
    07.04.2012 01:02:39 64,769 -17,791 2,2 km 2,1 90,03 14,0 km ANA af Nýjadal
    07.04.2012 00:50:18 64,776 -17,734 4,8 km 1,5 45,26 16,8 km ANA af Nýjadal
    07.04.2012 00:46:37 64,775 -17,790 2,2 km 1,7 71,7 14,3 km ANA af Nýjadal
    07.04.2012 00:41:06 64,768 -17,778 5,0 km 1,7 90,01 14,6 km ANA af Nýjadal

  3. Good Morning/Evening Everyone

    Still in limbo about the holiday and back to the hospital Monday for the wound to be dressed again so its just a waiting game at the moment.

    Thanks again for all your best wishes.

    Now back to business I am a little confused about the degassing process of Bob I thought I had read this was a sign that the erruptive fase was coming to an end but then read a paper by Marie Edmonds Cambridge University who says

    ,, Studies of how gases exsolve and separate from magma prior to and during eruptions have been given new impetus by the emergence of more accurate and automated methods to measure volatile species both as volcanic gases and dissolved in the glasses of erupted products ,,

    ,, Other studies have focused on degassing during intermediate and silicic eruptions. Important new results include the recognition of fluxing by deep-derived gases, which buffer the amount of dissolved volatiles in the melt at shallow depths, and the observation of gas flow up permeable conduit wall shear zones, which may be the primary mechanism for gas loss at the cusp of the most explosive and unpredictable volcanic eruptions,,

    Could this mean then all the degassing is actually a pre erruptive fase especially as degassing from another vent on the west coast from the Orchilla lighthouse has also started.

    • Good morning Judith. I hope your husband is feeling better and you can both enjoy a holiday soon.

    • Morning Judith. Hope all is better soon and that if you can go on holiday your hubby does not feel any pain, A holidaytrip in pain is no fun.

    • After the number of times Bob has been declared “dead”, wouldn’t it be something if that degassing was “pre-eruption” ? (Even if Bob is not a volcano)
      (For the record, I know close to nothing about volcanoes)

      • But Bob is in a way a volcano, it’s as a vent just part of it, the volcano is Tanganasoga or perhaps just the whole island El Hierro.

        It depends on the definition of “volcano”. Some would even say that Bob is one, as there are some vents connected, depending on a central volcano.:)

    • Hi Judith

      best wishes for your husband.
      As for the gases, I’m only a chemical engineer but I have some knowledge of chemistry. Gases types and ratioes are related to eruption pre and post phases. in our case (Bob) remember that the CO2 emitted by the volcano was quite high at a time (unfortunately we do not have much data to chow upon). This is different from the “normal” degassing we see in the video for instance which comes primarily from Bob cooling up. Anyway gases analysis in the case of Bob are quite difficult to measure as it is an underwater volcano.

    • Thank you for letting us know how your husband is; hope he recovers soon and you can get a holiday.

      With respect to Bob, as dfmorvan says, we do not have enough data to say what is happening.

  4. Good Morning / evening everyone.
    We seem to have a problem with Dead Volcanoes/ Zones….. Maybe the Easter celebrations are causing resurrections. 😀
    from Slysaalda through Skrokkalda
    to Askja Iceland is tremoring .
    The little swarm as reported by Islander ( April 7, 2012 at 03:25 ) is worth watching to see what does or doesn’t happen. I know these quakes are as suggested previously rebound/settlement quakes but I am not too sure now.

    Congratulations to Ursula, Jamie and IngeB 😀 I hope they have had their statutory prize… free drinks all night….. or is it all weekend? I had a giggle at the amazing analysis of the vegetation. It was so accurate too. maybe we ought to have a “Name that Moss/ Lichen competition”.

    For Jamie….. How about building yourself a “Hollow” Burger bar for use in Your car park ? I loved this one…..The expressions and gesticulations say it all. No Need for words.

    • Morning Diana, I have been watching the swarm tonight, but really don’t know enough to guess what is going on.

    • Taking it easy, well trying to, just had to run outside to cool down, ( middle age). I think my hormone levels mirror the spectrograms , every now and then it’s quake time. Oh lord I guess you could call a hot flush an eruption of sorts. (smiley face)
      I hope your arthritis has gone on vacation, and all is well.

        • I thought that a hot flush occured if the plumber was strapping, muscular and showing up oiled up without t-shirt… 😳

          • The British and Americans are people divided by a single language – as Churchill said! In British English it’s a ‘hot flush’ in American English it’s a ‘hot flash’. In British English a flash can mean exposing yourself! 😀

  5. I am being a silly content dragon right now. I just ate 2 spam comments. Did that for the very first time. 😉
    ( Cause that is what i am really here for, to set comments, which accidentally went to the vaults, free and eat spam, when Master Carl and my fellow dragons are not around.)

  6. And another?! Something is definately going on here…

    07.04.2012 08:31:15 64.764 -17.758 6.6 km 1.9 52.49 15.4 km ENE of Nýidalur

    • So, so far we have had:

      07.04.2012 08:31:15 64.764 -17.758 6.6 km 1.9 52.49 15.4 km ENE of Nýidalur
      07.04.2012 07:45:50 64.772 -17.832 4.1 km 2.3 36.16 12.3 km ENE of Nýidalur
      07.04.2012 07:34:13 64.790 -17.800 1.3 km 1.8 90.01 14.6 km ENE of Nýidalur
      07.04.2012 06:43:29 64.762 -17.789 1.9 km 2.0 57.02 13.9 km ENE of Nýidalur
      07.04.2012 06:43:25 64.761 -17.790 2.9 km 2.5 90.04 13.8 km ENE of Nýidalur
      07.04.2012 05:33:14 64.781 -17.845 3.2 km 1.6 32.89 12.2 km ENE of Nýidalur
      07.04.2012 05:04:36 64.771 -17.794 4.5 km 1.5 55.5 14.0 km ENE of Nýidalur
      07.04.2012 04:28:24 66.231 -16.681 4.5 km 1.9 90.02 12.9 km SW of Kópasker
      07.04.2012 03:08:27 64.767 -17.788 1.8 km 2.7 90.06 14.1 km ENE of Nýidalur
      07.04.2012 01:08:58 63.645 -19.332 1.1 km 1.5 77.88 4.1 km W of Goðabunga
      07.04.2012 01:08:17 64.766 -17.779 2.1 km 2.1 90.01 14.5 km ENE of Nýidalur
      07.04.2012 01:02:39 64.769 -17.791 2.2 km 2.1 90.03 14.0 km ENE of Nýidalur
      07.04.2012 00:50:18 64.776 -17.734 4.8 km 1.5 45.26 16.8 km ENE of Nýidalur
      07.04.2012 00:46:37 64.775 -17.790 2.2 km 1.7 71.7 14.3 km ENE of Nýidalur
      07.04.2012 00:41:06 64.768 -17.778 5.0 km 1.7 90.01 14.6 km ENE of Nýidalur


      • Do you know which volcano is closeby? From looking at the map i think it might be Tungnafjellsjökull and if i remember the discussion about Eyja the name would probably be Tungnafjöll if spelled correctly?

          • Wow thanks for the reply Talla. I am finally getting a little better grip on things here. And as silly as this may be, it makes me really happy. That and eating spam. Have a nice easter weekend.

      • Hi Sam, I agree. Unfortunately I have to go away for the weekend and won’t be back till Monday afternoon/evening! There’s a post on Jon’s blog about it, but I guess it’s a case of wait and see what will happen. Looks like I’ll have a lot of catching up to do when I get back!

      • A whole lot of them (9 out of 16 at the moment) are very bad quality though. I seem to remember that Carl mentioned once, all with a quality under 80 have to be taken with a grain of salt, could be ghosts which IMO takes out later on. You can see it also on the map: only the ones which have a grey ring around the red, yellow or blue point are confirmed. 🙂

    • I did not want to do it, but there has been to many bloggers writing erroneous things about it…

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