Spectacular fireworks of Etna

Etna has had one of the more memorable paroxysms. The tramor peaked at 190/106. The Paroxysm (eruptive phase) was short and very energetic.

At the end of it it looks like the ash-column failed rapidly as the heat driving it stoped. As the heated ash and suspended tephra fell down it took the same route as the lava flow. The lava flow had melted now and created a trail of clear white steam. It is rather easy to discern from the dark grey ash and tephra. Note what looks like orange glow in the material on a couple of the pics.

All pictures are from http://www.guide-etna.com/webcam/ Images are in order or time. Pictures are from cam 1 and 2.


Large area steaming after the collapse of the ash column brought down hot material ontop of the snow. Dispersal pattern looks like what might be expected if hot ash and tephra covers snow patches and damp areas from the melting snow.
Aproximatly 17 minutes after the failure of the ash column.



240 thoughts on “Spectacular fireworks of Etna

    • Easy !
      They just got to the area yesterday.
      Than it takes several days to set up GPS’es and collect data from those and seismometers.
      Then almost two days back home if weather permits and then several days of computer work.
      The location of the fumorel is known but we might get some temperature figures if they can get a bout in there.
      I do not expect any breakthrough news from this though.

  1. Today there will be no “New post is up” when the Sheepy Dalek opens, it opens exactly at 16.00 Blog-time. In 18 minutes…

  2. Friday
    13.04.2012 14:10:09 64.800 -17.194 8.4 km 0.9 99.0 2.2 km NNE of Kistufell
    13.04.2012 13:59:13 64.558 -16.502 0.3 km 0.1 99.0 10.4 km SSE of Kverkfjöll

  3. It’s olivene pyroxene basalt, dacite, andesite, a’a, pahoehoe dome dike plug with pretty little inclusions.. what have I missed? oh, obsidian, rhyolite, MORB, cripes.. can I just go to the bar and get sloshed instead?

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