Sheepy Dalek – Name that Lava VI!

Photograph by Jakob Ehrensvärd. One of the bravest images ever taken, a large mine gloryhole photographed in the light of a flame-thrower. Click to enlarge.

No, this is not today’s lava quiz, this picture comes from the gallery of my favorite photographer. Take some time out and browse through the pictures when you have time. The images are hymns to times gone by and things forgotten.

Today’s Sheepy Dalek is not only the regular lava competition, it also has a bit of information of an exciting Q&A, see below for information about that.

You guys are absolutely too good to be believed about how you go about solving this. It is pure dark arts Google-Fu going on here. Last week Ursula snagged two points for the eruption and the lava, and Jamie one for finding the not so well known Icelandic volcano of Svartsengi. And they did all of this from looking down into a hole in the ground (lava-tube opening).

The Score is:
3 Diana Barnes
2 Talla
2 Ursula
1 Schteve
1 Jim
1 Luisport
1 Heather B
1 Birgit
1 Jamie

This week’s lava

Image from Alan C.

I would like you all to name the volcano, give the year of the eruption, and name the lava. So, there are 3 juicy points out there for those gunning to take down Diana from the lead.

Good luck!

Q&A with Professor Sigrún Hreinsdóttir

Most of you know that Sigrún is one of the leading experts on the interpretation of GPS readings in Iceland. Almost daily we look with wrinkled foreheads at the GPS-plots that she puts up of the data belonging to the Institute of Earth Sciences at the University of Iceland (among others).

Sigrún has graciously accepted to answer a few questions about interpretation of the GPS data, how monitoring is done on the volcanoes on Iceland via GPS measurements, and so on. Due to this being the start of the summer GPS-campaign season she has asked that I compile a list, and that she will answer a few of the questions that she finds most interesting. She also warned that it might take some time before she can answer the questions.

So, put down the tricky questions that you have always wondered about how GPS-networks work and that nobody has given a good answer to. I will then send them to Sigrún, and in a while we will have definite answers.


333 thoughts on “Sheepy Dalek – Name that Lava VI!

  1. Questions for Professor Hreinsdóttir:

    * Provided an eruption does occur, what is the correlation between uplift and size of eruption as measured by total amount of ejecta? IIRC Eyjafjallajökull showed an uplift of about 6-7 cm (measured from c.1990) over an area some 25 km in diameter which corresponds to the volume displaced being 1/5 of that eventually erupted (0.027 km3 uplift against 0.14 erupted).

    * I get the impression that vulcanologists are more excited about rapid GPS changes sideways than about substantially greater albeit slower uplift affecting a larger area. Is this impression correct and if so, why?

    * How reliable an indicator can GPS be in relation to (or in conjunction with!) others such as cumulative seismic moment?

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