Volcanoes silly season!

Image by Cenapred. Popocatepetl after it blew through the dome extrusion.

Mexicos Popocatepetl started it’s long awaited new eruptive phase after a dome extrusion. As I wrote a week ago the eruption was expected to be small, and so was the case. Everything points to a VEI-1 or VEI-2 eruption. The only real danger currently is lahars, but since the glacier ontop of the volcano has diminished quite a lot during the last decade any lahar will be smaller then previous lahars. Popocatepetl will most likely continue to erupt in phases, alternating between dome extrusions and ashy explosions like today.

Webcams for Popocatepetl



Mount Turrialba could not stay out of the fray and had an increase in activity today with vigorous steaming, an episode the finnished with an ash/steam-explosion.

See image 1 and 2.

Image by Ovsicori. Turrialba before the explosion.

Image by Ovsicori. Turrialba after the explosion.

Webcam for Turrialba:


Photograph by HMS Endurance (courtesy of John Smellie, British Antarctic Survey).

Zavodovski is one of those volcanic Islands you quite often never have heard about unless you are an avid sailing fanatic. It last erupted at 1908 according to Lloyd’s of London. Nothing beats them on things on Islands. The volcano on the Island is named Mount Curry, to my amazement I found that it had another name too, Mount Asphyxia. No doubt to the large output of SO2 from the volcano, also the large amount of bird poop on the Island would not help… Be that as it may, according to NASA it is now vigorously erupting. I will get back to this splendidly interesting volcano as soon as I can.


308 thoughts on “Volcanoes silly season!

  1. @ Lord Henri the Young
    🙂 I’ve been about ‘doing things back-stage!’ Also busy outside in garden – just wonder if I should plant rice it’s so wet here – Eastern England, Norfolk, now we’re told a few frosty nights, son no ruddy home-grown fruit again I suppose! trust you’re well!
    @ Dragon Spica
    Super job done to WP – lost the ‘tick-box’ and the comments box is almost the same large size it was a few weeks ago! Thanks!

    • Hehe, no passion fruit for my “ex mother-in-law” in Holland-on-Sea (Clacton) this year then. Micky (Michael Ashman, the jazz double base player of Lonnie Donnegan fame) will like that as when she was away on a holiday in the Far East & Oz and we kept him company, he made me tear the lot down. Not that it would do her any good, mind you. Ain’t enough in Essex to make a difference… 😈

      • ‘Ain’t enough in Essex to make a difference’
        Which – mother-in-laws or passion (fruit)!!
        At least Essex has had a good wash lately……… 👿

  2. I will be offline tonight, but I have put today Sheepy Dalek on auto-pilot.
    Have a nice friday night all!

    • Enjoy your weekend Carl. We have a May Bank Holiday until Monday here in the UK. This means it will be cold and rainy until next week when Tuesday will see sun and warmer temperatures.
      @Alan……Two weeks ago you were complaining of drought. You got a hose pipe ban.. Of course it has started raining! What do you expect?

      • <<<<<Ruminates quietly whilst waiting for the Bar to open…….
        If the UK had active volcanoes would the eruptions be quite accurately predicted…. Always on a Bank Holiday Monday ?.

      • Diana, hello
        Trouble is – it’s the wrong sort of rain!
        Too much run-off and too little vertical recharge to our aquifers, the Chalk here, thick Boulder Clay doesn’t help!
        Earlier today you said you were a teacher – what college were you, ‘cos I was at St Paul’s in Cheltenham!! (for Geology – what else, err so that’s why I joined the Geological Survey……!!)
        How’s the gardening going?? 🙂

  3. IMO Extremely vigilant this afternoon – even the mini EQs validated almost immediately!
    My ‘new friend’ at the UK Met Office tells me that they are running another ash cloud test next week – and that’s darn soon after the last two – he wouldn’t confirm the volcano concerned but said that as usual it has been nominated by the IMO. He teasingly suggeted that it would not be a huge surprise given recent seismic activity!

        • No, I mean **k**, not ***l* or **t**. That covers the one logical choice as they’ve already run simulations on the other two ****a as well as B*****b***a. 😉

          • How about the one that sounds like a northern Chicken Stream (sort of being steam cooked)! I suppose K**f*a’s too long odds; how about Th***m**i!!! 👿

      • My guess is Nibiru – and yes these tests are routine but their frequency has increased over the last six months and as they are prompted and defined by the IMO I think we can infer that they have current ‘concerns’!

  4. So how would one spot under-active volcanic systems that have potential for vei 5-7 range eruptions (not really talking “super” range here).

    For example, in the Indonesian arc, almost all the volcanoes seem to have lots of potential, but which ones have Tambora / Mazama style potential? If we’re assuming a model of volcanic influx + lack of ability to relieve pressure = bigger eruption, wouldn’t the “not relieving pressure” phase show little activity outside some potential deformation up until the point where it would blow ?

    I think it would be relatively safe to assume cascade arc is unlikely to produce anything greater than vei 5 within the near future, but what about lesser studied arcs like the aleutians (ala Churchill), or even the turkish volcanic system which have shown evidence of massive eruptions in the past (Erciyes, Nemrut, Ararat)

    • Just supply the funding for complete gps and sil coverage and the ones likely would be spotted within a few years. Y’see, the main problem is that volcanology is under-funded even in rich countries which means only a few volcanoes are sufficeintly monitored – one of the reasons behind the Decade Volcano Programme.

  5. Two quakes near Hamarinn.

    04.05.2012 14:26:14 64.583 -17.925 12.7 km 1.2 99.0 10.2 km E of Hágöngulón
    04.05.2012 14:24:55 64.565 -17.766 14.8 km 0.6 99.0 8.9 km NNE of Hamarinn

  6. @Brigit
    It will be a pleasure to send you any ash from Popo if I can collect some will let you know when I get back if I have managed to get some for you.

    • This would be soooo cool , but stay safe and have a happy holiday Thank you Judith. And there will always be a spot on the couch for you.

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