Sheepy Dalek – Name that Lava X

Photograph: All rights reserved, used by express agreement between photographer and Volcano Café.

This week’s competition

There has been no great change in the leadership board. Diana Barnes is still reigning together with Lughduniense. So, let us see if our reigning Queen and King of Lavas will have another week, or if we will get a new leader.

This week will be the name of the volcanic system (1 point), and the eruption (1 point), the lava (1 point) and since people love the fauna on the pictures, the local name of the moss (1 point).

The Score is:

3 Diana Barnes
3 Lughduniense
2 Talla
2 Ursula
2 Doug Merson
2 Hattie
2 Schteve42
2 DFMorvan
1 Jim
1 Luisport
1 Heather B
1 Birgit
1 Jamie
1 Henrilerevenant
1 UKViggen

This week I will not give the answer for 24 hours since people wanted longer time to try for themselves to make it into a learning competition for themselves. I will though of course award the point to the first correct answer given.

Bonus riddle

Since people here seem to like riddles I have gotten one sent to me. And since this is the tenth installment of the Name that Lava we should have something extra. Of course there is a deep hidden volcanic meaning to it.


a)  My name is in part from one of my constituents

b)  Spica’s mother-in-law may have once lived here

c)  Who is our nearest neighbour

Happy guessing!


361 thoughts on “Sheepy Dalek – Name that Lava X

  1. Re: Alan’s impossible riddle

    So, if the answer is volcanic in origin, what about this for the answer to a)

    Question was:
    My name is part from ONE of my constituents. The letter “a” is in the word lava and one letter/part only. And A’a is a type of lava.

    I’m giving up now if it is wrong!

        • Well, I feel it frustating to be in Iceland and not been able to guess this one Eheheh

          Carl is indeed a smart and tricky guy 🙂

          I still think that already one of us has the correct answer. This can be Reykjanes/Krisuvik, Theistjarreykjarbunga, Veidivotn or Vatnsoldur, or a cone from one of the Snaefellsnes volcanoes. Should we try to have a collective discussion to finally guess what volcano is?

  2. OK, since I got the moss correct, this is an Icelandic volcano (which was my bet, I knew it!).

    But its not Laki, because you haven’t told me whether was I correct.

    Ok, my second wild guess, judging from orientation this volcano has an eruption crater row aligned roughly it seems W-E, so it cannot be most volcanoes in Iceland, which have closer to N-S alignments. It also does not look familiar to Krafla, Reykjanes or Theistjarreykjarbunga. But it seems familiar to some vents north of Hengill, around Thingsvellir.

    The N-S alignment occurs in Vatnaoldur, Veidivotn, Vatnsfjoll and Snafellsnes volcanoes (Ljósufjöll, even Grábok vent), or even an eruptive vent east of Hekla.

    I really think you were not going into such difficult fields as Vatsfjoll or Ljósufjöll., So I now stick to Bardarbunga system, Veidivotn vent. But I will look at this in detail today.

    • @ Irpsit
      Ah – Grabrok – the first volcano I ever scrambled up (1966!) – a spindle bomb from there adornes my map-room-cum-protomodel railway room!

    • That moss (well spotted) also occurs in the UK – which would make finding the volcano a bit more of a challenge 😕

  3. CARL, we are having a problem here.
    And dont worry fellow bloggers, it has to do with admin stuff and wordpress, not with anything else.

  4. And meanwhile, if you need a break from the hard riddle, you could watch el Popo at sunrise, and here are some images from last night were you see lavabombs flying.

  5. The Schwiegermutterfelsen (mother-in-law rock) = Drachenfels, on old volcano (and former trachyte quarry) part of the Siebengebirge (7 mountains) of which Drachenfels is closest to the river Rhine.

  6. Ok my guess for Alans riddle is as follows:
    Number 1 – Mycon
    The Mycon resemble fungi 0.5 to 3.5 m tall that thrive in hostile, volcanic environments created for themselves by implanting “Deep Children” (living terraforming devices) under the crust of a blue, life-bearing planet.

    Number 2 – Vulpecula
    Vulpecula is also home to HD 189733b the closest extrasolar planet currently being studied by the Spitzer space telescope

    Number 3 – The Dragon Bridge
    The Dragon Bridge: (Slovene: Zmajski most) is a road bridge located in Ljubljana the capital of Slovenia.
    There is a legend that Jason was the founder of Ljubljana, and he and his Argonauts killed a dragon. This is one of the four dragon statues in the bridge. According to local legends, when a virgin crosses the bridge, the dragons will wag their tails. Some local people have nicknamed this structure “mother-in-law” because of its fiery nature.

    • OOPs- I got numbers 2 & 3 mixed up! 2 is the Dragons Bridge and 3. is Vulpecula (which i now suspect is wrong answer)

      • On Dragons bridge: yes, but there are no volcanoes around Ljubljana, unfortunately (says someone who comes from there originally). And also the dragon thingy is because the patron saint of the city is St George, who killed a dragon, so the coat of arms of Ljubljana is a dragon on the castle (there is a medieval castle in the hill that overlooks the centre of the city):

        City with the Alps in the background – plenty of mountains around, but no volcanoes in the Alps:

  7. We have one correct riddle answer!!

    We are also surfacing some really interesting facts about just-about anything!!

  8. And one last guess for the volcano, Jan Mayen – which would make the volcano Beerenberg, which las erupted in 1970/

    • My name is in part from one of my constituents – could be Alamagan? Take the M out of magma and fit Alan around it.
      Our nearest neighbour could be the man in the moon. Please tell the answers this is doing my head in….love riddles.

  9. Quote from “Iceland Volcano and earthquake blog Small glacier flood from Mýrdalsjökull glacier on 28. April 2012 [Updated]Katla volcano warming up for an eruption. Small glacier flood continues
    Posted on May 11, 2012 by Jón Frímann
    It seems that Katla volcano is warming up for a eruption. As I did mention in last blog post. But there is more to this. As the glacier flood that started on the 28. April 2012 continues according to a email that I got from an geologist working at Iceland Meteorological Office. ”

    Edited by Spica
    Please read the rest on Jon Frimanns Blog

    • If it is, I am very surprised how quiet it has been, EQ and tremors have dropped allot this last few months. Could it be just ice melting and the water hitting what was left over from last summer’s events? I have read many times that a ramp up is required and this may be the start, Just would like to read more facts from Jon’s webpage. Maybe Jon is in contact with other people, that were not fully explained. I think it is a year or 3 away from anything bigger than last summer. Hope the feck newspapers are asleep this weekend.

      • As for the photo and other stuff, My head hurts now. I need more coffee to even start reading and thinking, have not got an idea other than the above posts.

    • This shows that all those tremors we suspected are probably linked to Katla.

      Katla is really awakening for another round of activity this summer.

      Let us make no statement that Katla cannot erupt this year, just because of a lack of GPS inflation or earthquakes. You have seen Grimsvotn last year having a large eruption without any swarms, and inflation was already going on for many years before the last ones.

      • If Katla would erupt we should see a GPS/hyperinflation starting soon, and then large massive earthquake-swarms. Sofar nothing.
        Katla is not showing any signs of an upcoming eruption at this moment. It is actually back to quiet mode again. Almost all activity is at Gódabunga, a cryptodome volcanic entity separate from Katla that lies in between Katla and Eyjafjallajökull.
        (I know you know this Irpsit, I am writing here for any newcomers or members of the press).

      • If you keep going on about Katla, I’ll probably forget myself and say something unforgivable. Let’s just make one thing clear:

        Quote Irpsit: This shows that all those tremors we suspected are probably linked to Katla.
        Katla is really awakening for another round of activity this summer. Let us make no statement…
        (etc) Unquote

        This is demagoguery. You have nothing to support it but your personal opinion and try to lend them weight by sleight of word. May I please ask you that if you cannot present proof in support of your opinion to desist?

        Thank you.

        • Let us keep it civil.
          In general I agree with you, but we would look rather silly if she blew under our ex-camouflaged hinies… 🙂

          • I am.

            It is ok to say “I believe that all those tremors we suspected are probably linked to Katla.”

            It is ok to say “I believe that Katla is really awakening for another round of activity this summer.”

            It is ok to say “I believe that we should make no statement that Katla cannot erupt this year, because…”

            It is not ok to say:
            “This shows that all those tremors we suspected are probably linked to Katla.”
            “Katla is really awakening for another round of activity this summer.”
            “Let us make no statement that Katla cannot erupt this year, just because…”

            I will get back to the prevalent Katla-hysteria later, at length.

          • Henrik, this is also demagoguery.
            Irpsit stated a point that I find valid in a way, even though I think it is unlikely.
            Katla can after all do a Grimsvötn, even though it is highly unlikely. We are all entitled to our opinions. Irpsit is a friend of Hamarinn, I have a problem with even taking that volcanic edifice seriously. Still I respect his opinion due to me not being infallible.

            Thing is how we write our opinions, I would like to remind that we are a forum where many of us are not native english speakers, this goes as far as I know for Irpsit, me and you. I would say this is one of those times when nuances of our adopted language (english) has gotten the better of us.

        • Just happy, I escaped from that shotgun blast. 🙂 Maybe take his point away from the compo??

  10. Please Luisport, dont paste complete blogposts from other blogs in here, even if you give an adresss where you got it from.
    I shortened the comment.

  11. I’m dissapointed that the volcano isn’t Erebus, I’m going to say either Krysuvik or Oraesfelljokull?

    Oraesfelljokull: Eruption 1728

    • Can’t be Oraesfelljokull. Oraesfelljokull is a massive volcano which erupted from its summit in 1728 (and also 1362).

  12. Could Carl have been so naughty that he’s gone for volcanoes and eruptions that aren’t familiar even to volcanologists such as Grafeldur’s Selvogshraun of 1341 AD?

    • I’ve lighted upon a niiiice little document listing just about every obscure Icelandic eruption and lava. The pdf runs to some 400 pages and contains some beauties such as Picritbasalt at Lágafell or Háleyjabunga. Now who’d get that! 😈

  13. I give another wild guess! Geitafell central volcano (extinct) near Hoffellsjökull (in edge of Vatnajokull). I am getting crazy…

  14. Or could it be also Langjokull system, a vent outside of the main glacier?
    Maybe Kjalhraun or Hallmundarhraun?

  15. List of todays earthquakes courtesy of

    1142801 12/05/2012 04:14:12 27.6541 -18.1255 10 1.6 4 SW EL PINAR.IHI [+] info

    1142811 12/05/2012 06:55:35 27.7590 -18.1321 18 1.6 4 W FRONTERA.IHI [+] info

    1142816 12/05/2012 07:20:39 27.8637 -18.1368 10 0.9 4 NW FRONTERA.IHI [+] info

    1142846 12/05/2012 13:50:33 27.6047 -18.0823 8 1.2 4 SW EL PINAR.IHI [+] info

    • Or Nesjahraun 150 BC (Hemgill) or even the remote Bergvatnsarhraun (Thordarhyrna).

      What bugs me, is if this is also a hyaloclastite, then it must have been an under-ice eruption, but it does not seem that from the photo… only if the eruption was some thousand years ago and that spot is at the edge of the icelandic big glaciers.

  16. Why does it show “Erebus” when I scroll the mouse over the “Name the lava” picture?
    About Alan’s riddle:
    a) My name is in part from one of my constituents – You will only find that after you have found the whole word.
    b) Spica’s mother-in-law may have once lived here – All mothers-in-law on Earth may have too, so, this is only a confusing hint.
    c) Who is our nearest neighbour – If you solve this one, the riddle will be solved, provided that all the other two clues are fitting. Could be the nearest planet, star, nebulae; could be an ape (nearest to mankind), but certainly this will be the correct answer. Probably we will be angry (and laugh) when it is solved!

    • Renato, the mouse-over Erebus is, I think, one of Carl’s ways to confuse us. Also the file is named erebus.png. 😀

        • Yes (hesitantly) Minister Henrik! 🙂
          Far too well dressed tho’ – ask Carl!! He may be ‘cagey’ in reply!!
          Excellent programme series!! Clean humour – not like some of the **** we have ‘today’!!

          Please note All
          we have one correct answer so far……

          • Alan, do you mean one correct answer to all three of the questions or a correct answer to one of the questions?

          • @ Ursula goodevening
            One correct for one of the three – don’t forget they are all in part ‘related’

          • A drawback of the HRRCs* being politically mobilised, I’m afraid Prime Minister. This is why we have to put up with the Catherine Tates and Simon Cowells occupying prime time, that is after Happy Hour and before most constituents have had the grace to pass out.

            * Human Resources Rich Constituencies, grossly overpopulated and begging for money.

          • OK, Alan, thanks!
            Ok, one more guess, I’d assume the right answer is the Drachenfels and so maybe the other two questions have something to do with Nibelungenlied, because 1. Siegfried killed the dragon in Drachenfels and 2. then he travelled to Iceland to help his future brother in law woo the Icelandic queen. Problem is he travelled to a fictional place Isenstein, which is actually in Germany, not Iceland.
            Or maybe you’re thinking of a link to Iceland via Wagner and his Ring of Niebelung, which is based on Niebelungenlied and Volsunga saga and Old Norse Eddas, which are old Icelandic sagas about the same family as Niebelungenlied?
            Probably this is all totally irrelevant :-P, but at least I’m learning stuff about various random stuff…

          • We once had an idiot at work who once stated
            “that a piece of equipment was ‘positively operating in a mode of negative functionality’ ”
            ie it was knackered!

      • Thanks, Ursula!
        It couldn’t possibly be Erebus, but yesterday, since I had no time to read what were the two riddles all about, I merged them all into one absurd answer.
        I thought of Spica being Ceres (not her mother in law) and thought: c – ERE -s and then, BUS (a neighbour????).[ And I cheated when I saw the picture name appearing: I thought : “OMG he forgot to hide the name].
        I’m embarrassed now!

        • Renato It’s not as daft as me thinking the riddle was clues to the lava Competition. I ended up at Ljosufjoll system . 😳 On thinking it’s as good as any so left it as my guess 😀

    • Hello Renato!

      Erebus is my humble way of confusing people, I could not jolly well name the thing Hengill could I?
      B) Answer is Drachenfels…

    • @ Spica

      Drachen is kite in English, too.(Derived from the chinese kites which depicted dragons.) Some think that their mother-in-laws can fly, I’m sure, but it is commonly thought to be on a broomstick!
      ( Clue:think Hex, in German!)

  17. Rather deep quake about 20 km SSE of Grimsvotn. Cooling?
    12.05.2012 13:24:39 64.252 -17.058 12.2 km 1.9 99.0 19.9 km SSE of Grímsfjall

    • No, that’s way too far off to have anything to do with the Grímsfjall feeder. The spot is equidistant from Grímsfjall, Esjufjall and Örefajökull, the three big volcanoes in the vicinity, but there are other, smaller, and less well-known ones in that general area.

    • Ha, Sissel, that makes two of us going crazy – I’m getting really annoyed over Alan’s questions and going off on all sorts of tangents (e.g. operas, as above). 😛

      • Yes, it is almost unbearable!! I’m very good at maths but an idiot with riddles. But also read a lot of interesting things today!

    • Can’t be Oraefajokull. That one is a massive volcano, the 1362 eruption was from main summit, a plinian VEI6 eruption. One of the largest eruptions from last 1000 years in Iceland, just like 1875 in Askja and 1104 in Hekla.

    • Riddle new attempt.
      a) My name is in part from one of my constituents: Grimsvotn
      b) Spica’s mother-in-law may have once lived here: Hekla
      c) Who is our nearest neighbour: Torfajokull

  18. Crazy bet, another one, Westman Islands volcanic system. Eruption: Heymai 1973.
    I have been done, and if its that, it can be a secondary cinder cone.

  19. Wait. I think I am understanding the Carl Trick.

    He chose an easy Icelandic volcano but he probably chose a pic not to show the obvious!

    I think this could well be Hekla, a north facing lava field. No idea about eruption there. But wait, lava must be olivine tholeic, which Icelandic volcanoes have this kind of magma?

  20. Ok, let’s give it a try going to the other side of the world:
    Zavodovski island (Mount Asphyxia/Mount Curry), 1819
    Or maybe, Cook island…, let’s just say somewhere on the South Sandwich Islands

    And I got another candidate, just to stay on this hemisphere:
    Pale-Aike Volcanic Field, around 5550 BC

  21. Hehe!
    Well, Irpsit took the third point with Hengill. Albeit using the shot-gun method of naming every volcano on Iceland.
    Now it is the eruption we are waiting for…

    Regarding Alans riddle, Riddle B is answered correctly. It was Drachenfels, also named Schwiegermutterfelsen, Lughduniense took that one.

    So, one eruption and two riddles left 😉

  22. Carl, I think this is the Reykjafellshraun, in Reykjafell. 150 BC eruption.
    Its funny I was already at the top of all these structures, north and south of Hengill, Reykjafellshraun to the south, and Nesjahraun to the north, but you know, a cone like this, is just similar in many parts of Iceland.

  23. If all riddle answers are somewhat connected…, could it be the answer for C, one of the following, ordered by distance to Drachenfels:
    – Wolkenburg
    – Laacher See
    – West Eifel Volcanic Field
    But probably, it isn’t any of them, 😛

    And could I just say: year (an element of the set defined by a_n:=1000+n, with n, a natural number, between 0 and 1000)?, I just said them all, 😀

  24. It could be also one of the cones in Thingvallahraun about 8000 years ago.

    Ahh, in that picture I cannot see Hengill…. you did a nice trick 🙂

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