Hellisheidahraun Lava

Photographer: Eggert Nordahl, all rights reserved. Notice the pipelines up to the left, and the SIL sticking out ontop of the further crater rim.

Hello Everyone!

I wish to congratulate the winners of this weeks competition. I had done a lot to the image by Eggert Nordahl. I croped it to remove the Hellisheidarvirkjun pipelines on the left of the picture, and I also croped off the Hellisheidar-SIL. Then I inverted it to further bungle up any Google Image Searches.

Map showing where the mystery lava image was taken. As you all notice it is slap bang between the various bore-holes.

So, Alan caught the surface lavas, Irpsit nicked the Grámosi and the Hengill points, and finally Spica had the Hellisheidi eruption (in Icelandic Hellisheidahraun).

While coasting around for info on Hengill I found a drill core that had been analyzed. It seems like Hengill has had not less then 5 different magma-zones. I think the weirdest would be the chloro-epidote stage. If I understand it correctly chloro-epidotes are constructed by forsterite (olivine) is quenched into a salt-brine. This phase would of course be from the time when Hengill was rather suffering from being sub-aquatic (before it rose out of the sea). I guess that Alan will let me know if I got this all wrong and in no uncertain terms.

So, to round it off, one could say that the image is from the Hellisheidarvirkjun Powerplant.



290 thoughts on “Hellisheidahraun Lava

  1. Congrats to Spica for the correct hraun!
    But, riddle A remains… Hm. And you said they were all similar and we have B Drachenfels and C Wolkenburg, both German two-part words with three syllables each. So I guess we are looking for something like that too for A. Hm…. *goes off pondering the issue*

  2. Just found the perfect rose (David Austen Roses catalogue) for Carl:
    The Shepherdess
    apparently likes a Mediterranean climate……. 🙂

  3. Carl, in Icelandic land survey map, there is no Hellisheidihraun.

    Is this the oldest lava field in Hengill, at Helliskard, and not described in GVP)?
    Between Orustuhólshraun or Svinahraun? Funny, I was already there once 🙂

      • Hi Spica, I just see Hellisheidi and Helliskard, but no Hellisheidihraun, only the Orustuhólshraun or Svinahraun.

        • Ahem. Never found this by Googling. Doh. But I agree with Carl. Its collective term, Hellisheiðar-hraun (the Hellisheiði-lavas, singular), Carl perhaps forgot an “r” from there, but four of them are shown on his map. Orrustuhóls-hraun is just part on the youngest, and often parts of lavas get independent names. Reading afterwards the Svínahraun is from other volvano, and from year 1000 AD! Found several Icelandic articles that explain the area, and its but old myth that Kristnitökuhraun is at Hellisheiði.
          So GVP is correct on this.

          • Well, my Icelandic grammar is not the best… 😳
            I can read Icelandic, and I can sometimes concoct weird Icelandic names, but the grammar… No.
            So, there should be an “r” of course.

          • This last link “bist einer kleine” joke? Landmarks etc. are not in exact correct order or distances, but all have german explanation. Some weird mind at work here.. :mrgreen:

          • Islander, trust me on this. Germans are never joking when talking about speck, fleisch, wurst and so forth…
            My take on that link:
            It is the secret plan of developing a new Hellisheid Sausage.

          • Hey Islander, i just played around with this thingie a little bit. Suddenly a found Ätna, Ok now how the hork did Ätna end up in Iceland ( mapwise close to Reykjavik) Wrong, I went into the search window, and found dozens of volcanoes. Mount Saint Helens Mount Rainier, Popocatepetl… All there, Just when i checked for Cleveland i ended up with 15 suggestions but no volcano and next to the city Cleveland are the Rockefellers. This is a very odd thing i accidently found. I think i ll play more with it, but not now.

          • Seems perfect for Sheepy-Dalek-mood-night discussion. Only my German to too poor for deep thinking 😉 BBGN *thinks her / all, likely long gone to schleep*

  4. Its funny how I really suspected you had edited the photo in a way, to hidden a common icelandic volcano, which I was thinking it should have been one of your favs 🙂 Excellent game!

    • Thank you 🙂
      I had to up the antee a bit since everybody now knows about the google-image thingamabit.
      I now know how the google picture algorithm works. And I will not tell that one. Now I have a rather long list of ways to dumbfound it.

    • And you where also right on the money with my state of mind, Hengill is one of my favourites. But, on this instant you missed that I used that particular image out of it being the only unpublished one I had.
      Eggert Nordahl sent it to me just a couple of days before the competition, so in a way it was not me who chose it.
      Hengill is one handsome volcano really.

      • I even risk to say your rank of preference in Iceland: 1) Hengill, 2) Hekla, 3) Theistjarreykjarbunga, 4) Thordarhyma and other strange volcanoes around… lots of other icelandic volcanoes, 25) Hamarinn

        Hehehe 😉

    • Again, fantastic. The amount of information you can obtain from that graph is stunning:

      MgO – is present in greater quantities in basaltic magma which means that as there is a relative increase in what Eyjafjallajökull erupted with time, so did the percentage of freshly intruded basaltic magma.

      What happened between the sample points on April 27th and May 1st? The eruption had dwindled away to a trickle, then suddenly gained power. This sudden drop in MgO content and corresponding increase is SiO2 is proof positive that a batch of older, more silica-rich magma had been mobilised as the sills and tunnels under Eyjafjallajökull were gradually emptied by the eruption.

      You can also see what happened when the eruption finally died out – the influx of fresh, hot basaltic magma dwindled away and as a result what erupted became more and more silica-rich until a point was reached where the energy infused was no longer able to remobilise the more silicic old magmas that were what remained in the plumbing.

      Brilliant, thank you Lurking the Grey! (As opposed to Gorthaur, a.k.a. Sauron, a.k.a. Alan the Black 😉 )

  5. Let’s if I get the A riddle:
    It could be Berg/birge (hill), as the whole place is called Siebengebirge.
    Or it could be something like drache, drakhe, dragon, or whatever, alluding to the B answer (Drachenfels).

    • Don’t read too much into it. It’s not a name puzzle, it’s not pointing at a specific volcanic feature… at least not yet. What is important is just how tall that thing is.

    • Ok if we go on in this direction it could be Vulkanrücken, cause according to Wikipedia the Siebengebirge is the northern half of the Rheinwesterwälder Vulkanrücken

  6. Bed time
    BBGN All
    I’ll try to dream another riddle?
    Rapidly exit stage left to barrage of rotten tomatoes……. ~:-)

    • That dog I linked to in the other post…

      …pulled up my tomato support sticks after I put them in. Luckily the tomatoes weren’t tied to them yet.

      The dog is not longer happy with me.

  7. “My name is in part from one of my constituents” so it could be Volcanocafe (the constituent being volcano). 😕

          • A hint!
            We have had part mentioned ‘afore
            Sheepy Dalek – Name that Lava
            B & C we have, all clues inter-related
            a) My name is in part from one of my constituents

          • Lord Edmund Blackadder (Elizabethan vintage):

            “My dear Melchett. Straight holds the same relationship to you as innocence does to Sir Alan. Now, are there any more fairytales for which you hold this irresistible conviction that I must be told.”

          • “Oh I see, you are of the peasantly innocent persuasion. Well, bugger my giddy aunt and call me Nancy, Baldrick! I find that disarmingly commendable. Such innocence is far more laudable in a peasant like yourself than it is in my sanctimonious aunt, Lady Whiteadder.”

            (Evenin’ Sir Alan!)

  8. Oh my, I am rather glad that I am just now catching up on the blog after a way too busy work week. Had I seen the mystery lava and riddle sooner I probably would have wasted the better part of the day trying to figure it out, and still not have come up with any of the answers. Congratulations to the clever winners. 🙂

    @Birgit – I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your first blog post (now several pages back) — great pictures, very interesting reading, thank you, and I hope there will be many more!

    Yesterday I asked one of the Spanish teachers where I work (she is Mexican) if she knew anyone who lived near Popocatépetl. She said her mother is nearby, so I told her about your ash project, and she is going to inquire about possibly sending you some Popo ash. Nothing definite of course, but “quizás, quizás”, as they say in Spanish.

  9. What is the spike on many of the IMO stations? Can’t find any eq’s to match. Neither on Iceland,or world wide..

    • BTW… Chartres Cathedral has two main spires.

      One at 105 meters height, the other one at 113 meters.

    • Torre Caja Madrid (in Spain) is 250 meters tall.

      First Canadian Place in Toronto is 298 meters tall.

      Turning Torso in Malmö Sweden is 190 meters tall.

    • Thank you Judith. We watch these films from comfort, little appreciating the discomfort and dangers the cameramen/women are facing.
      Although sometimes I think the drive to get “That one more special shot” can cause people to take silly chances.
      I also do not know how anyone could actually sleep in a volcanic crater like that!!!! From experience at La Solfatara I know the awful smell and the strange thudding feelings and sounds under the crust are scary.

    • Thankyou Judith, very interesting. Is Life On Fire a new program? Since the video above is a “making of” the series itself should be awesome! 🙂

    • When i hiked Fimmvorduhals 3 months after its eruption it was just like this. Steaming everywhere, the ground was very similar, and some vents still glowing red (and lava running a meter beneath my feet). But I did not slept there. How insane that would be. Apparently there is a small lava lake in there, from what other visitors told me, over a crater in top of a small hill, but I did not walk those 50 meters I need to climb to see it, because I was plain scary. It seemed like the ground was going to crack at any moment, and it was so hot. I even melted a part of one shoe.

  10. Good morning from North West England. It’s a sunny day again 😀 Sadly for Icelanders you have a severe weather warning. Here it is from the IMO

    The IMO wants to draw attention to the bad weather today. Forecast windstorm or storm, with sleet and then snow in the north and east.
    Written by watch meteorologist 13/05/2012 03:52

    This is worth remembering if you are looking at the IMO tremor Graphs today. They may look “active”

    PS. Dear Icelanders, please do not share your weather with the UK….I need to get my French beans growing. They wont grow in cold weather.

    Congratulations to the winnera of Name that Lava Competition and commiserations to all who are still having brain melt over Alan’s riddle. 😀

    • Hi Diana!

      The weather was alreayd prettty cold this May, and now it seems it is becoming unusually winter-like. It is now very windy here, cold north winds, and snow already at sea leavel in the north Iceland. For next days, it will be max temp of around 0ºC or 1ºC where I lived!

      Impossible still to plant anything outside. I have some hardy broccoli that survived from last winter still growing outside, and plenty of flowers native and hardy ones like poppies and tulips. But vegetables I still grow everything indoors. Only by late June, I can plant them outdoors (when nights are above 5ºC). I am going to try beans outside this summer, but I doubt it would be possible to grow them. Summer here is always cold, dry and windy.

          • I’m glad your rhubarb grows well – ours grows for 2 years, makes massive 60cm+ leaves and inedible thick stems, 3rd year it’s dead!!!
            Potatoes , ah well we’re still eating last years crop!!

          • @Alan. Of course you are eating last years crop potatos, except if not inports? There has been none yet in your country this year. re the Rubarb, you must cut the “flower” stick off (before they make seeds), if thats not done it dies after two years. “Mine” has grown for last fourty years, still giving 60 to 90 cm nice yellow and red sticks.

  11. Interesting comments from earthquake-report.com the last quake was only at 2km depth.They are also saying the Salvamar is back in the port of lLa Restinga which may or may not be in relation to the new earthquakes.

    ,, Update 12/05 – 20:47 UTC
    – ER reader Pascal told us a while ago that a 5th earthquake took place to the SW of El Pinar. The preliminary depth was 2 km!. This extremely shallow depth will be looked at by IGN scientists with a magnifier, as extremely shallow quakes can be the sign of new activity. Often these depth are updated to deeper depths. As we have no GPS data yet, we have only the earthquakes to inform us and that makes a total of 5 tonight. Magnitude 1.2 km Time : 19:10
    – ER reader Sissel told us earlier tonight that also the HT graph line at CHIE became thicker. She is right although the current thickness is not yet a reason to expect new activity.,,


    • Jepp. Interesting! Seems Hek le Strange now, only there are also Bur le Strange, Hel la Strange and Sto le Strange too. I have seen such before last month and no eruption then. Wonder if it is their monthly period? 😀

          • Ok. Sir le Strange, then Icelands innards must be very valuable after all. Made of pure rubber substance for it to vibrate so well ??? *dusts tons of re-mobilized Grims ash from his hair, washes eyes again and has barely gone outside today!* Yea, storm, shure!

      • Thank you. To the untrained eye Hekla & surroundings appears to be shaking like she has a severe fever… I will assume for now it’s just wind. BTW: I’d love to have one of those knit sweaters made of the wool from Hekla sheep…

  12. The weather is very windy today. Wind gusts are up to 95km/h, and northerly winds!
    Its very cold, its +3°C here but with the wind, it feels severe cold, like a winter day.

    It´s also very ashy here in the south. I came from a walk outside, and now I can feel the Grimsvotn ash scratching my lungs, coughing and ash on my teeth and eyes as well. Unpleasant this wind.

    The increased tremor is because of this stormy weather.

  13. SIr Alan the Evil said “a”fore, so my guess is something starting with an a, ( Thats for all who still want to slove the riddle

    • Hm the hill Drachenfels is also called Saurenberg, Saurer Berg.
      And WIkipedia says “Der Drachenfels entstand durch aufsteigendes Magma, das nicht zur Erdoberfläche durchbrechen konnte, sondern darunter domartig erstarrte; Vulkanologen nennen das Quellkuppe.” Means: The Drachenberg originated through magma which could not break through to the surface, but went solid in a domeshape below it. Vulcanologist call that a Source-cone ( ??)

      • Is that why he called himself Sauron? Let’s follow that line of thought and see where it leads, if anywhere – Sauron, Orodruin, The Ring, Isildúr, The Gladden Fields, Deagól, his grandmother the Matriarch, Riddles In the Dark, Erebor, King Dain, Khazad-Dûm, Balrogs. Hmm, next door neighbour at Bag End would be Gaffer Gamgee. Lobelia Sackville-Baggins? Oh, I have it!


        • Unless of course, I suppose it could be Elijah Wood, an “actor” as one-dimmensional and wooden as his name.

        • I was thinking the same ( Sauron) but who knows with our wicked Sir Alan.
          But YEAH 42 is the answer to everything anyway.

          • “Then you certainly will not be chosen, Peregrin Took!”, said Gandalf, looking in through the window, which was near the ground.

            (LOTR, Book II, Chapter 3 – “The ring Goes South”)

  14. At the moment, Lughduniense has 1/2 point for the first second-half of the lava from 12:20 yesterday……..

  15. Ich weiß nicht was soll es bedeuten,
    Dass ich so traurig bin;
    Ein Märchen aus alten Zeiten,
    Das kommt mir nicht aus dem Sinn.

    Die Luft ist kühl und es dunkelt,
    Und ruhig fließt der Rhein;
    Der Gipfel des Berges funkelt
    Im Abendsonnenschein.

    Die schönste Jungfrau sitzet
    Dort oben wunderbar;
    Ihr goldnes Geschmeide blitzet,
    Sie kämmt ihr goldenes Haar.

    Sie kämmt es mit goldenem Kamme
    Und singt ein Lied dabei;
    Das hat eine wundersame,
    Gewaltige Melodei.

    Den Schiffer im kleinen Schiffe
    Ergreift es mit wildem Weh;
    Er schaut nicht die Felsenriffe,
    Er schaut nur hinauf in die Höh.

    Ich glaube, die Wellen verschlingen
    Am Ende Schiffer und Kahn;
    Und das hat mit ihrem Singen
    Die Lore-Ley getan.

  16. I would like to try a guess at the riddle Is is “Heliopolis” and the relation to the volcanoes has to do with Ramesses III and the Hekla 3 eruption???

  17. For anybody who wants to see a massive & beautiful extinct caldera (Larger than Toba’s) that doesn’t really get any publicity, you really should look at the African Ngorongoro caldera. Really shows you the awesome power of the African Rift Valley. I wouldn’t have wanted to be around when this thing was blowing it’s lid 2 million years back..


    • Sorry, I didn’t mean to say larger than Toba’s caldera, since it’s definitely smaller, but nonetheless still quite impressive, and a gorgeous wildlife reserve too.

  18. US Zombie Population – 466,443

    900 of them got up and went to the Polls in South Carolina recently. With about 601,215 votes cast, that works out to 0.15%.

    With the US population is sitting at about 311,591,917, extending that out as the percentage of the population… 466,443 are actually dead but still shambling about, casting votes.

    If you take one hair from the head of each zombie, which on the large side, is 1 mm wide, and stack them vertically, it comes out to about 1,866 meters in height.

    This tangential post brought to you by Geolurking… 😀

      • Still wondering what your next will be about and how that relates to volcanoes. But looking forward.

        • In each and every oddball post… the central theme is height. I want every one to have a firm grasp on scale.

          Scale is extremely important. Once I relized the scale…. it blew me away.

          So, take the time to seek out your tallest amazing building, find out how tall it is in meters, then stand back and admire just how stupendous it is.

    • The only vote permissible ought to be who should hang as “deception with the intent of making a living by being publicly elected” ought to be a capital crime

      • Yeah, it’s proof that Zombies are real. They somehow make into the voting booth and then leave with no body noticing. Later, when the roles are verified on close or contested races do they realize that there has been a quiet and sedate Zombie incursion.

        If they can get that close it’s gonna be hell to pay if they develop “the hunger.”

      • It is believed that the highest concentration of Zombies is in the Chicago vicinity, however, during the 1928 to 1935 time-frame the Zombie population of Louisiana was pretty high. (Kingfish Era)

          • The Florida a related variety are “The Shamblers.”

            Shamblers are occasionally mistaken for dead though they aren’t quite there yet.

            Shamblers typically don’t have the strength to fully push a cardboard cutout free from it’s spot, or spend innumerable minutes tapping on every possible spot until they make up their mind or are startled by a sudden realization that they forgot their scheduled meds.

  19. Morning, Volcanowise noting much is up on the spots i normally control every morning. El Popo spitting fiery stuff. Either someone cleaned the cam or you dont notice the dirt during nighttimes. In iceland the strong gale covers all smaller action.

  20. Good morning world. Icelanders have shared some of their storm with us in North Western UK. They are soooooo generous. but I really am not enjoying the cold winds and rain.
    One positive thought at least I am not spitting or washing out recycled volcano bits, That must be horribly unpleasant.
    For those who do not live near a volcano , the problems of ash long after the eruption is not appreciated.
    How long is it until the ash ceases to be uncomfortable or is it always blowing in the wind during dry spells?

    I feel a song coming on……….

    Joan Baez , my role model in the ’60s and beyond still singing. So many years and sadly the words are still so applicable today.

    • Cool and dry, no wind, broken cloud cover. About 7c in Dublin. Good Morning Diana, all.

      Is Heka storm sick at the mo? The winds do not look that bad in the area, most be.

        • Perhaps it isn’t such a bad idea after all. Y’see, the dead can hardly be accused of having a vested interest so it’s quite possible that democracy might work if only the dead were allowed to vote, no?

  21. Katla is being discussed on the Avcan FB page about the heat rising from her and the waters flooding.

    This graph has also been posed.

  22. And the stormy weather continues very agressively here in Iceland.
    Many roads in north, including the ring road have been cut of. Also the ring road in the south/southeast has been closed in parts due to a sandstorm in progress around Vatnajokull (obviously the ash from Grimsvotn). Diana, to answer your question, the blowing ash can remain for several years because the eruption last year was a powerful VEI5 (large amount of ash).

    Its freezing cold and windy here, the sold is frozen like a rock, -4°C outside but sunshine now.

    I wonder if this abnormal spring cold (as well as past winter) was due to Grimsvotn last year. Its a minor cooling but it might be from it. But also North Atlantic oscilation is entering a cold phase.

    • In the south of England we had the hottest March and then wettest April on record. May is so far cold and wet, though not record-breaking. Our weather does seem to be changing from wet winters/dry summers to dry winters/wet summers but this might just be a ‘blip’. Ten years seems so long to us humans – but is just a tiny part of a 1000 year graph!

    • Ahem, last year was a very powerfull VEI-4 bordering to VEI-5. It was about 0,9 to 1 cubic kilometre DRE. As such it was 4 times larger than Eyjafjallajökull, and 100 times more destructive.
      It was assuredly not a very powerfull VEI-5. Last VEI-5 in Iceland was Askja in 1875.

      • Oh I terrible made a mistake, I meant to say “a powerful VEI4”!! But my mind was thinking about VEI5s, lol. Yes, Grimsvotn erupted, according my estimative about 0.7-0.8 cu km, with a reported top ash cloud of 23km high (at dawn of Sunday, day after the eruption started). Eyja was about 0.3 cu km, and much smaller ash cloud (less than 15km).

        As base of comparison, Katla in 1918 was 1-2 cu km (small VEI5), as were most other Katla eruptions. Askja 1987 was a powerful VEI5 (estimated 2-6 cu km). Hekla 1104, Bardarbunga 1477 and Oraefajokull 1362 all border VEI6, with estimated 10-12 cu km, according to local info. Of course, estimated vary, between GVP, Icelandic authorities and other scientists.

  23. Seems like another Volcano is becoming active as reported on Avcan.

    ,,Besides volcanoes that Miss fiery lava, there other volcanoes, as it is the case of the mud volcanoes and thus volcano of mud of Bajogrande in Bayunca, Colombia, Cartagena, is these days a little troublemaker throwing more mud than usual last Wednesday, anegando farms and crops over 12 hectares… is a tremendous vision…and 16 years ago it did something similar…

    Full report can be found on http://www.facebook.com Avcan

    • Its also interesting to read that the Volcano seems to be errupting in different parts steam and water aswell is this not unusual.

      Bayunca, Roberto Morales, police inspector indicated that the incident was reported to agencies that atentiende these risks and expected the district appears in place to determine the allocation of the land.”We had the visit and inspection of delegates of the Office for the prevention and care of disasters of the district and general Carlos Rodriguez (Commander of the Metropolitan Police of Cartagena), who are monitoring the situation, looking at what happens to the boca grande of the volcano that is still bouncing, mud and smoke, and there are other mouths above that are also launching water.” “Is going to make a map to evacuate the staff found on surrounding farms in the event of one major emergency,” said the official.



  24. earthquake-report.comare reporting there has been a strong earthquake in peru.

    Update 11:33 UTC : IGP, Peru has also other earthquake data. Ml5.9 at a depth of 105 km. Epicenter : see below (Peru side of the border). IGP Peru has calculated that based on their earthquake data Tacna would have experienced a MMI IV light shaking and Arequipa a MMI III weak shaking.


  25. @Lurking – did you ever do a plot of earthquakes from 1994 to 2010 (or 2000-10, 2004-10 or just 2010 or ??) at Myrdalsjökull and make a plot W – E vs depth, i.e. from Eyjafjallajökull to Katla? If so, could you please send it to me through Carl as I need it for something I’m working on that might make it to the blog.


    • Not a prob, but a slight delay in getting to it. (fer me, a good thing – money)

      While you wait around, give me a box that you want examined. I’ll need a Longitude pair and a Latitude pair, and if you like I can do the time segmentation you specified or the bounds you would like. Also, what would you like the 3D axis to be? (Time – Mag?)

      If you want to keep this on the back channel, have Carl relay the specs.

      Got to go… drive time 😀

    • Hi Alan. Whiteout is too strong word. Weather is bad mostly in the north-west, -middle and -east parts, news here say similar to year 2006 “vorhret” for birds and animals etc. And tourists!
      It will be mostly over in a day to two. Question on Herðubreið Mountain as dormant or not is not an issue “per se” (Herðubreið is not volcano last I knew). We are watching an swarm just north-east of main Askja Volcano, and Askja Volcano is the “active” one (compared to “dormant”).
      It has appeared many times here and on other blogs, that there have been intrusion(s) in recent years in n-e area, but mostly to east of Herðubreið. My “broad shoulder” take on current swarm, is that it may not lead to Herðubreið eruption as such. Its more of if there is coming another or next Askja event (with ash) or an common fissure event in that general area (them less ash likely). Last Askja eruption was fissure in 1961, so nothing for only 51 years. But its too early to say anything meaningfull on this.
      Best wait and watch. *not expertTM*

      • Oh I wasunder the impression Herðubreið was a sub-glacial tuya, but never having seen it ‘in the flesh’ I can’t comment! Thanks for that!
        The ‘problem’ we all have is that we have no ‘handle’ on how any structure behaved in the past to know what is/not in store for us!!
        Really OT – I wish I had your rhubarb – ours has been only 2-3 years old before it keeled over and no seed-heads even thought of appearing!! I tried Timperly Early and Ruby Champagne varieties from MarshallsSeeds!!

        • Herðubreið “in the flesh”, not been to it either in person, only seen from distance. GVP link on it (abowe) explains. OT – Yay, you may need garden expert on this. Can be soil or local nurturation problem, or such. I think it needs “deep” garden soil but not expert. Only harvest and boil to jam. *over to you Diana ?*

        • Make islander not cut of one rhubarb flower this year and ask him the send the seed to you, then you maybe have the everlasting variety. 😉

          • And for those who already have thriving rhubarb plants, there is a section in the above website with LOTS of recipes.

      • A good evening to you too, Baldrick. (And stop molesting that disgusting vegetable.) I kid you not, there is a deeper meaning to the name Herðubreið.

        • Yea so I believe, but I can’t remember what it is!!
          Must admit, you Nordic people have a very liberated language in respect of descriptive terms!!

          • Broad-shouldered? Hm! Never thought of it that way. Be that as it may, we’re mere infants when it comes to succinctly describe the finer nuances of inter-personal relationships and everyday matter. Just consider the stupendous usefulness of the semantically rather straight-forward phraze “yes dear”.


    • Yes, thats my understanding, except Herðubreið is a she veriety (!?) Now, I will be totally shot to pie by book thinking university scholars or the literary elite, maybe…

      • Why? You don’t need a piece of paper to prove that you can think and even if some have very fancy papers indeed, it’s no proof nor a guarantee that they are able to think better than those who haven’t.

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