Sheepy Dalek – Name that Lava XIII

This week’s competition

There has been a change in the leadership board. Diana Barnes, Lughduniense and DFMorvan are now sharing the leadership together with Talla and Ursula.

Here is the new image!
happy guessing

This week we are asking you for the name of the volcanic system (1 point), the name of the volcano (1 point) and the lava (1 point). So 3 points can be won.

The Score is:
3 Diana Barnes
3 Lughduniense
3 DFMorvan
3 Talla
3 Ursula
2 Doug Merson
2 Hattie
2 Schteve42
2 Birgit
2 Irpsit
2 Stephanie Alice Halford
1 Jim
1 Luisport
1 Heather B
1 Jamie
1 Henri le Revenant
1 UKViggen
1 Alan C
1 Sissel
1 Bobbi

You have time till tomorrow, at least, till the riddle will be solved and the winners will be announced.
And here comes another version of  Alan’s Evil Riddle

Quote: “Good evening Gentle-folk!

How would Carl’s religiously-clothed mischievous sibling fit into a rock?
What is the rock?
What is the type locality and what am I?

I think Carl has 1 point for the riddle, but they have to get all 3 answers!


Personal comment:
I am just posting both riddles. I have not the slightest clue about the answers on both and am not certain how many points will be handed out. My guess is 3 points on both. Still i wont take part in the competition because i saw both a day earlier then you all did, which would be an unfair advantage. I am also not sure when the winners will be announced and if there might be an extra point out for the grab, so maybe try to find some fitting beverages and information about the vegetation or something else you find fitting to describe your choice of volcano better, maybe but only maybe there might be a 4 point advised for that kind of information. But i am only the dragon not the master.
Best luck to you all.

231 thoughts on “Sheepy Dalek – Name that Lava XIII

  1. @Spica above regarding the articles.
    Sounds like a perfect plan! 🙂

    @The rest:
    You should all say thanks to Spica, she saved the weekend now that I got to sick to do the work. She is a hero, for so many reasons!

  2. Journalists sometimes disgust me. I’m currently watching a programme on volcanoes featuring John Seach and the narrator says:

    “As an example, look at Mount St Helens, the most dangerous volcano in North America.”

    Wtf?!? “Most dangerous”?!? “Mount St Helens”?!? :lol This exaggerationalism in order to catch the viewers’ attention and tittilate them should be punishable.

    • But in a sad way it is refreshing… Normally it is always ad nauseam Yellowstone that gets attached to the epitaph of being “the Most Dangerous Volcano (In the universe)”.

      What the journalist does not understand is that Mt St Helens has done “it’s thing” and will not do much for quite some time.

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