Sheepy Dalek Name that Lava XVIII

Lava riddle (4 points to be awarded):

Ursula provided the next image for the Name that Lava competition # 18

1. Name that lava & volcanic formation! (1 point)
2. What is the location? (1 point)
3. Two examples of famous wildlife (1 point each)

Current standings with Name that Lava:

7 Spica
6 DFMorvan
5 Ursula
4 Diana Barnes
3 Lughduniense
3 Talla
3 Cryphia3 Sissel
2 Doug Merson
2 Hattie
2 Schteve42
2 Irpsit
2 Stephanie Alice Halford
1 Jim
1 Luisport
1 Heather B
1 Jamie
1 Henri le Revenant
1 UKViggen
1 Alan C
1 Bobbi

Ruapehu or Mount Ruapehu in NZ has two large skiing areas.

GeoLurking pointed to interesting activity at New Zealands Ruapehu volcano.

You can view this for yourself on GeoNet Ruapehu
Or directly at but the drums seem to have stopped for the moment.
More info on this volcano is found on the GVP site Ruapehu
Here are 2 webcams: one also to be seen on the GeoNet link above and two.
And the Wikipedia article on Ruapehu.

Japani´s Sakurajima exploded again yesterday.

This is an older satellite image from LandSat

KarenZ found an interesting Video.

And i found this one, though i am not sure from which day this is.

Here are the webcams i know of: One . Two  Three and Four:
Erik Klemetti did an update on Sakurajima on his blog Eruptions.
The GVP information and the Wikipedia article on Sakurajima.

And to end this post 2 images of Hekla from the Milacam

In a storm on the 21 of July
And in te morning glory on July 26th.

Have a nice sunday

220 thoughts on “Sheepy Dalek Name that Lava XVIII

  1. Westman Island Archipeligo: Heimaey or Ellidaey, Iceland
    Volcano, Vestmannaeyjar volcanic system
    Lava: basalt

  2. So now we have the location, still missing the rock though. One more point to go for lava type and volcanic formation…

  3. There is another – still small quakes series starting at Krísuvík, southwest Iceland:

    And there is talk about a lot of dead fish which have been found by a diver in nearby Kleifarvatn (lake). Though a lot of changes in the environment of the lake have been taking place after the big quake of 2000, no scientific research has been done there up to now following a biologist.

    • No, it’s not basalt (see above). And to make it clear, I am not asking about the name of volcanic system, just the type of volcanic formation… 🙂

  4. Oh oh oh!
    I found this information: “The island is composed entirely of a volcanic greenstone or olivine-dolerite sill”

  5. Ursula: The draft for the post is in. Maybe add the winner of the las point and publish. I got to serve dinner now. Zuchini creme soup, steaks with baked potatoes and 2 sauces and a special blueberry cake.

    • @Spica: will do in a moment (and you are making me hungry 🙂 ), but just to summarise the points, here are the winners:
      Inge B – 1 point for puffins
      Sissel – 1 point for grey seals and 1 point for teschenite sill
      Talla & Lisa – 1 point each for Isle of May

      Congratulations and thanks for a good “race” everyone. I hope you had fun guessing. 🙂

    • Thank you all for the point! I do love looking around the world for places! It’s such a great way to learn about geology (and everything else imaginable). Well done to Inge B, Sissel and Lisa! 😀

    • Sniffle… Sigh…
      You know, that sounds like a killer one, Mohr im Hemd as dessert after the blueberry cake?

      • No Mohr im Hemd today. My oldest was here with her bf, She has the recipe ( and the form) and can do it herself whenever she likes.

        • Ah, I must though admit that I hope to one day taste the Mohr im Hemd… 🙂
          I am a terrible sweet tooth.

  6. I totally missed the Name that lava competition. I was out of action yesterday….. some sort of bug that kept sending me to sleep and making joints hurt.. A bit better today but I will not go far. I have much work to do on my PC so I will be in and out annoying people today.
    Congratulations to the winners.

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