Name that Lava XXI and Alans riddle #14 + Katla update


First of all before we go weekend nuts with volcano riddles I would like to point out that the largest earthquake in Katla, one of the most talked about volcanoes on the planet, during the last 13 years was when the glacier snapped apart due to summer melt. This is truly a bad year for the 2012ers. The earthquake measured 3.8M and was at 0.1km depth.

Name that Lava

Today there are 4 points to earn:

1. The correct rock-type, granite not good enough
2. The main mineralogy og the rock
3. The 2 accessory minerals – brassy and grey
4. What climbers delicacy is the area known for

Second image for the Name that lava competition. Both pictures are of the same lava.

The standings in the Name that Lava competition:

10 Spica
7 DFMorvan
6 Sissel
5 Ursula
5 Diana Barnes
4 Talla
4 KarenZ
3 Cryphia
2 Doug Merson
2 Hattie
2 Schteve42
2 Irpsit
2 Stephanie Alice Halford
2 Lisa
1 Jim
1 Luisport
1 Inge B
1 Heather B
1 Jamie
1 Henri le Revenant
1 UKViggen
1 Alan C
1 Bobbi

Evil Alan’s Riddle!

‘If you wish to see my castellated layers, look hard amongst empty shells!
Oh! and don’t forget to look; you may find a dyke!’

a) What exactly am I?
b) With what is my dyke associated?

Rock-on folk!!

And the standing in the Evil Alan’s Riddles are:

6 Talla
5 Sissel
3 Henri le Revenant
3 KarenZ
2 Ursula
2 Chryphia
1 purohueso745
1 UKViggen
1 lughduniese
1 Carl
1 Spica

Good luck to everyone!

Good news about Grimmster

December 2011: Exciting blog times: Bobs activity was intensively monitored, while Carl fullfilled his famous Russian grenades tank expedition.

Fellow commenter Grimmster was leaving for El Hierro to explore the island and take pictures of everything of interest for a couple of weeks. Many of us would have been very happy to join him.

In January we started to ask ourselves where he was. But months passed by without anymessage.

At last I sent Grimmster an email, concerned as I was, hoping that he would respond. And then another one. And guess what –  today I got a mail! His daughter Karen explained what had happened and brought a heart warming message:

“This is to let you know that my Father had a really bad accident on the way to the Airport when on his trip to the island, he is still in hospital but should be home in a couple of weeks.

I visited him today and he is greatly looking forward to reading all ofthe Posts on your Blog, he has really missed you all.

He was in a Coma for quite a period but is expected to make a full recovery, its taken so long to reply to you as reading his emails was the last thing on his mind at the time.

Kind Regards to you all, and he asks that you pass this on to all the bloggers he calls Friends”.

We can write our answers to him here, I’m sure it will not take long untilhe can read it all!

– Thanks to daughter Karen who let us know.


520 thoughts on “Name that Lava XXI and Alans riddle #14 + Katla update

  1. Carl
    Besided the winners of Evilityßs riddle – a post ( Draft) would be ready- You could mess with it and add some stuff or copy paste it into your post. Pics and tags… all in alreday.

  2. I ll duplicate the comment:
    Ok This is a call to all users please. Which sites are good for uploading images?

    I would upload it into the page Gems without any relation to volcanoes.
    So newbies have help getting started. ( And Oldies like me do not really know good tips on this as well.)
    Thank you for leaving a comment. ->

  3. Books on Hekla eruptions:
    – Guðmundur Einarsson frá Miðdal: Heklugosið 1947-48.(with abbreviated English version)
    – Thorarinsson, Sigurdur (1970). Hekla: A Notorious Volcano. Almenna bókafélagið, Reykjavík.
    Irpsit, are these the ones?
    I think having seen the second one as a paperback still in Reykjavík bookshops. 🙂

  4. About Photobucket:
    I use the free service for more than a year now and am satisfyed with it at this moment. You do not need to have any social media accounts (in that case I would not use it either).
    The pictures and videos seem to be safe, haven’t seen any of them being removed yet. They are well organized in easy to access albums. It is easy to add and edit descriptions and there is a fairly good photo editing feature.
    The bad thing is the aggressive advertising I experienced in the beginning. Just once I could not resist the screaming pop-up message: YOU ARE VISITOR #10.000.000!! YOU WON AN I-POD!! (or something like that) and clicked it. Then I had to fill in a very long survey including my address. I clearly stated NOT wanting to receive any ads of any kind. I received an email with some thanks – but of course – never ever “my” I-pod. What I got: Hundreds of spam emails from businesses thinking I had joined their mailing lists voluntarily. – It took much time to filter them out.
    So- never ever click a pop-up if you want to use Photobucket.


    1. Just browse the file you wish to upload.
    2. Click upload.
    3. Fill in the security phrase.
    4. Copy the link named “Direct Link for Layouts”.
    5. Insert copied link into VC.

    No loads of ads, neither when you use it, or for the person looking. You do not need to log in or anything, and you do not need any accounts with Gaggle, Farcebook or Phisqus.

  6. There is no free lunches, all of the picture uploaders have their issues.
    In the end we should consider having our own as a part of the site where the registered users could upload things. We will have to consider that too in our VC mkII discussions.

    • Yeah i just want an overview I LL add Renatos comment too.
      And tried to lighten the site up a bit with images hope it is not too cheesey

  7. Special Information

    Communiqué valid between 19.08.2012 10:36:00 and 20.08.2012 10:36:00
    Subject: Hurricane Warning – Gordon 8/19/2012 10:00 UTC

    Hurricane Gordon is currently on the maritime zone of the Azores as category II, following a path very close to the expected and should gradually weaken during its approach the islands of the Eastern Group. The center of the hurricane will be located very close to the island of St. By Maria 06h UTC on Monday 20. Accordingly remains in one form generates predictions of the last statement: To the island of St. Miguel, mean winds of 90 km / h, with gusts between 120 and 130 km / h. island of S. For Maria, mean winds up to 130 km / h, gusting up to 160 km / h. intense rainfall is expected, strong thunderstorms and rough seas with waves between 14 and 16 m.

    Release Date: 19/08/2012 10:36:00

  8. There will be a new post up momentarily when we know what happened with the one just posted…
    I repeat, there is no eruption at all in Thingmuli.

    Edit: We are absolutely not hiding any posts in weird places… The new post will be found, sooner or later. By someone. Somewhere. Hopefully…

    Edit2: Pear-shaped, to Hork things up. There will be a post. But never post a post as a comment… Lambasting.

    Edit3: Do not post a post as a pingback to the post that you horked up posting. And never post as someone else is saving another version of the post that is just being posted. And there is still no eruption at Thingmuli, could someone please correct that?

  9. I had a post… out front by the road. It had a mail box on it. Then some idiot decided to thwack it with his mirror as he drove by.

    I painted the next one Highway fluorescent Highway Safety orange. I’m thinking about adding high intensity xenon strobes to it.


    In actuality, whoever thwacked my mailbox should be quite thankful to the mail box gods… had they not eaten my mailbox, there is a power poll right next to it. They don’t give way. They like to kill cars, not mirrors.

  10. Carl, I replied to your 1947 book comment above. Check it. I think you can’t find this book for sale, was only for public reading, and this copy was really old. Maybe its possible to borrow it from the Reykjavik library.

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