Sheepy Dalek and NtL XXII, an evil riddle and answers to Name that Lava I and XV: Pico del Teide

As long as this post was assembled out of a draft in half an hour and i don´t know much about lavas myself … 2 points are to be earned here. One for the volcano, and one for the food which is most popular as a chliche. Try for the lava too, ( and other stuff ) Some extra bonus-points might get assigned.

Alan´s evil riddle:
Yes, German, sub-marine hydrothermally altered lava may exist, but it’s not me; I suppose I’m just a bit of an ole’ ‘rusty’ prototype rock!
What is my name?
What do I look like!

So this is my quick shot at this weeks bar opening. A toast to Carl!!!!!! Happy Birthday!.


Here comes the draft:

Answers to Name that lava #1

Teide Panorama ( Wikimedia Commons)

The answer to the very first Name that Lava competition and an image sent to Carl by DFMorvan was a lavabomb of Pico del Teide.

Picture by DF Morvan showing the first mystery lava.

Pico del Teide was also the answer to Name that Lava XV

Roques de Garcia.

Quote: “Los Roques De Garcia are the spectacular eroded rocks of an ancient volcanic crater wall in Teide National park. Tenerife is a stratovolcano capped by Las Canadas, one of the most impressive calderas (craters) in the world. The strange landscape inside the Canadas caldera has been used in feature films such as Star Wars, Planet of the Apes, and Ten Commandments.”

Teide is with 3,718 Spains highest Mountain, a volcano which last erupted 1909 from the El Chinyero vent on the north western Santiago rift. Porto del Cruz is in danger if it should erupt again. The surroundings of Teide are now forming the Teide National Park which is 18,990 hectares large  and was named a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. 2,8 million vistors are counted every year.

The Wikipedia article on Teide and its different stages of formation is worth reading: Teide Wikipedia

Information about Pico del Teide from GVP
Image Wikimedia Commons
The triangular shadow of Teide is one of the wonders of our world. Quote : “At sunrise the triangular shadow of the Pico De Teide extends 124 miles across the Atlantic Ocean and thus form the world’s longest shadow.”

The phenomenon of a volcanoes shadow is explained with Nasa´s “astronomy picture of the day” ( July 5th. 2011)

Tourist info on Pico del Teide.

( Posted as a comment by Winner Schteve )
You can visit Teide even without a car, there is one bus a day from Los Cristianos in the South of Tenerife and one from Puerto de la Cruz in the North (both leaving the bus station at about 9am ish, returning from the National park at 4pm ish.) It is well worth knowing that if the first bus is full TITSA will lay on a second (and ensure that there is enough room for everyone on the return journey.)
Anyone can ascend to the “observation platform” which is approx 200m short of the summit either walking (for the superfit, with thier own car, i’m almost certain there is not enough time for this using the bus, though staying in the Parador Nacional del Teide is an option…) For the less energetic the cable car whisks you up there in a few minutes apporox 30 euros return… you can cable car up and walk down (or vice versa) but you will need good knees
If you want to visit the summit you will need a permit, available online from the National Park Authority, this is an arduous climb (200m, scchteeeeep, at altitude) from the cable car station…
Please remember that even at the base of the cable car, you are at altitude (2500m ish, my ears pop on the bus journey Take care those with heart/ respiratory conditions, the cable car is definately not recommended x
Sounds obvious, but watch out for the weather, it can be chilly especially at the top of the cable car (-5c one time I went!!!), but the sun is fierce because you are usually above the clouds and the wind will dry you out nearly as quickly as the sun…


GL Edit: Set first image width to 640. Happy Birthday Carl!

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