Sheepy Dalek! Saturday Special

I did not have the slightest idea how many sheep cakes there are in the world.

Happy Bday, again, to Carl and Newby, ( and to Bobbi on monday and to Renato soon and to me on thursday ;P )

The answer to the quick shot Name that Lava was, as Sissel pointed out correctly Makhtesh Ramon
All the photoshopping did not help. Sissel blew my riddle within an hour.
Alan ! please give me some lessons in how to be really evil.
Original image from Wikimedia left and my version is to the right.
So the ranking is now:

10 Spica
8 Sissel
7 DFMorvan
5 Ursula
5 Diana Barnes
5 KarenZ
4 Talla
3 Chryphia
2 Doug Merson
2 Hattie
2 Schteve42
2 Irpsit
2 Stephanie Alice Halford
2 Lisa
2 Henri, Liet Kynes
2 UKViggen
1 Topey
1 Inge B
1 Heather B
1 Jamie
1 Jim
1 Luisport
1 Alan C
1 Bobbi

Quote:  Sissel says: August 24, 2012 at 17:01
“Giv’at Ga’ash, a black hill in the north of the makhtesh was once an active volcano which erupted thousands of years ago and caused it to be covered in lava which quickly cooled in the open air, converting it into basalt. Limestone covered by basalt can also be found in smaller black hills in the southern part of the makhtesh, including Karnei Ramon.

Shen Ramon (Ramon’s Tooth) is a rock made of magma which hardened whilst underground. It later rose up through cracks in the Earth’s surface, and today stands in striking contrast with the nearby creamy coloured southern wall of the crater, as a black sharp-edged rockIn the centre of the makhtesh is Ha-Minsara (The Carpentry Shop), a low hill made up of black prismatic rocks, and interestingly, the rectangular pipes on the side of the hill are made of the same sort of sand found on beaches. As such, this is the only place in the world where prisms made of heated sand turned into liquid which, in cooling naturally formed rectangular and hexagonal prisms, can be seen. These prisms lost no space in the middle during formation.”

More Info at:

Falafel: Again a point for Sissel

Alans Riddle is still not solved.

Yes, German, sub-marine hydrothermally altered lava may exist, but it’s not me; I suppose I’m just a bit of an ole’ ‘rusty’ prototype rock!
What is my name?
What do I look like!

Spica ( who does not like Falafel)

Expect another post by me, as soon as i find out what the correct answer to Name that Lava #1 was, and if Carl still lets me write posts.

303 thoughts on “Sheepy Dalek! Saturday Special

  1. Loool, that was a lot of cakes with sheeps. I had to laugh when I discovered Shaun and his little cousin Timmy is on some of them. Makes me hungry for some cakes now 🙂 Thank’s for making me start the day with a good laugh 😀

  2. Elsa has just posted this on theAvcan FB page describing a movement she felt at 09:51.

    ..Sorry, had constant vibration, a stronger and longer than others, right at 9:51 by my watch, I feel like the ground up, like when fans a balloon and then let the aiire out slowly, but in a as wave, slow .. the feeling was not pleasant. Then as wanting to strike without giving it ….

  3. There are also comments about a movement felt in Tenerife about 10 hours ago.

    ¿Alguien sabe que paso en Tenerife hace unas 10 horas? Tengo comentarios en mi facebook de gran estruendo y vibración en Los Realejos?

    Does anyone know what happened in Tenerife about 10 hours ago? I have comments on my facebook for great noise and vibration in Los Realejos?

    • *Sigh*, so many ways to make mistakes with this program. Algebraic signs matter. 0.6 is not -0.6. So I´ll delete this video in a moment and show one with corrected color scale legend and more earthquakes from today (til 16:11). Sorry for the confusion. I can only blame lack of sleep due to silly midnight ntL quests 😉

    • Judith, can I please ask you for a favour? You are a native English speaker and you speak Spanish, right? So, please, couldn’t you translate these articles and reports from avcan yourself rather than using giggle translate?
      Or at least, before you post the giggle translation, please, edit the English into something understandable.
      Thanks in advance!

      • No Ursula I do not speak fluent Spanish the Spanish I know is only self taught I have changed the translation to google from Bing and have read the above and I thought the translation into English was understandable. Do you want me to quote the paragraph in its original Spanish version?

        • Keep giggle translations very short (or better: not at all), just put the link to the original text and make a short summary so people can decide for themselves if they want to read it – everybody can make a giggle translation if they want to.

      • Ursula,
        I understand that this sort of translation can be demanding, because of its nature requiring velocity and clarity at a time.
        I very much appreciate Judith’s efforts in trying to supply us with both, albeit not always flawlessly, and therefore, you may feel free to ask me for help, Portuguese being a closer language to Spanish than English.
        I won’t be always available, but I’ll do my best to correspond to Judith’s tireless quest for answers. 🙂

    • Wow! A truly ‘name the lava’ quiz played by scientists.
      Judith, thank you very much for your investigations over all these El Hierro-related comments. I assume we can return this effort by trying to read in between translation mishaps as much as we can.
      I am no native English speaker (nor Spanish), but quite familiar with both languages, which probably makes it easier for me to decipher such technically intricate (and often badly written) lines.
      I wouldn’t have done a better job myself, though I imagine Giggle would be a better tool than Bing for clarity, as well as shorter paragraphs.
      Please, keep doing the good work and I am at everyone’s disposal to help, whenever and if I can.

  4. Interestingly Elsa is now saying the movements she is feeling have changed direction.

    ”Good afternoon, continue the vibrations, some changes in the direction of them by now were from east to west as it were, and now pushes more from south to north with tilt and push east.,,

    • Thanks for this Judith
      It certainly gives a sense of the scale of the tunnel and how high the road is!

      The 9km depth quakes started a few days ago – very small, as reported by Armand, and so it would seem likely that the permeable layer should soon allow for a vent to open, if it is like last time.
      The worry comes when it is difficult to comprehend the force behind the diapirs, when the push happens, inflating and then progressing the magma towards the surface. It is weird thinking how deep 9 kilometres still is, and yet the ‘rock and roll’ is felt on the surface quite distinctly.

      And a belated Happy Birthday Carl, hope you had a lovely day – best wishes all!

  5. Jaspilite is correct. So a point for KarenZ for that.

    I think the Evil one also wanted a depository for his Jaspilite, and so far no correct answer has been given for that.


    ‘The bulk of this paper uses the chemistry of volcanic glasses and melt inclusion trapped in crystals to reproduce the evolution of the magma from initial melting in the mantle all the way up to eruption. Many details of the magma chamber can then be calculated using this evolution path. While some of these details may seem a little abstract (like the amount of feldspar crystallisation relative to pyroxene crystallisation), when put together it forms an important story about what occurred under the volcano in the past — and what is likely to happen again. One of the conclusions of this study is that Pantelleria is more dangerous than previously thought (in tabloid-speak), but without the careful modelling we would not know this.’


    It’s articles like this that make me want to stop global warming scientists from trying to cool the earth using aerosols and other pollutants. Surely it would be better perhaps to migrate north and then migration south when it cools again? The Viking invasions of UK happened when cooling caused crop failures further north after a warm period. Which eruption would that have been? Desert ruins in the Sahara evidence it was temperate and populated there a few thousand years ago.

    Pantelleria seems to come from very deep. Is there any similarity with El Hierro?

    • Alyson, thanks for the links – so interesting!
      Sometimes I keep asking myself if scientists (like us, as well) are not challenged to the edge in trying to find in every odd cold spell a volcanic connection. Wonder if there could be some other more cyclic causes… dunno…
      As for Pantelleria, as far as I know, it has a different magma source (subduction volcanism) than Hierro ( mantle plume), though both could behave in a similar way, being so deep rooted in the ocean.

      • BTW Garteh Fabro is a FB ‘Eruptions Tuff team’ friend and ‘regular’ (well, not quite that regular) and a very competent, serious volcanologist to my layman judgment. He has this very interesting page (unfortunately not as often refreshed with new posts as I would have liked – which makes them even rarer jewels such as this one) and is also deeply acquainted with Mediterranean volcanoes such as Santorini. A trustworthy source.
        I will try to bring him to Volcanocafé, although he’s always busy in his researches.

    • Pantelleria is definitely a civilization whacker. It truly dwarfs Campi Flegrei for instance.
      If The Green Tuff Ignimbrite would have happened today then life as we know it around the mediterranean would be gone.
      In terms of amount of megadeaths this is the volcano to be afraid of. This is not scaremongering. One should though remember that it is not showing any signs of doing anything, it though should be studied better.

  7. What do you think is happening under Vatnajökull? Still no water in Skaftá – though conductivity and light absorption keep rising (now conductivity near 300 and light absorption near 200). Tremor came to a stop at station JOK , but is on the other hand beginning at station SKR . Perhaps we should keep an eye on other rivers (Tungnaá and Þjórsá) and Landsvirkjun people should again watch very closely over Hágöngulón.

  8. This has just been posted by a Spanish man from Barcelona on the Avcan FB Page.

    There seems to be unrest at the moment some is due to the fact that August is like a complete shutdown for some Goverment offices and some people have commented they worry that Pevolva and IGN are just running on skeleton staff levels at the moment.!/pages/Actualidad-Volc%C3%A1nica-de-Canarias-AVCAN/163883668446

    Edited/ shortened by volcanocafe2.

  9. Bleh…. the forecast track shifted west. I’m looking at getting 40 to 50 knot sustained winds for 24 hours. Not a catastrophe, but not fun. I hope the trees hold up. (they usually do).

    Waveland Mississippi looks to have upwards of seven foot storm surge, given it’s location and the propensity of the coastline to concentrate the surge. For Waveland… well, it could be worse. It was literally wiped off the face of the Earth in Camille, the same thing happened in Katrina.

    Maybe I’ll luck out and this one won’t hook like Ivan. On the plus side, it has poor organization and not much time to get it together, the forward velocity dictates that. Haiti and Cuba did what they usually do… keep it suppressed. (mountains)

  10. The riddle answer – and well done to both Karen & Sissel for sticking at it!
    From (yes German Newby so near!) JA
    SPILITE – -altered marine lava/pillow lavas
    I had thought to call it by the extended name (for the question) of
    Jaspilite Protore, but I think that was just a touch too far!!
    It is the Gondwana banded Ironstone, mix of Fe oxides and quartz species as jasper

    See you next time – I hope! 🙂

  11. Well I do have a question for Lurking and I think it may interest some people out there.
    What do you do when a tropical storms comes near ?
    There must be some advice from the authorities.
    Do you have to make some water and food stock ?
    (il you have time of course !)

    • I would like an attempt at the “If you have time of course” part.
      It all depends on where you are if you have time or not.
      Normally you have good time since the hurricane will be pretty well prognosticated. Of course they tend to be a bit erratic on theír exact trajectories. Ie, you know it is coming, but not exactly where it will hit, and you will know it for days. So, you have ample time to at least mentally prepare for perhaps having to bug out for the dug out.

      If you are out in the ocean you can be among the first to even see the hurricane.
      That happened to me with Bonnie in ’98.
      I was sailing from Bermuda to Bahamas when Bonnie got nasty. I got the warning in time, but it was supposed to go for Cuba, so I decided to hang where I was and rough out any edge weather. In the end it would not have made a lot of difference what I had done. By the time they sent out the warning it had turned and started to barrel straight down over me.
      So, pretty much out of the blue I got slammed since I was all of a sudden hit center stage with a cathegory 3 hurricane.
      With a hurricane you have to try to ride it out in the direction of the wind, trying to angle outwards. Problem is that it wont work that well really. But, whatever you do, stay away from land. Land = Sudden brutal death.
      Preparationwise I set the storm monkey (a minute sail), hydrated like an idiot. filled up a vacuum flask with coffee and donned my heaviest rain gear and waited. It is an earie feeling as the light turn yellow and there is very little wind. You see the roiling cloud wall coming ever closer, you can see the lightning, but there is no sound at all. I just sat there contemplating my upcoming end while sipping on the coffee. A couple of minutes later it started. I do not remember much of the first hour really, just that I missed the silence. But later I somehow discovered that I could surf a wave, and did that for hours. I did about two hours on one wave in the end, it was about 100 feet high. I named it Butch. Butch ejected me out of the hurricane in the end.

      My survival tip of the day when you are about to get slammed by a hurricane. Be somewhere else.

      • Always an option… if you can afford it. (both from a property point of view and cost of travel.) I blew a sizable wad of cash on running from Dennis. (nothing to it) One of the reasons was that the previous year, Ivan gave me a wake up call.

        In retrospect, and considering some of the stuff I’ve ridden out, the forethought that I put into where I live, it’s gonna have to be Cat 4+ before I run again. Storm surge can’t get me… if it gets this high you can kiss most of Florida goodbye. Period. (44 meters elevation 20 km inland)

        But, if you are easily mobile… the best bet is to not be there.

        (though I did enjoy watching Geraldo Rivera dragging a tree limb around trying to set up a dynamic and interesting shot for his news report several years ago)

    • Eh… occasionally the advise from the authorities assumes you are an idiot.

      My preps? Spare gasoline so I can keep the generator running on the freezer. Propane so I can cook. Non-Perishable foods that are relatively easy to prepare. (Ramen fits this quite well) I like to have about 15 lbs of potatoes, and a sack of onions available. Bottled water. (the most important thing). My wife prefers a particular brand, I’m not choosy, I have two 5 gallon watercooler style bottles and a manual pump specifically designed for it. Extra water for flushing the toilet if needed. Should everything go to hell… a 5 gallon paint bucket and several cheap shopping bags, along with a box of RidX (digests human waste), a fresh gallon jug of non-scented bleach just in case I have to make my own water. An alternate method are clear 1 liter bottles placed in the sunshine for a day or so… kills off the microbes.

      And above all. A working chainsaw.

      That’s so you can cut yourself out of where ever you are at.

      Optional items to have on hand

      Tarps. That way you can make emergency repairs to your roof after it’s over with.

      Shotgun and ammo. At least until Law Enforcement can get back into operation and provide service.

      • As part of the EQ emergency kit, we were advised to have a supply of tinned food that did not need cooking (plus tin opener, not an electric one), torches with batteries, candles plus matches, radio plus batteries. Chocolate is good too. Emergency supplies had to cover three days minimum.

      • It will be fine here. As time moves on and the updates come out, the track moves more to the west. Last I saw, there was a 5 to 10% probability of 3 meter storm surge East of New Orleans. GFDL currently puts it land-falling west of there (no update on the SLOSH model though)

        Here, it’s going to be a nuisance. Though it is illegal in the State of Florida to price gouge, gasoline went up 17 cents per gallon in 12 hours. They had better hope that no complaints are filed, I’ve seen stations hit with some pretty serious fines after getting caught doing that. The one up the street doesn’t even exist anymore, that and bad management saw it changes hands twice, and now it’s an empty lot. Not even a building.

        • So glad it seems to be going west—sounds like u r prepared so we know you will be aok. Still, good luck!

    • Other people are reporting movements .

      en este momento hay vibracion las toscas frontera

      There are currently vibration las toscas frontera

      9 minutes ago · Like · 2.

      Ingrid Parparcen la vibracion va en aumento

      the vibration is on the rise (Translated by Bing)

      4 minutes ago · Like · 2

      Elsa M Guadarrama aquí en los llanillos no ha parado

      here in the llanillos has not stopped

    • No, it’s not normal.

      But it is seismically active. This is the area NE of the Yuha-Wells. South is the Imperial Fault, North is the San Andreas. Yuha-Wells (and others) cut across the base of the Elsinore – San Jacinto – San Andreas.

      This could be an after effect of the stress from Mexicali 7.2 from a few years ago.

      If I remember correctly, it never did propagate on this part of the area. (Elsinore and San Jacinto yes, but not here)

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