Answers to Alan´s riddle #15 and NtL #1 and #2

Riddle #15 on Sheepy Dalek and NtL XXII, an evil riddle and answers to Name that Lava I and XV: Pico del Teide

Yes, German, sub-marine hydrothermally altered lava may exist, but it’s not me; I suppose I’m just a bit of an ole’ ‘rusty’ prototype rock!
What is my name?
What do I look like!

Winners: KarenZ, Sissel;
Answers: Jaspilite Protore – ie banded early Gondwana iron ores as Hammersley etc; Yes=Ja (german) + Submarine hyrdo altered lava= Spilite Hence Jaspilite
prototype deposit-Protore. It is the Gondwana banded Ironstone, mix of Fe oxides and quartz species as jasper.
Protore is a raw mineral deposit which may be enriched to produce ore.
So the ranking is now:

7 Sissel
6 Talla
5 KarenZ
3 Henri le Revenant
3 Chyphria
2 Ursula
1 lughduniese
1 purohueso745
1 UKViggen
1 Carl
1 Spica

More informtion: Mindat Jaspilite

Picture by DF Morvan showing the first mystery lava.

Image by dfmorvan

Correction, the solutions to the very first Name that Lava competition was Gran Canaria not Teide.

Answers: Gran Canaria Volcano, Pillow lava (at 1500 meters height!)
Winners: Jim and Schteve

More Information:

Roque Nublo ( Wikipedia)

The second edition of Name that Lava was published on Sheepy Dalek – Name that Lava II! Author: Carl, March 16th.

Photograph by Hailey. Please click to see a bigger version.

Talla says: March 16, 2012 at 21:54 : it’s a potassium feldspar matasomite known as Charoite with Canasite found only on the Murun Massif, Sakha Republic, Russia (volcanic event – Siberian Traps).


Norilsk deposit, a part of the Siberian traps.
Quote Wikipedia: “Charoite (K(Ca;Na)2Si4O10(OH;F)·H2O), pronounced CHAR-oh-ite, is a rare mineral, first described in 1978 and named for the Chara River. It has been reported only from the Sakha Republic, Yakutia, Siberia, Russia.[3] It is found where a syenite, the Murunskii Massif, has intruded into and altered limestone deposits producing a potassium feldspar metasomatite. Charoite is translucent lavender to purple in color with a pearly lustre. However, it is a discrete mineral rather than a rock. Charoite is strictly massive in nature, and fractures are conchoidal. It has an unusual swirling, fibrous appearance, sometimes chatoyant, and that, along with its intense color, can lead many to believe at first that it is synthetic or enhanced artificially.”

Quote: “The Murun massif is located on the Aldan Shield. In the atlas you can find it between the Charaa and Tokko river, south of Olekminsk. The Murun massif is of course famous for charoite. The Murun massif is (type) locality for a number of unusual minerals. This is caused by the very complex geology of the Murun massif.  Vastly simplyfied the Murun massif is a differatiated alkaline intrusion. ” Murun Massif
Mindat.Org Charoite
Canasite, Tinaksite, Aegirine, Charoite:
PDF: Thermal X-Ray Diffraction Study of Charoite from Russia


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