Salud El Hierro!

The thermal hot spring bath of Balneario Pozo la Salud. Quite likely the new “to be at” spot for Jacuzzi watching.

The volcanic island of El Hierro is really turning into the Little Volcano that Could.

3 earthquakes seem to have changed the ballgame around once more.  First came two deep earthquakes at a new spot at 10.10 in the morning, both of them at the depth of 20 km. 26 minutes later followed a 2.6M at 10 kilometers depth.

Within minutes a sharp increase was noticed in the high frequency tremor. The tremor lacks low frequency components making this a dead giveaway that we are seeing a de-gassing event. What has happened is that a persistent earthquake swarm north of Balneario Pozo La Salud most likely finally cracked through and things started to move up beyond the de-gassing threshold.

Image by IGN. Please notice the lack of tremor at the lower frequencies.

After the 10.36 earthquake the shallower earthquakes pretty much disappeared and we had an onset of a new active deep earthquake swarm. In retrospect it is clear that we most likely caught the arrival of a new bolus of magma arriving from depth. If so it is the fourth time new magma arrives from the depth.

The deep earthquake swarm roughly follows the same pattern as for the previous 3 arrivals. Activity started at 20 kilometers depth at Tanganasoga, and then moved outwards and slowly dipped deeper. Every arrival has taken a slightly different direction; this one is moving into what can only be seen as pristine territory.

Image by IGN. Notice the 10km swarm north of Pozo la Salud, and the arrival of the new magma at 20km around Tanganasoga, this time moving roughly towards La Restinga area with a slow dip downwards. Remember that it never went this way during the Eruption of Bob south of La Restinga.

It is still too early to see anything on the GPS, but it should start to be visible tomorrow.

Question then is where is the de-gassing happening? My guess is that the guests of Balneario Pozo La Salud might have an interesting wake up call. If they are lucky they will have a brand new hot water Jacuzzi out in the ocean. For those who do not know, Pozo La Salud is a thermal spring bath in El Hierro.


Friday riddle is still unsolved:

I am the stony product of music that make Pavarotti mate a canis canis sheep mixture, I am spawned out of the apothecary.

What am I? And what is my origin? 3 points to be had, 2 for the name of “What am I”, and 1 for the origin. There is also a cunningly hidden bonus point out there…

228 thoughts on “Salud El Hierro!

    Global Incident Map – OLD Quakes?
    This site gets its info from these sites:

    [link to]

    [link to]

    and GeoScience Australia…
    are they trying to tell us something?

    USGS and EMSC have no registration of new quakes over the last hours

    Resqued from the Dungeons by VC. I have a couple of issues with this comment though. Global Incident Map is not the most reliable even to begin with, and then I haven’t even gotten started with GLP as a source…

    • A few hours, all parties not provide current data.
      It seemed to test the reaction of GLP internautów.Na note the attitude of the trolls

  2. There have been 46 earthquakes since midnight all at deeper depths now approx 22km and some up to a 2.6.

    Is this movement of fresh magma now and could it mean that the island structure below is like swiss cheese and the magma is filling up all the holes bit by bit and what will happen when there are no more holes to fill is this not worrying?

  3. Julia Sissi has made her own earthquake detector she has just put two glass vases together and if they make a tinkle noise she says she knows the EQ is a 2.8 and above.
    It works as she reported the tremor at 09.48 before it was published.

    Natalia, tengo un sismógrafo casero que no falla: dos frasquitos de vidrio, puestos uno al lado del otro. tocándose. Si los frasquitos tintinean, sismo seguro, de más de 2,8

  4. On the google map link courtesy of Manfred from his blog he has marked the area of the cliffs he has pointed out where the danger is of landslides

    …Top left the Golfotal with La Frontera. The dashed area is about 1000 meters high cliff and about the district boundary between La Frontera and El Pinar (right). Under this green plateau (Pine Forest) with + + + located in the epicenter. There are only a few hundred meters to the Abruchkante Tanganasoga – and that makes things for rockfall and landslide hazard.
    Yesterday we had about 13.13 clock in this area as the strongest quake one ML3, 2 earthquake . within 24 km depth..

    • Spica could very well have a ‘rocking’ holiday!
      Did she really not take her laptop?? No internet cafes—to keep connected? She is a whiz!!!
      Spica, are you there? Or are you truely out of touch?
      We will be going through Spica withdrawal!!!

      • Was Spica going to the north or south of the island? And how big of an area is Tenerife? Might have experienced this first hand shaking today! An exciting greeting to her vacation.
        Been through several small shakers in southern California in the eighties and now, but NOT then, I am glad to say I did experience the sensation of the earth moving—will never forget it! Husband was on a military field exercise in the Ca high desert sleeping in the back of a big truck which began rocking, looked out to see who was joking with him to knock some heads together and he said the sand was rippling as far as he could see. Even felt one here in the southeast U.S. of all places many years ago and knew it sure felt like California. But living in El Hierro with near constant vibration/shaking would unnerve me to no end! My eyes would be glued to my water glass! I feel for the island folks!

  5. On the other hand, I find interesting what is going on on Reykjanes Ridges southwest of Iceland.

    IMO said this morning, nothing special. ( ) But the swarm is now at about 40 quakes, and 5 of them over 3. Could be tectonic of course, as there have been some quakes to the south and north of Iceland lately on the MAR, but then there are also seamounts and volcanic ridges in the vicinity, so you never know. 😉

    This a very interesting paper about the ridge (although a bit more to the NW): * Ármann Höskuldsson, e.a.: ”The Reykjanes Ridge between 63°10’N and Iceland”, Journal of Geodynamics 43, 2007, 74-86]

    And here is a report about a scientific expedition there in 2007: ”Reykjanes Ridge Expedition Science Overview, RV Knorr June 15- July 15, 2007”

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