Answers to the riddle(s) Mt. Erebus and…

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Name that Volcano – Mt Erebus
Erebus was a primordial Greek god of darkness, the son of Chaos (Khaos).
Periodic Table – Atomic Numbers
5 = B
63 = EU
109 = MT
75 = RE
16 = S
The letters make up an anagram of Mt Erebus – by putting them in order one is enlightened!!

Congratulations to the winners Sissel and KarenZ!

Mount Erebus is, after Mount Sidney the second highest volcano in Antartica with 3794 m elevation. It is located on Ross Island where the inactive volcano Mount Terror is also located. Mt. Erebus is part of the pacific “Ring of Fire” ( Renato will love that!). Since 1972 Mt. Erebus is being monitored and it has been active ever since.

It is a mixture of a shield volcano and a stratvolcano.

In 1977 Ait Newzealnd offered regular sightseeing flights over antartica till Flight 901 crashed into the mountain because the sight was zero ( sectror witheout conditions) In summer, when the snow melts, the cash site  were 257 people died is clearly visible till today.

Maybe you have forgoten but we have our very own expert on Mt. Erebus here on VC. A cousin of Newby´s grandfather had joined the expedition to explore it from 1914 to 1917.
Ever since she discovered this fact, she is especially interested in it and so she wrote an article on it for Volcanocafe which was published here almost a year ago. A year is a long time. This article sure is worth re-reading so i do recommend it for your weekends entertainment!!!
Mount Erebus, Ross Island and the Age of Exploration Author: Newby, December 3rd. 2011

This article by Natinal Geographic is also a nice reading and provides extra information.

I always write up the answers to the riddles. One purpose for this habit is to teach you how the different riddle masters tick. In case someone would have read it, he/she could have found out that Suzie likes constructing words out of chemical formulas because she did it before, with her Name that Volcano riddle #2
At the moment the answers to NTV riddles can be found on Answers to miscellaneous Riddles, if Suzie continues to provide as many riddles, she will receive a page of her own.

Following are some links on Mt: Erebus and some comments which i stored here because they were too long to sum up in a few words.

Fumaroles freeze in the icy cold air and build ice towers. Image from the site



Link posted by Diana ( link posted by Diana) ( link posted by Kilgharrah )

Greek Mythology  identifies Chaos as being the mother of Erebus. ( link posted by Kilgharrah )

jeannie: Mount Erebus – EREBOS (or Erebus) was the Protogenos (primeval god) of darkness, His mother was Khaos Her name khaos literally means the gap, the space between heaven and earth. Khaos was the mother or grandmother of the other substances of air: Nyx (Night), Erebos (Darkness), Aither (Light) and Hemera (Day), as well as the various emotion-affecting Daimones which drifted through it. She was also a goddess of fate like her daughter Nyx and grand-daughters the Moirai.

GeoLurkingSHE walks in beauty, like the night
Noiseless glide with grace not felt
Stillness looms without the light
Cacophonous roar as the dog then yelps.
(It ain’t Lord Byron, but it’s more accurate)

Oliver St John-Mollusc: The first sentence is verbatim out of Hesiod’s Theogeny and your riddle could be a very condensed synopsis. However, it does not lead to Erebus so you managed to include a red herring as well:

 First of all, Chaos (emptiness) came into being, next broad-bosomed Earth, the solid and eternal home of all. Next came Eros (desire), the most beautiful of the immortal gods, who in every man and every god

softens the muscles and overpowers better judgment. Out of Chaos came Darkness and black Night, and out of Night came Light and Day, her children conceived after union in love with Darkness. Earth first produced starry Sky, equal in size with herself, to cover her on all sides. Next she produced the tall mountains, the pleasant haunts of the gods, and also gave birth to lifeless waters. All this she did this without the passion of love.

Thereafter Earth lay with Sky and gave birth to Ocean with its deep current… After these came cunning Cronus (time) the youngest and boldest of her children; and he grew to hate his father, Sky, who had sired him.

Earth also gave birth to violent Cyclops: Thunderer, Lightening, and Flash, who later gave to Zeus the thunder and the lightning bolt. They were like the gods in all respects except that a single eye stood in the middle of their foreheads, and their strength and power and skill were in their hands.

There were also born to Earth and Sky three more children, who were

big, strong, and horrible: Cottus and Briareus and Gyes. This unruly brood had a hundred monstrous hands sprouting from their shoulders, and fifty heads on top of their shoulders growing from their sturdy bodies. They had monstrous strength to match their huge size.

Of all the children born of Earth and Sky, these were the boldest, and their father hated them from the beginning. As each of Sky’s children was about to be born, he would not let them reach the light of day; instead he hid them all away in the bowels of Mother Earth. Sky took pleasure in doing this evil thing. In spite of her enormous size, Earth felt the strain within her and groaned. Finally she thought of an evil and cunning stratagem. She instantly produced a new metal, gray steel, and made a huge sickle. Then she laid the matter before her children; the anguish in her heart made her speak boldly: “My children, you have a savage father. If you will listen to me, we may be able to take vengeance for this evil outrage: he was the one who started using violence.”

This was what she said, but all the children were gripped by fear, and not one of them spoke a word. Then great Cronus, the cunning trickster, took courage and answered his good mother with these words: “Mother, I am willing to undertake and carry through your plan. I have no respect for our infamous father, since he was the one who started using violence.” This was what he said, and enormous Earth was very pleased. She hid him in ambush and put in his hands the sickle with jagged teeth, and instructed him fully in her plot. Huge Sky came drawing night behind him and desiring to make love; he lay on top of Earth stretched all over her.

Then from his ambush his son reached out with his left hand and with his right took the huge sickle with its long jagged teeth and quickly sheared the testicles from his own father and threw them away. The drops of blood that spurted from them were all taken in by Mother Earth, and in the course of the revolving years she gave birth to the powerful Furies [Spirits of Revenge] and a race of Giants with shining armor and long spears. As for the organs themselves, for a long time they drifted round the sea just as they were when Cronus cut them off with the steel edge and threw them from the land into the waves of the ocean; then white foam issued from the divine flesh, and in the foam a girl began to grow. First she came near to holy island of Cythera, then reached Cyprus, the land surrounded by sea. There she stepped out, a goddess, tender and beautiful, and round her slender feet the green grass shot up. She is called Aphrodite by gods and men because she grew in the froth… Eros [Desire] and beautiful Passion were her attendants both at her birth and at her first going to join the family of the gods. The rights and privileges assigned to her from the beginning and recognized by men and gods are these; to preside over the whispers and smiles and tricks which girls employ, and the sweet delight and tenderness of love.

Great Father Sky called his children the Titans, because of his feud with them: he said that they blindly had tightened the noose and had done a savage thing for which they would have to pay in time to come.

Kilgharrah: Greek Mythology can be so lurid – the jaggedy toothed sickle and discarded testicles don’t bear thinking too long about! I had not meant the first sentence to be a red herring – the source below (Encyclopedia Britannica) identifies Chaos as being the mother of Erebus.

But hey its a myth after all!!

46 thoughts on “Answers to the riddle(s) Mt. Erebus and…

  1. This is just a short post for your weekend entertainment because the last post went in 3 days ago. Tomorrow morning expect VC to go deeper and more serious again with a post by GeoLurking “The Ruminarian… “

  2. Good afternoon, o Thou new brave World!
    Finally someone has done justice to Antartica, including her in the infamous “Ring”. The circle is now complete, thanks to Dragon Spica’s deed.
    The Earth can now start a new cycle, thanks to this blog.
    Henrik may now begin writing a new Theogony and Geosciences won’t need rings never more hereafter!!!!

    • Interesting…. trying to read it now, but I have a problem with ‘The Little Wolf that Cried “Boy!”‘

      It seems that every time someone walks down the street… this small dog has to warn me about it.

    • Well… it applies to the dead zone, but doesn’t really tell us anything more than we already knew.

      Using the dimensions of the “pyroclastic” (scoria) cones, the alignment of the ellipse defining the base, and the ellipse defining the crater… and in some cases (circular cones) where the peak and trough of the rim are at (ramparts that form there), you can get a sense of the alignment of the feeder dike that made the cone.

      The authors did a statistical analysis of the survey of cones at Réunion to determine the alignment of the dominant feeder dikes… and how it has changed over time. (new cones vs old cones)

      With the “Dead Zone,” we know that the fissure swarms for Katla, Bardabunga, and Grimsvotn are responsible… and they trend towards the parent volcano.

      But… that was a very good read and it added a bit more info to our store house of knowledge. It might be handy in looking at El Hierro or any place were the dike alignment isn’t that well known.

  3. Hi

    Here is the update on TF zone since Nov 19th.

    First part of the video is the animation, second part shows the Earthquakes with color denoting the the date of event.

    Moho and elevation are shown. I have added the location of Akureyri.
    The video can be seen in HD.

    As for last week the events are in 3 different location and quite concentrated timewise.

    I have not done any new plot for El Hierro as there were few quakes.

  4. OT: Here in the South West of England we’ve had about 2 months rain in a single day and it’s started raining again. As this is on top of already saturated land we have major flooding – I’m in a high area but the rivers are as full as they normally are at the end of a very wet winter so it can only get worse.

    • Hi Talla, even the Spanish TV news channels have been reporting on the terrible flooding in the UK, it seems that the west country is taking the brunt of it again. I think everyone in the UK must be totally fed up with the constant rainfall this year….we had a major downpour today in Tenerife, but as we had some rain a few weeks ago, todays water soaked quite nicely into the ground… we have it worse here when we get a downpour after many months or over a year without any rain at all, and then the rain water just bounces of the hard ground and flows down the mountains like a river.taking all the loose rubble and rocks down with it… best wishes to all those in the UK who are in the badly affected areas – keep safe.

      • Thanks DebbieZ. As I said I’m fine where I live but my friend’s father has been flooded out of a house that’s not seen any flooding in at least 20 years. The forecast is for colder drier weather so things should be better by the end of the week. I feel so sorry for people that have been flooded twice or three times in 8 weeks.

  5. Interesting. A Geonet comment on Facebook this afternoon has confirmed a small (1%) amount of fresh juvenile magma in the ejecta from the latest phreatic blast at Tongariro. So it’s there and it’s shallow.

  6. The really crappy thing is that this post is going to be lost come tomorrow.

    All of us had a childhood. During this childhood, you gain skills, coordination… and importantly concepts. (some of us actually learn the basics of critical thinking, but most don’t, and those of us that do, have it drilled out of us by the school system and the entertainment industry.)

    One of the more important things that I learned… from a TV series featuring a girl with purple hair (Gabrielle Drake)… was scale.

    What had happened… was that the characters in the series had sent a probe to the alien planet, had retrieved imagery, but could not use it… they did not have a reference to the size of what they were looking at. The science gee whiz guy was explaining this to the “hero” guy with a picture of some contrivance on a gently curved surface. To emphasize the point, he pulled back on the image so that you could see the full scene, and it was a model craft sitting on the top of one of the actresses leg… and not a planet’s surface.

    That’s where I learned scale.

    Here… is Pāhoehoe. It is a hot low viscosity magma that forms a “smooth, billowy, undulating, or ropy surface” It’s also quite hot, allowing the magma to flow like this.

    Generally, you see this in Hawaii, which is where the name originates.

    So… I’m poking along with that Caldera paper, and decided to go look for some real world volcanoes to measure the size of the edifice. And I run across this… first thing that came to mind… “oh, pāhoehoe.” Then I realized that it was… large.

    That’s about one kilometer from side to side. Okay… maybe I’m seeing stuff. Lumpy mud looks about the same in a mudflow… but there is not really an equally large supply of water to do this. Hmm.

    Take a wild guess where this ancient landform is.


    If thats what I think it is… that thing must be capable of some nasty stuff. That would have been a phenomenal flow if I’m correct about what it looks like.

    39.151263°S – 175.676232°E

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