Sheepy Dalek, Kick ’em Jenny and “stuff”

Here are the results and answers to the last Friday Riddle.
An extra page was created for the answers of Name That Volcano(es) which can be found by clicking the link or you can search for it in the menu under Gems.
A hint from me, check the old Riddles frequently, you will notice certain patterns the riddlemasters use. This works especially with Alans and Suzies riddles. Name That Lava is a different story. Here you have a better chance if you ever were in this area and the landscape looks familiar. A tip here, even though i do not have the slightest clue when the next one of those will go in again. Looking for hints of vegetation can give you a decent hint in which region of the world the answer could lie.

RIDDLE – Name those Volcanoes # 9 went in on Ruminarian II – Tolbachik Author GeoLurking December 7th.

The first was briefly the subject of a ‘blague Francaise’
The second used to have vents (now pits) that share their name with a footballing legend
The third is the only volcano within the arc of the SS islands chain to have erupted rhyolite pumice
The fourth is located approx. 3 kms due west of a small group of ’sibling’ rocks
The fifth shares its name with a species of lacertid

One point for each volcano and one point for spotting the link!

No 1 Surtsey
No 2 Lo’ihi Seamount
No 3 Protector Shoal
No 4 Kick ‘em Jenny
No 5 El Hierro

The link was submarine volcanoes

Well done and points to –
KarenZ 1 point
Sherine France 3 points!!
Chryphia 1 point
Alison 2 ? 1  points

# 1 Surtsey – Alison
# 2 Lo’ihi Seamount – Sherine
# 3 Protector Shoal – KarenZ
# 4 Kick ‘em Jenny – Sherine France

Chyphria for the link between the volcaoes. All of them are submarine volcanoes!

Ranking for  NtV: Ranking December 8

4 Sherine France
3 or 2 Alison
3 Kelda
3 Chryphia
2 Spica
2 Sissel
2 KarenZ
1 UKviggen,
1 Stoneyard
1 DebbieZ
1 Inge B
1 Grimmster

One of the correct answers to the seamounts we were looking for was Kick ’em Jenny.  A submarine volcano which interests me ever since i first heard of it, when Erik Klemetti was looking for odd volcano names on his blog Eruptions more than 2 years ago.
LesserAnitillesSubductionZoneSo here comes a sum up on Kick ’em Jenny with links and whatever i could find on it on the internet.
Obviously the name refers to the rather harsh weather conditions which often occur in the sea above this seamount. And dont worry Kick ’em Jenny is not a lonely volcano, it does have more vents around and one of them is called Kick ’em Jack. It is a volcano which is caused by the Lesser Antilles Subduction Zone and watched because an eruption may cause tsunamis as it has happened before in 1939.  On some old maps an island is shown in the region where the volcano is now situated. I could not find out if an old version of this volcano really was an island before, though it could not be totally impossible as long as the 2003 survey found an  arc shaped collapse structure extending towards the west.

Sonor image of Kick -ém Jenny found on Wikimedia Commons.

Sonor image of Kick -ém Jenny found on Wikimedia Commons.

Kick -ém Jenny lies about 8km north of Grenada within the Lesser Antilles. It was discovered in 1939 when a spectacular eruption took place and Jenny broke the surface in a surtseyan style eruption. It is said to have thrown steam and debris up to a height of 275 m (902 ft). How this could be measured so exactly is beyond me. The eruption took place on 2 days, 23 and 24 of July in 1939. It was not the first eruption for sure, just the first which was observed. Ever since, the submarine volcano has erupted at least 12 times but this was only speculated due to seismic activity and it could not be watched from ships on the water.  Kick -ém Jenny never stayed above seafloor or created an Island. At the moment its peak lies around 180 meters below the seasurface, where it has been in 1966 also. Mariners had been believing that the volcano had grown and was as close as almost 40 meters to sealevel but a research in 2003 could not confirm those expectations. Kick -ém Jenny is a very active volcano and ships should stay away from it in an exlusion zone of 1,5 km around the seamount.

Map from Wikipedia Kick -ém Jenny

Map from Wikipedia Kick -ém Jenny

The University of the west Indies has a page on ithe seamount and from there you can also find the detailed daily logs of an expedition of NOAA´s ship Ronald H. Brown which took place in March 2003 funded by NOAA. In those logs you can also check pictures of the ROV, sea fauna and even of samples which were taken during the survey and sampling 2003. On the main page there are also 2 sea beam images which will give you a better idea of the shape of Kick -ém Jenny, Kick -èm Jack and the surrounding vents.


When the volcano first broke the surface in 1939 several tsunamis have been created. The University of the West Indies created a chart list with a short description of the events since. The last eruptive event seems to have taken place in 2001. Geology Report of Kick´em Jenny
As long as this volcano is highly active and a rumbling can be heard sometimes, this might not be the last time you can find an post on it here. Maybe it surprises us with some action some time in the future.
This is a sum up done by me, a complete layman who just has a black belt in Google Fu and no expertise in vulcanology.

University of the West Indies:
Oregon State University:
John Seach:
Global Volcanism Program:

It is still the weekend and also a Sheepy Dalek post so let me ruminate about images on the blog a little.
This blog has a library of 3GB where we can store images to be shown on the pages itself. We are currently using 24% of the storage. As long as we are over a year old this may look as if we dont need much space, even though we have 188 posts here already, each of them adorned with pictures. We also harbour 37 pages, some of them even display my library of microscopic images. ( For people who have not already checked that… mostly SEM photos of different volcanic ash can be found in Gems. )
Still, if we are careless this storage is used up soon. GeoLurking discovered recently, if you upload an image again, after one ( in this case me) accidently deleted it, it goes in with the same title with the edition of -1. So even though it is no longer addressable it still counts. This also means, that when space becomes tight, the solution of deleting older images will not help.
So i am asking the dragon not to add audio files and keep a close eye on how much storage is still available. If you check the shopping cart one can buy 10GB of storage for 20$. That is a sum i can and will pay in case it is necesarry, if it is a one time payment and not a yearly sum.
So my thoughts on this. Lets still bring over images by our users, screenshots or something similar when they will expire because they are located on tinypics or if noone would see them because they were delivered in an email. If those images are really huge in size, could they please be worked on before we upload. Maybe add the images into the gallery we have ( did you know? ) within Gems so we can find them again. People who send images or upload them to Tinypic, could you please give the address of the cams or other sources where you took them from.

Iceland experiences a strong gale ( again!) but IngeB noticed a strange patter of earthquakes this morning.

I took a screenshot and here is IngeB´s comment again:
Has somebody had a look at Iceland quakes lately? If not all of them ghosts (rather bad quality with a lot of them), the actual picture shows a very clear pattern of the TFZ and its two main fracture zones, the Húsavík-Flatey-Fault in the southwest and the Grímsey-(Öxarfjördur-)Fault in the north: Compare eg. to p. 2 here:


92 thoughts on “Sheepy Dalek, Kick ’em Jenny and “stuff”

  1. “How this could be measured so exactly is beyond me”

    In open ocean navigation, and before the days of GPS, OMEGA or any of the modern systems, you have to take precise measurements of celestial objects and have precise timing in order to determine where you were at.

    With a good “fix” (position calculation) you can easily determine where stuff was at if you could see it and shoot a bearing (or several) on it.

    Say hello to the sextant.

    • Yeah, but in order to achieve meassurements with a sextant the debris would have to stay up in the air for a while. The sun and stars are not moving that fast. ( I mean they are if you for example look at the Barnard star or Capteyns star.) But with an eruption Sursteyan style. With all the smoke steaming away, i sincerely doubt you could get any closer than in this case between 250 to 300 meters. I do remember when we could not exactly figure out how high the bubble Bob created once, was. And people were watching this from land, not from a ship on sea. Of corse no one used a sextant then. But i may be wrong.

      • All you have to do is watch the eruption through the eye piece and slide the indicator to where the top of the plume is at, then read the elevation angle off of the dial. The same method is used to shoot the stars.

        If you know your position, navigate a few minutes to one side, shoot the position of the eruption site again (bearing cut), you then have a fix on where you are at relative to the eruption… the rest is just trig…. which is what celestial navigation is anyway.

        Plume height estimate is done similar to my estimating the height of the Tolbachik plume from a few articles ago. You watch where the material reached an apex and then do your calculations off of that.

        Sanity dictates that you are not going to drive up into the eruption cloud fallout to do the measurements. You sit to one side out of harms way and watch.

  2. John Seach‏@johnseach

    #Manam volcano, Papua New Guinea. Ash emissions 12,000 ft altitude extending 40 nautical miles northwest on 9 December 2012.

  3. Hi all,
    I’ve been pondering the storage issue; if we are organised, we could open sub blogs; dfm plots@vc or gloverlays@vc etc. The dragon’s top secret test blog is a prime example… I see nothing to stop us running multiple interlinked blogs, no one need pay…
    BTW Spica please share the latest draft with tother dragons, I’m quite happy with it; but it’s not ready to be published until GL has schniff tested it and I have added a pumicepic….

  4. Thank you Spica, Kilgharrah, Lurking et al. And well done to the points’ winners. If only I’d have been in range of a half-decent internet connection I would have got that Surtsey one in a flash! (Yeah, I know – you gotta be there etc etc)

    “Free Wi-fi” – there’s a couple of words that should make you feel warm and cosy when you’re on your travels. So here I am in a building site in a desert. Not really sure what country I’m in and there is little sign of anything that might be considered as recognisable life. And completely ‘dry’ for miles in any direction (praise be to Allah for that bottle of Absolut I picked up on the way through the airport).

    And the internet is the sh!ttest internet ever. It’s certainly ‘free’, but not ‘Wi-fi’ as the world knows it. This comment may, or may not, appear on the forum at some point before I return to civilisation.
    Soz to all, rant over!

    • PS meant to add, keep adding the stuff. If it’s a question of 20 bucks I’ll pay it tomorrow. This is building into way too good a resource to let it be ‘nickeled and dimed’ to death

      • I’m with Ukviggen here, I think that most of us would be happy to chip in $20. So if you want to buy a whole lot more storage, Spica, just ask and we’ll go for it!

      • Oh hey hey no no. Thanks but that sum is absolutely no problem for me. But if i do that without asking Carl and Ursula, i d feel i would be sneaking something away behind their backs.
        Thanks really for the offer. I just wanted to explain the situation and ask for your input.

        • Kind of hard to be accused of sneaking it with it plastered out here in front. I don’t think it would be an issue… lest they for some reason wish to fetter the blog.

    • 😉 Oh when i researched i found tons of submarine volcanoes who are unnamed.
      Btw i did this and the one some weeks ago on Piip cause… last year when i watched the excursions of the research ship Nautilus with its 2 ROVs Herkules and Argus, the crew mentioned more than once that they think 3/4 of the active volcanoes are submarine versions. We just recently wondered whats going on in Nisyros, i think we need to learn much more about what is going on below the surface.

      • Thanks….Just found Boris Behnke twitter’s account and saw a photo he took from his bedroom window yesterday morning, I’ve flicked through some of his other pictures…AMAZING…How lucky he is to have a view like that……Me is Jealous lol..

        Just out of curiosity, is the above cam facing any light source at all?? There was definitely a line of what looked like fire or something with smoke around…IDK, Cam completely blacked out now so it making a liar our of me….

        GL Edit: Since I swapped the links per request, here is the Boris link that GStar is reffering to;

        • Ok, I’m a liar lol, at least about thinking it might of erupted….Just checked the web cams archive still shots for the last 24hr period and noticed it is street lights…Sorry.

          At least it led me to those beautiful pictures by Boris…:)

      • @GeoLurking.
        There was some error here, I think. That should have been the EtnaBoris link here.

        The list of links re. the submarine volcanoes should have been above (just the last one was wrong in this list and should have been the wired-link re. Erik. You took out the whole list now.

        • I saw that list is here again (my comment 21:07), but the link to Erik is not “soest…”, but the wired-link.
          Pls. exchange it. Thank you. 🙂

          • You mind dropping the link(s) here? To me, “soest” is a server in Hawaii that I used to scarf real time satellite imagery of tropical storms off of… until they locked it down and I couldn’t get in any more.

            (Didn’t want to risk re-gaining access since they had met the requirements of a “limited access” site and attempting to break past that would be illegal, even if I had failed… which I probably would have since it’s not my hobby… well, at least now it’s not my hobby, I used to be fascinated by it and closely followed the weekly “here, try to break this server” competitions. The most entertaining part was watching them down the NAMBLA server every time it came online.)

  5. Dedicated to all who have sentiments for El Hierro, here is a rewind:

    This animation was brutally done by automatically deleting data row by row while the plot rotates. Still looking for a more elegant way to achieve this in Igor. Does anyone know a free program with which I could rewind the rewind? Windows movie maker doesn´t do the trick.

    • You mean reverse the sequence?

      Dunno how, but allegedly the AVS Video suite can do it.

      Additionally, I found this on a forum, I can’t vouch for the program, and if you do find it, I recommend you virus scan the crap out of it before trying it:


      Re: How to Reverse Video easily.
      Posted: 19 Dec 2007 03:31 AM
      The simplest way I found was to use a program called Nics WMEncoder that processes .avs scripts. An avs script is just a notepad file saved as .avs file-type=all files

      here is the one line of code that constitutes the .avs script


      “J_start_4.avi” is the clip i saved in WMM2 and wanted to reverse.

      use Nics WMEncoder to translate script into movie file. There are walkthroughs on how to use Nics program on his site or on these WMM2 forums.

      NOTE: You have to type .avs at end of file save as in notepad
      NOTE: You have to choose file type : all files in the save as window before you click save.

      Nics WMEncoder is the best tool I ever seen. Thanks Nic

  6. Apparently… It’s my turn.

    Got the makings of a cold coming on. Slamming grapefruit juice and cayenne pepper laden foods. (helps my throat… but actually it’s just an excuse to eat more cayenne, which I like.)

    Gonna be fun. Sinuses didn’t back up, they went into full “hey, lets give this guy a sore throat mode.

    • Yeah… McAfee gets refused political asylum (rightly so) and then arrested for investigation as to the murder of his next door neighbor down in Belize.

      So much for anti-virus products.

      Now he wants to try and come back to the US. Psst… McAfee, you made your bed… now deal with it.

      [Note, he is no longer connected with the company, McAfee anti-virus, he sold it and went to Belize to stay perpetually stoned. This all happened after he left the company.]

    • Careful with grapefruit juice, it interacts with a lot of medecines. As for the Cayenne, i’m a big fan too even when not sick. Get better quick…

  7. Thank you Spica. A fascinating post. I too followed the Nautalus and am very into submarine eruptions.
    This blog is definitely worth a donation from me if required.
    No long ruminations due to Lurking’s virus that has spread across the Atlantic and has now bunged up my sinuses too. For the first time for years I am returning to bed after coffee# one. The freezing world outside is telling my baser insticts to hibernate .
    This following a disasterous weekend with husband in foul mood probably due to said virus, in which case he will not be a happy chappy until he has recovered. Husband is not a patient patient!

    • Hope everyone gets well soon.
      I heard from home today that the norovirus (vomiting sickness) has hit ‘Viggen Towers’. I don’t know how I’m supposed to feel – terrible because I am not there to look after them? Or pleased that I am nowhere near the ‘plague zone’??

  8. Nice article Spica, I “discovered” Kick them Jenny a few years ago.
    Read somewhere that she was suspected to have sunk a boat during WWII because of the eruption gases mixed in the water, hence the esclusion zone. That is why I was quite surprised to see boats going near Bob to pick samples as there is a real risk to sink.

  9. Hello everyone,
    What a quiet morning on VC. It seems like the viruses won today’s first battle, but of course they cannot keep this position for very long. I haven’t heard anything from Spica today either so I think (and hope for her!) she might take some rest now.

    I will publish a post I wrote myself tonight or tomorrow morning. The more experienced writers between us have done a great job writing posts the last months. Now I would like to ask those less experienced of you (like myself): Do you have a story, an article or an idea which you would like to publish here? Do not think it is not good enough or somethink like that. IMHO some peoples first posts were the most catching posts in the blog’s history. So, do not hesitate any longer! Give me a hint here and I will respond to you (emails to the accounts up in the right corner of the page can only be read by their owners, Carl and Spica).

    • Hi Sissel and other dragons, something from me is very nearly done on the Testblog… would you please check the last section for “scientific neutrality” otherwise I’m pretty happy with it…
      @ all, don’t be shy 🙂

      • Thank you schteve42, I’m quite sure the “scientific neutrality” will be OK!! If not I will send you a very serious email. 😀 And I’ll do my best to move it here… 😯

    • Hello Sissel – actually I do have a story I hope to finish in the next days, if the Gods of the ZZP’ers give me time! One specially for the Holiday Season…

      • That is great Lughduniense, I will ask the ZZP gods to create time for us.
        @All: The ZZP gods are only active in their own territory, the Netherlands, so I cannot ask them to make time for people in other countries!

  10. Another large quake near Machin (columbia) after a 3.1 on the 7th.

    The question I wonder to people who know a bit more than I do, is whether there is an easy way to determine if this is tectonic or volcanic in nature by looking at the seismogram?

  11. This is the Pacific NW Seismic Network of interest is the activities on the OWL (Olympic-Wallowa
    Lineament a subject that Lurk and I have talked about.
    Draw a line from Port Angeles Washington, then boldly go to Enterprise, Oregon and note quakes in the last two weeks..
    I suspect a plate chunk that hasn’t been digested well..

    • This is just my own speculation, but I would say the OWL is most likely an extinct strike-slip fault. Why?

      1. It looks like a strike slip fault.
      2. It lines pretty well with the boundary of the Juan de Fuca and the Explorer plate.
      3. The Explorer plate has stopped subducting, while the Juan de Fuca has always seemed to subduct at a faster rate. Differentiation in the speed of subduction would naturally create a strike-slip fault mechanism.

      With that said, the actual situation of the OWL seems way more complex, and there are a lot of mysteries with it that I would hardly be able to wrap my head around.

        • Search the wikipedia for “Olympic-Wallowa

          Long story short, there is what looks to be a geologic structure in Washington State (USA) that cuts across the northwest corner all the way to the southeast part of the state where it ends in Idaho. It has a rough appearance of a strike-slip fault from a map, but it has no evidence of being an active fault, and there are tons of other random oddities associated with it. The actual reality of the Olympic Wallowa Lineament is that it’s simply a group of features spread across the entire state that forms what seems to be a perfect line cutting straight through.

          Geologists have been puzzled for years trying to determine if it’s simply a coincidence that so many geologic features (river beds, drainage valleys, etc) could line up to form such a linear feature, or whether it has geological significance.

          There is in fact other strange aspects of the lineament. The lineament cuts across the entire state of washington, and shows features in areas that are geologically young (specifically the post-glaciation areas of Washington) that seem to be perfectly linked to areas that are geologically very old.

          I would start with the Wikipedia article on it first 🙂 .

  12. Hi

    Here is the update on El Hierro since there were 6 quakes on the 10th.

    I have reduced the update to november and the last earthquake (up to the 10th)

    I have added the older quakes as a green cloud (since July 2011) and also the name of some locations including Bob and its serial number.

    First (short) part is the new quakes since november 1, second part shows quake age according to color (red is youngest, blue oldest).

    The Moho is shown also as a blue grid.

  13. So I found something rather interesting while I was browsing around Google Earth today during lunch. I’m constantly amazed how much you can discover simply from using Google earth. Truly an amazing program.

    In any case, I was hovering around the area of the Rabaul caldera, and I ended up meandering over to look at other nearby volcanic systems to get a google earth perspective of what they looked like (namely long island, and a few of the lesser known volcanic systems in New Britain / northern New Guinea).

    I zoomed over an island with the volcanic system known as Umboi, and in my own luck, I come across what looks like an active lava flow caught on the Google earth stillshot.

    I promptly looked up the Umboi volcanic system in the GVP database ( ) and low and behold, the database says that Umboi has not had any historical eruptions reported. So either Google earth is lying, or I just discovered an eruption via Google earth that hasn’t been documented in the GVP database.

    See the google earth picture here:
    I highlighted the area where the lava flow is coming out of.

    Another interesting thing, this seems to be yet another Supervolcano to add to the list of volcanic systems that have erupted in recent times. Well, it may not be a supervolcano, but it does have a ton of small cones situated in a 13 x 17 caldera, which makes it pretty huge in the grand scheme of things, albeit, small on the supervolcano scale of volcanism. I suppose we can just leave the media to think that the only way a supervolcano can erupt is in a gigantic apocalyptic fashion that will block out the sun for millions of years.

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