Highlights of the week

Our GeoLurking has done a plot SO2 vs. year a while back, but that was mainly concentrated on the northern hemisphere. Now he found the data for the southern hemisphere too!!

Quote:  “SCORE!!!

Notice 230 AD. No SO2 bump (to speak of) in the southern Hemisphere. That was when a VEI-6 from Taupo pumped about 4.5 x 10^10 m³ of Tephra into the atmosphere… and virtually no SO2 change.”
Maybe he will write a post using this plot but till then i wanted to have it stored on a post so it does not get lost in an old comments thread which hardly anyone reads. Please also read his ruminations going on in the last thread  December 16, 2012 at 09:08 !

NZ is active again too: White Island is on aviation Code orange. Here is a screenshot of the drums shown yesterday, with this image you can see how they got stronger.

Today the page is pretty much all blue, almost completely covering the white background of the tremor graphs.
All through yesterday a lot of fumarolic activity was visible.

Again you can check todays activity for yourself at

Tolbachik: The camera renato pointed out to us like a week ago, got moved back and now shows Bezymianny again. A new lurker Grumybear pointed out that Tolbachik now has a cam of its own ! Read the last update on the activity at the KVERT homepage they also have a nice image. Here is the thumbnail ! 1660Check it out on their site! http://www.kscnet.ru/ivs/kvert/index_eng.php
Here is a screenshot by me done yesterday around noon.

IngeB sent a few webcamscreenshots of Tolbachik taken on Friday or earlier. Thank you Inge!!

El Hierro: Some smaller quakes at about 10km depth, biggest one a 2,6mb at 22km depth west of the lighthouse:
13/12/2012 18:52:20 lat 27.7224 lon 18.1717 22km I-II 2.6mbLg W FRONTERA.IHI

Alan’s Evil Riddle!

This old girlie apple on a fence, could be a great tragedy!
What am I?
What tragedy?

2 dings / 2 points.

Winner: jeannie 2 points.
Answers: KT Boundary mass extinction 

Katy apple = KT the old name for the Cretaceous/Tertiary boundary (=fence)
Plus the massextinction=tragedy

Ranking for Alan’s Evil Riddles
( last updated 15.12.12)

13 Sissel
11 Kelda
11 Talla
9 KarenZ
4 Ursula
3 Chyphria
3 Henri le Revenant
2 Diana
2 jeannie
1 GeoLurking
1 lughduniese
1 Sa´ke
1 purohueso745
1 UKViggen
1 IngeB
1 Carl
1 Spica

Name That Volcano Riddle!
I’d had a stressful day struggling with some cinematic effects software.
Back at home I tried to relax, a Jazz/Fusion band was playing softly in the background and a delicious bowl of Mexican food was steaming on the table.
Then the army decided to dispose of some explosive ordnance – so much for peace and quiet!!

Winner:  Sherine
The riddle gave four clues to the identity of this weeks Name that Volcano riddle. The software is a particle rendering solution by Thinkbox, Krakatoa is a local Jazz/Fusion band, there is a medium hot chilli pepper called Krakatoa and a British company Alford Technologies have developed an EOD currently employed by the troops in Afganistan to deal with IEDs.


Ranking for  NtV:

5 Sherine France
2 Alison
3 Kelda
3 Chryphia
2 Spica
2 Sissel
2 KarenZ
1 UKviggen,
1 Stoneyard
1 DebbieZ
1 Inge B
1 Grimmster

Spica assisted by Sissel

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  1. Ok, one of our Icelandic readers sent a post and mentioned that this might be interesting because of the latest earthquake at Bárdarbunga.
    So i am publishing a new post now. Author IngeB. Thank You Inge.

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