Xmas Post


Hmm, where to begin? I guess the best way to say it is to say a hearty Thank You! to the readers of VolcanoCafe. Why is that you wonder? Well, you guys have forced me to keep reading and studying the topic in order to answer some of your questions and inquiries. To have someone as equally curious is a boon to someone who likes to talk about a topic.

Your links to other data sources and images keep the forum alive and interesting to all who pass through here. So give yourself a round of applause, you deserve it!

Here is wishing you a Merry Christmas!


VolcanoCafe devotees – Dragons Posters Commentators Lurkers et al – I just want to say how much I enjoy and value your knowledgeable, thought provoking and sometimes a little crazy company!

You have often made me laugh, you once made me cry but you always inspire me.

Thank you!


This is Volcanocafe´s second Christmas!

All dragons want to wish you “Merry Christmas” And a big “THANK YOU” for being such a devoted crowd visiting VC so often and contributing to the blog with your comments.
24 people even helped with posts.
The world did not end on the 21st, but the year 2012 is coming close to an end soon. We will try to create you some posts to provide some reading material for the holidays.
Happy celebrating, best wishes to you and your families!

And in case you are not religious: I would like to quote Carl Sagan when he got an image sent by the Voyager probe when it flew past Saturn.

Consider again that dot. That’s here. That’s home. That’s us. On it everyone you love, everyone you know, everyone you ever heard of, every human being who ever was, lived out their lives. The aggregate of our joy and suffering, thousands of confident religions, ideologies, and economic doctrines, every hunter and forager, every hero and coward, every creator and destroyer of civilization, every king and peasant, every young couple in love, every mother and father, hopeful child, inventor and explorer, every teacher of morals, every corrupt politician, every “superstar”, every “supreme leader”, every saint and sinner in the history of our species lived there – on a mote of dust suspended in a sunbeam.


Thank you all for everything you shared this year! What an amazing flock we are. Wish you the whole alphabet:

Awesome, bleating, crazy, delightful, educative, funny, gorgeous, happy, interesting, jumping, kindhearted, lovely, melodious, nice, orderly, peaceful & quiet, recreational, sheepy, twinkling, unforgettable, vivid, wooly, xtraordinary, yodeling and zestful  HOLIDAYS!
from: http://whorlspins.blogspot.nl/2011/12/im-ready-for-christmas.html

I never thought I would be someone who spent time chatting on the internet, but I’ve been following Volcanocafe since the very beginning…
The crowd here make it what it is, the real joy is in the 5 Cs of Volcanocafe:

Comments, Contributions, Collaborations, Company and Comments.

I want to thank everyone and wish them a very merry christmas and a happy new year x

And of course… a plot. ( by whom else but our very own) GeoLurking

94 thoughts on “Xmas Post

    • One other thing-it isn’t Christmas to me unless you have a train. Scratch me and I bleed
      Union Pacific yellow..This is Spokane Portland and Seattle 700 based in Portland,
      Note the Joggers who are oblivious to the fire breathing Dragon in their presence.
      This being Portlandia and all.

    • Merry Christmas All!

      Thanks to all of you for keeping the fun in learning – there’s a fine spirit in the Sheepy Dalek Bar!
      And – yes I love the volcano at the top of the page here too!

  1. Just heard from Alan. The English weather is very wet and nasty: “Another wet and (becoming) very windy afternoon! The main railway to the west of England and S Wales is now blocked by floods and further south-west the main linne to Devon/Cornwall has been washed away by further floods – estimates here are for 5 days at least for the engineering gangs to rebuild the track embankment and supports alongside the rivers (that part is about 12km north of Exeter)”.

    This video shows some of the water:

    • Hi All, I just love the Christmas Volcano at the top of the post, and of and course GeoLs Christmassy plot. Sorry to hear the UK is still suffering such heay rainfall..hope everyone keeps saf (sounds as if quite a few railway workers will be doing a lot of overtime of the Christmas holidays). It is not very Christmassy weather in Tenerife, we have blue sky, bright sunshine,a bit of a breeze and around 27 degrees celcius…, don´t want to sound ungrateful, but to me Christmas = cold, so am feeling a little homesick for the UK at the moment.. wish I could send you all a bit of sunshine from here

      • It really depends on which part of the UK you’re in, here in the northwest it’s wet, but there hasn’t been as much flooding as there has been elsewhere. We’ve been lucky, but I feel sorry for the people who have been flooded out or will be if it keeps raining like this.

        • Here on the South Coast a small amount of flooding was actually a benefit to me. Had to go out at Midday to get some milk and bread and few other essentials as shops closed for Christmas tomorrow. The local river is flooded and Tesco supermarket is built on the side of it. Fortunately for them only the car park was flooded. Fortunately for me that meant all the usual crowd had to go elsewhere and I could shop in peace as not many people were prepared to park further away and walk. Got some good reduced bargains of fresh food they were never going to get sold today.

  2. Alan sends us hint number two to the evil riddle.

    The riddle:
    You may like a silver coin in the christmas pudding, but you’d hate to find this in an apple pie.
    The first hint:
    For a spice added to apple pie look to the Latins!
    The second hint:
    The riddle answer lies in the Amphibole Group of minerals – it has the colour of Cloves……

  3. An actual conversation I had today…

    Dad: There’s been a major eruption!!
    Me: Is it the one on the border of Chile and Argentina?
    Dad:…Lucky guess.
    Me: Dad I’ve known about it since Saturday…
    Mum: (laughs)

    Merry Christmas everyone 😀

    • When Virginia had their sizable quake, I was driving. I was hit with questions about what was being felt in New York via text messages. I had to drop off into a rest area to get an answer, and I still beat the news bobble-heads.

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  5. Chrismas geetings to everyone, from me (us) in Iceland !
    Splendid post (as usual) and yes, no doomsday here… in Reykjavik (capital) we had very quiet day, hardly a wind moving, small sun glimpse over the southern Volcanos (Reykjanes-fjallgarður) and no snow at all. We lighted candles in cemitary, delivered a few presents on our yearly round, now off soon to have evening dinner (I + 1) but guests com later tonight. Thanks for all this year and wish for happy and prosperous next year.

  6. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all.

    We may have a white Christmas here in Port Orchard, Washington. If so, it would be our first since 2008. Up to 20 cm of snow are forecast for our area by Christmas morning.

  7. Merry Xmas and and a Happy New Year.

    As a long time lurker I would like to take the time to thank All the regular contributors and moderators.

    This blog never fails to entertain and inform, a rare quality and much appreciated.

  8. Hail Gang!
    First (and most important) – a couple of dings….. Sherine!! For Anthophyllite – clove-colour is it’s usual and cloves are often in apple/apple and pear/apple, pear and quince (my favourite – along with caraway seed cake……aah bliss!!)

    It’s stopped raining – for now but more on the way for Wednesday/Thursday

    Have a good day tomorrow all!

    To TGM – now that loco really is ‘clagging it’!! (2013 I hope to have a week booked on a preserved line on the footplate driving/firing 🙂 )

  9. A very Happy and Peaceful Christmas to everyone in VC. I loved Lurkings plot and all the comments from our Dragons.
    True to form here Things wait for Xmas to break, blow up or generally go wrong …… Sis in law next door has had her boiler pack in.
    I have been diagnosed with pleurisy today so no alcohol cos of antibiotics 😦
    But other than that things are fine. Food prepared….ish, and the doors shut against the cold wind and rain.
    Meg the puppy is so excited. The kitchen smells of pies and puddings. She has a little stocking with treats and a new bed….
    I hope you all get to bed at a reasonable hour and are not woken too early tomorrow…That is one part of Christmas I do not miss!!

    Just one more trip to take hidden presents over to grandchildren’s houses as soon as they are asleep and the all clear is phoned to us!! I shall leave that one to husband as being a postman he is expert!!!
    I may find some time to come back here but if not……Have fun and enjoy. XXXXXXXX

    • Oh you poor thing Diana, hope you are not feeling too bad, although I understand that it can be quite painful and unpleasant, my best wishes for your speedy recovery and I hope it does not ruin your Christmas festivities. xx

      • Thanks Debbie… It only hurts when I breathe 😀 😀 I will be fine,I am managing to make lots of goodies and the traditional Chicken with all the trimmings. Tomorrow.. :D.
        I asked Santa for a nice eruption in streaming cam view but one that will not affect anyone or animals……..A rather tall order 😀 and off hand I am not sure which could be a likely candidate. Any suggestions? Other than that I will scour the TV for any possible volcanic sort of film or documentary.

        • Diana, Please be careful! It is very easy for pleurisy to turn to pneumonia as it is so painful to breathe that it tends to become shallow breathing with attendant problems so DO keep in the warm and keep taking the tablets.. Have a lovely day today and let someone else walk Meg.

    • Rest up Diana – and get well soon – let hubby spoil you a bit this Christmas! A glimpse of clear sky will have us all feeling better soon, no doubt. This cloud and rain doesn’t help. I trust Meg is fetching you just what you need!
      Happy Christmas to you and your family x

        • Awwwwwwwww Thank you Karen….. If it’s all right by you I will pass on the chicken soup……….I will manage to produce something a little more ……..Festive 😀
          I got some good painkillers…. they make me feel as good as a couple of glasses of wine but they don’t taste as good 😀

  10. So I’m compiling a list of volcanoes that are not included in the decade volcano list, but I believe *could* or should be. The decade volcano list is a list of volcanoes that warrant extra monitoring due to the potential for life-loss and fatalities. I’m being a bit more lenient on recent eruptions than I believe the standard decade list is, but I still want the newly compiled list to be comprised mostly of volcanoes that have shown recent and persistent historical activity instead of being a “worst case” list.

    I would like to eventually compile this into a post about a hypothetical re-work of the decade volcano list, and suggestions would be helpful. There are a lot of volcanoes that had to be left off since they’re not close to any large areas of population (which comprises most of the Andes Volcanoes) and other volcanoes have been dormant too long even if they’re dangerous. I also do not want to include volcanoes that are in a repose period such as Krakatoa, Pinatubo, or St. Helens, since they’re unlikely to have any large eruptions within our lifetime.

    See below for what I’ve currently listed for potential volcanoes. Note that some of these are pretty obvious, but others may be a bit more obscure.

    San Salvador (ecuador)
    Okataina (New Zealand)
    Campi Flegrei (Italy)
    Ibusuki Volcanic Field (Japan)
    Lokon-Empung (Indonesia)

  11. Merry Christmas everyone! Hope you have a wonderful Christmas and a great New Years.
    And BTW: I wonder how many people here besides me are having a white christmas.

  12. Oh! How lovely it is to see all the Christmas wishes from all over the world. I know it isn’t Friday But I was browsing on Ewe Tube and I saw this special Sheepy 12 days of Christmas. I am sure our Sheepy friends all over the world will understand the deep, meaningful message this song sends and will be happy to know they are not a forgotten part of the Christmas story…..http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Ql3vs9bjZM..

  13. As some of ‘yall here in the Cafe already know, I don’t limit myself to Earthquakes and Volcanoes.

    Hurricanes and nasty weather are also looked at… mainly from the aspect of self preservation. Those are my actual threats.

    Take a beverage of your choice… preferably non carbonated. (the bubbles get in the way) Now stick a straw in it. Blow across the top of the straw at a right angle to it, so that the air travels across the opening.

    Watch what happens to the liquid in the straw. Notice that it rises up the straw. This is the venturi effect. The lower pressure of the fast moving air draws the liquid up the straw.

    Now.. take the normal tendency for humid air… when warmer than the surrounding or advancing air/airmass to rise and form clouds, thunderstorms and rain… and you place a 200 mb jet stream doing about 200 kts on top of it, you get enhanced uplift. The ferocity of the storm growth gets a wee bit intense.

    And thats what we have in store for tomorrow. Gonna be a fun Christmas day for some people. I wish them (and my self) well. (Due some oddity of this area of the coast, much of the “really bad” happens north of here, about 30 miles inland and North. (other than the hurricanes)

  14. Got waylaid. Wife sez – “Make yer Bread.”


    So, now I have two experimental loaves rising in the Kitchen. One with Cinnamon, Dark Brown Sugar and Raisins, the other with Cinnamon, Light Brown Sugar and Pecan flakes.

    Why is it, that of all the odd ball baking tasks… I wind up with the Pies and Bread? (I can sling a mean Pumpkin pie… but I don’t like Pumpkin pie. I prefer Pecan.)

    I can think of worse things to do while drinking whiskey.

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