Last Sheepy Dalek weekend of 2012!

Hi fellow volcanoholics!

Just a brief update on what happpened in the volcanic world and 2 riddles to provide some entertainment for the weekend!

Tolbachik is still erupting, it has done that for over a month now!

The webcam can be found here:
Here is what it looked like around noon today.

Peter Webley´s link:

NASA picture:

Claude Grandpey reports the latest News
We have his RSS feed on the left side of VC. It is always worth checking!
San Cristobal celebrated Xmas with an eruption! Huffington Post reports, so does BBC News.

Copahue, situated on the border between Chile and Argentina showed signs of activity too. Earthqake Report had the news on December 25th.

A volcanic review of the year 2012 in 39 beautiful pictures!

And dont forget White Island NZ it showed some activity lately. Here are 3 cams:

IngeB sent a screenshot: "White Island Crater Floor"
And one more on Kilauea: PAN2812

Alans evil riddle!

Given that we are in the Milky Way galaxy and Galaxy is a ‘choccy’ brand, I suppose it’s obvious the Moon really could be made of cheese!!

What am I?
From what am I derived?
2 points available

 No answers/clues just to be ‘orrid  ( Alans own words)

Current ranking: ( last updated 25.12.12)

13 Sissel
11 Kelda
11 Talla
9 KarenZ
4 Ursula
3 Chyphria
3 Henri le Revenant
2 Diana
2 jeannie
1 GeoLurking
1 lughduniese
1 Sa´ke
1 Sherine
1 purohueso745
1 UKViggen
1 IngeB
1 Carl
1 Spica

As always the score and the answers to the riddle are provided at´c-evil-riddles-and-the-answers-21-to/ which can be found in GEMs in the menu.

Name those Volcanoes!
7 dings 7 points

The world’s largest processor of an edible seed, in the Proteaceae family, is named after No 1.
The 2000 census reports 0 residents on No 2, so sadly no festivities there on Ist February 2013!
No 3 is a prime example of an active volcano that poses a grave threat to the local population.
Local magic, sand art, ritual dance, and tiki carving, No 4 is set on a fascinating tropical island.
Despite the bitter ambient temperature it is possible to take a warm water bath in the sand on No 5.
Two foreign scientists mysteriously vanished without a trace whilst studying the caldera of No 6.
Tragically, all the miners perished during an eruption on No 7 but the lucky camp puss survived!

5 Sherine France
3 Alison
3 Kelda
3 Chryphia
3 DebbieZ
3 Spica
3 KarenZ
2 Sissel
1 UKviggen
1 Inge B
1 Stoneyard
1 Grimmster
1 cbus20122
1 jeannie

To be found in GEMs again

Spica assited by Alan, Sissel , Kilgarrah and IngeB

261 thoughts on “Last Sheepy Dalek weekend of 2012!

  1. Dragons,
    There’s another post in the memory banks; please check it and let me know if I should change anything 😀

  2. What do Friesians, our galaxy, Galaxy and Lindt choccy have in common, then add our nearest planetary body………
    where’s Geoloco, cos Sissel’s going to do unmentionable torture…… 🙂

  3. It’s the weekend… my inventory is done. Busy cleaning up my shop and cobbling together some specialized cabling for testing purposes. It’s actually quite similar to the way the ET shop was run on my first ship.

    Crank the radio, go to work.

    • Well done Sissel. That was harder than milking a Camel! That’s the closest metaphor I can find that resembles ‘like getting blood from a stone’ 🙂 Please give us another quicky riddle Alan, the family are now otherwise engaged playing Jenga and ignoring me for the moment, so I’ve maybe got a couple of hours to kill.

    • So it is “a precipitate from limestone comprising aggregates of fine crystals of varying composition usually made of carbonate materials, e.g., calcite, hydromagnesite, and monohydrocalcite.” Ohhhhh what a surprise!!

  4. Bummer….

    I finally got my ICQ account working again. Rather than make a new one, I wanted my old number. In my line of work, having a really low ICQ number is a mark of longevity on the Internet. I had lost one previous ICQ account that was in the six digits, but after innumerable moves and computer rebuilds, I had lost it. So, I have a seven digit one… and I really wanted to keep it.

    After jumping through hoops in order to get the Email account that it was tied to turned back on (I know the admin) I got back into my ICQ account.

    What do I see? Down at the bottom?

    Notice that he’s not there.

    I’ve mentioned it before, but just out of respect… here is a quick re-telling.

    Tracer was an acquaintance of another friend of mine. Both “Cyborg” and myself had met him years ago through another friend. He operated a computer shop/store in Phuket Thailand. His actual name was Konrad and he was from (originally) the Netherlands. He had married a Thai local and lived there. I never met him face to face, but I had been in Phuket on a port call many years ago, so I knew what the area was like. Tracer lived in about as close to heaven as you can get scenery wise. Beautiful place. Granted, some of the scenery that we run across here is phenomenal… but at the time, that was how I felt about the way Phuket was topologically gifted.

    Tracer managed to survived the tsunami, it took out the lower part of his shop, and I lost contact for a while. The problem that I had with Tracer was that he would want to chat at all hours of the day and I began to avoid using ICQ. Then I found out from Cyborg via Mel (another acquaintance that lives there) that Tracer managed to die. Motorcycle accident.

    I feel bad about having shunned talking to him after a while.

    God Bless tracer. RIP.

      • Having worked in the Aerial Firefighting industry -and may yet go back, i know.
        That Hotshot crew you just gave a tour of the plane to in Redmond, Or,the week before.
        15 dead on Storm King mountain in Colorado. That’s when I stopped complaining about doing tours.
        “Ask not for whom the Bell tolls.”

      • Within a month of reporting to my first ship, another new arrival was killed while participating in loading operations. (the latch on the loading arm wasn’t locked and the missile slid back and pinned him) He had just gotten married a week before.

        I’ve had my own share of close calls… but stuff like that tends to make you wary of what you are working with…almost to the point of paranoia. In some cases, paranoia can be a life saver. (not the candy).

        19 years later and several thousand miles worth of deployments under my belt, I was doing a de-install and was… paranoid. I put on Electrical Gloves, and Leather protectors, and face-shield in order to cut a wire, despite having the entire system tagged out and double checked.

        The arc blew the end off of my pliers. I was fine… and pissed.

    • I have an idea what you mean… If I ever heard through the grapevine that Lee Dolo had died… Well I’d stop for a moment and remember him…He was just a guy from my home town.. all us rebels thought he was pretty fcukin’ cool…

  5. Congratulations to the usual suspect(s) on the evil riddle! 😉

    Someone recently mentioned the strong earthquake swarm in Georgia and this is how the Seismic Monitoring Centre of Georgia tries to calm the public:
    The Georgian text above sais something like (my understanding of the giggle translation):   Earthquakes cannot be predicted on a scientific ground.They are a natural process and people should not panic.

  6. I still think there is something to the OCS emission augmenting the Sulfate production from large Flood Basalt events.

    But when you look at some measurements, despite the anecdotal evidence, it doesn’t always measure up.

    Notice the monster drop around 1740. What caused that? The more lively erupitons that I found (VEI 4) are noted.

    They don’t seem to line up with measured cooling events. Even the Laki event seems to lag behind the cooling.


    • And Herod the Great had a slower, more painful death…

      “He had a fever, though not a raging fever, an intolerable itching of the whole skin, continuous pains in the intestines, tumours of the feet as in dropsy, inflammation of the abdomen and gangrene of the privy parts.” He also suffered, according to Josephus, from “limb convulsions, asthma and foul breath.”

      … Historical Clinicopathological Conference put on by the University of Maryland, [states] The combination of symptoms was a challenging one, especially the presence of gangrene of the genitalia … came to a tentative conclusion: chronic kidney failure of unknown cause complicated by the rare … Fournier’s gangrene of the testicles.

      …the kidney diagnosis seemed to fit the symptoms best.

      Read more:

      From Wikipedia: Fournier Gangrene

      An estimated 750 cases have been reported in the literature,[5] with most patients in their 60s or 70s with other concurrent illnesses

      Herod the Great was about 70 when he died.

      • Oh Lurking I love your OT comments! There is nothing like a glimpse into history to see the human condition has made little change in the last 2000 years or more….. I think Pleurisy is a better option than Herod’s afflicton. reading that made me feel positively healthy 😀 😀 😀 .
        I was a little bored yesterday and facebook had asked “How are you Diana”?….I posted this……”.Pleurisy is not conducive to the seasonal festivities. To reduce the pain it is best to try not to breathe. Laughter is a real killer and sleeping sitting upright is excellent in producing that fashionable smokey eyes , heavily grey shadowing!
        I have got to the stage of actually wanting to be able to go grocery shopping again!”……..

        Iceland is so quiet….I am glad I have not missed anything dramatic. Hopefully I’ll be back later when I have recovered from this ascent of our staircase and had a bit of a rest 😀

        • Hope you’ll get better very soon!

          Meanwhile, Iceland has not really been quiet – though volcanically more or less. There was a blizzard in big parts of the country:
          At the moment, there are still a lot of roads more or less closed in the West Fjords. There have also been problems there with electricity. Which means some are also without heating, because in this region is not such a lot of hot water as the region is not within the active rift zone.

          But the weather is getting better now.

          • The Icelandic people have the habit of weather a bit like this, though there has not been so much snow and storm since 1995 in the West Fjords and at Snaefellsnes. Nobody was hurt, anyway til yesterday evening when the news were on tv.
            On the contrary, one familiy from Snaefellsnes, listened to IMO forecast and sent her daughter who was with child, strax to Reykjavík hospital where she gave birth one day later – her mother was a bit disappointed, she had hoped that it would still take some days, til the roads would be passable again and she could take part in the birth of the grandchild. Skandinavian women are rather young normally when they have children in comparison to other Europeans, so that it is normal to be grandmother at an age of 45, 50.

    • Oh! Never trust a group of women with time on their hands!! This story has the makings for a good Hollywood drama.

      • Even back then, men were wusses over women as the poor prince was punished for the crimes of the mother. When are we going to recognise that woman is the deadlier of the species and take steps to protect ourselves accordingly? The 19th century was indeed a Golden Age of the human species, forever lost!

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