Happy New Year!

Fireworks in Linz 2011

Fireworks in Linz 2011

The dragons of VC wish you a happy new year. May there be many volcanic eruptions for us to watch and learn.
Stromboli started the fireworks 2 days early. Screenshot taken by KarenZ.

Happy new year for Volcano cafe by DFMORVAN
Terrain data comes from NOAA, Made on Octave

Dont forget to trow a glance on the Icelandic Mila webcam if you are a fan of fireworks. Here is what happened last year.

Here is the list of cams and dont forget Iceland is 1 hour behind CET.

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

About 55,000 tourists visit Liechtenstein every year. This blog was viewed about 1,100,000 times in 2012. If it were Liechtenstein, it would take about 20 years for that many people to see it. Your blog had more visits than a small country in Europe!

Click here to see the complete report.

99 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. Yes, happy new year everyone! Hope this year brings fortune in the guise of happiness and love to all plus many exciting but harmless eruptions! 🙂

  2. Bringing some comments over so they dont get lost:
    Bruce Stout says: December 31, 2012 at 13:14
    Flying by…. just stopping in to wish you, as one of VC’s biggest fans, a fabulous New Year and a huge huge thanks to everyone who makes this place what it is, in particular Spica, who has invested a ginormous amount of time and effort into making this place tick, and all the dragons (and, of course, Carl in his absence, though technically Carl is not a dragon, but is rapidly becoming a mythical being, which is close, I guess). Really sterling stuff all round. And thanks, too, to all who post comments as this often takes us to places hitherto unthought of… (no, that is not pronounced hit-her-too as one student once asked me)… and all the other banter and chit-chat… never fails to make me feel a bit chirpier (in what has actually been a really crappy year … but more of that some other time) and all the plotters and other thinkers. It is kind of sad we were more or less shoe-horned out of Erik’s blog by disqus but, in the end, maybe we now have the best of both worlds: Erik’s for the professional, technical aspects where we can throw a question at Erik or Boris and this place we there is room for every idea and concept. I’ll be toasting you all tonight, come midnight. Cheers! B.

    • Michael Ross says: December 31, 2012 at 11:24
      Happy New Year from New Zealand everyone!

      None of the ‘locals’ decided to bring it in with a bang…



      Reply by schteve42 says: December 31, 2012 at 11:39
      Thanks for the greetings Mike,
      Happy New Year to you and our other antipodean friends

  3. Happy New Year to all from me too!!

    PS: just checked the annual report, very impressive! 1 100 000 views – let’s see if 2013 can beat that!

  4. Happy new year to all at Volcanocafe (and beyond !)
    Here is the last plot of the year (for me)
    Update on the quakes at El Hierro since Dec 12.
    The last quakes (31rst) are nearly all located under the moho.

  5. Hi to everyone here and Carl too if he happens to peak in one of these days. I am one of the people who contributes to at least 10 visits everyday although I rarely write. I have alot that I keep meaning to say but never reach the point of doing it. I just want you to know that I have been following this group since we were on the other site so long ago after that ejafjatlaocoot (Ejafjallajökull) eruption. Anyways Happy New Year to everyone and mybe we will someday meet on that lonely mountain to watch carl eat his hat. 🙂 here is me wishing you all Happy almost New Year. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YScf6cABmZU&feature=share&list=UUR6Ke1jL3ioxebsO8BFkweQ
    Un beso y un abrazo Lori

  6. Happy New Year 2013 to each and every one of you here on VolcanoCafe..I am sure that I speak for everyone here in saying a very special THANK YOU to Spica who has worked so very hard to keep everything ticking over in Carl´s absence…she is doing such a fantastic job…
    Glad to see that little Bob on El Hierro seems to be joining in with the New Year festivities…nice to see that she still has a little bit of puff left in her….however, I still have my notes taken from Carl´s old posts way back…if the quakes are above 1.5m they might be cause for concern….so far they all seem a bit deeper than that, so hopefully the Herreños can all relax and enjoy the New Year Celebrations…Feliz Año a todos xx

  7. Happy New Year to everyone! Thank you all dragons for keeping this wonderful place going and let’s make it continue in 2013. Cheers! 😀

  8. Happy New Year to everyone. If you are out partying, be safe. If you are home before the fire, cheers. My wish is for each of you to have a wonderful 2013. Thank you Spica for keeping this place going so splendidly. And thanks to all the dragons for their wonderful work. Thank you, Alan, for keeping our brains just below the point of explosion. 😀 And a special thank you to Bob for joining in the celebration.

  9. Happy, happy New Year to all! Blessings and goodwill to us all for 2013—this diverse community of mankind following the worlds volcanos. Thanks for the memories! Live and prosper!!!

  10. OT:

    1) Run last call for this employer. Next year they change their name.
    2) Make and ruminate upon the concept of “Bachelor Chow.” Bachelor Chow is a gag in the cartoon Futurama when Fry is seen pouring up a bowl of it for breakfast. In reality, Bachelor Chow is any palatable food stuff that a guy can come up with that is quick somewhat nutritious and gets that whole “eating” thing out of the way. Todays concoction was a can of refried beans, a can of no-bean chili (specifically meant for hot-dogs), ten large tortillas, a bit of picante sauce, and some jalapeños. Mixed together in a bowl, then spread and rolled into the tortilla shells and tossed into the freezer they make great burritos.
    3) Read and reviewed a post in the que. Nice post. Add a few links to help things along the way.
    4) Continue on the misdirection that is geology. Managed to find out that boric acid is not so dangerous… unless you are a bug or some sort of bacteria/mold. LD50 for mammals (Lethal Dose where 50% of population will keel over dead) is on the order of 2.66 g/kg of body weight for oral ingestion. (5.14 g/kg according to The Thirteenth Edition of the Merck Index) Salt, for comparison, is 3.75 g/kg) So… considering that it is used as a preservative in some formulations of modeling clay, it makes for a suitable addition in my mineral oil/flour/cornstarch version. Somewhere along there I will eventually model the Southern California crust blocks for the S-n-G aspect of it. (shits and grins). My prototype lump of yellow clay sits here on the desk,
    5) Come to the realization that I can get on people’s nerves with some of my banter. I am opinionated… I think it comes with age and tiering of being jerked around by people who claim to have my best interest at heart. Generally.. they all lie. Period. So, I go back and tweak a previous comment and take out a profane word. It doesn’t change the sentiment, but at least it’s more socially acceptable.
    6) Kick myself in the arse for not having a better direction on a follow-up post to a post you guys haven’t even seen yet. There are so many directions to take it. Half the info is tainted by “those who hate humans” but in there is decent data… if it can be pulled out. Some of it is ephemeral, some of it is esoteric. How to put it into a form that the group as a whole can appreciate it?

    …. grr.

    Happy New Year Volcano Cafe!

    BTW… check it out.


  11. Happy New Year and Bonne Année to everyone at Volcanocafé! Life has reduced me to mainly read-only time on the blog, but I wanted to say that I very much appreciate everyone’s contributions, and of course a special “thank you” must go to the Dragons and to Carl, whatever he’s up to! I’d also like to second everything that Bruce Stout expressed so well upthread, it’s kind of like being in school where you go to classes (Erik’s blog) and then to a café (here) afterward to discuss everything. Wishing you all peace, love and happiness in 2013! 🙂

  12. A guid New Year to ane an’ a’ and mony may ye see” – Lang may yer Lums reek. Happy New Year everyone 🙂

  13. Happy New Year to all! New Year’s story appropriate for the time of year.: Back when I was in High school my Pop and I were cutting wood on our Timber property. We had fallen some dead Tamarack the previous fall. It was a cold, clear, full moon New Year’s eve. Now Pop wasn’t much for parties or gatherings. While not a teetotaler,he didn’t drink much. I don’t at all-anymore.

    We were sitting on the tailgate of the old 4×4 wood truck, as the Sun set unto Moonshiner’s Gulch- a deep draw on the North side of Mt. Emily our local big mountain. What we did have was a fire and good ‘old Cow/Logging/Hunting camp Coffee. Boiled. Stone ware peculator, Hot dogs, Spuds buried in hot ash in foil, Pork and Beans. Heaven on Earth does not get any better. We were done for the day cutting and had our meal. we were going to load the flatbed by firelight/moonlight and drive home. Pop said to me:”Son this the life, you couldn’t get me anywhere near someone’s office party or shindig and miss this night!” He had that Cowboy’s appreciation of nature. I was nice and quiet, as we were about loaded. taking on last sip of coffee before finishing not a sound was heard, ‘cept for an owl. Then. BRRRINGA DINNGADINGA Yeeehaww! POW! POW!

    Next thing I knew I was under the truck,Pop on top,of me, with his .38 drawn but did not have his finger on the trigger.,Hmmph. Backfire? Shot?

    Pop said my face in cold fluffy snow.”mmmpff,Ak, Backfire.” “Now get yer knee outta my back!”. Then out of the blackening forest a Dim Light and the distinctive sound of a snow machine. The Dim Light was the owner of said snow machine. Our neighbor Pat Lucky.

    Pat said:” Happy new yeaasrsh to youse and yous!!” Five sheets to the wind. Snockered. Sloshed. Waving a bottle of Seagram’s in the air “Have drinksh on me boysh, Happy New Yearsh!” We declined if it was any alcohol for Pop it was one beer or a dram ‘o Murphy’s. that was it. “Ok guysh I gotta go!” Pat fires up the Ski Doo and disappears into the black of a deep forest night. We tried in vain to get him off and we take him home. But He wasn’t going fast and he seemed to be heading in the direction of his well lit barn. We stopped and told his wife who was this sweet little granma type lady, normally. Ermma greeted us at the door holding a large, marble rolling pin like a grenade launcher.

    She wasn’t baking.

    Relieved that we did our neighborly duty we sped back to town as fast as a Dodge 4×4 with 2 chords of wood could do… Pop said “Sure hope Pat is all right.'” “Me too I hope he doesn’t hit anything.”

    Couple of days later we came back to get more wood. Stopped at Pat’s. Pat came to the door with an nice knot on his head. Apologized to us for being dead drunk and Pop said: “How’d you get yer knot?” Pat said “I woke up in the barn buried in a pile of hay, the Ski Doo off, keys gone and my head against an old saddle.” “Other than that I have no idea.”

    Emma was rocking in her pink robe, slippers, and knitting-with a smile that wasn’t exactly ah, angelic..

    Happy New Year!

    GL Edit: Two Cords of Tamarak, green, weighs in at about 8400 lbs, or 3810 kg. Quite a load for any truck.

  14. Well, “Vodka Bob” is down town for the gaudy arse pelican drop.

    He’s been having to do “in the field” stuff ever since he was busted pushing shopping carts around with his car in the parking lot… tanked out of his skull. Whenever a field event happens, Vodka Bob has to go cover it.

    It’s kind of hard holding up a reputation as a holier than though anchorman when the world knows you’re just a drunk.

    Channel 15 has “Debbie at Motel Six out on the Interstate,” Channel 3 has Vodka Bob.

    My guess is that Debbie covered the “Moon Pie” drop. (Don’t laugh, that’s what they do)

  15. I tell you… 2013 is a tiring year. I’m going to bed.

    (I still can’t get the dog to stay outside…. he freaks out at the fireworks and just stands there trembling at me to let him back inside)

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