White Island – Whakaari

Wikimedia commons

Wikimedia commons

Mike Ross mentioned that hydrothermal activity on White Island is above normal scales.
News Volcanic Alert Bulletin WI-2013/02 – White Island Volcano http://t.co/GX3JAEdu
The volcano had shown some unrest last year, by chance (?) on the same day as Tongariro. Check …Eruptions at Tongariro & Whaakari (White Island) and 1 million viewers! Author Carl August 7th. Bruce Stout agreed that this year it might be a volcano to keep an close eye on. So i thought I’d write a short summary stating some facts and preparing a link collection, so that if something should happen, we have this already in store.

The RSAM &SSAm plot of the last month also shows increased activity.

GeoNet NZ
GeoNet NZ

This might be due to weather, but if you watch the hydrothermal action on the video Mike pointed out, volcanic unrest could be the cause as well. At the moment White Island is shown as color code yellow.

Portrait and history:
White Island, or as the Maori called it, Whakaari is a volcano located on an island not quite 50 km of the west coast of the North Island of New Zealand in the Bay of Plenty. It is very closely monitored by GeoNet the New Zealand observatory of earthquakes and volcanoes: http://www.geonet.org.nz/volcano/info/whiteisland
White island is an andesit stratovolcano. Although it is said to have been active for the last 150000 years it is only 321 meters above sea level and only around 2km wide, but one needs to bear in mind that it rises 1600 meters above the sea floor and this makes it the largest active volcanic structure in New Zealand. It is part of the Taupo Volcanic Zone on which Bruce Stout wrote a great series.

It has produced lava flows as well as an ash eruptions in the past. The Maori name “Te Puia o Whakaari” means “The Dramatic Volcano”. The name we use here now, originates from Captain Cook who saw it on October 1, 1769 covered in a white cloud when he sailed by. Attempts were made to use the island for mining sulfur but this came to an aprupt halt when a crater rim collapsed producing a lahar which killed all the workers ( but not the camp cat) in 1914.
Tourists can book a tour for example on http://www.whiteisland.co.nz/ or http://www.wi.co.nz/ or http://www.whakatane.com/attractions-activities/white-island. I wouldn’t recommend it at the very moment though.

Someone glued a Flintstones Dino figurine to some piece of wood in front of the White Island crater cam in May 2004. It was not expected to last long so it was left to stay and was still there last time I checked ( today).

Erik Klemetti wrote about a strange kind of spine evolving from the crater on the 12.11.12. http://www.wired.com/wiredscience/2012/12/the-strange-spine-of-new-zealands-white-island-volcano/

New Zealnd Herald warns of an eruption. ( This article includes a video of the hydrothermal activity ), as does Der Standard ( German) and Bernama.com and stuff.co.nz and a NZ Radio station.

GVP summary at http://www.volcano.si.edu/world/volcano.cfm?vnum=0401-04=

Total layman but a volcanoholic.


Links provided by cbus20122, Renato Rio, S.E.T.I., Mike Ross, Bruce Stout,

Apparently White Island is cyclical between strombolian eruptions and large-scale lava extrusions. http://petrology.oxfordjournals.org/content/41/6/867.full

Erik Klemetti issued a new post on White Island on his blog Eruptions

White Island Volcano LIVE – Webcam (Auto-Refresh):http://www.qicknews.de/Webcams/WhiteIsland.php

White Island alert level raised: “hybrid” quakes detected:
News Volcanic Alert Bulletin WI-2013/3 – White Island Volcano http://t.co/WikzyAFR

Exactly, spot the change:


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  1. Hey, nice one Spica! You caught me by surprise on this one. Good idea to show the RSAM and SSAM plots. That last uptick over the last few days could well be volcanic. These plots are very much affected by wave action so some caution is needed when reading them. However, wave action is usually a bit more erratic than this which makes me think it is associated with the heightened geothermal activity Brad Scott saw. That and the rock lobster it extruded last month are pretty interesting signs.

    All that said, I don’t think there is anything huge about to happen, just a lot of signs that the volcano is becoming more restless. I imagine White Island is a really hard one to pick. We will all know a lot more after the event I guess.

    When I have time, I must scan some pics I took back in the days of real film when we visited it in 2000. Crazy young freshly eroded ashy landscape and roaring fumaroles. Pretty cool experience.

    • PS it is kind of a moot point whether still part of the TVZ or marks the beginning of the volcanic arc extending up into the Kermadecs.

      • Curious, does White Island have the potentiality to realize a large-scale eruption? I know it’s been frequently active with minor events and eruptions, but it just seems that every volcano north of tongariro until you reach Tonga has had a history of large violent eruptions. (The Kermadec Islands / trench are notorious for massive eruptions, although slightly smaller than the TVZ’s large-scale eruptive sequences).

        • Good question. My gut feeling is that it is unlikely as White Island has been strongly degassing for about as long as anyone can remember. But, yes almost all of the submarine volcanoes stretching up the Kermadec arc are pockmarked by large calderas. Check out the Sandy Bay Tuff at Macauley (the same volcano Erik talks about in his latest post). It was pretty big and felsic. Some of the other calderas are subsidence calderas (e.g. Monowai) and these eruptions may be much gentler, or perhaps examples of Tangaroan volcanism.

          • nice one. Normally you’d expect the Strombolian phase to come first and the lava flows second but White Island always seems to lack the oomph to get truly started, limiting itself to a bit of a burp every now and again. Latest signs though, seem to be heading the other way. Maybe we will get some fireworks. That would be cool.

    • Yes en the west-rhine graben, North of the eifel, is also more active the last days. Earthquakes in that area can reach M=7.0 and in the right place (Aachen, Maastricht, Liege, Cologne..) and time it can cause (big) destruction. Media seems to give this area very few attention while it’s far more likely to happen than an eruption in the Eifel. The biggest earthquake North of the Alps happened in 1692, M=6.5, in Verviers just south of liege.
      Although the recent activity in Limburg is normal. I don’t know if the earthquake activity in the eifel area is normal.

  2. I just felt an earthquake here in Huelva Spain. My home shook for about 5 seconds and everything rattled. It had an intermitent rhythm. Does anyone have any info on this one. It wasat 22:15 +/-

    • Obliged to put in one correction here. No offence meant.
      Mila web-camera at Thingvellir faces to the north-north-east (but Hengill mountain is behind the camera, to the south-south west) and the mountain in camera view is much smaller and totally non-volcanic now. Remembering all mountains in Iceland off hand is hard, but this one I know well, tried pick some blueberries there by it one and half year ago, but found very little. Much better “Blueberry-land” to the east of of the lake (Thingvallavatn). Mid to late August season, blue-berries soon spoil in frost (but I still keep several pakages in my freezer, wife uses it for instant use, with Skyr or Yogurt).
      Ah, that mountain, is Ármannsfell
      This is one amazing collection of photos of Ármannsfell, further north-east appears Skjaldbreiður (a large shield volcano)…

      • further to confuse the issue, new background photo on Mila webcam is 90 degrees off the angle the web camera shows. As I told before new Mila webcamera webpage is rubbish … it will only confuse and fewer tourists come over.
        Ok. Easier to conserve the nature that way.

      • Thank you for the correction; someone had previously identified the mountain as Hengill. Could explain why I had trouble replicating the view on Google.

        Actually as a non-Icelander, the angle on the Mila photo is not off-putting. But I personally would not adopt that page layout (it’s not good on a large screen) and the webcam loading time needs to be improved.

  3. Thanks for the info about how it became known as “White” Island. Reminds me of the one island that we saw on deployment that was doing 15 kts. Turned out to be the stack gases from the ship (which is what we were seeing on radar) masking the ship visually.

    CIC and the bridge crews reveled in teasing each other about that one.

    ‘combat, bridge, we have visual on your contact… it’s an island’

    ‘roger bridge, be advised that contact is doing 15 kts on course [whatever it was] and we show it to be CBDR.’ (constant bearing, decreasing range… a sure sign that you need to maneuver, or convince the other guy {the presumed island} to maneuver in order to avoid collision’)

    At the same time this was going on… I was tracking a navigational radar that this “island” had on it. It’s not out of the ordinary for a coastal station to have one, but that also places more emphasis on it likely being a ship of some sort.

    While the OSs were giving me shit about it, I responded “If it is an island, then we are lost, or at least not where you guys are saying we are” They quieted down after that.

    • ok, I get it, that island might have a had a bridge, and that bridge be on a ship … and if large enough, defenately a island .. 🙂

      • Err… no.

        This is a DDG, most ships are similar in the location of the labeled areas.

        The Officer of the Deck, (the guy in charge of the ship when the captain is not present and who is responsible for carrying out the captain’s standing orders) is on the bridge. Generally, this is also the wheelhouse. (where steering orders come from)

        Usually there is a forward lookout stationed on the Flying bridge or on the bridge-wings during “nav detail”, such as entering or leaving port or in restricted maneuvering. During those periods the lookout takes bearing cuts to landmarks in order to facilitate determining the ships position in the channel. In open ocean steaming they call down to combat (combat information center) and report what they see. This gets correlated to the radar and sensor picture and the bridge is kept notified of what is going on around them. Both CIC and the Bridge are responsible for keeping track of where the ship is at and of what contacts (other ships and aircraft) are around them.

        Aft lookout hangs out on the fantail and is tasked the same as the forward lookout, plus they have the responsibility of reporting on anyone that fell over the side. (in which case they throw a lifering and a marker bouy so that there is a better chance of finding whoever it was that fell over the side.

        Of you ever find yourself falling over the side of a ship… make a hell of a lot of noise, and try to fall as far away from the ship as possible. You don’t want to get caught in the props. The larger the ship, the larger the screws. Some of them have blades in excess of eight feet long.

        (See below for a not quite related observation)

        This particular ship is gas turbine powered. A Boiler Technician that I used to know, referred to them as “whistling shit cans.” The turbine has the general shape of a wastebasket (shit can) and tends to produce a high pitched whine. Pretty wild considering that one of our two back-up electrical power generators was driven by a gas turbine. The other was diesel. (a rather large diesel).

        After underway replenishment when all the lines have been retrieved, the receiving ship typically accelerates and peels off from the providing ship. I’ve seen both steam driven and gas turbine driven ships go to full power from about 14 knots in order to do this maneuver. The gas turbine ships a usually much quicker in accelerating. (but a steam vessel that had timed it correctly could accelerate just as quickly. That was a sign of an engineering department that had it’s shit together)

        Emergency generators taught me to hate the overall mindset of some engineering personnel. The equipment that I operated and maintained took 440VAC. During one “load drop” where the plant had lost control of the steam production and we had gone cold and dark, I had my system utterly fried by the emergency generators. It seems that they surged to 550 volts on my circuit and had cooked most of my power panel. The guy in charge was quite proud that his equipment had come on line and kept much of the lighting up and running… and that his generators had “only” surged to 550 volts. I think my gear was down for a week as I replaced pieces of char-broiled components. Have you ever seen a hole blown through a bus-bar? I have. (A bus-bar is a rectangular peice of metal that bridges portions of a circuit breaker feed circuit. Solid metal, made to handle large amounts of current.)

        Most electrical equipment is designed to handle a 10% variation in supply power. That 550 volt surge was 25%.

        Going fully OT I guess… since I’m already in gripe mode.

        Another item that they tended to gloss over was the frequency of the supply electricity from their MG sets. (motor generator sets).

        All transformers (deviced that convert AC of one voltage to another voltage) have a hysterisis curve that represents the susceptibility of the transformer core. This determines just how well a transformer will do it’s job, and how much heating will occur in the transformer core. The engineers who design these things keep all that in mind when they come up with the design. A quirky thing about transformers, they don’t like to operate outside of their design frequency. This is the part where geomagnetic storms can fry a power substation. Low frequency current, which is effectively what the ground currents are in a geomagnetic storm, can pre-load the transformer core. When the normal AC cycle occurs, it can throw the transformer far outside of it’s design operating range. (insta poof)

        The not quite related observation

        One of the ships that I was stationed on, was a Leahy class cruiser. (still my favorite)

        While going up the ladder (stairs) from lower combat to upper combat) I noticed a rather large cable with what appeared to be an electrical terminal block that was bolted to another similarly beefy cable. Upon inquiry, I found out that this massive solid cable was a grounding strap for the mast “just in case the ship was hit by lightning again.”

        Evidently, that was the fix.

        • I remember that day in boot camp where we had to learn how to find your way around a ship….. Man am I glad I had only shore duty.

        • One of the CERT excercises was that you had to be able to get from berthing to topside… blind folded.

          For all: “Topside” is anyplace where rain can hit. Foc’sle Fantail, Missile Deck, Amidships, Flying bridge… all topside.

        • The Leahy class were my favorite also. I was stationed on the USS Reeves CG-24 out of Pearl Harbor and USS Leahy CG-16 out of San Diego. I was a missile gunners mate and retired of the USS Truxtun CGN-35.

    • That’s always a nice view.
      As I’m having a break in here before I carry on in mad real world, why not take a few lines for a bad joke…
      Why did Jesus appear to women at first after his resurrection?
      To make sure that the news would spread fast…
      Have a nice Wednesday!

        • You know what, why should I hold back another little one? Life is short, isn’t it… Just slightly religious, and a tiniest bit political…
          Who were the first socialists?
          Adam and Eve.
          They were naked and poor, and believed in paradise…

          • Where I come from, there is a little thing called payback.

            As some of the followers of this blog have learned… researchers have determined that Neanderthals were red haired. It’s not from the same gene mutation that produces modern redheads, but both imparted light skin to the bearer of the modification. In both cases, this gives the carrier to a higher vitamin D production capability in northern climates where the sun is less intense.

            My idea, is that the “other” attribute/characteristic of neanderthals by sapiens may have been one reason that we generally tend to associate “wildness” to redheads. In many cases, we find redheads as having some trait that is specific to redheads. (or I could just be spewing tripe and it’s just a color association thing) {example: Morgan le Faye was given Auburn hair in a painting in 1864. Dunno if folklore had described her as such}

            Anyway. A recent viral video is “Gangnam Style.” In a few of the scenes, “Psy” is seen dancing with a redhead. It turns out her name is Hyun-a and she is reportedly in a few K-pop girl groups.

            BTW, “color association” goes a long way in marketing… from the color of a bag of sugar in the grocery store to the color of paint used in submarines. Some hotel chains even select colors that have been shown to keep people from loitering in the restroom. Not so repulsive that you are driven off by it, but such that you will do your thing and leave. (I think its’ that off tone light green”)

          • I think she’s just pretending to be a Neanderthal, not a real one at all. Though all this talk of navy ships, Korean pop stars and colour makes me think of the time I went to pee in Hong Kong harbour. Yes, I know one should not pee in a public harbour but I was visiting my sister who had her yacht moored in one of the marinas there about 800 yards out from shore and it was about 2 in the morning and rather than wake everybody on board by using the onboard toilet I thought I’d just quickly pee over the side and add my little portion of biodisposables to the general toxic soup that makes up Hong Kong harbour. I was half-way through my business when I noticed a large pitch black zodiac stationed not more than 50 m away with a crew of pitch black soldiers with pitch black body armour and two mounted pitch black machine guns and a row of bright white teeth smiling at me. I heard later they were special forces trying to intercept car smugglers before they got to mainland China (this in the days before Hong Kong went back to China).

          • Ahh… tales of urine. I have one.

            We had leased a barge from the husbanding agent so that our launches had some place to tie up when it brought people ashore in [redacted]. Due to the height of the gunnels on the launches, it was safer to tie up to a barge moored along the pier than try to disembark or embark passengers on a ladder affixed to the pier. This particular barge had a privy attached to it. It consisted of a small enclosure with a door mounted on top of a section of plate steel welded to the barge, with an appropriate sized hole cut in the middle.

            One of the female sailors (drunk) managed to fall through the hole. It took a while to find the source of the shrieks but we fished her out. She earned tetanus shots for her encounter with the rough edges of the steel.

            Personally, I think she was quite lucky. About 15 years before that, on another ship in teh same port, our liberty time was spent drinking beer on a water barge moored alongside of the ship. (Barbican, some of the nastiest non-alchoholic beer you can find) We were fascinated by (and paranoid of) the sea-snakes that kept washing up on one end of the barge. (they looked like snakes, and they flopped around like snakes… we weren’t taking any chances)

          • Memories of pee: army, after nearly 3 hours in the back of old lorries (up to 50 per vehicle, sitting ass on the ground, backpack on your knees – no more feeling in your body from the chest downwards), 250 soldiers jumping out of them and buidling a long line on a field… From the perspective of ants and worms it must have been the day of the yellow tsunami… And then of course, field work, alone in the mountains – in the beginning you pee towards the rockwalls, then you realise that you’re completely alone and pee down from the top of the walls… In order to benefit from the great view. Why waste it?
            Want stories about releasing gas when 60 men share a sleeping room? Hm, probably not. Gets nearly religious – at least apocalyptic, and could have a connotation to hell and so… Dark souvenirs. Obscure. Especially when I think of the dude that tried so hard to participate, but had no air, and ended shitting his pants… Lessons for life…

          • Bruce Stout says:
            January 23, 2013 at 08:17

            I think she’s just pretending

            Most likely, but not out of the question. Korea is supposed to be one of the areas where this trait shows up from time to time.

            From Wickerpedia about predynastic Egyptian mummies (≈3400 BC):

            From 1901 the first body excavated has remained on display in the British Museum. This body was originally nicknamed ‘Ginger’ due to his red hair; this nickname is no longer officially used as part of recent ethical policies for human remains.

          • Shadow says:
            January 23, 2013 at 10:23 (Edit)

            …250 soldiers jumping out of them and buidling a long line…

            Based on averages for human capacity… that works out to about 125 to 133 liters.

            After it’s said and done with… that’s well nitrated soil.

    • I got that from Wikipedia, so i am not sure how reliable the info is. “Quote Wikipedia” He was found some days afterwards by the resupply ship, and dubbed “Peter the Great”.
      The workers had dissapeared without a trace.

  4. One wee addition to the White Island data points. You may at times apparently see faint incandescence on the crater floor webcam at night – right in the middle of the crater, at the base of the plume.

    I chased Geonet about this, and they said there’s no *visible* incandescence. What’s showing on cam is slightly hot material, associated with the dome and the ‘hot’ lake. It isn’t emitting in the visible spectrum, but is warm enought to occasionally light up a few pixels in the infrared; a frequency the webcam CCD is sensitive to.

  5. @Schteve..see nothing @etna but snow and cloud…i have pointed my script at white island…since yesterday, so i beat this post :)…although not much interesting but steam

    • Hi Greg, how easy is yr script to run, could anyone do it?
      Just a thought and of course feel free to say no… How’s about doing us a little “how to” post? It would be nice to share the work… I would love to be able to set it on my favourite webcam before leaving the house or going to bed… I’d be bouncing down the stairs in the morning to see what I’d captured…And rushing home from work 😀

    • If you reread Carls post on Tongario ( link is given in the post above.. you ll find tons of links i found back then.
      @All , would it be OK if i update the post with the links you give in comments so we have one post were you can find all the links… as a reference which would be fast to check in case some action should occur. ( I know after Carls rules i would not need to ask, thought it would be polite though.)

  6. http://www.emsc-csem.org/#2

    Looks like volcanoes are livening up, with a recent quake near Etna and a lot of small quakes near Nysiros. It is also a bit worrying that the degassing near El Hierro appears to be from under the island proper, rather than out on the ends of the ridges like last year.

    • And off topic – I really enjoyed the interview with Prince Harry – his army loyalty is unquestionable, and I figured he would make a lovely son-in-law, with my red-haired daughter… He seems to be a throw-back to the Tudor or Plantagenet kings of old.

  7. Hi everyone, I just had my second hike in preparation for a big hike I am going to do in May, yes a big adventure ahead, to the highest mountain in Iceland, in Vatnajokull (Hvannadalshnukur 2100m high, Oraefajokull volcano). We will be doing plenty practice, many snow covered mountains and night hikes during strong storms, as a preparation for it. I am excited but a little scared of catching the nasty winter gales. But no big worries, as we are part of a group with professional alpinists. Today we did a night hike near Bláfjoll and Krisuvik, it was icy on the mountain and strong cold wind but otherwise a fine full moon night! A place where there was a big earthquake a few months ago, and a old volcanic region, still active but largely dormant. A good night for everyone!

    • Hybrid volcanic earthquakes are so called because they are a mix of rock fracturing and magmatic vibration. They are thought to represent the movement of magma in a volcano.

      To me, that sounds like “poppers” or “wet Quakes.”

      “poppers” are an un official term that just means that the pattern resembles (to me, a somewhat series of popping in the quake pattern about every few seconds to minutes. Not long enough to be a tornillo, but similar in overall shape)

      “wet quakes” as I have seen them described here, have a rather large low frequency component. Down in the 1 to 1/2 hz range.

      The last drum plot that I saw (linked earlier) was pretty saturated. So I don’t know if you would be able to see or discern either of them.

  8. @Spica: I am not sure i i understood you comment above..when mentioned creating 2 threads..i meant my script for capturing the webcams.

    ~I am capturing whiteIsland and Tongariro at the moment, both are what i would call ” casual steamers” at the moment. You can link any rubbish i post…Although if you wanted to link the last tolbachik youtube link, i could re-do it with the best part which was late in teh afternoon

    • Terminology.

      “Thread” – a running process in a computer. Generally CPU time is shared among running processes/programs in a computer. This allows computers to work on many different programs/processes seemingly at the same time. “Multi-tasking.”

      Daemon” processes are similar, but they tend to remain idle until some event triggers them into action. New HTTP requests to an Apache server would be a good example of this. The main daemon spawns off a new instance of the Apache server or a subprocess to handle the HTTP transactions between the server and the client.

      “Thread” – a line of thought or a topic of discussion in a forum, such as this.

      Side note: Yes, individual threads and daemons can talk back and forth with each other. Ususally by passing variables, or writing to specific locations in memory. This is an IPC – “interprocess call”

  9. OT:

    A while back, the news was always hopping about some mishap that involved a cell phone catching on fire or ‘exploding’ (actually, rupturing) because of the battery. Even here in Florida we had a guy who was injured when his ‘electronic cigarette’ went off.

    Now there seems to be an issue with batteries on the 787 Dreamliner. Early claims were that the battery was overcharged… something that can definitely damage a batteries internal material. However,

    A lithium ion battery on a Boeing 787 that overheated during a flight had a sudden drop in voltage and was not overcharged, as previously thought possible, Japan’s transport safety agency has said.

    Transport Safety Board chairman Norihiro Goto said the All Nippon Airways jet’s data recorder showed the main battery, used to power many electrical systems on the plane, did not exceed its maximum voltage in the incident earlier this month.

    Mr Goto said the maximum voltage recorded for the battery was 31 volts, which was below its 32-volt limit. But the data also showed a sudden, unexplained drop in the battery’s voltage, he said.

    Aircraft do not usually use the kind of lithium ion battery chosen for the 787, and investigators are still struggling to figure out what went wrong.

    “It’s not that it is difficult, but that we are not so familiar with it,” Mr Goto said.

    The Transport Safety Board said it will also study the aircraft’s auxiliary battery and compare data from each.

    Investigators from both sides are probing GS Yuasa, the maker of the charred battery, and are examining the battery using CAT scans at a facility of Japan’s aerospace agency.

    Read more: http://www.belfasttelegraph.co.uk/news/world-news/787-battery-was-not-overcharged-16264957.html#ixzz2Iuh4bMru

    And evidently… Yuasa may be connected to the fiery Chevy Volt.


    Read more: http://www.belfasttelegraph.co.uk/news/world-news/787-battery-was-not-overcharged-16264957.html#ixzz2Iuge1U1P

    The only reason that I mention this is that recently, I have been trying to bring a couple of batteries back from the dead. They are not Lithium Ion… they are lead acid. (Acid Gas Mat) and have been doing a lot of measuring of internal resistance in order to check the batteries state. When you have to drill out the rivets in the chassis of an APC battery backup unit just to get the swollen and partially melted batteries out… you tend to take an interest in why they are fried. Generally, it’s because the internal resistance has risen and the battery generates more heat as it is charged.

    P=I^2 x R {power equals I (current) squared time resistance} So if the resistance rises, and the current being pushed through it stays the same(controlled by the charging circuit), the power dissipated rises pretty quickly.

    Li batteries have a more sophisticated control circuit and will actually shut the battery down if it is drained too far. I’ve seen this in laptop batteries that were over drained but were actually new. And there is really no easy way to bring them back from the dead (and reset the control circuit).

    With the Cell phone, Chevy Volt, and now the Dreamliner incidents… GS Yuasa may have some ‘splainin to do.

    Maybe they should go back and study Dr Demming some more.

    (Dr Deming championed statistical testing for quality assurance which was instrumental in bringing the Japanese auto industries reputation out of the toilet. Until he came along, it was very difficult to get someone in the US to buy a Japanese built car.)

    I think that “Six Sigma” is an extension of this concept.

    • Not a good pattern- I’ve followed this too. Looks like NiCads would be a step up.
      Trouble is the systems are designed for Lithium Ion just can’t be switched over to something else…
      “It not a bug it’s a Feature.”

  10. Hi everyone,
    Keeping an eye on Hekla … I’ve got the bug too!! 🙂 I’ve noticed they’ve changed the scale for measuring the strain count (though still very moderate) and that the additional uncorrected data is looking a bit more “angry” again the past few hours. Looking at hau, http://hraun.vedur.is/ja/oroi/hau.gif , I’ve been wondering whether the rises in the 2-4 hertz blue line are caused by weather or human made?

    You can see it at other stations too, such as skr, mjo, and to a lesser extent vat and dyn, which makes me think that it’s caused by weather. However, in these other stations, I’ve also noticed increases in the 0.5-1.0 range, which makes me start to think that perhaps this isn’t weather but the heightened activity of the cycle – it’s kind of cool to think of them all “pulsing” at once 🙂 Wish I hadn’t thrown out that old box of transparencies used in overhead projectors only 2 months ago, it would be great to overlay the sil’s to see if those rises match each other in date/time.

    Sorry, if this has already been covered but can anyone confirm if there has been bad weather around these times? I’m probably just seeing patterns where there aren’t any but it’s nice to see nature at work 🙂

    • Those pulses are jhust human activity, notice how they increase during day and decreases at night! Nothing going on at Hekla, at the moment.

      • Thanks Irpsit 🙂 So my imagination that I’m seeing the same thing across multple stations at distance? Happy Friday all 🙂

  11. Next stop in the journey of largely unstudied and potentially large caldera systems: Lobobutu

    Try googling it, you’ll find almost nothing about it, except the small Inielika volcano is part of it. This caldera can be found in Indonesia in the lesser sunda islands. In other words, it’s really out in an area of the world that not many people are familiar with (even compared to normal Indonesia).

    I took a screenshot on google earth and highlighted the volcanic complexes that may or may not be associated with the caldera. The northernmost volcano is the Inielika volcano, which according to the GVP IS attached to the Lobobutu caldera. My question, especially when seeing the cinder cones / fissure rows (also highlighted in squiggly areas) is whether the caldera extends all the way down to the Inierie Volcano (southernmost volcano) and all the way east to the Ebulobo Volcano (on the far right), making all volcanic systems somma volcanoes attached feeding off the larger Lobobutu caldera.

    Another thing to note, there *may* be a caldera wall in the north that I did not include in the screenshot, but if that is the case, that makes it unlikely the volcano on the far right is attached to the same system.

    • OT: Google is not your friend. No company that gathers and archives information about you is.

      I’ve mentioned technoskew before… that’s the oddity where the number of earthquakes steadily goes up, not because of higher activity, but because of more and better equipment looking for them.

      Technoskew is not new… my idea about it was derived from a variation on “function creep” or “feature creep,” where more stuff is designed into a product to the point where it becomes unwieldy or too complex to bring to market. “Function creep” is related in that some “thing” is built, designed or authorized for a specific purpose, but it is found that it can be later adapted for another purpose.

      For example: Fingerprints were found to be useful in identifying “mortal remains” for servicemembers killed in action. So… the military went “all in” and had every recruit and cadet fingerprinted and filed away in an archive. Several years later, it was discovered how to make fingerprints digitized and searchable by computer. Now… (with a judges approval) military service members (in the US) can be checked to see if their prints match evidence found in some crime scene somewhere in the US. (currently, only a judge can approve that search) I find it really appalling that I can be considered a suspect, and scrutinized for something that happened several states away. Now that the military is doing DNA sample collection “to identify mortal remains” it tend to make me a bit worried that the data can be sifted through or used in some nefarious way.

      Google? Harmless…. (wrong)

      Google is being pulled into an increasing number of police and government investigations around the world as authorities seek to learn more about the people who use its internet search engine, email and other services.

      The latest snapshot of law enforcement agencies’ efforts to extract personal information from Google emerged in a new report published by the company.

      Governments presented Google with 21,389 requests for information on 33,634 of its users during the last six months of 2012. The number of requests was up 17% from a year earlier.

      Read more: http://www.belfasttelegraph.co.uk/news/world-news/google-reveals-data-request-details-16265201.html#ixzz2IwlfFked

      So… you were searching for nitrogen compounds a month ago? You do know that nitrogen compounds are the most widely used in explosives right?

      Why did you want to know more about them? And why the sudden interest in Urea (a prime source for the manufacture of certain types of nitrates)

      And now why I laugh everytime I hear commercials about offsite data storage companies that will protect your data from inadvertent loss. I wonder if people realize that 3rd party data repositories can be subpoenaed, and can be legally ordered not to reveal that data request to the owner of the data?

      Along the Facebook/Twitter thing. How do you know that the person you are chatting/corresponding with is not under an investigation… one that they themselves are unaware of? They are now your “friend” so now you have been caught up in the all seeing eye of law enforcement. (hypothetically speaking, but entirely possible)

      In-Q-Tel threw a lot of money at datamining companies over the last few years. They are PIPE company: ‘private investment in public equity’. They were founded by Gilman Louie, formerly of Hasbro Toys. Guess who their client is? (think ‘alphabet soup’ agencies)

      I used to pass the time between customers by archiving press releases that announced partnerships that In-Q-Tel was getting into. They have invested in everything from data mining to ‘directed lightning’ devices. (essentially discharging a high voltage capacitor bank through an ion channel created by a laser) Even a company that developed a device that can maintain a positional tracking lock in the absence of a GPS signal. (by using terrestrial radio signals.)

      On Topic.. (sort of)

      Ran across this while searching for info on the Calderas of Flores.

      Slab detachment of subducted Indo-Australian plate beneath Sunda arc, Indonesia” Bruña et al


      Paywalled… but some of you may have access depending on what you do.

  12. Another 3+ quake in Iceland. This time on the Reykjanes.
    25.01.2013 00:41:28 63.959 -22.104 6.8 km 3.2 99.0 3.8 km ENE of Keilir

      • (one quick plot done) they seem to be along the zone, but a little high to be on the actual fault.

        Diagram is close but can be off. It is a cross section for about a degree north of where the quakes were at. Yellow circles are historical quakes as plotted on the original background image.

        USGS web interface shows a few strike-slip style faults north and south of there, but I can’t find a morment tensor (beach ball) to save my arse.

  13. I’m sorry all… but this kicks arse.

    In this video, they use modern dogs to do a comparative analysis of the likely differences in the attack methodologies of the Dire Wolf vs the Grey Wolf. (*they did this by having working dogs of different breeds (but with similar physiological differences) attack a guy in a training suit.) The conclusion? The Dire Wolf likely used it’s sheer mass to knock the prey over or off it’s footing where the Grey Wolf uses it’s speed and manuverability to bring the prey down. In both cases, the lead animal attempts to slow the prey down so that the rest of the pack can join in to finish off the victim. with the Dire Wolf, upwards of 30 attacking members at a time.

    • Considering that these wolves died off only about 10ka, there is a good likelihood that they may have shared the woods with modern humans. With a mass upwards of 79kg, they would have been fearful to have witnessed first hand, and anyone that saw one would in all liklihood have wanted to tell someone about it. Hello folklore. Is it possible that these guys were the origin of Fenrir?

    • I’m always astonished by the social competences of wolf/dog like animals. At the slightest sign of whatever that could be important or serious, they stand next to you, ready to work together or follow you how far will be necessary. Once had a phonecall with someone I’d like to drill into the moho. I think I managed to keep my voice and formulations kind and professional, but my dog left her “bed” and stood next to me, neck hair up, looking an me like “now? now? yes? do we go? hunting? fighting? huh? huh?”. I had goose bumps from how she had seen right inside of me. A pack of 80kg biests with that ability to feel each other deciding I should be their breakfast is a pretty scary vision. But I still would choose being left alone in a Canadian forest where I know there are several wolves (not talking of bears, geeez these ones scare the hell out of me) rather than having to walk through some ghetto at noon. Nice idea that they could have inspired our ancestors to create Fenrir.

      • Funny fact, a guy I work with just named his new born son Ólafur Fenrir. And yes I felt that 3.1 earthquake on Reykjanes last night.

      • My English Springer Spaniel is basically an “Upper Class Twit.” -being a former show
        dog and all. But.He has this intitmdating Bark/Woof that sounds like it is attached to a
        Doberman. I had a similar thing happen with a conversation with a client that I, too
        would’ve liked to used for lubrication for your drill. Except we were having this trough
        the window of my Van . He was in the back of the van and I have dark tinted windows
        in the rear so you can’t reallysee what is there Rollie was in his dog kennel too.
        As the converation got more and more heated .I could hear this long gutteral “Grrr.””GRRRR.” “What IS that?” The client asked. “My Dog.” “He doesn’t like you.”
        “I’ve always had a problem with dogs!” BWOOF!” “Can We meet in your office?”
        “Sure.” “I won’t bring my Dog.” “Good.” He never knew it was one of these:

  14. Historical building for sale in London. Should interest anyone with an interest in science and engineering and its early history.
    Its the Royal Institution buidling.
    This is the building famous for Faraday, Davy, Its the building where many elements were discovered ( Na, K, Ca etc) and the first electrical generator invented. And the lecture theatre famous for the TV Christmas lectures is where Faraday gave his.

    If you are as disgusted as I am with this appalling decision by the RI to sell its building you can respond here:

    It should be a World Heritage Site should it not?


  15. Two small quakes at El Hierro today, a 1.7 and 1.8. Nothing to get excited about but the last one was only 10km deep (unless they change it later) so worth keeping half an eye out for a couple of days anyway.

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