Friday Roundup Wk 4

Trying to sum up the weeks volcanic events is not that easy this week.

There is a webcam on COLIMA obviously available. Thanks for that link. I watched it a little. Did not see much more than an enervating streetlight which seems to have a loose contact. But check for yourself:
Here is a daylight view, the broken lamp is the one to the right side.

Webcam screenshot

Webcam screenshot

KILAUEA seems to have experienced another fluctation is the height of the lava lake.
The report can be found here:
Volcano alert is Watch and the aviation code is orange.
Shortly after Pyter menitoned the thermal cam it appeared like this ->

webcam screenshot

webcam screenshot

And some hours later like this ->

webcam screenshot

webcam screenshot

Chyphria took a beautiful screenshot of the ongoing Tolbachik eruption.

webcam screenshot by Chyphria

webcam screenshot by Chyphria

Erik had a nice post with videos on it on Eruptions. He discussed the viscosity of lava.

KVERT update for today.

Etna´s Bocca Nuova seems to have shown some strombolian action. Check INGV.

Iceland saw large steam columns above Hengill volcano two days ago. But i do not know what really was up there.

Other volcanic action: GVP report !

I got a NTL sent but i could not figure out to disguise it so that people here would not break it within a minute. But here is an older image i received.

So another Name That Lava Riddle.

Whats the rock called and why.
Extra points for where it can be found maybe.


Riddle – Name those Volcanoes
5 Volcanoes 5 Points
1 extra point for spotting the link

No 1 – Halfway r & r at McCoy’s SOLVED
No 2 – Emergency overnight stays for 440 at Bruce’s SOLVED
No 3 – Helicopter rides only up this K P high spot SOLVED
No 4 – Novices are advised to go down to el jardin from base 1600 SOLVED
No 5 – The SAH refers to the local conditions as ‘pineapple powder’ SOLVED

It’s a tough set this week, so I will ding as soon as I see any correct answers. Kilgharrah


Alan´s Evil riddle!!!

One of bal maidens banes, named for oggie land be I!!
A) What’s my name?
B) Hereabouts was I particularly important – where more precisely?
C) Why a bane?


236 thoughts on “Friday Roundup Wk 4

  1. El Hierro again show signs of unrest, small but again in my view could be significant. Seems things just don’t want to go to sleep there. Increased tremor there this morning.
    May be like watching paint dry but it seems the paint just doesn’t want to dry. 😉

  2. Jamie: interesting your comments on Hekla!
    The graphs of the 3 stations around Hekla do seem to show some change in tremor, but extremely minor, in the last 2 days. Its at that level between something and nothing. Thus I really do not know.

    If you really saw Hekla steaming today, so that might mean, together with this, something major. Like a movement of residual magma inside the volcano upwards, which could be result of new fresh magma underneath also moving upwards and increasing the pressure of the magma above.

    Anyways Hekla top is always hot. I was there in August 2011 and it was steaming vigorous and hot to touch. I never see steaming from where I live in Grimsnes 50km away. But I can see some steaming if I drive to 5km away of Hekla, to its bottom and use binoculars.

    Tomorrow night I will be hiking in Bláfjoll (obviously not alone but with professionals). I have a slight concern because of a recent happening. This last weekend a woman died hiking a high mountain (near Esja) near Reykjavik. She was in a group (another group) but she felt down and it was during a major snow and wind storm. She couldn’t hold it and died on the place. I of course will hike with this in mind, so that it does not happen to me!

    • After going through the tremor graphs, I discovered it is most likely noise from increased sea activity. But still I am not fully sure. It appears mostly around Hekla but also in stations far away such as Reykjanes (also coastal), the only inland stations are near Hekla, but also near the more stormy south coast. Yes, it does set suddently and I can’t remember a storm in Monday but rather on Sunday. Still, my main bet is for increase sea waves out in the ocean, and the stations picked this noise. Otherwise it might be some volcano in the southwest of Iceland, most likely Hekla. But a few earthquakes there would confirm this. Hekla remains silent and elusive.

    • Not familiar with what you are going to do…. but a rle of thumb from shipboard living. Always keep a spare hand for yourself.

      In other words, always have a free hand to catch or brace yourself should the ship lurch.

      I’m pretty sure that can be adapted for your purpose.

  3. Spica has been a bit quiet for a couple of days (ok, so it’s only Tuesday) but I hope she realizes how grateful we all are for her enormous contribution to the blog in the absence of that man whose name is slowly being eroded for lack of use. Who was he called again? Grief, where IS he? I know this blog is a communal effort that lives from all of us adding our little bits but this place would probably have died without her (not to denigrate all the effort of the other mystical dragons that populate this place). I raise my glass to all of you who keep this place going. Cheers.

    • I second that Bruce! Spica and all the dragons have done and are continuing to do a great job so thaks to all of them. And I also say “Where is he?”!!! It has been too long now. Has anyone been in touch with Carl? He was called Carl wasn’t he? 😉 Just hope he is well.

      • Totally agree (*thanks the Dragons!) I think someone did rang him, he be busy as hell or perhaps just busy. No worries, we manage (I watch over Hekla like a hawk… *both awake and in my sleep!*)

    • I dislike Bruce.

      Specifically, “Bruce Florida” I nearly died there once. I had a pickup truck run a stop sign and pull out in front of me. Luckily the guy behind him had stopped, because I had to use that space to miss the one that pulled out.

      Anytime I get near Bruce I get nervous.

      Meanwhile… something that made me chuckle.

      Wikerpedia about Cnut the Great

      Cnut, in a letter written for the benefit of his subjects, stated himself “king of all England and Denmark and the Norwegians and of some of the Swedes

      (*bold added)

    • Got a LOT of work and a change in my work situatio to deal with. (Which will also mean i wont have as much time for the blog more often. )
      I am trying, but i cannot run the blog all on my own. And i am not the most talented writer. So posts would really be appretiated!! ( This goes to All not only to Bruce, though of course to him after his success with his last series too 😉

  4. I was just watching several youtube videos about Marsili seamount volcano. There was a lot of worry in 2010 – 2011 when it seemed ready to erupt. Its location would incidentally seem to have had some influence on the shaping of the separation of Sicily from Italy – I always look at maps to see where land masses have moved from and to – India seems to have travelled furthest.

    Anyway what then came up was an amazing video about the place in Turkey with its advanced stone-cutting monuments from 12,000 years ago, so I couldn’t resist posting it here

    Tidied up 🙂 chryphia

  5. Projected initial arrival times for Australia (if anything shows up)

    AUSTRALIA BRISBANE 27.2S 153.3E 0515Z 06 FEB
    CAIRNS 16.7S 145.8E 0520Z 06 FEB
    SYDNEY 33.9S 151.4E 0546Z 06 FEB
    GLADSTONE 23.8S 151.4E 0625Z 06 FEB


    And the Lata Warf showed a 0.91 meter wave…

  6. Evening everyone.
    Amazing how this thing has been building up! Two cluster both to the SE and SW of Tinakula volcano Island (as pointed out by John Seach) and then we have a huge tsunami (possibly)! Nature is indeed unpredictable!
    I wonder how the local Snata Cruz people are dealing with it.
    Just heard on TV that a 1 m high wave hit Solomon Is. and that a tsunami is not expected in Australia.

  7. A non official riddle. No points. Just a bit of a mindbending exercise.

    This is Volcanocafe. What volcano has a connection with this video? And (using my twisted logic) how?

    Note: You may groan when you find out what the connection is. (it’s a bit of a reach… but there is a connection.)

    And… a bonus for those who don’t really give a hoot and just want to hear the song “mindbender” by Stillwater. (no connection to my impromptu riddle)

  8. Tsunami due to arrive Wellington NZ about two hours from the time of this post.

    We’re about 150ft from the sea… both horizontally and vertically 🙂

    From the sound of it, it’s going to be smaller than the waves we had in the storm on Monday, if we notice it at all.

    • I don’t have time to do it, but there is a decay routine that predicts/models the number and intensity of th aftershocks. An enterprising number slinger may wish to track it down and look to see if the activity is within normal bounds…

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