And once again the Sheepy Dalek Bar is open

I posted a similar image on the day i took it in September. It shows a Lava Rose on the way up to Teide in Tenerife. The Basaltic columns formed the shape of a flower when they cooled. I have no idea from which eruption this resulted or how old it is. It does not remind me of a rose but most definitely of a flower.

Some new webcams were pointed out:

Islandbloggen, A long list of Icelandic Webcams. ( In Icelandic)

Now THAT list will keep auroa lovers busy, some new volcanocams are there too!

Popocatépetl, Mexico

Thanks for finding them! They were added to the crows nest.

It does make sense to pay those 2 new El Popo cams a visit, some plume was clearly visible the last days.

The livecam from Garibaldi Hill showing Soufrière Hills volcano on Montserrat. is not new but i managed to grab a beautiful screenshot at noon.

And the sad thing to keep an eye on, are the aftershocks after the Mag 8 ( or 7,9) earthquake in Santa Cruz, Solomon Islands. There was one Mag 7 ( or 6,9 ) just recently.


Alans evil riddle:

You’ve heard of old age and ice age, so where would old french sausages fit in?

2 points: identify and description/origin

Current ranking: ( last updated 27.1.13)

15 Sissel
13 Kelda
11 Talla
9 KarenZ
4 Ursula
3 Chyphria
3 Henri le Revenant
3 Newby
2,5 Diana
2 Sherine
2 jeannie
1 GeoLurking
1 lughduniese
1 Sa´ke
1 purohueso745
1 UKViggen
1 IngeB
1 Carl
1 Spica

Answers at Alan´C Evil riddles and the answers #21 to …

Riddle –  Name those Volcanoes

2 volcanoes – 2 points

1 extra point for identifying the geological feature 

No 1 – Lying close to this volcano is an irritating lake where you will find some large examples of a particular geological feature. HINT Icelandic. SOLVED

No 2 – A volcano that is noted for the exceptional proliferation of the same geological feature. Despite the local name given to them, they are definitely not fit for human habitation! HINT This volcano lies 250kms from its Asian capital city.

Ranking for  NtV: Updated February 6th.

14 Alison
8 Sherine France
7 Kelda
6 KarenZ
5 Sissel
5 Chryphia
4 DebbieZ
3 Spica
3 dfm
2 Bruce Stout
2 UKviggen
1 Irpsit
1 tgmccoy
1 Inge B
1 Stoneyard
1 Grimmster
1 cbus20122
1 jeannie
1 fred
1 Newby

Answers to be found at Name That Volcano(es). Answers

A new Name That Lava Nr. XXV
At least 2 points to be gained. I got informed about the location but have not much of a clue about the rocks myself, so i will decide how many points are to be gained as we go along.
Ranking for Name that Lava last updated 6.2.2013

10 DFMorvan
10 Spica
8 Sissel
5 KarenZ
7 Diana Barnes5 Ursula
4 Talla
4 Chryphia
3 Schteve
2 Renato Rio
2 Doug Merson
2 Hattie
2 Irpsit
2 Stephanie Alice Halford
2 Lisa
2 Henri, Liet Kynes
2 UKViggen
2 KarenZ
1 Topey
1 Inge B
1 Heather B
1 Jamie
1 Jim
1 Luisport
1 Alan C
1 Bobbi
1 Alison

Honorary mention for GeoLurking, for naming lavas in advance!
Special points for Chyphria and Sissel for the “Special riddle”
Thanks for the Riddles Kilgharrah and Alan and Mister Mystery Man!!


184 thoughts on “And once again the Sheepy Dalek Bar is open

    • {snicker}

      Yeah… I can just see the alarmists of all the locations with Santa Cruz in the name jumping up and down yammering “doom!”

      We here know where you are talking about… but the random transients might not pick up on that. :D.

        • Well, some of the loon theorists think that part of the plate is going snap off…. but these are the same guys that claim a basin wide crack is going to form on the pacific plate. The actual liklihood of that happening are about as good as me hitting the powerball lottery and getting struck by lightning at the same time… as well as winning the triple crown (on foot)

          I’ve yammered at them to no end about the dynamics of tectonics and the lunacy of the claim.

          In fact… that region is littered with old plate / plate fragment boundaries. Remains of ancient back-arc basins, etc. If anything is going to happen, one of those boundaries will re-activate to accomedate the prevailing stress if the active boundaries can’t handle it.

          It will be unique, someone will write a paper about it, and that will be it.

          Volcano wise…. I don’t know how long decompression melting takes to occur (under the extensional areas). Some of one subducting plate has had a greater extent thrust just a bit deeper and into hotter material than it was sitting at before this all started. Hydrated material (rock) will pass into the area where it can more easily melt, so fresh magma is a possibility. how long that will take, or if it will then percolate up is anybodies guess.

          I second KarenZ’s lament about the lack of data on small quakes. You can tell a lot from them. They can point to moving magma or stucture that we didn’t even know that was there. (like when we were watching the sill emplacements under El Hierro.)

          Right now… it’s wait and see.

          The system as a whole, is capable of generating tsunami, so anyone living there needs to be ready to high tail it if a large quake occurs.

  1. Juxtaposition is the act or placement of two things (usually abstract concepts) near each other.

    Juxtaposition is a handy item that can be used for comedic effect. Generally, good comedy is when disparate throughts or memes are tied together in a startling though humorus way. Such as Adolf Hitler singing Gangnam Style… which is at the end of the video.

    I partucularly like the Matrix beginning.. I’m sure some hard core Matrix fans will not see the humor.

  2. Mississippi is really getting hit with tornadoes and severe weather tonight. Hope everyone stays safe. Are you getting any of that Lurking?

    • Not yet. Murphys Law says that when it gets here, I’ll have to go drive in it.

      Story of my life. Universe sends crap weather, I have to go play in it.

      Yeah I’m complaining, but don’t get me wrong. Storms are some of the most exhilarating things that you can find in nature… short of volcanoes. They (storm systems) are always doing something interesting. You just have to make sure that you stay out of the way when it decides to throw a fit.

      Rule of thumb for anyone stuck driving during heavy rainfall. Reduce your speed. I’m not being a prude. If you Hydroplane a single tire, you have lost half of your steering ability. If it’s in a curve and you have the wheels turned just a small amount to steer through the corner, if that floating tire regains contact with the street, your steering force has instantly doubled. This sudden change can instantly put you out of control.

      • Yup, got a ride to Madrid once when rain was pouring down in a fashion that would make even Noah cringe… In the Sierra de Guarradama Guadarrama the car started aquaplaning and went 90º yet maintaining its course straight ahead at 130 km an hour. Luckily the road had a broad strip of grass in the middle and a gutter for the rain in which it came to a standstill. A few kilometers ahead the grass strip was not there. Also wise to change your tires when the profile is nearly gone. Amazing rock formations too in the Sierra de Guadarrama. In the middle ages the mountain range was also referred to as the “Sierra del Dragón”. It’s old, the rocks (mainly granite) originated in the Hercinian orogeny, the uplidf is mainly Alpine.

        • I’ve hated landing in heavy rains for the same reason when you touch down at 90+mph
          you are hydroplaning even with itty bitty high pressure tires. KEEP off the brakes!
          I told myself may times. i won’t even go into the Wind Shear/Downburst phenomena..
          Prop/thrust reverse comes in handy at those times…Keep safe Lurk…

    • One common thing that Large Caldera Events (“supervolcanoes”) share, is a large amount of energy (fresh magma) entering the system. Cracks and steam over this short of an interval don’t seem to fit the bill. Large quakes can easily open up pathways for aquifers to interact with deeper rock that sits at a higher temperature (just from the existing geothermal gradient).

      For me, its way too early to try and guess at the outcome.

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