Sheepy Dalek on a Saturday

Tolbachik is still going strong:
tolbachik_ali_2013045More information:

A screenshot I took 2 days ago:

Best info provided on the KVERT site

Etna showed 4 paroxysms but once Greg set his scripts on it, it stopped. Voodoo going on. (j.k)


Report on a Deep Space Live:

The museum is also called “Museum of the Future”, the Ars Electronica Center in Linz, Austria, hosts a special “Deep Space Live” show every Thursday evening at 8pm.
The topics varies. Sometimes experts explain astronomical themes, sometimes Red Bull presents extreme sport events, sometimes paintings are explained and sometimes something totally different is on.

The Deep Space is a room with 2 screens (on the wall and on the floor) provided by 8 very special projectors each able to handle at least double HD quality images. People are even sitting “inside” of the floor projection or may walk around in it. On the 7th of february the topic of that DS-Live was “Feuerberge – Vulkane aus der Nähe” (translation: Mountains of Fire, volcanoes close-up”) with the Austrian photographer Christoph Kaltseis presenting his images.

I was very much looking forward to this, I do not think I need to explain to you why.2013-02-07 20.06.39
The image shows the start of the  “talk” in the “Deep Space” theatre in the Ars Electronica Center in Linz Austria.

I hesitated to write a report about this show because I was not all to happy with it. The pictures were good, some were spectacular. But the talk going along with the images lacked substance and had quite a lot of incorrect information. It was mostly a slideshow of images and a story more like travel journalism, than a talk on volcanoes which I had been hoping for. This is OK, I just had wrong expectations.

The speaker had discovered his interest in volcanoes when he was visiting the Arenal in Costa Rica without realizing beforehand that he was visiting a volcano. Then there were some nice images of volcanoes of Costa Rica and some on Yellowstone.

2013-02-07 20.24.51

Then it went on to the Italian volcanoes Vesuvius and Stromboli with some nice images of “Stromboli” the village nestled into the coastline of the volcano. Then some spectacular photos from a nightly eruption of Stromboli, leaving traces in the image like fireworks.

I took all the images standing on the balcony in “Deep Space” in the AEC with my mobile phone, so the quality is by far not the same as the one provided for the audience in the “Deep Space”.

2013-02-07 20.27.07

Then he moved on to Vulcano, the Italian Island. May I please add for anyone who was present at the show, that a volcano showing intense fumarolic activity is NOT extinct! And that there are more volcanoes in Europe than the Italian and Icelandic ones. And that especially Middle Europe is not totally dead in the volcanic sense. Here i d like to mention the excellent posts by El Nathan and chryphia about the Eifel Volcanic Field.

The photographer had been visiting the erupting Kilauea using a helicopter and showed great images of rope lava, an open lava tube and the ocean entry.

Again: May I please add that Mauna Kea IS the highest mountain on earth if you consider how high it rises from the surrounding surface on the earth. But it is not 17 km high! The ocean around Hawaii is 6 km deep and Mauna Kea rises up to 4200 m. So it rises 10 km not 17 km.

Here is an image of Ol Doinyo Lengai when it still had its hornitos on top. Those got blown of in an eruption 2007 and now you can not walk as easily on top of the crater anymore as it lies 150 deeper. (Wikipedia link.)

The Danakil Desert. The speech on how how difficult it is to access these volcanos was interesting. Then we heard a description of the hike up to Erta Ale. The people there sure look dangerous and the “hotel-rooms” which are rented in advance of the hike to the volcano, look more like a dogshed and don’t really make one feel like being in a safe place.


And then came the most spectacular thing about the whole talk. A long video showing the boiling lava in the mouth of Erta Ale.

Simply beautiful to see a volcano in action. I added GVP and Wikipedia links with basic information on the volcanoes, in case someone who was in the audience, would like some facts.


64 thoughts on “Sheepy Dalek on a Saturday

  1. Oh! Spica. That talk sounded good. Thank you for sharing the photos with us. I don’t fancy the trip to Erta Ale either. The Volcano is fantastic but not as dangerous as the humans around there! I would rather watch from the comfort and safety of my PC and You tube !
    It is disappointing when the facts given are not accurate. But then we here in VC are !Picky! Now we have such experts, even if they are amateurs 😀 😀

  2. Fantastic post Spica as are all the ones we have one here. Before I forget I came on-line to check the Etna tremor as I refuse to miss another episode and yes, just a slight upturn at last, hope it progresses so I finally get to see my first live paroxysm this year. Many thanks too to everyone who posted videos of the ones I missed.

    Hi Diana, you put me to shame, working in the garden already!!! The temp now is 1.5C with a very lazy wind so my garden can just wait a few weeks. Only flowers anyway, no veggies as Oscar would wee all over them. ;( Oscar is the dog by the way, not the ‘old man’.

    • Grazie, Grazie Grazie!!!
      Absolutely awesome. the scale, the wind, the power.. Absolutely fantastic. When you think you are looking at a 3000m mountain and then a jet on top of it of that size, and you see how strong the wind is, and how little effect this has on the jet. Boy. Into goosebumps territory.

      • I have to totally agree with you Bruce. When I saw live the size of that lava fountain I found it unnerving! It certainly makes one realise that as much as we all love volcanoes they really should be treated with extreme respect. Somehow I don’t expect these sort of power shows our relatively stable continent of Europe.

    • Fantastic!! Thanks for that video, I had just emailed my sister in Spain explaining what a brilliant show Etna gave tonight. Now I can send the evidence.

    • indeed, looks artificial but curiously the timing is irregular…no idea what could be the source. Micro-quakes would be strange as well, since they all seem to have (nearly) the same strength..

    • Recently seen on youtube (Countdown to catastrophe: Earthquake in North America, National Geographic), liquefaction, massive sandblows, reversal of the Mississippi flow 1811/12…about every 500 years a sequence of major earthquakes.

    • Well, the big issue is if this is a normal event (not out of the question, after all, it is an active fault system) or if it is a fore-shock.

      The region is made up of a sequence of “step-over” faults.

      In the loon realm, they are ruminating (salivating?) over a potentially large NMSZ event.
      And… there are other loons who are looking for a connection with the Macondo event (Deep water Horizon) to Bayou Corne Sinkhole to NMSZ to Great Lakes (area) event.

      I don’t think I would go that far in freakazoid ramblings. However, I can calculate about what you would need to make a surface manifestation of that length. Mag 9+. In other words, a freaking crapload of energy by anybodies standard. That would be “violent” shaking up to around 300 km from the epicenter and would be a phenomenal disaster.

      So… with that rolling around in my head, and the odd synchronism of the tourist found floating in an LA hotel’s water tank by the name of Elisa Lam and the fact that one of the prevailing tests for TB is the Lam Elisa (Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay) test. I mention this since LA is in the middle of a TB outbreak.

      I figure it’s better to just watch talented drummer girls. the first one is a cover of Rush’s signature song “YYZ”, You can thank Samuel Morse for writing the initial part of this song back in the 1800s. YYZ is the Loran station id for the airfield serving the band’s hometown. According to a Rush documentary, the unique pattern of tones that they could overhear from the cockpit was the inspiration for the song.

      And a vid that I saw a few months ago. Rehashed with BS markup links. (which is crap, she has talent, she understands dynamics which is more than some wannabe drummers have. I’ve known more than one aspiring male drummer than can’t quite get a grasp on not hitting them as hard as possible each and every time)

      GL Edit: They yanked the vid, so I pulled the link.

      There something exciting about a woman wielding a club. As long as it’s not a claymore we should be okay.

      • My Gr. Granpa McCoy called his tall, Red Headed wife Mattie ( who was a mail-order
        bride, from Edinburgh, Scotland.)” Boudicca ” Gr. Granpa was a retired Union Army
        Artillery officer and when retired some after the Civil War to a farm in Iowa, he Married
        her.I never met her, she served as a role model for all McCoy women… She didn’t look much different than HER:

        Yep, I wouldn’t want to be in front of her with a claymore….
        That said those quakes in that area of AR.MO. and TN are troubling. got
        family in that area down by the “Bootheel” (Or “lap land where Missouri Laps
        into Arkansas.”

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