Etna´s saturday evening show and …

For all who missed it
Here is a collection of the screenshots i took during the latest episode of Etnas shows. Paroxysm #8 in the year 2013 during nightfall on March 16th.
Etnashow16_3The images were taken from the lower right cam of the INGV site.

There was only one camera giving one a clear view on the action. All others i checked were either covered in clouds or stuck. Cause the folloing cannot really be called a brilliant image.



Dr Boris Behncke provides a stunning image and a video on his Flickr page. Please also read the detailed description below his footage. You could also follow EtnaBoris on Twitter to get a warning in advance in case the next paroxysm should be on its way:
Here is last nights tremmor graph:

Stromboli put on a little more of a show as it normally does yesterday too and KarenZ saw it and took a screenshot.

Iceland and New Zealand saw earthquakes but nothing stunning is going on so far.

The site to watch are: for Iceland and for New Zealand ( Thanks for the notification Mike Ross)

All name that volcano riddles were solved:

No 1 – Sao Vicente Alison (at 14.21)  1 point
Anagram of active ones.
Although volcanic in origin, the island is quite flat. Its highest point is Monte Verde (Portuguese for green mountain) located in the northeast-central part with an altitude of 725 metres (2,379 ft). Although a great amount of erosion has taken place, some craters still remain, in particular near the bay of Mindelo. Other mountaintops include Monte Cara and Topona.,_Cape_Verde

No 2 – Erta Ale – arjanemm at 17.34 1 point
Erta Ale is a continuously active basaltic shield volcano in the Afar Region of northeastern Ethiopia, the most active volcano in Ethiopia. It is in the Afar Depression, a badland desert area spanning the border with Eritrea, and the volcano itself is surrounded completely by an area below sea level, making it a relatively low-elevation volcano.
No – 3 Mount Liamuiga – Granyia at 18.58 1 point
Mount Liamuiga was formerly named Mount Misery. The renaming took place on the date of St. Kitts’ independence, September 19, 1983. However, many older citizens still refer to it as Mount Misery. The name Liamuiga is derived from the Kalinago name for the entire island of St. Kitts, which means fertile land.
No 4 – Katla – El Nathan at 18.43 1 point
Katla is a large volcano in southernIceland. It is very active; twenty eruptions have been documented between 930 and 1918, at intervals of 13–95 years.

Ranking for  NtV: Updated March 17th.

17 Alison
8 Sherine France
8 Kelda
7 Chryphia
6 KarenZ
5 Sissel
4 DebbieZ
4 Spica
3 dfm
3 Newby
2 Bruce Stout
2 UKviggen
2 El Nathan
1 Irpsit
1 tgmccoy
1 Inge B
1 graniya
1 Stoneyard
1 Grimmster
1 cbus20122
1 jeannie
1 fred
1 Talla
1 arjanemm
1 Purohueso

Which makes Alison the “ruling lady” of this type of riddle unlikely to be caught any time soon.
Congratulations to the winners!!!


134 thoughts on “Etna´s saturday evening show and …

  1. Thank’s for this post. So that’s how Etna celebrated the start of norwegian soccer.- season 2013 🙂 Pitty I missed yet another Paroxysm episode. Hopefully it will be a new one soon 🙂

    Congratulation to all who winners of the riddle. I guess no one can beat Alison. She is too amazing good 🙂

  2. Thank you Spica! That is an amazing “time-lapse” still of Etna.

    You are right, recently there has been a lack of useful Etna webcams. Unfortunately, the red glow on the Etnasud cam is probably only a lense flare, because it also shows up on dormant days.

    • Yes, there is a constant lens flare (at night) in the upper right corner of the image. But that little light in the center is the real thing, as can be compared on this capture from Febr. 23:

  3. Thank you for the beautiful pictures and the information, Spica.

    Re. the cams, the a.m. INGV volcanologist Boris Behnke mentioned once, that the last eruptions in Februar and beginning of Mars had damaged some of the (privately owned) webcams.

  4. Thanks, Spica, those images bring out the exitement again! 🙂 And here the aftermath of it: image from the Radiostudio7(7) Valle del Bove cam (RS7 website is down alltogether now 😦 ), where the layer of tephra from last night’s paroxysm on the new snow can be seen. At least I think it is all lapilli and loose stuff as described by Dr. Behncke. On other occasions there was lava on that slope.

  5. Wow Spica, you never fail!! Fantatstic entry, particularly because I did miss it. They look like really tall fountains this time. Ginormous.

  6. Do I see it correctly that the whole top-8 of the NtV ranking is female? With 60 out of the 83 points collected by the female-top-8?

  7. I’ve heard there is some chance for polar light in Belgium tonight (Sunday). If it visible in Belgium, it is probably also visible in Great Britain, the Netherlands … If the weather want to co-operate.

  8. Two very small but deep quakes at Hekla this morning 23 minutes apart in time and only 0.3km apart in distance. So not a ghost.
    17.03.2013 03:28:57 64.018 -19.597 10.7 km 0.6 99.0 4.5 km NE of Hekla
    17.03.2013 03:05:29 64.015 -19.584 11.8 km 0.7 99.0 4.8 km ENE of Hekla

  9. Thank you Spica!
    Beautiful screen-schots of Etna. Missed it all, so far have missed eight Paroxyms this year, all of them, perhaps saw just part of one.
    News from Iceland: … missed the TWO small quakes – micro-quakes – under east end of Hekla Volcano last night, they happened only minutes after I closed my browsing window, TV was boring and was surfing in the dark hours, soon to hit the sack, but I had noticed the “órói” on MJO and VAT, that extended east to JOK …. and was thinking what the heck was going on. It might be Hekla-time anytime, maybe next week, so Mr. Carl, you must un-strange, please pop out of your “cockoon” (long-time storage wrapping!) and join the party on the slopes….
    Before last eruption there were detected some similar quakes (I think) but details have not been given, so far as I know.
    Also more “unusual” activity, Prestahjúkur quake line seems tetonic, but quakes at Þingvellir / Ármansfell are rare. Almannagjá is not affected, but Silfra (diving) might become unstable is much of area goes “unstable”.
    Anyways more activity in the Langjökull area than I am used to.
    Last night looked for PanSTARRS Comet but did not find it.

  10. Some beautiful and fascinating lenticular clouds covering Etna at the moment.
    OR Have the aliens landed there? 😉 😀

  11. Recently there was questions on how Hekla strain meters worked last time it erupted. BUT fell linke a stone, (estimated 300,000 units on current graph), HEK was installed later, so we do not know how it will behave…, Hella and STO are reported go up, but thats only my memory, it can be faulty… *not expert*

      • Yes, well, have made test run, at top speed limit, (in 45, 60, 80 and 90 km/h zones), was approx. 90 min go to … hope not to have to run away also … but shure will be “running-shoes” equipped when then 😉

          • Ok, seriously, we only need look at BUR and HEK for Hekla Volcano “health”, them two others are much further away (STO is nearer to EYJO than Hekla, so I think it will not be that much affected, true!) and “órói” to monitor are HAU, MJO and VAT (cause Hekla is midway between HAU and VAT, and MJO is to one side (south) of Hekla. Also to remember Hekla is 10 km long. Last eruption was 8 km long crack opening up!
            All tremour graphs across Iceland will be affected when she decides join the party.
            And more frequent micro-quakes, thats “Hekla Open-ing Style” !!!!!
            *not expert now, perhaps never will*

          • Was not serious about it. The strain is still indicated in sec., when she went in 2000 it was indicated in min.

            And yes, it takes some time to travel alongside this mountain, eg. in direction of Hrauneyjar. 🙂

  12. I think Hekla is very near an eruption.

    This is unusual behavior for dormancy, it is rather a behavior that occurs prior to eruptions. Sometimes microquakes can occur a few days before an eruption, often they only occur just before the eruption itself. And they are deep quakes.

    Anyways: I have a clear view of Hekla. Anything starting, I will be one of first here at Volcanocafe to have a visual sight of its ash plume, provided that the weather is clear (which is at the moment).

    Personally I do NOT wish to Hekla to erupt. Fluoride ash is unwelcome to my vegetable garden and to our food production.

  13. Watching Hekla is like going on a rollercoaster … you’re climbing up and up, waiting for the plateau of the top and then, whoosh – the exhilarating drop! Almost near the top and you keep thinking to yourself, “Any second now!”. Or, as it’s most likely to be, “any week/month/year now.” Nature doesn’t always align to my calendar and availability 🙂

    • Irpsit, if Hekla is to erupt, I hope it’s the kind that has little or no impact to farmers in Iceland and also to your garden! As ever, tech of the world today allows a birds eye view of the earth at work, and you feel able to partake. But this is from the safety and comfort of the couch and it’s easy to forget how others are directly impacted. By no means do I hope that it causes harm to people, property or animal.

  14. Also there is a strong geomagnetic aurora storm.

    Northern lights were visible as far south as Colorado. And the show is still ungoing. Possible a good night to see northern lights over the UK, Denmark, Germany…

  15. Hi

    this a video by a german diver done in El Hierro in February 2013

    I have noticed that there seems to be some bubbles coming from the ground at 9:20.

    Your opinion ?
    I wonder where this was filmed….

        • I am no expert, but I would say this is just the normal respiration of a dormant volcano. There is continuesly some degassing going on – like the CO2 (probably) here. 🙂

          • On the other hand, the situation could become interesting as soon as the emission increases significantly or a lot of new fumaroles open up.

          • Well this image catched my attention. There are probably quite a few spots like this around the island, but I connect this to the various “stains”, discolorations and the like. I did some snorkeling in Dominica at a spot aptly named “champagne reef” and it was just like this place with bubble curtains. What I’m reflecting on is that it could be interesting to follow the evolution of a spot like this…..or to make some gas sampling and analysis….I’m not sure it is directly related to Bob, but….

    • That was one awesome video—wow!!! Thanks for sharing! Now I know why it is a popular diving spot. . .just amazing!

    • Loved that video.wife’s done Belize with a fair snorkeling trip out to the barrier reef.
      I haven’t dived on anything-yet..

  16. Thank you for the lovely pictures Spica. I am still watching Hekla. Irpsit I do hope when she goes you will be little affected. Islander also the same wish.
    No running for me…or digging 😦 I have a torn ligament in my knee. A lunchtime spent in A & Eand the instructions to rest. I must comply as it is nearly time to start planting . Irpsit I hope you garden will stay safe.

  17. Just idly watching the Hekla Burfell web cam in case the volcano decides to explode when I was treated to a lovely meteor trail from top to bottom of the image!

  18. OT: Someone who is as into astronomy as I am with quakes deconstructs a asteroid impact claim and shows it for the B/S that it is.

    I gave it a thumbs up.

    • The volcano drums seem to go wild for a few hours now, but I’m not familiar with that graph so I don’t know if it is unusual behaviour.

      • That *could* be weather; after a long hot dry summer, we’ve had a couple of stormy days with rain and wind.

        On the other hand, it could be the volcano blowing hot and cold, as it has been for months.

        On the gripping hand, it could VEI2 and we wouldn’t see a damn thing in this weather!

  19. Hi

    Iceland earthquake update for March 2013 up to 17th.

    Size of the dots is proportional to magnitude, age of the quakes is according to left scale (date shown).
    Terrain elevation according to right scale of the colorbar.

    A zoom is made on the Hekla zone in the end as some people indicated that there was some “action” there.

    Data form IMO and NOAA, made on Gnu Octave.

    There is indeed some recent activity in the vicinity of Hekla, but it seems not to be under the main system.

  20. There is also some renewed seismic activity in El Hierro with 5 quakes yesterday and 2 today.
    I’ll make a plot later today.

  21. This is a close-up 3D plot of Hekla earthquakes from 2000 to yesterday at the same perimeters as here The depth axis is compressed twice to see the Moho. As you know on Feb 26, 2000 was Hekla´s last eruption, which is seen in this plot as the bulk of dark blue earthquakes. Remarkably, there were no deep ones preceeding the 2000 eruption.
    There is one 20 km deep earthquake which occured on Juli 26, 2011, followed by the large orange one on August 4, 2011. In 2012 there were four, and in 2013 so far five small earthquakes. Some were close to the summit and some more in the general direction of the deep earthquake.
    No conclusions are made by me being an amateur, I am just describing what I observe. Enjoy!

  22. Hi

    Seems something’s definitely happening there. I noticed that 2 quakes were very close and very near pico Malpaso. I was just plotting the last quakes but i’ve stopped and will redo the plot. See you in an hour or 2…

  23. Does someone have a screen shot of the previous period in which the tremors were most strong for comparison…

  24. You do realise that this is likely to be when Hekla will blow, it was just waiting for us to turn our backs.

  25. This seems to be a new intrusion with (should I say “as usual”) a new route for the bolus.
    Look at this view from the south west. The blue small dots are all the old quakes from the beginning (July 2011) to Feb 2013.

    There are quakes under an over the moho and it looks like it is in previously non active zones…

    • Yes, it seems to mostly fill in gaps and the main feeder now in between older ones. But higher up, the magma follows also older dykes.

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