Watching volcanoes from your livingroom.

Our very own Granyia has set up several pages of webcams watching volcanoes.

Mila Hekla webcam. Screenoshot taken early morning april 10th. 2013

Mila Hekla webcam. Screenoshot taken early morning April 10th. 2013

While we are waiting if something happens around Hekla, Icelands rifting and earthquake happening around Grimsey Island calmed down a little bit. I thought we could fill the time, helping Graniya finding some webcams. The possibility to watch active volcanoes from your home is an “invention” of the 21st. century. All the images on this post are webcam screenshots taken by me.

Webcam Screenshot by author.

Webcam Screenshot by author.

This for example was Kirishima in 2011.

I discovered the possibility of watchig volcanic action live from my comfortable couch in my living room with the Eyjafjalla eruption 2010. Here are 3 of the screenshots which had already been published on the post: The ashes of Eyjafjallajökull.

Iceland spoils us with its webcams, because most cams in Iceland are streaming webcams. Other volcanocams take pictures and update every minute or every 5 minutes and some even only every half hour. It is not really possible strombolian action when you only get an image every now and then, but at least one is able to get a glimpse which is live or almost live.

Webcam Screenshot by Author

Popocatepetl, Webcam Screenshot by Author

Here comes a list of webcams which are my personal favorites:

I could not reach Granyia´s webcam pages today but here is the link anyway:

It takes ots of time and devotion to set up such sites. Thank you Granyia for doing this, for yourself but also for us.
Here is her comment from the last thread:
“Hello all! I am delighted that some of you find my webcam collection useful (I know, some others put watching webcams in the same league as knitting scarves ;) ) I have somewhat beautified and added my page for Indonesia, with mainly the “back cameras” as georgiade said above, from the badan geologi website. Now, from the 11 cams I have there 7 are not working… If one of you knows of another volcano webcam in Indonesia or on other Pacific Islands, please, please, let me know the link! Thanks in advance!
So far I have
Lokon, Ijen, Tangkuban, Sinabung, Merapi, Semeru, Papandayan, Galunggung, Bromo 2x, Yasur (Vanuatu). There are supposedly 2 more in Vanuatu, but I cannot find them.
And this the link to the Indonesian page:
Any suggestions for improvements are welcome!”

I have set up a list with many links to cams or links to other sites lists in the Crow`s nest Volcano Webcams.

Please check this page from time to time. Links change. Cams are removed or set up. Next to my rl duties and the duties as admin of VC i dont have the time to continously check all links. So if you would leave a comment telling me which link is broken or should be added, i would appreatiate this very much. Thank you in advance.

Last but not least, a screenshout from BOB south of La Restina on El Hierro taken last year. This cam does not exist anymore, but the picture brings up old memories.


206 thoughts on “Watching volcanoes from your livingroom.

  1. @#$@#%@%.

    The Interstate speed limit around here is 70 mph. The rain was so bad that we were down to 30 mph… and we were still hauling arse for the road conditions. The new bay bridge is grooved all the way across to help with traction, yet I still had tires that tried to hydroplane. According to the doppler, at the time I was fighting it, the rainfall rate was about 2 to 2.5 inches per hour. Mr. 4×4 with the offroad lights on my arse managed to piss off the trucker in front of me. He got merged at a couple of times by the rig when he tried to pass.

    My brain is shot, I’m done fer now.

    • A few posts ago, this thread, TGMcCoy mentioned a maint guy who left a rag in/on a carburator. In defence of the maint guy, he was likely trying to protect the engine from the arriving sandstorm, but he should have made it crystal clear to everyone that the engine was NOT ready for use. FOD – Foreign Object Damage is responsible for more accidents than you can imagine. I thought about this today when I lost a screw. Odds were that it wound in some innocuous place, but there was always a chance that it didn’t. It could be laying across an electrical contact or something like that. So, I pulled the power supply in search of the wayward screw. Found it… nestled between two gears. That would have been bad. Murphy’s law bad.

    • This is one of the reasons that many aircraft maintenance operations keep a precise tool control system in place. Its one thing to fry a printer, quite another to crap an engine on takeoff.

      • Lurk, we had R-2800’s(Pratt and Whitney’s finest 18 cyl. radial) when sitting at Ft. Huachuca with a sand storm coming we had shutter doors to close off the main Carb intake. Nope, he bailed as the storm was hitting and we had a dispatch back to Winslow. The engine flat wouldn’t start which was a good thing ’cause yes you could trash the engine.-If it started..
        My old boss was death on anyone who didn’t keep an eye out for FOD on the ramp.
        EX USN Carrier Pilot- S-2F and WF’s/E-1’s (Williy Fudd.) …

        • I always got a kick out of the S-3B “vacuum cleaners” as they went by. “wooop, wooop”.

          And the radar they had gave me the creeps in trying to figure out how to fool it. It was bad ass.

          • …which reminds me. Be careful when you ask an HT to fabricate a couple of corner reflectors. HTs being HTs, they built them out of 1/4 inch plate steel. It took three people to carry one of them.

  2. wow, etna seems to be entering into full-on permanent eruption mode. If you take the series of paroxysms over the last year as all part of one cycle, then this new behaviour seems to indicate that the volume of magma feeding the system has now moved up a notch to a steady stream. Makes me think it will only be a matter of time until the next flank eruption.

  3. Well I came on here this morning expecting to check Etna’s tremor and find it had dropped or at least lowered considerably, instead she is still going! In all the time, (only 3 years) I have watched Etna I haven’t noticed her erupt so long. I wonder why the pattern has changed?

    • By the way, it’s quiet on here today, where you all up watching Etna half the night? I did until 2:00am then sleep finally came. 😀

  4. Really cold night here in south Iceland. I just record a night temperature of -15ºC. Now it is a sunny morning and -11ºC outside. Diana: but I still have several vegetables growing outdoors at the moment under a sheet of plastic and moss to insulate them.

    • Hey Irpsit. Thank you for this info. Is it reindeer Moss or Sphagnum Moss? Both are terribly expensive here. I do have a moss that grows in profusion on wet waste ground near my house that is loose growing rather like sphagnum. I never thought of using it as an insulator for my seedlings. what a good idea! We seem to have lost the really low temps. now so later today planting first early potatoes but in special bags I have for potatoes. They warm up quicker than the soil which is still too cold for planting. Thanks for this idea. 🙂

  5. Brussle sprouts with a bid of snow and ice on them when picked and then lightly cooked with a white sauce, yam,

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