Watching volcanoes from your livingroom.

Our very own Granyia has set up several pages of webcams watching volcanoes.

Mila Hekla webcam. Screenoshot taken early morning april 10th. 2013

Mila Hekla webcam. Screenoshot taken early morning April 10th. 2013

While we are waiting if something happens around Hekla, Icelands rifting and earthquake happening around Grimsey Island calmed down a little bit. I thought we could fill the time, helping Graniya finding some webcams. The possibility to watch active volcanoes from your home is an “invention” of the 21st. century. All the images on this post are webcam screenshots taken by me.

Webcam Screenshot by author.

Webcam Screenshot by author.

This for example was Kirishima in 2011.

I discovered the possibility of watchig volcanic action live from my comfortable couch in my living room with the Eyjafjalla eruption 2010. Here are 3 of the screenshots which had already been published on the post: The ashes of Eyjafjallajökull.

Iceland spoils us with its webcams, because most cams in Iceland are streaming webcams. Other volcanocams take pictures and update every minute or every 5 minutes and some even only every half hour. It is not really possible strombolian action when you only get an image every now and then, but at least one is able to get a glimpse which is live or almost live.

Webcam Screenshot by Author

Popocatepetl, Webcam Screenshot by Author

Here comes a list of webcams which are my personal favorites:

I could not reach Granyia´s webcam pages today but here is the link anyway:

It takes ots of time and devotion to set up such sites. Thank you Granyia for doing this, for yourself but also for us.
Here is her comment from the last thread:
“Hello all! I am delighted that some of you find my webcam collection useful (I know, some others put watching webcams in the same league as knitting scarves ;) ) I have somewhat beautified and added my page for Indonesia, with mainly the “back cameras” as georgiade said above, from the badan geologi website. Now, from the 11 cams I have there 7 are not working… If one of you knows of another volcano webcam in Indonesia or on other Pacific Islands, please, please, let me know the link! Thanks in advance!
So far I have
Lokon, Ijen, Tangkuban, Sinabung, Merapi, Semeru, Papandayan, Galunggung, Bromo 2x, Yasur (Vanuatu). There are supposedly 2 more in Vanuatu, but I cannot find them.
And this the link to the Indonesian page:
Any suggestions for improvements are welcome!”

I have set up a list with many links to cams or links to other sites lists in the Crow`s nest Volcano Webcams.

Please check this page from time to time. Links change. Cams are removed or set up. Next to my rl duties and the duties as admin of VC i dont have the time to continously check all links. So if you would leave a comment telling me which link is broken or should be added, i would appreatiate this very much. Thank you in advance.

Last but not least, a screenshout from BOB south of La Restina on El Hierro taken last year. This cam does not exist anymore, but the picture brings up old memories.


206 thoughts on “Watching volcanoes from your livingroom.

  1. I am bringing my comment from the last thread over too:

    Inge B mentioned Etna earlier in the last tread, keep watching this volcano. If Dr. Boris says it is getting worked up for the next paroxysm ( that would be #10 this year right? ) it is most likely happening.
    Etna does burp without a rising tremor occasionally, but ever since i watched it, the tremor was always rising high before a full beautifu paroxysm happened. So we should pay attention to this site, and we will be ready to watch the action on the cams if the weather permits.

    • Spica, Thanks once again for an interesting post and also to Granyia for sharing her webcam pages. Sadly I also haven’t been able to connect today but maybe later. As to bob’s webcam, well that became addictive as I was willing that little volcano to break the surface of the sea.

    • Thank you for re-posting the photos. I missed Etna’s what-looks-like-a throat-clearing episode, a bit reminiscent of Sakurajima 😉

  2. Thank you Spica. Hats off to granyi too for your dedication to web cam hunting. I too couldn’t get into Granyia’s site this morning but if I find a good webcam I will send to add to your collection. This collection is to all our advantages.
    Like Spica I too love the web cams and a big thanks to Kyoto university for the wonderful interactive Sakurajima web cam . This cam reminds us what an active volcano looks like whilst we wait and watch……..
    and of course as Spica says The Icelandic cams are absolutely brilliant. Their use makes me feel I “Know” Iceland well because from watching those I searched for more and more information about that lovely Country. Web Cams are a good way to attract future tourists to your country, Town or Hotel. What a pity El Hierro has lost their cameras. I didn’t just like watching Bob I came to love watching the town of Restinga and the moods of the Atlantic sea there. Again I felt almost part of that community.

      • I got as far as trying to work out how to get to El Hierro from looking at the El Hierro webcam’s. Sadly, the travel logistics were not good. But the webcams were a good advertisment for El Hierro.

  3. Thank you, Spica, for this post and for all your hard work to make this the most interesting place on the internet for me (means I am sitting in the volcanocafe even before I have poured my first cup in the morning!).

    Unfortunately, just after I posted the Indonesian page link last night, the server went down. I suppose it must be something serious as this has happened only twice in the almost seven years since I am with this provider. How it just picked this very moment to break down is beyond me!

    I never thought, that my crudely tinkered webcam pages would ever get such attention! I have started them at the time when Merapi erupted in Indonesia, and the webcams there needed to be refreshed manually every 15 seconds. I had a very slow dial-up connection and refreshing the pages took ages. So I was looking for a way to have them auto-updating and on one page. That worked great and I used it for other cameras that I regurlarly visited as well. Later my elderly parents and some friends became interested in the volcanoes but couldn’t find all the webcams I knew. So I put my pages online and there you are 🙂

    The auto-refresh script works fine as long as the images are not too big or the source-website itself has no problems, mostly with high visitor load. Once a cam stops auto-updating it needs to be refreshed in the browser. Maybe someone knows a better script for me. As long as the new images from the camera are coming fast and auto-refresh is set to, say, 2 seconds, it appears like a video, one can see the ash clouds moving or lava flowing down… As soon as the server is up again I’ll let you know. Thanks again! Granyia

  4. Hello Dragons, I wanted bold only on the second paragraph, could zou please remove it from the rest of my post? How did it get there? Thanks!

    • Same here – but the Mila cam is working. It seems to be really windy there today so that might have caused a fault on the ruv cam, perhaps?

    • Try in another browser. This Ruv cam accepts only a few browsers, forgot which. I think firefox and IE were ok with it.

    • I am getting this cam OK and have been all day so it is up and running OK. I am using Firefox as a browser but if I try google chrome it doesn’t work and I get this message.
      This web page is not available
      The server at http can’t be found because the DNS look-up failed. DNS is the network service that translates a website’s name to its Internet address. This error is most often caused by having no connection to the Internet or a misconfigured network. It can also be caused by an unresponsive DNS server or a firewall preventing Google Chrome from accessing the network.
      Here are some suggestions:
      Reload this web page later.
      Check your Internet connection. Reboot any routers, modems or other network devices that you may be using.
      Check your DNS settings. Contact your network administrator if you’re not sure what this means.
      Try disabling network prediction by following these steps: Go to the Chrome menu > Settings > + Show advanced settings and deselect “Predict network actions to improve page load performance.” If this does not resolve the issue, we recommend selecting this option again for improved performance.
      Add Google Chrome as a permitted programme in your firewall or antivirus software’s settings. If it is already a permitted programme, try deleting it from the list of permitted programmes and adding it again.
      If you use a proxy server, check your proxy settings or contact your network administrator to make sure the proxy server is working. If you don’t believe you should be using a proxy server, adjust your proxy settings: Go to the Chrome menu > Settings > + Show advanced settings > Change proxy settings… > LAN Settings and deselect the “Use a proxy server for your LAN” checkbox.

    • So far one decently sized explosion, followed by smaller ash and smoke emissions every 1 to 2 minuts. Tremor is rising, but slowely so far.

  5. Etna: The ETFI tremor graph has just changed scale, as the 500+ spike has moved out of view. The spikes of today go up to 30, i.e. to the top of the graph now, and therefore seem to be much bigger than before. They are not, and they will get (optically) smaller again if a new spike with a higher value occurs.

  6. Is it just me or were there a small transient at Hekla this morning around 04:00? Image 12 of 14 at the end of the a.m. page is the one I was talking about, can’t build up a direct link.
    Perhaps she was thinking about doing something special, but then decided otherwise. 🙂

    • Thanks Chryphia, I’m glad you find them more entertaining then knitting scarves! 🙂 Yes, I would love to record videos from the cams, but this instruction goes far over my capabilities. Anything that can not be done with html and some javascript (like editing system environment variables and calling things from the command prompt) is too highly technical for me. I leave that to the more digitally inclined younger generations… now that the pages are out in public, anybody can use them for that purpose… (let’s see what the blog gnomes make of that html) 😀

  7. Hi,
    After a brief exchange with Birgit, it seems adequate to let Shadow, my dragon avatar, die.
    GeoLoco might still peer in from time to time, and maybe even make one or the other comment.
    Time with you in here as always been a pleasure, and I thank you all for wonderful hours and for being color and warmth some days when things felt grey and cold.
    As one needs to be up to date, might it only be for the kids and to stand next to them while they grow up, you can find me on Twitter, as GeoLoco @loco_geo. Most of the time I rant, make bad jokes and sarcastic comments on news. Or I go philosophy… (ehm…) Most in French, but that can be adapted if I meet English or German speaking friends… 🙂
    As I’m a smartass, let me finish with some truth about and advice for life.
    Evolution granted us with intelligence, so that we have a powerful tool for survival. Don’t waste it by using this pearl of a capacity just to chase for money and power. Love and passion, that’s what life should be about. Be ready to die for love and passion; still better than to live without them.
    That’s all, folks!
    Your GeoLoco

    • Don’t leave us totally, GeoLoco! I love your humour and obvious passion for life! Drop by and visit us now and then!

      • I’ve liked Aerosmith for a number of years, but there are just some things that they tend to musically smear over. Steven Tyler thinking his once outstanding vocals could keep up with the lead guitar and actually add something to it is… well, quite vain.

        Here is a cleaner Nugent version.

    • Well, crap. You were one of my safety nets. I could rely on a comment from you should I trundle out a flawed theory. Better to be corrected than to spout unworkable ideas.

      Check in often please.

      And since other’s have linked shadow related vids… here’s my contribution.

      “It looks like a dark dark day for Faith Pâté.”

      This is not mind control, think about it

      • Oh What a sad Morning ! I wipe the tears from my eyes as I sit here in my purple thermal pyjamas and pink fluffy dressing gown. Too late I realise GeoLoco is actually that handsome, passionate hero that has haunted me all my life. Not Just Shadow but……. The RED Shadow. As a teenager, listening to my Father singing in the local Operatic Society, songs from “The Desert Song” I dreamed of being carried off, under velvet night skies, by The Red Shadow. I could feel the power of his white Arab Stallion as we thundered over the desert sands towards his richly carpeted tent in the cool oasis………. (deep sigh and she wipes the tears away, thinking of what could have been…….) Farewell my Hero. I so hope we meet again…….I am sorry…… I cannot write any more…… I am too emotional……………

        ( I do hope an Icelandic ,Isolated and non threatening Volcano erupts to entice you back very soon . I may stalk you on twitter!)

  8. PEVOLCA has announced that the alert level for El Hierro is now green:

    “The PEVOLCA declared the green traffic light in normal phase and location of early warning for the island of iron are suspended civil protection measures taken on 27 March in the island of El Hierro to the gradual decline of the values of seismic activity, deformation and presence of gases. (Fernando)”


    Translated by Bing. I have not changed the translation but those who are more familiar with Spanish may wish to tidy it up.

      • Interesting text, thank you for the link, KarenZ. 🙂

        In this text, they also say, that Bob has a height of no less than 500 m (if not more), and reaches up til 87 m under the water surface in a distance of 1,8 km from La Restinga, so he is a rather big cone.

        And that contrary to the suppositions of INVOLCAN there are no traces of another fresh eruption site in the waters around El Hierro, though they did a bathymetry of the ocean floor around the island, the first one in 3D (as far as I understood that).

        • Interesting that. Because there was some activity in the north of the island – degassing and a stain, in addition to the activity off Orchilla. Were these outside the range of the bathymetry or have sea currents removed the evidence? If the latter, the deposition must have been loose, unconsolidated stuff and presumably a small amount – a lot of “ifs” 😉

      • Do PEVOLCA have an emergency procedure to ramp the alert level up, should it be needed? Not saying that the alert level needs to be changed but volcanoes can be unpredictable.

  9. Two more quakes in the Langjokull area, but in a different area from the swarm
    10.04.2013 20:07:36 64.761 -20.338 1.1 km 2.1 53.97 2.9 km ESE of Eiríksjökull
    10.04.2013 18:54:36 64.533 -20.764 3.1 km 1.8 90.01 14.1 km N of Skjaldbreið

    • Could be worse… you could have been stuck watching me cuss a pulley wheel on my truck.

      It’s supposed to storm it’s arse off tomorrow and the last thing I need is to get stuck out there in it should the bearing give out and I throw a belt.

      It’s fixed now, and the elderly lady that walks down the street now knows that I was a sailor. 😀

      And many accolades to the concept of being on good terms with your stepson. By the time I got home today, the part that I needed was sitting on the bench. Took all of 10 minutes and a skinned knuckle to replace it.

      • Thanks Granyia and Spica. Adios Shadow, and good hunting. Lurk, Sailor isn’t any different than Tanker Pilot Creole… Wait till you are in the Arizona Desert with a
        Dust storm about to hit and you discover that the mechanic left a shop rag in the
        Carburetor intake.-Then look up and see him heading to the motel….

    • I know it is sad about Geo Loco disappearing for a bid, but you have some spanky phones your way to keep you busy, have to find a way in sending a file, later

  10. Hi folks^^ Saw this in one newspaper here in Sweden. In short….a mysterious rock formation, circular in shape was found a couple of yrs ago on the bottom of the Baltic Sea. Scientists have now come to the conclusion that it is made of basalt….which they can´t belive since it is between 15-140k yrs old. Way much younger than they previously thought any volcanic formation could be in this area. Exciting!!


    • Exciting? Thats a freaking oddity of nature. It’s akin to finding a highly detailed mechanical celestial computer off the coast of a Greek island among a bunch of amphora jars from a roman shipwreck…

      I’d like to hear what Carl had to say about something like this, but he’s on walkabout.

      Side note for anyone who has issue with the “computer” phrase that I used. Until the electronic age, mechanical computers were used in Naval gunfire computations. Someone in Ancient Greece had that concept down pat, as evidenced by the artifact.

      • Not among a bunch of amphoras. There were lots of statues and other artwork.
        The sponge divers first reported they saw dead people on the seafloor. That were the statues. So it is likely that a ship loaded with treasures sank on the coats of Antikythera.
        The mechanism also displayed eclypses and predicted the exact position of the 5 known planets. This is not necesary for navigation on ships. The whole thing shows that ancient greeks knew a lot more about mechanics than people believed before the discovery. The moving statues of Rhodes might not be fantasy of a poet only.

          • Islam. Library at Alexandria. Every book that disagreed with the Koran was burned as heretical; every book that agreed with the Koran was burned as superfluous.

          • Agree with Michael Ross -if Alexandria had not been burned we’d be talking about this
            on Sub space internet and having discussions about the Volcanoes on Epsilon Eridani
            2 (Vulcan) 😉

          • Don’t forget the early Christian Church also disapproved of pagan ‘heresies’ and supressed or destroyed many manuscripts and, probably, ‘infernal machines’ especially if they showed the Earth went round the Sun.

          • Dear Mike, it’s precisely thanks to Islam that most of the works of Greek Philosophy and Science (esp. Mathematics) that we still do have today, have survived at all. To name but a few: Aristotle, Plato, Archimedes, Ptolomy, Euclides’ Elements…
            And — PS: Often scientists are often the greatest obstavle for the advancement of science…

      • yes, the antikythera apparatus is truly amazing. It shows the ancient greeks were really much more advanced in maths that we thought. A replica has been made somewhere I think.

    • Volcanic instrusion perhaps?

      The area might have been lively when the North Sea opened up (there is an old rift there) or Doggerland “sank”. Also found a reference to a mantle plume somewhere off the cost of Norway (I think) – didn’t keep the reference but it may have been on

      If any of the above are relevant, there should be more evidence of volcanic instrusions hidden in the sediment.

  11. A long time ago in a state not so far away, my mom took me to a concert. Boots Randolf. She figured that I would enjoy it since of her and my dad’s collection of records, that was the one I liked the most. (along with Herb Albert). This was before I had my own taste in music. Benny Hill would later immortalize Yakety Sax on his TV show. I don’t care who you are, when it comes to Saxaphone Boots Randolf was literally, bad ass.

    So… here is the fleeing of LA from the movie with the really bad geology… 2012. The flight has been set to Yakety Sax.

  12. A plan to keep GeoLoco here…make up a global conspiracy that involves volcanoes…
    Hmm, global warming causes increase in snowfall in northern europe…the snowfall in northern europe is affecting the isostatic rebound and thus deforming the plate margins, which means the north african plate has had the pressure on it reduced, so it is now moving north at a greater speed, that’s creating greater tensions on the margins of the plate, so there are going to be more earthquakes and that will trigger magma formation and then eruptions in all the volcanoes in the vicinity of those plate boundaries. GPS signatures and mogi models show a pattern that looks distinctly like diana, a shower, some coffee, a rockfall and a shadow behind the whole conspiracy….

    • Interesting – pity I can’t follow Spanish. There was a short bit on Teide and La Palma, before focussing on El Hierro.

    • Thanks for pointing the link to this important reportage in which (briefly speaking) Nemesio admits that El Hierro is going through a pre-eruptive phase and that the site of present earthquake crisis doesn’t mean where an eruption is likely to occur, as witnessed in the 2011 La Restinga event. Although this could lead nowhere, we must be aware that an eruption is brewing there.
      Wished I had more time to translate it in detail, but I must take leave NOW.
      Thanks again!

      • I’ve just watched the video, and I conclude that I read Spanish much better than I comprehend the spoken form… 😀
        Thanks for the translation Renato.

      • Thank you for clarifying. Perez sounds sensible on this. But, is it just me, or is Nemesio Perez looking less well than he did a year ago?

  13. Hi

    Here is an animation for part of the TFZ earthquakes.
    I was a wee bit slow in releasing it because I wanted to solve some coding problems.
    This video has four parts.
    First one is a timelapse of the earthquakes between March 20 and April 9 2013.
    Second one (quite short, too short in fact) is a day by day animation.
    Third part is a view of all earthquakes with a 360 ° rotation
    Fourth part is a zoom on the main earthquake zone.
    Fourth part shows quite well the “planar” aspect of the quakes’ spatial distribution which follows the geologic fault.

    The title shows the date and the magnitude of the event.
    The color bar show terrain elevation and the day of the quake event (20=20/3, 40=9/4)

  14. Etna is still heating up and emitting a lot of gases. You even get to differentiate some different mixtures in the air: white is mostly H2O (water vapour), a bit of sulfur mixted in: yellow, more sulfur: yellowish brown, suflur and ash: darker brown to black.
    Some paper on gas measurements during one of Etna’s paroxysms back in 2000, the scientists ventured up to the vent till there were some mere 900 m left between them and the eruption.

  15. Oh drat, almost missed Etna yet again! Thanks to all for pointing it out!!

    Back to El Hierro, This quake:- 1205579 11/04/2013 17:03:19 27.7346 -18.0704 12 2.1 mbLg SW FRONTERA.IHI
    Although only a small one at 2.1 still it is relatively shallow and on land. Not only on land but at the base of an old cone with a few other old cones there too. Check out coordinates on google earth. I don’t think they need too many in that area!

  16. This is the update since April 6th. The new earthquakes appear as filled circles.
    The last earthquake is today’s 4.1 which is located in the lower swarm area.

    There were some shallower earthquakes these last days.

    In Cyan, are all the earthquakes prior to March 18th 2013
    The earthquakes between March 18th and April 6th appear as colored circles.

    Circle diameter is proportional to earthquake magnitude.
    Current earthquake size (in red) is proportional to earthquake magnitude x 8.

    The title indicates the position of the earthquake in the count since March 18th (“Count”)

    Date of event and hour are shown also with magnitude.

    Earthquake data come from IGN, Terrain from NOAA, made on Gnu Octave.

    • Again Thanks dfm. I feel I should be be able to interpret these clusters. I am am beginning to get the feeling that sooner of later the magma will find ( or crack open) a direct and easier way to the surface. Whether this conduit will end up on the Island or sub-marine is anyone’s guess. It does look like there is a lot of shoving still to complete . It’s just fascinating watching dfm’s plots and certainly trying to interpret is great exercise for my wee brain. 😀

    • Thanks Dfm, must remember to watch these in full screen…
      I’ve been plotting this little Canarian burble for a while…
      And, what I’m particularly looking out for is a decent “schtack” of quakes; from 5 to 0km depth all within’ a few days…
      There’s been nothing like that since BoB was born….
      My depth vs time plots (of EQs) show almost nowt between 8-4km depth…

      • Thank you again, dfm, for an very interesting plot. Are these new quake stacks in a sense parallel to the older ones?

      • Dunno about a schtack of EQs. Bob did not produce much in the way of a schtack, what ever else she produced. It is pretty quiet above 8 km.

  17. Is this the normal routine for Etna? I thought see took 1-2 hours for each show and then dozed off for days, weeks or months? She’s been on all day more or less

    • Some of that rock looks pretty loose / unconsolidated so it would not take much to shift it – the reason for IGN’s concern about EQs over 4.0.

      Don’t know how much the deformation on its own would weaken stuff.

  18. Couldn’t sleep, 😦
    Tremor at Etna going back up again! This really is a strange episode this time.
    Oh wow! A rather large plume just shot up as the cam screen changed. This just doesn’t want to sleep any more than my brain does. 😉

    • Looks like being a very late bedtime for me now. Still one of the benefits of being retired is a lay in of a morning if I am volcano watching late. 🙂

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