Try-out-things-on-the-blog Sunday and an Etna review.

Today some things will be tried out on the blog, and all will be invited to comment, complain and possibly even cheer about the things they have seen the last days and today. The more opinions, the better!

The old theme (Twenty-Ten) worked, people knew their way around it and there were not too many issues with it. Support with old themes is an issue however, and as the web progresses, so do browsers and standards and other things, so sometimes an update is needed.

The new theme we tried since last Friday (Twenty-Eleven) has had its issues as well. Parallel to VC, a test blog is running where a lot of things can be tried out, but some things always slip through past the moment where you set it live and other people respond to it. It so happened that the sidebar only shows up on the main page, and not the posts, which turned out to be quite an issue since it is one of those things that not everyone uses, but some people depend on it!

VolcanoCafe is running for free, on the server of and therefore the options are somewhat limited. It has great advantages to run VC like this, but there are also downsides. Themes cannot be altered by creating so-called “child-themes”, you can only change a theme within the limits of the given options. Those options can be expanded by buying upgrades, but the options you gain are off course limited. Many things can be done with plugins, but this way we have to live with the standard plugins that are provided.

So, today some things are going to be tried out in the hopes of finding a functional, aesthetically pleasing, intuitive front end to VC that will suit the vast majority of the readers, commenters and dragons. If none are found, we can always go back to the old-VC while looking at different alternatives for the future.

The menu structure will also be looked into, together with things like the header image for example, where other suggestions will off course be much appreciated as well (as long as the images are really free to use and rectangular, +/- 1000×150/200 px or equivalent). So please let your opinion be heard 🙂


Suggestion for a new header done by Summer, which some of us dragons find rather cool ( …hot – sorry )

And, not to forget, if some important volcanic activity happens, a new post will be made as soon as possible!

Spica / El Nathan



Currently the theme is set to Silesia, which I think has the most potential of all available ones. Main difference with this theme is the grey strip with the + on the left, the Left Sliding Sidebar, which contains some of the old menu (and will contain the whole updated and sorted menu at some point, as soon as possible).


Etna Paroxysm # 13 (?) 2013 summary as seen from the point of view of the VC crowd:

Quite some of us had been noticing that the tremmor rose higher and higher over the last few days and quite some, including Carl, had expected /hoped for it to happen a night earlier. We also may have an Eye-witness very close to the action this time. Schteve is spending his holidays in Sicily. We are hoping he watched it and will give us a report when he returns.

The last few paroxysms have been different to those last year. Last year the tremor rose within a very short period of time, an hour or hours at maximum, and then Etna went BOOM, to go back to slumber a few hours later. This year it is different. The tremmor contiually rises over a period of days, during this uprise, lava is already been splashed out occasionally. Incandescent glow is visible on the cams and so people do watch cameras for 1 or 2 days expecting the real action to appear any minute. But Etna is in no hurry and fooled us for at least a day this time. After the show seems to be over it is not. Lavaflows can still be seen and they last for up to 3 days.

With the last 4 or 5 paroxysms the fountain grew bigger and bigger. Each time the media and THE expert Dr Boris B announced afterwards: the event was stronger than the one before. (though yesterdays eruption column is said to be 500 meters, it was almost twice as high with paroxysm #12 2013)

Because of Etna´s different behavior, people here start coming up with new names for the events: Paroxysmal, and other words were suggested. (help me here, I forgot)

Whenever a VC crowd is on the watch and it is also Sheepy Dalek time, people start funny discussions.

Can you see a face in this pic? Or is it a rabbit to you? The “face” ( or the rabbit? ) even got a name: Rudolph!
Carls offical Party Over pic:

A lava flow which seems to emerge not from the top crater but from a side fissure was still visible on the Lave cam which was also seen by Granyia.

I can only quote Renato Rio: “It was great “paroxysming” together.

Now that was our POV. Here comes the media, the expert and Youtube:

IngeB found this: “In this Italian webnews they say the paroxysm seems to be bigger than the last ones. The noise of explosions is so intensive that the window glass is rattling. This noise can even be heard in Taormina. Wind is from S/SW and the ash cloud directed to Messina and the Calabrian coast.”

Of course! Do not miss Dr Boris B.´s Flickr report:

Arjanemm found this: “For those that haven’t seen enough of Etna, try a search in youtube for “etna 27”. You will find dozens of movies shot yesterday.
A small selection:



208 thoughts on “Try-out-things-on-the-blog Sunday and an Etna review.

  1. Just a comment on how it looks on my office screen.
    Before I had a slim pillar in the middle containing the post, comments and everything. It looked a bit silly, but it was functioning rather well.
    Problem I have now is that I have a slim pillar that is locked to the left of the screen. I am gonna get a crick in my neck and start looking permanently to the left (and I am left oriented enough as it is).
    I might be the only one who still believe in large screens in this day and age, but if there is anyone else they will have the same problem.
    I know, on a Win7 machine you can have multiple windows open, and I could just shape and draw a IE window to the center of the screen. A bit of work, but still doable.
    Here is the rub, some numbnutted dimwitted Ninconpoop had decided that my computer needed an “upgrade” while I was gone. I now am “blessed in my posterior” with Win8, and Win8 does not allow multiple open windows at the same time since it is an operating system for cell phones and not computers.
    So in effect my quad core quad processor stationary hunk of raw mean metall with a 32 inch screen is stuck on the OS of a cell phone. I hate Microsoft for it, and now I am going to spend the rest of the day hunding a DVD with Win7… Oh, do not mention the words Ubuntu and iOS… I hate them even more.

    Hm, grumble…

    • Mary ate a leg of lamb, it’s fleece as white as snow.
      And everywhere that Mary went, the lamb couldn’t follow because it was missing a leg.

      Welcome to Windoze8.

      MS Operating systems tend to oscillate between “okay” and “sucks big time” in their version releases.

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