Stromboli and Etna

Stromboli showed heightened activity during the last days and weeks.

Carls screenshot saved from tinypic

Carls screenshot saved from tinypic

Sunday nights action as seen through a thermo cam.

Sunday nights action as seen through a thermo cam.

IngeB found an article on this behavior:
“The stronger eruption intensity of Stromboli has also been subject to an article in Italian webnews. Because of the explosions at its summit, the civil protection organisation has hightened the alert level.

Siencia Obsoleta found a wonderfull video of stromboli 17 to 19 april 2013


Etna:  Here is the report by our EYEWITNESS to make us all turn green with envy.

Schteve: “Mornin` All,

I know you are all dead jealous, but I don`t mind

I left the apartment at a run about 5 minutes after my comment at 17.17… The locals on Via Etnea who were casually going about their Saturday evening business ( posing in their best clothes and eating ice cream) must`ve thought I was crazy ( 6feet6inches of wild eyed English man going full tilt and saying wow over and over…) It was just about dark when I got to Villa Bellini ( a nice park with the best free viewpoint in town.) What can I say, it was just awesome; I couldn`t hear anything, (too much background noise) but what a show…My breathing eventually returned to normal, but my heart carried on pounding throughout. I took pictures until my battery went flat, but nothing really worth sharing (my camera is a little schnap schot job with insufficient zoom.) Lizzie came and met me after her snooze and we adjourned for cocktails and the second half on the roof terrace of the Palace Hotel…

Somehow I have got around Sod`s Law for once, we are off for 5 days in Palermo tomorrow and I was fully expecting Etna to go boom then…

I have some ash from the paroxysm of 20th April but I will pick up some more from this’n if I get chance…

The next passage is a repost from yesterdays addition to the Sunday post. We wont test today so we need a new post.

Etna Paroxysm # 13 (?) 2013 summary as seen from the point of view of the VC crowd:

Quite some of us had been noticing that the tremmor rose higher and higher over the last few days and quite some, including Carl, had expected /hoped for it to happen a night earlier. We also may have an Eye-witness very close to the action this time. Schteve is spending his holidays in Sicily. We are hoping he watched it and will give us a report when he returns.

The last few paroxysms have been different to those last year. Last year the tremor rose within a very short period of time, an hour or hours at maximum, and then Etna went BOOM, to go back to slumber a few hours later. This year it is different. The tremmor contiually rises over a period of days, during this uprise, lava is already been splashed out occasionally. Incandescent glow is visible on the cams and so people do watch cameras for 1 or 2 days expecting the real action to appear any minute. But Etna is in no hurry and fooled us for at least a day this time. After the show seems to be over it is not. Lavaflows can still be seen and they last for up to 3 days.

With the last 4 or 5 paroxysms the fountain grew bigger and bigger. Each time the media and THE expert Dr Boris B announced afterwards: the event was stronger than the one before. (though yesterdays eruption column is said to be 500 meters, it was almost twice as high with paroxysm #12 2013)

Because of Etna´s different behavior, people here start coming up with new names for the events: Paroxysmal, and other words were suggested. (help me here, I forgot)

Whenever a VC crowd is on the watch and it is also Sheepy Dalek time, people start funny discussions.

Can you see a face in this pic? Or is it a rabbit to you? The “face” ( or the rabbit? ) even got a name: Rudolph!
Carls offical Party Over pic:

A lava flow which seems to emerge not from the top crater but from a side fissure was still visible on the Lave cam which was also seen by Granyia.

I can only quote Renato Rio: “It was great “paroxysming” together.

Now that was our POV. Here comes the media, the expert and Youtube:

IngeB found this: “In this Italian webnews they say the paroxysm seems to be bigger than the last ones. The noise of explosions is so intensive that the window glass is rattling. This noise can even be heard in Taormina. Wind is from S/SW and the ash cloud directed to Messina and the Calabrian coast.”

Of course! Do not miss Dr Boris B.´s Flickr report:

Arjanemm found this: “For those that haven’t seen enough of Etna, try a search in youtube for “etna 27”. You will find dozens of movies shot yesterday.
A small selection:


Alans Riddle is still not solved:

Alan C’s Evil Riddle:

My true dusky identity was hidden! My secret lies in my blackness! Confused?
What am I?
Who are my relatives?
Where can I be found?


Pay an old Greek a visit! He may let the cat out of the bag!


74 thoughts on “Stromboli and Etna

    • If you read the other posts, looks to be water or something other than Hekla. Hekla is looking normal ish. The other comments will explain.

        • Problem is that it is not Hekla giving any readings at Haukadalur.
          Haukalur is surrounded by other stations, premierily Hella and Saurbaer. Neither of them show anything. Closer to hekla we have the FED and MJO stations, the do not show any activity either.
          So, we know that it is localized.
          Haukadalur is in and of itself not a volcanic spot, so nothing volcanic will happen straight under it.
          So, we can rule out volcanism.
          Either something has blown lose and is banging on it, but that should give low frequency readings. So, I still say that the most likely culprit is water run off in a creek close by. Remember that snow is melting in Iceland.

  1. Hello all! Yes, I like the new layout, my only gripe is, as many have said before, that it is hard to find previous posts without scrolling down endlessly. A link to “previous (next) post” in the + menue bar would be very convenient. Thanks dragons for your hard work at the weekend!

    Volcanowise, here is a screenshot of Yasur (Tanna Island, Vanuatu) erupting: (at the bottom, updates every 15 minutes)

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    So in effect my quad core quad processor stationary hunk of raw mean metall with a 32 inch screen is stuck on the OS of a cell phone. I hate Microsoft for it, and now I am going to spend the rest of the day hunding a DVD with Win7… Oh, do not mention the words Ubuntu and iOS… I hate them even more.

    Hm, grumble…

    • I have had move my chair to read this to save my neck 😦 It would help if the blog was centred on the screen. It would also help if there was an option at add comments at the end of the post, rather than in the top left (or in addition to the top left), especially as many posts are quite long.

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        Windows 8 could be better. However getting one O.S build that covers tablets, home, Enterprise, Xbox, PC gamers, Notebooks and low end devices is allot better than Vista.

        If you wish i could help out and post a guide for it?

        • Vista was horrible…
          Nah, I will just keep to Win7 untill Win9 arrives. It is always like this with Microsoft, every other version sucks all the way back to win 2.11

          Versions I liked 3, 3.11, 95, NT4, XP and Win7. The rest I did not like. Versions that I particularly hated: ME, Vista and Win8… And Win8 is the worst of the bunch.

          • Oh, I also miss NextStep OS and Solaris… They where the epitome of being useless since there was no compatibility with the rest of the world, but my how cool and stylish they where. And by god they worked.

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            • I tried the Wurp, threw it out and installed the insanely brilliant NextStep instead. It was the first OS with built in Internet support, built in search generator, and of course the almost insanely fantastic function of giving you a Shakespeare quote…

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              Oh, and I loved my Jet Black NectCube. Only computer I wanted to ever make love too.

            • Yepp, but it felt so poor when you had the entiire Light & Magic showed into the posterioeur of NextStep…
              It was like having all the advantages of a Mac (but ten years out of the future) with all the advantages of a PC, all roled up into a tasty salami. The only good OS, and it went away with the Dodo, the Dront, and the Edsel…

    • Stromboli is really giving us our moneys worth now.
      I looked at a lot of images, I would say that the summit look very top heavy. I would not be surprised if there would be a rather nice landslide there soon.

      • From today’s INGV daily report (after Google translation):

        “The visual analysis of seismograms showed 3 seismic signals associated with landslides, minor, localized area of the Sciara del Fuoco. The tremor amplitude values ​​ranged from low to medium and medium-high, with a peak at high values ​​between the hours of 16:00 and about 17:00 yesterday. It is currently on medium-high values”

        • I think Giggle was a bit confused on that one. Yes, there where rock falls, but not a real landslide in the normal sense of a large part of land loosing its grip and sliding down.
          I noticed that the cone that was venting yesterday is on very loose footing and will most likely fall down soon. Ie, something fairly more momentous then what we saw sliding yesterday. A volcanic cone 100 meters high crashing down… that will be something. 🙂

          • INGV used the word ‘franosi’ – make of that what you will 🙂
            To be honest, landslides or rockfalls of some description happen there all the time. When you’re up the top you can hear a few rocks tumbling down the slope after even the smallest ‘pop’. I agree larger slides are entirely possible – that little hornito-esque cone that grew a few months ago appears to have gone now. The Sciara del Fuoco itself is actually a collapse zone on a massively larger scale, and the tsunami threat there is taken very seriously (although the idea of running away from the coast TOWARDS the big angry volcano is a tad counter-intuitive)

      • arjanemum I get nothing showing on that link on IE.. will try on cchrome…I find what works with one doesn’t on another . As carl says so many geared to Iphones & other I- thingies

        • Argh!!! I still cannot get comments on Chrome. Anyone got any ideas? I have tried uninstalling and re installing. Looked for some pop-up blocking without any success.
          <<<<<<Potters off muttering about new fangled thingies and cussing the WWW. after looking for a recipe for using up over ripe bananas that wasn't a "Banana bread"…..Found several that looked good but they all involved buying ready made tinned this or that and caramel ( never seen or used it ,always made my own) or using a packeted cake mix…. What happened with real DIY baking from scratch?…. finally found one named "Best banana Cake"…..I wonder what the worst one is like…or do they mean use best bananas only…. The one I got look more like worst…Heaven for the local fruit flies though.

          • Hi Diana, don’t know what the problem is. Here the link works in firefox chrome and ie8. I got th link from i think it’s Chryphia’s volcano cam site. Maybe that link will work for you:

            Should be the only cam at the bottom of the page under the STROMBOLI header.
            It’s a fast updating thermal cam.
            Goodluck in the kitchen! 🙂

            Btw i’am trying to grow bananas in my living room in the netherlands, that’s hard. No luck so far but it is a hudge plant with 1 meter leaves so who knows, maybe this year 🙂

  4. And a small little earthquake somewhere down under Hekla.
    I do not know where exactly, but definitly Hekla. We will soon see if IMO will be able to plot it well enough to put it on the Quake-map.

      • Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyy. Thank you IMO thank you from the bottom of my little Volcanoholic heart (((((((((((((((((((( IOM)))))))))))))))))))))

    • And for those who love Hekla and want the best SIL to watch:

      This one will though most likely get lost after a few seconds of eruption together with the HEK Strainmeter and HEK & FED gps-es.

      • ANd the noise we have seen on HAU is supposedly one of the farmers doing something naughty close to it.

        On the graph you can see that it was nothing remotely volcanic. I tried to say it, but since I could not post all of what I can see it was hard to convince you.

        • I was waaay toooo early to discover that, and you put me on the correct track immediately 😉

          Carl’s Law is always in work, specially around Hekla…

  5. Alan’s puzzle…… All I can come up with is Krypton ( from Greek for hidden) It’s mostly found in earth’s atmosphere and is one of the Noble gases. helium (He), neon (Ne), argon (Ar), krypton (Kr), xenon (Xe), and the radioactive radon (Rn).. Used in lighting Krypton is used in high-performance light bulbs, which have higher colour temperatures and greater efficiency, because it reduces the rate of evaporation of the filament more than argon; halogen lamps, in particular, use krypton mixed with small amounts of compounds of iodine or bromine.
    There again Plutonium comes from the Greek name Pluto also means hidden…. found only traces in asteroids and on earth in relation with uranium ores. Mostly it is manufactured by nuclear fission of uranium 238

    • Hydration is important. No matter what anyone says, hydration, hydration, hydration. That will lessen hangover effects.

      And… by that I mean water or mostly water fluids. An electrolyte restoration drink such as gatoraid can also help.

      (before you go to sleep)

      Plus, try to avoid mixing drinks. Avoid champagne like the plague. If you are drinking beer, don’t swap over to fruity drinks. If you are drinking fruity drinks, stick with them. It’s really easy to loose track of your consumption rate if you keep jumping from one beverage to another.

      Side note: avoid conflict or differences of opinion. No matter how right you are, if you are “lit off”, you are wrong. Plus you may say more than you really wish to.

      (Having a “fist fight” with your LPO in the middle of the road in Los Angeles is never a good thing. Luckily neither one of us had the coordination to do any damage to the other)

      And never ever put yourself in a position where you may need to drive. I have seen instances where a car crossed the line towards another vehicle, that vehicle left the roadway trying to get away from him but was still hit, and the driver of it then charged with a DUI accident because he had consumed one beer. Yet in no way shape or form did he cause the accident. (that was obvious from the skid marks).

      (in the afore mentioned “fist fight,” ‘Tater’ was the designated driver. Equal in rank to my LPO. He had stopped when we both scrambled out of the car to try and beat the crap out of each other. BTW, the fight ended when we wound up laughing too much at each others plight.)

  6. And now the daily GPS update are in.
    The uplift at Hekla is continous, the uplift ranges from 5mm at MJO to over 20 at FED, HEK and ISA. Average uplift is 12mm over all stations. But if you remove MJO you get get 15mm average. Notice that there are also visible changes in N/S and W/E trajectories on many of the GPS-stations.
    During the last 5 weeks more uplift have happened in Hekla then since 2009. I repeat, in the last 36 day more uplift have happened then in the last 1400 days.

    If we combine this with the frequent earthquakes and the micro-quakes (popcorn) we can safely say that Hekla is getting ever closer.
    Judging from the amount of uplift we are between an hour and 4 weeks away from an eruption if the rate of uplift continues. There is just no way that Hekla can take 40mm of uplift in 2 months time.

    I would like to make this statement:
    Do not for any reason go closer to Hekla then a distance of 10 km. If you are not sitting in a car on a road, do not get closer then 20 km.


    • Could one of our plotiferous members make a plot of all the Hekla quakes from onset of festivities to today. And if someone could make a Lurking style GPS plot it would be awesome. I am going to make a new Hekla post and need a bit of plots.

    • Correction, it should be 30mm maximum uplift, not 20…
      With an average of 22 mm of uplift if one does not count MJO.
      And then we are back at pre 2008 figures…

    • Thank you Carl for your update. Hoping maybe the two I’S could share too. If the bedrock in this area is more bendable, based on the lack of EQ’S. would this mean that 20mm-30mm has allot more magma than bedrock with more strenght? Giving off more EQ’S etc…

    • From Zeolites of the World by Rudy Tschernich “Thomsonite is a very common zeolite found in low-silica basalts all over the world” page 490. Rudy is one of the experts on zeolites and a good friend. There are numerous localities for thomsonite within 200 miles of where I live here in Washington state.

      • Hey, did you ever run into Alan?
        There was a man you could have exchanged long learned discussions about zeolites with. Hopefully he will be back soon… Miss him a lot.

  7. I don’t normally use my iPad for the Cafe, so can someone tell me how to reply to a particular comment? As far as I can see, the only option is to reply at the bottom of the page, which is not much use if the comment I want to reply to is further up. Does that make sense?

    • Tap the comment you want to answer, replybox should open(I dont have one, just forwarding what others commented)

  8. Alan’s riddle (My head is hurting now!)…another go…..
    Cryptomelane From the Greek for hidden and black.
    It is a potassium manganese oxide mineral with formula K(Mn4+,Mn2+)8O16.
    Found at the Ojuela mine, Mapimi, Druango, Mexico and also Chindwara, India .
    Related to other manganese Oxides such as chalcophanite & manganite

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