Name that Lava, Herdubreid Scientific Challenge and Volcano Riddle

Photograph courtesy of Dr. Carmen Morataya.

Photograph courtesy of Dr Carmen Morataya.

Having the brain rebuilt from top down every Friday never get’s old. I do not know how you guys are doing since I am bad at both riddles and recognizing lavas and volcanoes.

But it is fascinating to witness how the blood hounds of the Volcano Café unerringly zeroes in on the pray. This week I want the name of the lava, the volcano and the name of the local fast food. So, 3 points to be had all in all. I will of course ding when someone has scored.

Tomorrow, or the day after I will post you an explanatory article.


Photograph by Eggert Nordahl under permission.

Photograph by Eggert Nordahl under permission.

Herðubreið is a tabletop volcano (tuya) in Iceland that has been active during the last few years with repeated earthquake swarms and magmatic emplecements. Supposedly the volcano is a defunct part of the Askja volcano. Evidently it is not as defunct as previously believed, and there is quite a lot pointing to it not being a part of Askja.

So, last night I proposed that we should do something with the volcano since it is rather poorly investigated. Ontop of the two questions above we can also have a bit of fun with the youngish looking strato volcano on top of the tabletop mountain. Here is the question, have it erupted after the last glacial period?

I thought we could do this as a case of crowd science. We have access to some equipment, we have access to a lot of people with various expertise, so we could actually collectively make a fairly nice piece of scientific work on Herðubreið.

So, in another word, I propose that Volcano Café officially adopt Herðubreið as our project. Now and then we should post status reports on our progress, if anyone feel up to it, being the collector and editor of what has been said please do not hesitate to come forward! Herðubreið and Volcano Café needs your services.

Have a nice weekend everyone!


Name Those Volcanoes Riddle

The riddle contained the mixed up clues to 2 volcanoes … 1 point awarded for each …

At the intersection of Rts 36 and 119 Peter was totally over come by the glowing clouds; then Bill, Andie and Chris arrived to cover the celebrations!

1 point Sa’ke for Mount Pelee … “Peter was totally over come by the glowing clouds”

Glowing clouds was the English translation of a French term nuée ardente first used to describe the pyroclastic flows of Mount Pelee that engulfed the town of St Pierre in 1902 killing 30,000 people.

1 point KarenZ for Candlemass Island … “At the intersection of Rts 36 and 119; then Bill, Andie and Chris arrived to cover the celebrations!”

The clue pointed to the movie Groundhog day (1993) set in Punxsutawney, starring Bill (Murray), Andie (MacDowell) and Chris (Elliott). Groundhog Day is the US term for Candlemass Day.



403 thoughts on “Name that Lava, Herdubreid Scientific Challenge and Volcano Riddle

  1. if we have any readers from Los Angeles, California area where bush fires are causing damage and mayhem ,I wish you and yours to be safe and not have too much loss.

    • The fire was about 10 miles north of my location so all we got was a bit of really bad smoky air on Friday. I think Tgmcoy is going to be busy this summer based on what we have seen so far (and it is only May). Conditions turned yesterday (wind off the ocean) which helped contain the fire. We live at the end of Malibu Canyon so have experienced numerous fires over the years but were lucky with this one. The whole Santa Monica mountain range in this area has a volcanic background and I can remember the climbing the “volcano hill” that was behind our house when growing up. Here is a bit of history on the area

      • Thanks for the info on that area-photos surprised me though never been there but imagined it much more populated. That’s wild looking terrain!

        • Well if one drives just a few miles south you are in the middle of downtown Los Angeles. The area is mostly parkland which saves it from being built up (not that it would be easy to build on) and it is prone to fires. If you look closely at the picture of the canyon in with the ocean in the background you will see a large house built like a castle on a bluff over the canyon. Well, it is no longer there as it burned down in the 2007 fire that came through the canyon that year!

  2. Dedicated to Hekla….

    And she was lying in the grass
    And she could hear the highway breathing
    And she could see a nearby factory
    She’s making sure she is not dreaming
    See the lights of a neighbor’s house
    Now she’s starting to rise
    Take a minute to concentrate
    And she opens up her eyes

    The world was moving and she was right there with it (and she was)
    The world was moving she was floating above it (and she was) and she was


  3. Fer them that be blocked. Search for “And She Was” by the Talking Heads. You’ll find the song ye be searching for.

    Caveat: Not a pirate. Been listening to Ron White. (not a pirate either)

    He had a missive relating that Nasa has been doing research to see if there was a danger with women experiencing PMS while in orbit. His conclusion “Hell yes! In a weightless environment, they can fly!” (Paraphrased to remove the profanity)

    Meanwhile, here’s some German techno music.

    This is the inebriated me talking. ” I feel for “Slash” formerly of Guns ‘n Roses. He’s an accomplished and skilled guitarist. I saw him playing with Billy Gibbons at some multi-musician gizmo, he can hold his own. But I also saw a rendition that he did of ‘whole lot of love’, a Led Zeppelin standard. It was allegedly for a birthday celebration he had. The instrumental side of things was quite good… but the singer. Probably the most pathetic and effeminate stand in for Robert Plant that you could find. It almost seemed as if the singer were trying to take a crap but the no talent androgynous critter couldn’t quite bring himself to it. ”

    Though I think “Slash” is quite talented, I don’t think he quite has the nuances of other players. He seems to power his way through the riffs. (Good for G’nR, but without Axl Rose to stumble through the lyrics and draw attention to himself, people will notice.)

    I swear, I saw one of their later performances televised live. Axl would sing a line, bend down and noticeably stare at the teleprompter, then sing another line… rinse, repeat.

    For GnR fans “Wah!” I don’t care.

  4. While we wait for her Ladyship to upchuck, here’s a brilliant voice, singing excellent lyrics to a wonderful tune with, perhaps, the greatest introduction to a song EVER.

  5. talking about food. this is hilarious.

    Edit: Hello Kelda! The link must be in a separate line. You can not write text and then paste the link on the same line.

  6. o/t
    yesterday in Belgium a train derailed carrying acrylonitrile. This forms hydrogen cyanide above 20°C:

  7. Mornin All,
    Just caught up, am back from Sicily now, Spica your ash will be winging it’s way as soon as I can get to the post orifice…
    Re the new layout, much better on my desktop than the Kindle I’ve been using while away, I do miss the recent comments sidebar, but I can live with that…
    @ Carl, I didn’t recieve the Dragon mail, so can you please forward it to me.

      • Thanks Carl,
        Recieved and in the pondering box, will let you know…
        BTW you may remember me from such articles as BoB’s Back Story, and Plotting for Beginners 🙂

          • La Gomera is a very safe place to be if the east coast of America were to suddenly fall into the sea and cause a devasting tsunami in the Canary Islands…
            No eruptions in millions of years, it’s all steep sided and plutonic emplacements… As long as you weren’t in one of the valleys…

            • Wonder why La Gomera is extinct when the other islands have had more recent activity 😕

  8. According to the AVO Cleveland volcano started erupting yesterday at 13.00 UTC.
    Cleveland is apparently continuing Low level activity.

    • IMO have restarted their machines so it looks very “loud”. There is a small drop but they have often happened on HEK. I hope they BUR up and running again soon!

  9. I still have the internet but no land line phone…. 😀 just adding early post over this side in case Carl missed it.
    How does Hekla KNOW I can still see what she’s up to when I didn’t know I could ?????
    Diana Barnes

    May 5, 2013 at 05:31

    Darn it..I looked at that Volcano but thought it wasnt right! ButI was right with the phreatic nature of the Volcano 😀 Lava in pictures is ash,tuff, and volcanic bombs.
    Local fast food… tortillas, mainly with fillings of beans or meats. Fresh fruit is a favourite snack tamales and empanadas. These fried pastries usually consist of corn meal, potatoes and meat….Sounds also like the fast food chains like McDonalds and Burger King are also there but expensive!

  10. Throwing this Ot out there-I’d like to know any preferences in a 4G phone. My needs are
    fair midding photos, good internet ,. not much of a gamer, rugged helps…
    -there is still a Motorola “Brick” in the bottom of a certain retardant tank in Arizona..;;- )

    • It should be able to make actual calls, sms, camera, MP3-player, streaming Spotify… And have at least a week of standby time.
      Only one phone that meets those requirements nowadays. Hello Nokia Lumia 720.

      I do not give much for todays phones. Not even 24 hours of battery charge. Blekh!

      • Actually, this helps much, thanks….
        always had a soft spot for Noika. products in
        general-best phone I ever had was a Noika..
        Verizon didn’t have them for a while…

        • I love them, finns don’t make the best music. But their phones are really made for endurance. And they take the cold like no other phones. And now that they have solved the battery time problem for smart phones I am soooo happy.

  11. Beaware that the 4G phones could download allot of data in minutes and could increase ur bills for a while. Streaming is bad and OS updates too. I would wait a while till the next Qtd at least, price will go down and the new 4G phones will have more features. Unless you do stock trading or are in IT, for myself, It allot of ask for “why would I want that feature”

  12. Sofar Karen has 1,5 dingZ.
    She has gotten them for naming Acatenango, and the Dacite. The Dacite is though filled with something… And regarding the local fast food. People seem to be going for delicacies and posher food stuffs then the one I am going for. Or foods that are generic to the entire mid americas.

    Diana, you are coming back on you Hubbies new glistening Internet aren’t you?

  13. On some days I have to massage my inner nerd with the nerdiest man alive, George Takei.
    His sense of humour is, well… Hm… Yeah… 🙂

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

  14. the food – could be one invented for me – Caldo de huevos, an egg-based Consome typically eaten as a remedy for hangovers. 🙂

  15. Anyone mentioned:

    Tamales de frijol con chiltepe
    Chicharrones y carnitas,
    Tostadas de guacamol, frijol, o salsa,
    Tacos de carne o pollo,
    Yuca con chicharrón,

    BTW you can also get fish and chips there 😉

  16. Not found any special fast food other than what’s been mentioned however found these good places to eat in Guatemala…Lava Terrace Bar & Burgers. 😀 Pizza Grizzly 😀
    has anyone mentioned Elotes: Roast ears of corn with cheese, lime, chili and butter or mayonnaise? Do they do Guatemalan Smörgåsbord then Carl? 🙂 Guatemalen sandwhiches Pirujo and it takes its name from the bread’s name. Pirujos and shucos are the two native sandwiches from Guatemala….. I could go on 😀

  17. I could not resist seeing there were 399 comments (thoughts) to this post 😉
    So (prankly) decided change that number!

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