Sheepy Dalek / Introducing Vulcanus

Vulcanus is a Roman God of fire lightning and the blacksmith of the gods. His roman ancestry and many sagas are similar with those of the Greek God Hephaistos. The  namesake to all volcanoes of the world.

Image:  Wikimedia commons Louvre.

Image: Wikimedia commons Louvre.

Vulcanus was born as a son of Jupiter and Juno, the king and queen of gods in the Roman world. He was supposedly so very ugly that his own mother kicked him out of the Olympus as soon as she set eyes on him. Vulcanus was lame, ever since. The god started working as backsmith and, being a god, his work exceeded those of ordinary men by far. So as gratitude to Vulcanus, for forging his splendid lightning bolts, Jupiter assigned Venus, the most beautiful goddess, as wife to the ugliest of gods.

But this is just one side of the story. Another version tells that Jupiter threw his son out of his home, and later gave him the beauty Venus as a wife to make up for it.
With his assistant, a one eyed Cyclopes, Vulcanus forged many pieces of very special armor or weapons for the gods and half-gods.
Vulcan’s oldest shrine in Rome, called the Vulcanal, was situated at the foot of the Capitoline in the Forum Romanum. His temples were situated outside of towns, so that his fire would not destroy them.

Image: Wikipedia

Image: Wikipedia

The Roman God Vulcanus, as mentioned above, followed the tales about the greek god Hephaistos.(greek :Ἥφαιστος, Latin: Hephaestus). Just his parents were named Zeus and Hera, but those represent the same kinds of gods and personalities in greek mythology as Jupiter and Juno for the Romans.

Webcam image from White island today.

Webcam image from White island today.

Ancient nations often could not explain some sights they got to see during their explorations. So logically, in places like Etna, some mysterious things had to be going on. Legends started being told, and people associated volcanic activity with a god. And in our case this god was Vulcanus, who seemed to have his smithy right under Etna.

At first, the term vulcan or volcano, was only linked with the volcanic activity in the Aeolian Islands. Later this term was used for volcanoes and volcanic activity all over our globe.

Much later the therm volcanology, had to be introduced to space as well, when scientist found volcanoes on Venus ( a planet), Mars ( a plante), Io ( a moon of Jupiter, a planet) and even ice volcanoes on distant moons like Titan and Triton.

As long as not all to much is up with volcanoes, which we Europeans could watch, recently, i thought to explain the origin of the word volcano/Vulkan.



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  1. Thank you Spica – How often we use words and never think of how the word comes about. I’ve found out some more about Vulcan: because Venus had an affair with Mars, Vulcan is the patron of cuckolds. He is also the father of Cupid and he made Pandora from clay – to bring about the ruin of mankind. I would think Pandora is a good name for a volcano! 😀

  2. Reposting this from comments to last post.

    Here is some eye-candy for you 🙂

    In this video you see earthquake locations and size by date from 1990 to 2013. This plot now covers the two eruptions 1991 (blue) and 2000 (magenta). I marked the accompanying eq with cylinders, as well as the 2013 eqs (green). The location of todays eq is marked with the long green cylinder.
    It took a while to extract the eq data from the Soosula thesis Seismic activity related to the 1991 Hekla eruption, Iceland with FreeOCR, but I held out grimly ;-).

  3. Congrats Brazil. Tony Kanaan won the Indy 500.

    According to the bobble head commentators, several years ago, he had given his good luck charm to a girl who was soon to undergo surgery for an aneurysm. It was successful. Now 24, she had the charm delivered overnight back to him and he carried it in the race. And won.

    Despite what you may think about charms or good luck pieces, they do have a purpose in filling a mental void when you are doing something stressful. Me, I carry a camera. My dad always said that you should keep a camera with you should you ever get into an accident so that you can document the damage. So far I’ve only had to use it once when a guy tried to run me off the road. I had minimal damage, but the fact that I photographed his car and called the highway patrol prevented a bogus insurance claim against me. He managed to get “Driver 1” status on the accident report. Around here, that means it was your fault.

    I also think that the presence of the camera keeps me from encountering really bizarre stuff. It’s a play on Murphy’s law. The logic is that as soon as I don’t have the camera, weird shit will happen.

  4. Vulcanus in different languages:

    Danish: vulkan
    English: volcano
    Esperanto: vulkano
    French: volcan
    Italian: vulcano
    Catalan vulcà
    Kurdish: volkan
    Kiswahili: volkeno
    Dutch: vulkaan
    Norvegian: vulkan
    Polish: wulkan
    Portuguese: vulcão
    Romanian: vulcan
    Russian: вулкан
    Spanish: volcán
    Swedish: vulkan
    Turkish: volkan
    Hungarian: vulkán

          • I think yours is volcano rather than vulcan, fynydd is a soft mutation of mynydd = mountain and llosg is burn, so burning mountain.

            • If there is ever a volcano in Wales (won’t happen) we should name it Tom Jones…

            • I’ve stood in a quarry in wales looking at cedar tree laccoliths (there have been volcanoes here) and been scared out of my mind when military jets flew over the top of the quarry at just over treetop height,- silence….. then sudden change to really loud rooooooaaaaaarr

      • Eldfjall actually – “Fire Mountain” (Eldfell is one particular one, the 1973 version popping up in Heimaey (Home Island) in the Vestmann Islands). No worry Carl, you are doing just fine and get very high marks for … bravery! Icelandic is absolut not for beginners, nor medium advanced, its actually for experts only 😉

  5. Spica, thanks for your post 🙂

    in Kamchatka it rumbles a bit

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    perhaps shaken awake 🙂

    DragonEdit: I edited the pictures in so they would show.

        • Shiveluch had 120 EQs in 24 hours yesterday, which is quite a good effort even for that bad boy. Also, on the southern side of the dome there was a bright incandescent lava flow for a few minutes in the night – not something one sees that often there.

  6. And in Iceland there is an ominous silence…
    I think I have never seen so much nothing in Iceland ever.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

  7. Hm, when I check LEL station that is really close to Lassen there is the same slow episodes again.
    Look at 12.30 quake and the minutes after.
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

  8. Curse you Spica. The last thing I wanted to do was to spend the afternoon reading about Baba Yaga. Eventually, if you follow the Wikipedia articles far enough, looking at the linked info, you will eventually wind up passing that page.

    Somewhere along there, you brush up against the “Migrations Era” of European history and the movement of various peoples, each carrying their deities and beliefs along with them. Knowing full well that somewhere in that group of misfits (misfit because they had to move along for whatever reason) are your ancestors. Then you sit back and ponder what tephra deposits may be related to motivating a group to pull up stakes and just go.

    So.. with the curse comes a thank you for a tasking that borders on the surreal as I tripped through arcane prices of knowledge into the realm of Trivia and Robert Johnson.

    For the casual reader… find the connection.

    (Note, in my opinion, Robert Johnson’s skill may be more an example of Malcom Gladwell‘s 10,000 hour rule than some Faustian exchange)

    Side Note about that Gladwell thing…

    Suppose, for the sake of argument, that a person gets their drivers permit around 15 years of age. Suppose that they spend 4 hours a day of driving.. every day. In about 6.8 years they will accumulate 10,000 hours of driving. That’s about 21 years of age. Is is any wonder that insurance rates come down at about that age? (25 in order to catch those that got a late start behind the wheel at 18 years old)

    • Well, I’ve learned something new. I’ve never heard of Trivia before, but she’s instantly a favourite. Robert Johnson famously met the Devil at the crossroads and sold his soul in return for extraordinary blues guitar playing ability. Trivia is the goddess of crossroads. So Crossroads is the connection! 🙂

      I agree about the 10,000 hour thing, maybe not even so long. Everyone knows that to play a musical instrument really well you have to practise every day, same goes for sporting ability. Even my typing speeds are slowing now I don’t do it for 4 or 5 hours a day! Edison said: Genius is one per cent inspiration, ninety-nine per cent perspiration.

  9. This is a first… There has actually been more earthquakes in Sweden during this time period… Mainly mountain strain quakes in the mines… But still.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

  10. I just had a look GEO Net, NZ, they got the north Island volcanoes on active and a lot on awakening, interesting seismos and borehole measurements

  11. John Seach@johnseach
    26 min
    3 USA volcanoes on raised alert level – #Kilauea (Hawaii), #Pavlof (Alaska), and #Cleveland (Alaska).

    John Seach@johnseach
    #Gamkonora volcano, Halmahera, Indonesia raised to level 3 alert (out of maximum 4) on 27 May.

  12. Some days are just better compared to others regarding data travling…
    I feel a whale of an Icelandic post coming up… Mwahahaha 🙂

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