Are volcanoes really funny? Friday’s NtV Riddle

Hey, life is not easy if you are not a reader at Volcano Café!

Hey, life is not easy if you are not a reader at Volcano Café!

To be honest, most of us will never forget how funny it was hearing people struggle with the name Eyjafjallajökull as it was erupting. And for people who do not speak Icelandic some of the names of the volcanoes are a handful. And some volcanoes like Upptyppingar and Geirvörtur are hilarious for other reasons.

I think that the reason we find the Icelandic volcanoes so interesting and let us admit it, funny, is that they are fairly safe. Yes they are stupendously large, but they are well monitored and people do not live on the slopes of them. We kind of do not need to worry about people dying, at least at normal times. And on top of that the Icelanders have found lot of ingenious ways to make a buck on them. So we can enjoy them with a fairly clean consciousness.

Other volcanoes are not so fun really. Merapi was one of those, still we were interested, but not in the same way. Instead many tried to help the people living next to the volcano. In the end things ended fairly well.

cool - merapi

This is an image I have had in the back of my head since Merapi. It shows how amazing people really are when faced with danger. This guy is running away with his mother on the back of the motorcycle, and he still succeeds with looking like he was appearing on a movie poster. It is something Terminator over him. I know I would not look that cool in the same situation.

Tonight’s NtV Riddle:

1 point for each volcano … a couple left unsolved from two weeks ago!

No 1 – Eponymous geological feature of variable density & erosion. SOLVED Hoodoo Mountain

No 2 – It might be reworked & raised to 3613. SOLVED Kunlun Group

No 3 – 2009 hip hop culture movie. SOLVED Mt Hood

No 4 – It could make your eyes water in more ways than one. SOLVED Poas Volcano

No 5 – 13283 SOLVED Ruby Mountain

Happy weekend!


178 thoughts on “Are volcanoes really funny? Friday’s NtV Riddle

  1. A few days ago I posted a list about how tourists behave depending on which country they hark from. In it I among other things tried to describe how our belowed smaller brothers, the Finns, act while on vacation. I find that I did not really make them justice, they are a force of nature.
    But, they are the best friends you can have. They will though tell you exactly what is your problem (among other things they never ever lie). And Finns make amazingly good psychologists. They do not listen, they do not talk, they just show up with vodka and make you drink. If you survive you will most likely feel better. And if you get into trouble in a bar with a Finnish friend nearby… Woe be the bar…

    Here is an actual advertisement for Finns to go on vacation abroad. Translation below (yepp, it is in Swedish, a large percentage of the Finns speak Swedish)…

    “Hello, I am Jarmo and I am from Finland. A country known for Sauna, knife fighting and not showing emotions. Now I am gonna help you, so I am taking the ferry to help you save your country. I will help you win back your pride, you will be a harder country, and stop caring what others think. You will be able to buy Vodka, even on Sundays. You will not have to laugh, and you will learn to get drunk without having fun. Clothes should not be pretty, clothes should be comfortable. Gay men play football; real men play hockey and fuck. So, now I am here because your wife’s deserve to be taken by real men. Get away wimp!
    Order a Finn of the right stuff!

    • Understand me correctly, Finns are a lovely people. They are the most honest, hard working people on the planet. Half of my friends are Finns. We just love to tease them for being so Finnish.
      They are actually very good sports, and they are not any nicer to us. But, never tell a Finn that they play bad hockey, you will not survive. Not even a Swede says that, and we often beat them, but it is always an honour doing it.

      For those who do not know. Sweden and Finland was the same country since time immemorial. Then the blasted Russians divided us. So, brothers it is.

      • “Sweden and Finland was the same country since time immemorial.”

        Well, only since the good Christian Swedish armies set out to subjugate and enslave their helpless heathen neighbours in the 1200s!! 🙂

      • Loved it! I like a laugh with Coffee#1. It is good for countries to be able to joke together. 🙂

    • Some years ago a friend of mine happened to be in Finland on a road trip and he and his friends ended up in a bar. Drink was taken by all and in next to no time a Finn pulled a knife on my friend, who being a fine Welshman, immediately punched the Finn on the nose. Bedlam ensued as the Finns insisted that my friend was “not sporting” in bopping the knife-wielder and that he had actually been hurt! My friend said he thought his life had been in danger and he hadn’t realised it was a joke. No, no! they said, it wasn’t a joke at all but he must realise that a ‘small’ knife cut doesn’t hurt nearly so much as a blow to the nose! 🙂

  2. Ursh posted a video on the last page of lovely NZ scenery and a most beautiful song Pokarekare Ana. As it is friday I would love to post a video Hayley Westenra singing this wonderful song. Absolutely beautiful song and a singer with one of the most beautiful voices I have ever heard!

  3. is No. 1 Castle Rock in Edinburgh?

    The castle stands upon the plug of an extinct volcano, which is estimated to have risen some 350 million years ago during the lower Carboniferous period. The Castle Rock is the remains of a volcanic pipe, which cut through the surrounding sedimentary rock, before cooling to form very hard dolerite, a type of basalt. Subsequent glacial erosion was resisted by the dolerite, which protected the softer rock to the east, leaving a crag and tail formation.[4]

  4. A friend of mine is into genealogy. He found out that the guy on the left is a distant relative.

    He had a tendency to crash wedding receptions and start fights. And yes, Finnish.

    My friend still exhibits that “stir something up” mentality. In a MMPORPG we killed off weapons production for an opposing faction by manipulating the market AI. They were not happy when a mole spilled the beans on what we had done. They could still fly around in the virtual game… but with shitty engines and weapons.

    Note: This was NOT Eve. That incident happened years after we had pulled our stunt.

    It was quite brilliant in my opinion. Periodically this faction would tube camp our faction, racking up kill after kill just from you trying to launch your ship. So, he looked at the production tree for their important items, and we made sure that the raw materials were hard to find or on the opposite side of the galaxy.

    Another member of our group figured out how to code a routine that looked at publicly available data and guesstimate what their cargo ships were hauling by changes in station stock and player net worth changes. A generous contribution to a squad with entrepreneurship and hostile tendencies tended to ensure that the cargo never made it to it’s destination. (Hell, at one time I was funding an entire pirate squad’s cost of refits)

    There can be more to games that just running around and shooting at stuff…

      • Ahh the pierced lady. (and highly fascinated by piercings) Personally, I am not that fond of Tarantino’s movies. But Pulp Fiction had stars (many of who I detest) cast into believable roles. “Lance” and “Jody” fit some of the people I used to know in San Diego… to a tee.

        Despite it’s gratuitous violence, I found Pulp Fiction to be highly entertaining.

        “Zeds Dead”

  5. Hi all … been out to dinner so not sure I am fit to Ding! But I will try… too much fizzzzzz

  6. No. 4 – Sotra Patera (named after the Sotra islands in Norway) is a prominent feature on Titan, the largest moon of Saturn. It is believed to be an ice volcano or cryovolcano,The eruptions of Sotra Patera are presumed to originate in a layer of liquid water lying below Titan’s icy crust. The mountain’s heavily cratered appearance indicates that it must have erupted with considerable force, but the precise mechanism by which this happened is not certain. Liquid water is ordinarily denser than ice but it is possible that the water’s density may be reduced by mixing with other substances, such as ammonia, allowing it to force its way to the surface. Alternatively, some other mechanism such as the underground formation of methane bubbles or a build-up of tectonic pressure may be responsible. – That would make your eyes water 🙂

  7. Upptyppingar and Geirvörtur: these Icelandic volcanoes mean respectively “a penis swelling up” and “nipples”. And Upptyppingar is that spot near Askja with plenty of dike intrusions and earthquakes in recent years. Imagine how it would be if an eruption started there, imagine the reports in international news!

    I hope my comment passes through the filters!

  8. Irpsit … your comment passes all my filters … lets just hope they all inflate and erupt in unison …

    • 3613 Kunlun (1982 VJ11) is a main-belt asteroid discovered on November 10, 1982 by Purple Mountain Observatory at Nanking. Also the name of a volcanic group in China.

  9. Hints
    The acidic gasses make any visit an eye watering experience and its name is an anagram of something else that makes our eyes sore!!

  10. Following along from Irpsits train of thought, how about for No. 4 – Pilot Knob – it is the eroded core of an extinct volcano located 7 miles (11 km) south of central Austin, Texas, It appears along Onion Creek, where it is responsible for both Upper and Lower McKinney Falls.
    Onions make your eyes water, and as for the other…I’m saying nothing more 🙂

    • Laughing a lot! It should be the right answer but sadly it isn’t!! I have often considered it for a riddle but never come up with a clue that would pass the filters!!

    • Yeah, I’ve seen the hibachi volcano before. Oddly enough, they didn’t have anything that was actually… “hot” if you know what I mean. I have had some food (in Thailand) that will take the back of your skull off. You can feel the skin tighten just above and in front of your ears and then the area behind your ears starts sweating. Just make sure you have a fresh cold beer to chase it with.

      Usually when you ask for something hot… what they offer has trouble keeping up with tobacco sauce.

    • Yep …. DING … 1 point for Poas … its positively evil to be around as the acidic a gasses make ones eyes water and skin sting … nasty! And now I can have another glass of fizz YEA!
      Have a great weekend …

    • Oh, my indeed… Just let CNNI, ABCDEFG and all the others, I can arrange personal guided tour for any helpless Anchor if it happens again 😉

      so does rain produce that effect?

      • Not likely, they kick started it and it seemed to not be in agreement of being kicket.
        I think it is faulty intrumentation showing for today. The action before seems more real.

        • I am suspicious … kick start or not … that Fedgar SIL must be influenced, question be of what (running water, spring thaw, rapid inflation, rapid inflation, rapid inflation or rapid inflation)

  11. Well here’s another version of a certain song, one I prefer. I do like the idea of a parliament that passes legislation, then sings a love song. World might be a batter place if more did that…

  12. Big air
    (Wickerpedia) – …a sports discipline where the competitor rides a vehicle (such as a snowboard, a skateboard, a ski or a motocross motorcycle) down a hill and perform tricks after launching off very large jumps. It is an extreme version of slopestyle. Competitors perform complex tricks in the air, aiming to attain sizable height and distance as well, all while securing a clean landing.

    They don’t stick the landing.

  13. I have a grandkid out in Texas right now. (USArmy) He and some friends are going fishing over in New Mexico. I advised him via our text message exchange today, that the island in the middle of the lake is an old volcanic core. (Elephant Butte). I also asked him that if he ran across any pale green crystal rocks, to grab me one. (Peridot). Just to go along with my little chunk of basalt from the area of Edinburgh Castle.

    I then went into boring mode and started explaining about the Rio Grande Rift. I’m sure his freinds are going to look at him and say “WTF?”.

    Personally, I’m just happy that he is stuck in limbo for now out in Texas. His unit is currently not slated to play in the sand elsewhere. However, I am sure that [this section is self censored due to the insane amount of profanity that I would ordinarily be uttering. This isn’t really the place for it, so I’ll shut up]

    If anyone wishes to know what I have deleted, contact me via my Verizon E-mail address so that the NSA can get a copy of it also.

    • I’m 26 years old, but I would be fascinated to hear about the rio grande rift from you. that being said, I’m a regular here who enjoys learning about the nature of our planet.

      That being said, I probably wouldn’t have understood a ton if my grandparents tried to tell me random stuff about a rift in new mexico. By the way, how old are you Lurking? I wouldn’t have taken you for a grandparent, but this is the internets, and everyone is somewhat anonymous here, so it’s kind of hard to tell.

      • He’s a stepson of my stepson. Personally, I’m in my mid 50s. Younger than some here, older than others.

        Rio-Grande Rift. It could be have been started by whatever force instigated the Basin and Range Province. Basin and Range is a wide rift, composed of several graben and horst features. The Rio Grande rift is slowly moving north and will eventually eat the rockies. The recent seismic activity in Colorado is along the Eastern edge of it, and despite the lamentations of the anti-fracking toadstools, is most likely related to a propagation of the boundary fault rather than anything else. Most narrow rifts have a boundary fault that isolates the extension from the rest of the crust. The Commerce fault in Missouri and Arkansas probably serves the same function for the Reelfoot Rift in the New Madrid Seismic Zone. The funny part about it, is that if you draw a line that follows it, and extend it strait out to the South West, it runs right through the area of the Guy Arkansas Swarm… and the fault plane for it is aligned with that line. Connected? Beats the hell out of me. Just oddly coincidental.

        The Rio Grande rift has some pretty youthful looking volcanics contained within it. Some of the features, such as Elephant Butte, are basalt. That points towards a mafic source (read mantle like). Scattered around the area are felsic emplacements of welded tuffs and granite assemblages. In all likelihood, this would be re-mobilized material.

        • Interesting. I had known it existed and knew it was supposedly related to basin/range rifting, but it’s still cool to learn more.

          I’m guessing Valles is related to this rift?

    • I am really worried now that I know that the USA is collecting all my information…….For the benefit of the FBI, CIA, NCIS, Dick Tracey and Mr Clapper or anyone else over the pond……
      Please find something I have done in my past life that warrants extradition from the UK next winter and put me under house arrest in Florida…or California, somewhere nice and warm. If you can’t manage that The cascades would be OK. ,near some nice volcanoes 🙂 😀
      ( I wonder what they make of my morning ruminations? )

      • More OT…..Rant at Old age
        Today is my daughter’s wedding. Hekla doesn’t look like she will do much after all ( I thought she might just, simply because I wouldn’t be around to follow)
        Sod’s law…I was just unloading the dish washer whilst Coffee #2 was in the making and my back cracked (Arthritis). I am now facing a day wearing shoes with small heels that I shouldn’t wear and I can’t straighten my back.
        Daughter should have married her partner years ago when I was able to shimmy and twist on the dance floor.
        However sun is shining (Yayyyyyyyyy) Elegant Outfit ready and feathers in my hair. A hot shower and my son to lean on and 3 year old Granddaughter is going to look after Granny Bee….I’ll be OK! 😀 See you all later….If I write anything here that doesn’t make sense tonight…blame the combination of Champagne & painkillers 😀 😀

        • I do hope the Wedding goes well! It’s a lovely day for it. Incidentally one of my ‘close neighbours’ is getting married today. The Viscount Weymouth (son of the Marquis of Bath) is getting married at Longleat House – google the story. The Thynnes are a grand aristocratic family and are mostly barking mad. They have actually closed Longleat for the weekend (they do live there after all) and rumours say the Duchess of Cambridge is invited but there’s no point in me sitting up at a roundabout waiting to see the ‘grand folk’ arrive as most will come in by helicopter.

          However, I’m sure Diana’s daughter’s wedding will be more fun to be at! I envy your ability to wear a fascinator! I look like a demented chicken in one so I have to wear a brim. Enjoy the day! 🙂

        • Diana, I do hope you have a lovely time at your daughter’s wedding. Champagne & painkillers? You might end up doing the shimmy & twist after all. Make sure you have pain killers for tomorrow! :D:

      • It’s not just the US. Until a recent upending of the rules box and appropriate sanctioned collections, we (in the US) had hard and fast rules about who the various agencies could collect against. The workaround? Via organization level agreements, one country would collect data on the other countries citizens and in exchange, a reciprocal action would be done by the other country. If anything interesting came up, the info was shared between the two agencies.

        How close these agencies followed the rules is hard to determine. I knew of some legal action that occurred over a room in the corner of a municipal level switch in the Los Angeles area. It reportedly had multiple racks of equipment, and the signal trunks went into the room, but no one was allowed into the room unless they held the proper clearance and permission from the NSA. I have yet to locate my original references that I had saved when I ran across that story on the web from local news agencies.

        Then there is the little item of Menwith Hill. I can’t verify it, but one of these installations outside of London also had fiber optic trunk lines running out to it.

        Despite the claims that only meta-data was collected (time of call, duration, who called who), the sheer investment in equipment and facilities makes me question that claim. I know for a fact that the CIA’s investment arm, In-Q-Tel, has always been looking into invest in companies that do automatic transcription and translation programs, data warehousing systems, data mining systems, etc. It’s enough for me to believe the “meta-data only” claim is full on bullshit. This was learned by looking at investment announcements by various companies. Some securities law mandate that companies have to announce major investments, usually companies use this to bolster their attractiveness in order to attract other investors.

        How easy is it for someone to become implicated due to the “Six degrees of separation” theory?

        • Seatec Astronomy in the global village.
          But isn´t that how our ancestors lived, in societies of around 100 people with no privacy? Now just waiting for these secret petabytes of data leaked and we are back to the roots.

        • Rachel Maddow on MSNBC did a segment just last night on that secret room. It was, however, in San Francisco. The NSA guy stationed there was the only one with a key. It wasn’t until one of the higher up employees accidentally found a diagram of the room that the secret got out. It was like something out of the KGB files. Oops – now my comments have probably gone to a different room! 😯

        • A bit of technology rambling for those who are curious. If you are not curious, please ignore.

          Audio signals can be digitized and passed down a line as a digital signal. The sample rate of of the analog signal is several thousand bits per second. These digital signals can then be interlaced with other digital signals, and you can pack several conversations into one wires. This falls into the realm of Digital Signaling. DS-0, can carry 24 phone calls. Used for just pure data, this is the standard T-1 line. 1.544 Mbps. There are a multitude of ways that you then can pack more and more conversations into higher capacity trunks. Frame Relay is a somewhat antiquated method, but variations on it still exist. Eventually, the larger capacity lines require the use of fiber optics. At the upper end, OC-768 (38.486016 Gbit/s effective throughput) are used by the major backbone carriers. The heavy haul trunks typically connect major population centers and have switch gear to route and deal with the traffic. Interconnects from one network to another usually occur at Municipal Area Exchanges. When passing pure data and not phone conversations, these are the core transport mechanism for the Internet. At hoc exchanges exist, mainly where two carriers have agreed to share traffic.

          In older days, before the switch to fiber optics, much of the traffic was sent via microwave links. Some of the central switch sites still sport a tower with pyramidal wedge antennas.

          In some locations, the horn antennas are removed and cellular antennas use the convenient tower instead.

          Since I follow technology a bit… on interesting thing happened a few years ago. Google went around buying up miles upon miles of “dark fiber.” One thing that some of the rail road system did over the years.. in the background, was to lay gobs upon gobs of fiber optic trunk lines along their right of ways. A pretty lucrative move if you ask me. This was the “dark fiber” that Google was after.

          The general belief was that Google was looking to interconnect their various server farms.

  14. A little too lat for the riddles, I guess. Cograts to everyone. And a lot of fun for Diana on the wedding.
    For anybody struggling with the riddles (music start at 0.20):

    • End fot the numberophiles around here: Wim Metrens also wrote the song “Often a bird” which is completely based on the Fibonacci numbers and the golden ratio(Phi).
      It’s the song played in this video:

  15. @ Newby

    Thank you for introducing me to Hayley Westenra. Her voice has such a purity to it. Lovely indeed.

  16. @ Carl

    Great post on Laki deconstructed. I went back and read 2 of your previous posts on Iceland before reading this one which helped enormously. Can’t wait for the next segment.

  17. {snicker}

    Walked into the living room where the wife is watching the pre-race stuff. I asked her “What track are they racing at, Talladega?”

    She angrily snapped at me, “Belmont.”

    Me: “Well, that explains the dirt. Where is pit road?”

    • Well, “Palace Malice” won…. (12), with no caution flags or incidents. No one cut down a tire, and no one had to do a trackbar adjustment.

    • One of my recreational passions is thoroughbred racing. Unfortunately it is a lot like NTL. Try to guess the winner and someone else gets the points. Lost my butt on the Kentucky Derby. Lost my butt on the Preakness Stakes. Guess what happened at the Belmont Stakes today? I have a track record of picking the 2nd and 3rd place finishers, but there always seems to be a spoiler that comes in 1st. Well, the Breeders Cup is in November. I think I will just pull numbers out of a hat. Can’t do any worse 😦

        • I only bet on the above mentioned 4 races. Today I lost $34. Since I rarely eat out or go to a bar or movie, etc., I consider it my entertainment money. It’s the fun of trying to pick the right horses, not how much I might win and I NEVER bet more than I can afford to lose.

      • Betting is what you make of it. Personally, I don’t gamble. In my opinion, lotteries are just a method of getting the “poor” to pay a tax. With the off chance of making out big.

        But… gambling is all around us, it’s part of the culture. Buying in bulk, you are gambling that the price on the item won’t go down. (generally a good bet). Choosing when to get gasoline is a better example. Tomorrow, the price could go up or down. Is it worth the trouble to get it now and run the risk of picking a store that is in the middle of a robbery?

        Even using an ATM is a gamble. I was at the drive through ATM several months ago and some wanker out ahead of me in the parking lot was hollering for a dollar. Then I noticed a guy in the shadows back behind my vehicle. I’m pretty sure that his intention was to run up and snag whatever came out of the ATM. He was a bit shocked when I hit the cargo floodlights and lit his arse up. The next day I let the bank know what had been going on out there just in case the Sheriffs department wanted to review their video cameras. (Yes, I reported it to the sheriffs department)

      • I think I will just pull numbers out of a hat. Can’t do any worse

        True, but you could find the height to the withers and the weight and do some juggling of the data to see if there are trends that could be helpful. I doubt that you can get the muscle mass data. The issue with the height is that the taller the horse, the faster it potentially is, but also the more prone to injury. Mass of the animal can give you a clue about sheer power, but without muscle mass, you have to guestimate it.

        And none of that data tells you anything about the cardiovascular capability of the animal.

    • I also am watching Hekla (Aren’t we all?) The graphs for all the SILS down the west side of Vatnajokull look “odd” Now remembering this the season of snow melt and all the rivers and streams are running fast. Ice will be moving. Moving water from tides to streams affect the readings and leave there Mark. Also I think some of the equipment is having a technical problem and after the winter has not yet been fixed.
      Taking all that into account there is left the appearance , of what I would call, a steady background tremor which seems to be affecting all three frequencies, but especially the higher ones.
      Hekla I am sure will do her usual couple of stronger quakes to warn us literally minutes before. By the time we realise she’s about to have a full on Hissy fit it will be happening and the straim will have dropped as she erupts…Until then it’s a case of spot the beginning of the rapid eruption. There will be few warning signs but at least this time around with all the best equipment and monitoring the run up to her eruptions will give more insight into her behaviour than has been available previously.
      But further North East from Hekla, I am sure magma may be on the move. Which bit I think will become clear with earthquake swarms, days or weeks prior to an eruption which will give clear indication that eruption is soon to happen and in which area. This is a technical issue I think (Dyngjuhals) but here at the Jokulheimer SIL the background constant tremor has become over the last months pretty strong strong.

      I am sorry if I am repeating myself and I don’t think an eruption along the dead Zone or Askja is imminant . I just find this fascinating.
      Out of curiosity what indications were there before the Krafla fires 1981? and how much warning. Does anyone know?

      • My apologies for bad spelling and repeats of words…I think the champagne yesterday is still affecting me!!! The Wedding went very well, the sun shone , there were no family fights or sulks and everyone had a wonderful day. 🙂 I was so impressed with the theme of “tradition and frugality” The venues were decorated with local garden and wild flowers. Decorated used tin cans (kept various children very busy for hours) held crayons and sheets of brown recycled paper covered the tables. The children ( and adults had fun drawing and writing messages to the happy couple. Cakes sandwiches and tea for the wedding breakfast and a hearty pie and peas supper kept strength up for dancing (The bar and Pie supper and the cleverly erected marquees being the only bit not provided or made by the bride and groom and family. Cakes and sandwiches all home made). The bride wore a dress created and made by herself. It too was simple and sweet..
        Despite it not costing thousands of pounds it was a day to remember , so many people helped out’ to make the celebration, elegant, charming and the children enjoyed every moment, as so much was provided to keep them entertained. A true family celebration.

        • Glad to hear that it turned out well. I spent several minutes reading about the mentally unstable Thynnes entourage. I couldn’t find anything specifically loony, but that didn’t stop me from looking.

          Halfway through that data quest, I ran across the Faulkland Islands soiree and a helicopter crash on Fortuna glacier, which gave me the odd notion; “…sounds like a place name from Star Wars”.

          Then I explored the composition of Torpex, and how the aluminum content extends the explosive pulse for greater damage, and then realized that I’m probably being investigated for finding that out. If I disappear unexpectedly, you’ll know why. Given the odd chemical data searches I keep looking doing, it’s amazing that I still exist. (carbonyl sulfide musings)

          Whoda thunk that George Orwell would miss it by a decade or so. (1984).

          Oh yeah, the obligatory:

          WAR IS PEACE

        • sounds magical and with great weather in the mix. *that changes next week for Ireland at least* Was the wedding cake nice to eat? I will look online now for photos of coffee. 🙂

          Maybe Hekla is a little like Pinocchio, the not normal volcano who thinks he is a real volcano, Then one day in 2013 Hekla finally become’s a normal boy. 🙂

          • I thought she was a Ice queen and one day she will get all fired up, blow her top and melt back in the underworld

        • @Diana: I’m so glad it went well. It sounds lovely! I hope that simple, traditional weddings come back into fashion. The best weddings I’ve been to have been very small, or traditional family days. The big, blingy, ones are just OTT and not much fun. I hope your fascinator was a hit! 😀
          The Thynne wedding will be covered in assorted mags like ‘Hello’ etc. The groom’s father, Lord Bath, left early to go to someone else’s wedding! Father and son not on speaking terms since son removed some of Lord B’s murals from the walls. Well, such antics add greatly to the gaity of the nation! 😀

  18. I better put the batteries on charge for early tomorrow morning, it is already -2 C now and there will be fog a bid later, the trees and everything will look like a winter wonderland, got a few pic’s from a couple of years ago, it is magic, but cold, gloves, beanie and parka might be the go as well, BBGN

  19. It seems to have been a fairly marrysome weekend.

    Here the big hoodah was that Royal Sweden got married. Our third in order of succession Princess celebrated the nuptials with some geezer that might best be described as pure NWO. And no, I am not into conspiration theories, it was an allegoric description. If I counted correctly there where though 6 out of the 10 richest on the planet attending.
    Our Crown Princess on the other hand had the good taste to marry your average Joe out of love. A guy owning a small chain of gyms. The guy was made a full Prince (No succession rights) by the King.
    The NWOish chap was made into nothing when he married… Good choice by the King.

    For those who do not have a King. It is like having a President, but without him having any powers at all, and you do not need to spend energy on electing him every so often.
    Since the King does not have any powers any longer our present King remade the “Kinging” and revamped it into being that favourite Grand Uncle that is slightly nutty and a couple of sizes larger than life. He also is a stunning PR agency for Sweden, and surprisingly good at unifying the country when the shit hits the fan.

    So back to the marriage, it was the normal hoodah with thousands of soldiers looking dashing in assorted old uniforms, big naval guns blasting away, more bling than a rappers convention, horses, swords glittering in the sun, pomp & circumstance, and the 1 year old Crown Princess in Waiting wrecking the protocoll for the marriage. In the end I came to the conclusion that it is better to have a Royal Family compared to a President, Kings just know how to out-glitz any number of Presidents and rappers. After all, politics is mainly about the show.

    • It has to do with power, control, and influence. Figurehead Kings get the glitz and the accolades from people who they no longer are dicking around with. (parliament gets the blame instead)

      It is quite a different story to have Al Capone trying to assume the power that feudal era kings once had. I seriously doubt that our wannabe would last five minutes against Haraldr Hárfagri.

    • Nothing like REAL Princes, Princesses, Kings and Queens to show the over exposed, often very tacky, so called celebrities how to conduct a proper public show. You can’t get much more bling in Britain than the sparkley stuff in the crown jewels 🙂 Nearly as good as my fascinator :D.
      Thanks for all the comments….they were fun to read. 🙂

    • It is happening now and then. Corny company rules stating that men must wear long trousers around the year. And women are allowed much shorter skirts. So, utilizing the laws that protect crossdressers (and any LGBT person) they protest in skirts. Normally the company in questions folds in a week and allows shorts in the summer. We’re in a huge heatwave here now entering it’s fourth week…

      • Speaking of “that crowd.” Locally, the annual Southern Baptist Convention was “run off” (my term, no direct evidence of it) by the city and the “that crowd” effectively had the red carpet rolled out for them. Now the idjits on the beach are bitterly complaining about the trash left behind on the beach every year after they leave. (but they like the money)

        Anecdotal, but I overheard one story about a deputy who was apprehensive with a disturbance at one of the higher end condo’s out on the beach. They had rented a room and had 24+ male individuals staying in it. Buck arsed naked or nearly so. The deputy’s primary concern was the litigious nature of the group. Eventually the issue was broken up by citing the occupancy limits of the room. No harm, no foul, get out and go put on some pants. You can come back and party but don’t exceed the occupancy ordinances.

  20. Reminder to UK readers: Rise of the Continents on BBC2 at 9.00. Story of how continents evolved. Starts with Africa.

    Friendly DragonEdit : Typo fixed!

    • a couple of weeks back, I was on the PC of a night and all of a sudden a pop up and I was told: you are being watched, real, I just shut it down and went to bed, scary

      • It is actually amazing how large and steady the inflation has been.
        From that grappg we should though remove 60mm of isostatic rebound. So, the current uplift is about 10mm of magma insertion at Burféll per year. That would most likely be about the double if it had been measured ontop of Hekla. As you all know the inflation has passed twice as large as before the last eruption. As I have said before, about 12-15 cm is the absolute maximum of withstandable pressure increase for the infered size of the magmatic system of Hekla.

          • About there really.
            It should though be put into perspective. In the same time frame Skrokkalda inflated a maximum of 300mm before deflating down to 250mm up. And Jökulsheimar have inflated 220 mm…
            For those wondering, that inflation is happening all over the Bárdarbunga Fissure Swarm.

      • Yepp, but the motions are rapidly changing, and that is supposedly one of the things that happens before an eruption. On the other hand it happened a lot in 2011… and then nothing happened.

        • Nay nay… 2011 saw the March 11 → A 9.1-magnitude quake in Japan. Additionally, June 4 → Puyehue Cordon-Calle.

          And no.. I’m not saying they are connected. But something did happen.

          • I also had a stupendously tasty quezadilla in September 2011… 🙂
            It was not related either to the 2011 eruption of Grimsvötn and the non-eruption of Hekla 🙂

          • Speaking of Al Quesadilla, much of the Arab Spring misdirection B/S happened then also.

            … but, that can lead me to a semi insane rant about Twelvers being played by the wannabe Hooloovoo NWO crowd who are trying to kick off the next Kondratiev wave by having a “managed” armed conflict going on until the next “new technology” kicks in… which can then be ridden for more profit and power.

            Of that whole parenthetical load of crap, the Kondratiev wave and the manipulators is about all I really buy into.

            As for the semi-loon stuff, it’s not a matter if you believe the underlying theory, it’s a matter if you believe that someone or a group of someones may believe in it, and have it as a motivation for their actions.

            You may not think that the car can fly, but if you are riding in it and the driver thinks it can fly, and barrels along towards a cliff, you had best be concerned about what the drivers motivations are.

            That is one of my motivations for watching, It is my belief that there will be Black Swan beyond Black Swans… and I don’t want to be any where near where it goes off or manifests itself.

            But I will throughly enjoy the governmental gnashing of teeth as they try and cope with it. Nature abhors a vacuum… and Karma abhors an asshole.

            • ” Nature abhors a vacuum… and Karma abhors an asshole.”
              WOW! Putting this forward as Quote of the year.

              Lurking is our VC in House Philosopher. He gained a Masters with his peer published paper on “The thinking behind thoughtless driving techniques”.
              :0 🙂

    • Yeah, it is the stuff of nightmares. Imagine something like that today given how heavily populated the Waikato & Bay of Plenty regions have become.

      • Well the real nightmare is a basaltic dyke intersecting a large body of near-eruptible rhyolitic magma. There’s strong evidence that such an intrusion sparked the 1300AD Tarawera eruption.

        The *real* real nightmare is a similar intrusion further south, in the Taupo system. I believe it’s at least possible that a Hatepe-scale eruption could occur with very little warning.

        • I don’t see any way you could have credible civil defence preparations for something like that.

        • Last I read, Taupo’s last big shin-dig showed virtually no zonation in the sample data.

          That implies a rapid fresh infusion to eruption sequence or very thorough mixing of the chamber.

      • Hi, Bruce, thanks for the video. It kept my imagination going … one can never realize the power and deadliness of our beloved volcanoes. I’m in awe and fear for what could come next.

  21. Reply to Diana: On Dyn and Jok tremor: I can see the same strange thing as you see, but I have no idea of what it is. I could have said that the change occuring at Dyn looks like a malfunction, but then the same change occurs at Jok, showing what looks like many microquakes under the NW part of Vatnajokull. Strangely, there hasn’t been much activity in the earthquake map, on that region in recent days. Perhaps its increased geothermal activity.

    Reply to Carl: I still have doubts regarding the 12-15cm critical inflation threshold. Hekla had periods in past centuries where it slept for decades and sometimes centuries. Magma probably does not stop accumulating on its chambers during those periods, which explains the much more violent eruptions after such periods. WHat if something like that is occuring now? Some change on its magmatic pathways could have been caused by the large SISZ earthquakes in 2000/2008. Just my idea. One thing is sure: the game with Hekla is now very different than before.

    • irpsit I am happy you agree there is a change. I am always afraid it’s just me reading too much into slightly “abnormal” signal. My day will continue like so many before……….House chores….have a check on Hekla…
      Shopping and back……have a check on Hekla… make evening meal…..have a check on Hekla…ready for bed……have a check on Hekla 😀
      We watch and wait 🙂

      • Oh Good grief! What a sad life! No wonder my kids mutter stuff about Mum loosing her marbles……:D 😀

    • Yes, Hekla might have changed. Or it could be technology skew.
      I think it is something in between.
      But I think Hekla will have a normal Hekla eruption for this eruptive circle, just that it will be a bit larger than the previous ones. I do not give much credit to the “rest before bigger eruptions” thing. In all honesty there is not much giving that theory credence. There have been numerous very large eruptions from volcanoes that erupted just a few years before.
      But, we will sooner or later see who of us is correct on that one 🙂

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