The bar is open all weekend!

The featured cocktail is an Iced Milky Way Martini

2 points for solving the first seven clues …

No 1 – Teddy’s monumental and fantastic local itch. SOLVED Devils Tower

No 2 – I am, Beautiful and Bonic. SOLVED Aguilera

No 3 – In protest at a ban, it hosted a football match at the summit. SOLVED Navado Sajama

No 4 – Romantically speaking … a South American harlot!

No 5 – This area is potentially rich in the deposits of Charlene and her aristocratic husband. SOLVED Monaco Bank

No 6 – Legendary Goddess who wore a pair of  Nike Air trainers when out horse riding?

No 7 – It sounds as if it hurts when one trips over a dark breccia.

No 8 – VolcanoSearch … back by popular request!

1 point for each of the 33 volcanoes hidden below. 

Normal WordSearch patterns apply… horizontal, vertical, diagonal and in either direction… letters may be used more than once …

This week it is a bit more tricksy and only volcanoes of 5 or more letters will count! 

            S K A I P S M N K K H E K O S I V B L K 
            L H A L G C S K I R V I N I R O T N A S 
            E E I V A A Y M L A E B M A Y A C O R X 
            L U H S A H K R A F R B U W E E E P I E 
            T C H O H C T A U L F R P D P T J M O H 
            T S Z A Y A H R E A J Z Z O A M S E L C 
            E S U U P R L I A E A S Q C V M Q D E W 
            O C E R O O N D N K L E A T A M B O R A 
            D C A K U I C D I V L N H U A L A L A I 
            E S A R S M E F O N I S G B A U O Q G U 
            C D H Y U A I N K P X M Q N I P A R E M 
            L D R A V P R P A K T Í E X E V D L R P 
            A O A O S I R U C A P R N V C O L I M A 
            S S U D M T Z N H J A G I J W L Y N V L 
            U R Z S X C A O I Z M B T F I W L Y Y W


Current Points Table:

24 – Alison

11 – Random Joe

 9 – KarenZ

 8 – Kelda

 7 – Edward

 6 – Diana Barnes, Pyter

 4 – Frances, Talla, UKViggen, Stephanie Alice Halford

 3 – inannamoon667

 2 – chryphia, dfm, grimmster, Renato Rio

 1 – mdatc, HolgerS




101 thoughts on “FRIDAY’S NtV RIDDLE

  1. Slightly OT – RE: Carl’s request that I write a post on Kyushu Calderas in Japan (aira, ata, Aso, Kikai)

    I looked into doing some research for it, and I could try to get something up, but it would be a pretty long and in-depth post as it’s a pretty complex area with a lot of unique volcanoes. I’m not a volcanology expert, just an ameteur like the rest of us who finds volcanoes and geological processes interesting, and I’m not particularly good at reading the very technical scientific texts that come along with doing research, but I can usually discern enough to make something readable to the non volcanologist.

  2. OK while you are all dinging and bonging, does anyone feel – like I do – that the Hekla strain is doing weird stuff these last few days? Meanwhile, I’d love to get a right answer on the competition but I’m so out of my depth and humbled by such awesome knowledge you all have! 🙂

    • Hi Clive :)… yes to the Hekla strain looking “active” and No to the Knowledge I have 😀 No need to be humbled at all. I just Google with my trusty list of world Volcanoes. It’s a bit like doing the Daily Telegraph cryptic crosswords 😀 The riddles that is… and I am lucky if I get one point now and again 😀 Have a go. You may surprise yourself 😀

    • I’m not the riddle guy, and can’t officially award any dings. Personally, the only correct answer I have gotten was from identifying a magma type about five minutes before the question was posted and released to the public. It never shows up in the standings list, but I cherish it just from the stupidity of the sequence of events.

      So… I will award you one personal GL point if you can identify where these two idiots are dancing. It is a geologically active area, but the nearest volcano is several miles away. I guess theres a bonus GL point if you can identify the large caldera system that is closest to it.

    • BTW, we still have two VC clairvoyants for Hekla:
      Stefan August 16th 00am to 6am
      Edward 2014 anytime

  3. #5 → Mineral Wells Texas. Buku listings for a Notary Public there named Charlene. If she lives there, I’m sure she has made quite a number of deposits… (banking, get your mind out of the gutter)

  4. Good morning all
    Riddle update … 7 volcanoes left to find in the VolcanoSearch square … and as none of the cryptic clues have been solved I have slightly changed the wording and added hints …

  5. Fun fun fun… Kicked off a wee blast just after this was taken, but were on the wrong side of the mountain to see the vent. Tomorrow!

  6. No 1. Devils Tower was the first declared United States National Monument, established on September 24, 1906, by President Theodore Roosevelt. It’s a laccolith as the anagram says.

  7. Well, when Kilgharrah gives the go ahead that all the riddles are solved I have a new post ready to blast into the night 🙂

    • We’ve got a little way to go Carl … I guess most of us are enjoying the wonderful weekend weather! I am happy to carry the unanswered clues over till next week, or leave them open here till the early evening … your call!!

  8. Carl is going to put up his new post shortly … I will add a comment to include the three cryptic clues that remain unsolved …

    • Bravissimo, Kligharrah and all volcano-finders! I arrived too late to catch your hints.
      At some point I stepped into Tsurumi, but Giggle said it was some kind of suicidal practice… should have looked closer.
      Thanks for the fun!

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