If wishes were horses? + Friday’s NtV Riddles!

One of the craters along the Veidivötn Fissure line. This aeral photograph by Eggert Norddahl shows the scale, remember that this is just one tiny part of the fissure line. Used by explicit permission to Volcanocafé. All rights remain with the photographer.

One of the craters along the Veidivötn Fissure line. This aeral photograph by Eggert Norddahl shows the scale, remember that this is just one tiny part of the fissure line. Used by explicit permission to Volcanocafé. All rights remain with the photographer.

Every place needs a few new ideas now and again to not get stale. So, it is time to do a few changes at the Volcanocafé. Some of them will undoubtedly be technical; basically we are not that happy with the looks of things as it is now.

Other changes will be editorial so that we keep developing the content and can raise the quality of the posts even further. Also, this place takes a lot of energy to run, and there is a need to divide up the work. One idea that has been lofted into the air is to have a dedicated editor for a specific day and who is good at a certain area. An editor like that would also function as a sounding board for those who want to write for that specific area. It would also vastly broaden the scope of Volcanocafé since more parts of the world would be covered in a more efficient way.

In the end we feel that it should not only be the editors of today that discuss this, it is after all a place for all of us, editor, writer or beloved reader. And all our lovely readers and commentators should have a thorough chance to chip in with ideas. Remember, this is your place.

So, shoot from the hip with your ideas!



We are expecting puppies over the weekend … its very exciting but oh so distracting … so please forgive me if there are several, possibly long delays in Dinging … I could well be otherwise occupied!

2 points each for Nos 1 to 7 … enjoy … and have a great weekend!

No 1 – Was there a shark on the manifest when it arrived … maybe?

No 2 – Sounds like one of the greatest ever exponents of never actually capturing a king. SOLVED Fisher

No 3 – Its little wonder it was named after William and not David!

No 4 – Recipe for ‘posh’ toast possibly originating in the kitchens of a British Royal castle. SOLVED Poor Knight’s Island

No 5 – Very ancient object of a TV news April Fools joke that backfired on the producer!

No 6 – 65928 inverted.

No 7 – The Blowouts can be found where the land diverges. SOLVED Devil’s Garden

No 8 – EruptionsLog … 4 points for each.

Using all the letters, identify pairs of volcanoes and a year during which they both erupted.

        A)   AAAADGILNP                   SOLVED Pagan and Alaid, 1996

        B)   ABDHINNOOPSTUU      SOLVED Pinatubo and Hudson, 1991

        C)   AADEKLMMNU                SOLVED Manam and Kelud, 1920

        D)   AAAEIIKMNPRRS            SOLVED Sinarka and Merapi, 1872

        E)   ABGIMNNOORRSTV       SOLVED Nabro and Grimsvotn,  2011

        F)   AAHHIKKMNOORSTU    SOLVED Kharimkotan and Suoh, 1933

        G)  AADEEGNNORRRTUV     SOLVED Ruang and Reventador, 2002

        H)  ADEGIKLLMNNOTU         SOLVED Kelud and Lamington, 1951

Current Points Table:

39 – Alison

12 – Renato Rio, Kelda

11 – Random Joe, KarenZ

 8 – Pyter, Diana Barnes

 7 – Edward

 6 – Talla

 4 – Frances, UKViggen, Stephanie Alice Halford

 3 – inannamoon667, Bobbi

 2 – chryphia, dfm, grimmster

 1 – mdatc, HolgerS


107 thoughts on “If wishes were horses? + Friday’s NtV Riddles!

  1. Oh my head hurts…

    I think I will just head on over to the bar and pour me something liquid… and contemplate doing my laundry.

    • Laughing … I do the easy bit and set the riddles … not answer them … I haven’t a clue … but no doubt someone round here will know the answer … Carl’s in the bar right now … when he’s back I am sure he’ll put you right!

    • Hello Tyler!

      Katla mainly has rhyolitic eruptions. An example is the Sólheimar Ignimbrite (the largest known explosive eruption). It happened as hot basaltic Icelandite entered a large amount of colder rhyolites that was situated in the chamber.
      It has often been accused of being the same as the Vedde Ash, but it lacks the same basaltic shards as the Vedde Ash. So the jury is still out on that…

      Back to your question, yes, almost every Katla eruption from Katla contains amounts of rhyolite.

      Beware of Japanese women asking for your shoe size. 😉

      • Beware of Japanese women asking for your shoe size.

        Okay… “why?” (and don’t tell me it’s related to Upptyppingar, because then you will have to explain…)

        • Many years ago when I was younger and Skype was brand new young japanese women used it to group call Swedish men to ask for their shoe size, then they group giggled a lot and hung up.

          Young Tyler once mentioned the word group chat… I have since then warned him about japanese women asking for the shoe size.
          In Japan there is a Meme that the shoe size is directly relating to… well you can guess.

          The big question have always been why Swedish young men? I guess it has to do with raw fish…

    • Awwww well done … I thought that might prove difficult!
      DING! 2 points for Alison and Devil’s Garden No 7

        • Don’t work too hard … I’m reliably informed its truly bad for the brain!
          See you tomorrow … I have a feeling there will be plenty left to solve!

  2. Interesting location for this quake
    26.07.2013 14:28:19 65.592 -22.806 0.1 km 2.0 99.0 52.8 km WSW of Hólmavík

    • Yepp, It surprises even me. Expect the unexpected, then the unexpected becomes less unexspected, of sorts, I think. But I suspect there might be road construction or this be mining blast connected to that (there is road construction in the area, that I know, rest is what I possibly think). The depth of 0,1 km probably gives it away as such.

  3. C) Manam & Kelud, 1920 Dec 5 & 1920 Dec 6

    Kelud is listed as Kelut in the GVP, but in the references I have also seen it spelled Kelud.

    • Yeah it seems to be spelled both ways … but most commonly Kelud.
      DING! 4 points for C Manam and Kelud, 1920

  4. Is this about the Tolbachik eruption posted?

    Click to access 4W_4D-P8.pdf

    It’s a sort of IMO-style summary about the current eruption. I’m going to quote it completely, if that is a problem a dragon can edit it.

    “The Tolbachik Fissure Basalt Eruption, Kamchatka (2012-2013)
    Evegeny I Gordeev, Valery A Droznin, Anna O Volynets, Yaroslav D Muravyev
    Institute of Volcanology and Seismology, Russia

    There is a large volcanic center in the south part of the Klyuchevskaya group of volcanoes, for which fissure eruptions of mafic lavas are typical in historic times. The latest large effusion of lavas in this zone occurred over the period 1975-1976 and was called the Great Tolbachik fissure eruption (GTFE).
    After 37 years of rest, in the evening of November 27, 2012 liquid basalts started to effuse extensively to the south of Plosky Tolbachik Volcano. One day prior to the eruption, a swarm of earthquakes was recorded beneath the volcano. Seismic data showed that the fissure opened at 17h45m local time at an altitude of about 2.5 km on the southern flank of Plosky Tolbachik. The fissure stretched 6 km from north to south. Local residents reported three
    areas of eruptions late at night. The eruption was obviously explosive in the upper part of the fissure. At this stage the fissure produced the most powerful ash emissions resulting in ash deposits as far as several tens of kilometersfrom the volcano. In its lower part the fissure started to produce extremely fluid basaltic lava. A small lava flow from the central area of eruption traveled to the west and descended 9 km along the valley of Vodopadny creek to a height of 650 m a.s.l. and destroyed Vodopadnaya base camp, which had been built during the 1975-1976 Great Tolbachik fissure eruption. By November 30, the movement of Vodopadny lava flow had ceased. The main lava flow resulted from the central part of the fissure. Gradually, the main eruptive center with up to three vents was formed above the upper fissure. The vents activity varies in time. By mid January 2013 a crater with a lava lake had been formed above the upper fissure. The crater is continuously fountaining hot material.

    Over the period of two months the erupted lava had covered an area of 30 km2. New portions of lava are coming to the surface along the lava channels increasing the thickness of the lava field. Sometimes lava bursts out of the field in forms of sporadic narrow 2-3 km long flows. The total volume of the eruptive material is estimated to be 0.3-0.4 km³.

    Short seismic swarm and high-aluminous composition of effusing basalts provides evidence that magma comes to the surface from an intermediate chamber, the roof of which is located beneath the caldera of Plosky Tolbachik at a depth of about 4 km.”

      • And to be complete, the latest KVERT update:
        “Explosive-effusive eruption of the volcano continues. Ash explosions up to 19,700 ft (6 km) a.s.l. could occur at any time. Activity of the volcano could affect low-flying aircraft.

        Effusion of lava flows continues from the Southern fissure at Tolbachinsky Dol. Very fluid lava is moving to the southern, eastern and western slopes of Tolbachinsky Dol. Cinder cones continue to grow on the Southern fissure, a weak gas-steam plumes were observing last week. A thermal anomaly was noting on satellite images at the northern area of Tolbachinsky Dol all week.”

          • Charleroi is mainly Raynair so I think not. For Zaventem you will have more chance to find a flight. And Charleroi is for you probably much easier to reach than for me. Last time I was there (begin July) nearly every bus at the airport was either going or coming from Lille. That while they cancelled our bus so had to take a 2 hour train ride 😦

            • Last time I ended up in Charleroi I was stranded in Belgium due to a strike.
              Ryan Air of course neglected to tell its passengers that they would not be able to get home untill you had landed. The had by then known about the strike for a week.
              That was the last time I will ever set foot on a blasted Ryan Air plane. Blekh!

  5. And the density plot. The concentration on the right is very clear. I have change the mesh settings from 150 m to 200 m (anyway, I’m not sure of the data precision so…the result looks nicer)

    just look at the first part, there are leftovers from the last plots in the last parts of the video.

  6. riddle no4 Is it about pain perdue or poor knights toast? (In Dutch known as verloren/gewonnen brood (lost/won bread) or wentelteefje). It seems to fit the riddle but I can’t find a volcano for it.

    • Yeah I had searched on poor and on knight but not on the two together (also a lot other names). And google didn’t want to help.

  7. How was work?
    DING! DING! DING! 12 points for
    H Kelud and Lamington 1951
    D Sinarka abd Merapi 1872
    G Ruang and Reventador 2002
    Well done you!

    • A not very exciting evening, maybe one day I’ll be able to get a proper job again. At least there were some volcanoes left when I got home 😀

    • Good night …and just before you go … DING!
      4 points for F Kharimkotan and Suoh 1933
      Sleep well.
      See you in the morning for some cryptic clue solving!

  8. Oh Killy – I’m sorry but have no time to play for a while…I got a new puppy. Maybe some regulars will remember last year when I posted that I sadly lost my dog Dru so soon after losing his buddy Jack as well, it broke my heart at the time. It was totally personal cr*ap and nothing to do with volcanoes but I was so touched and grateful for the supportive comments that you all gave me then. I swore that that was the end of my dog era but think Lurking and Diana both said that given time I would recover… and they were right, although at the time I really didnt think it possible. But to cut a long story short, had an impulse 2 weeks ago and one thing led to another and now i am the proud mum of Lurk..Sorry Diana, he is a boy and I couldnt find a way to fit your name in too but I will name you as his godmother. x so far Lurk has been a very good boy, 48 hours in and he’s pretty chilled out, no wailing or crying and the cat seems to like him too… so far!! I wanted to put up a photo but the format thingy has changed or maybe I’m just too sleepy to figure it out. Probably not appropriate anyway as this is a volcano blog, not a puppy blog, but I feel the need to excuse my lack of attention to the riddles. Once he is trained I will be back with a vengance 🙂

    • OMG. Killy I just properly read the start to your riddle post..you (your dog) are expecting puppies!! That’s fantastic, hope you didnt think i was trying to ‘steal your thunder’ by announcing my new puppy had arrived!! What breed are your puppies? Hope all goes well and the mum delivers safely with no problems. Will keep fingers and toes crossed for you that all goes well. Sometimes Volcanoes have to take second place. xxxx

      • Hey Kelda … you have no idea how pleased I am that you are finally able to welcome a new pup into your life. I lost my beloved Truffle four and a half years ago when out of nowhere she attacked my daughter as we sat playing silly games late on Christmas evening … Boxing Day was a living hell as we coped with poor Nicky’s (minor) injuries and the horror of having to take my devoted and trusting friend to the vet to be put down … she was only three and I was utterly devastated in so many ways. Like you I could no way envisage replacing her.

        A subsequent autopsy showed a huge, painful brain tumour …

        Mid January I got a call from my sister … let’s have lunch … in a pub I had never heard of, in a Kentish town I did not particularly like … unsuspecting I agreed! So to cut a long story short, the meal was followed by “Suzie, before you drive back home I just want to show you a house we are thinking of buying” … I fell for it and was soon outside a beautiful Georgian farm … I gasped in pure delight and a little envy as standing on the porch was a young teenager clutching a wriggling bundle of Goldendoodle puppy … as it turned out … she was already mine … Wendy and the rest of the family had taken matters into their own hands and bought her for me.

        The last few years have been a joy … sure there is still some lingering sadness … she has grown into a mirror image of Truffle …

        Now Toffee is expecting a litter. I’ll tell you all about the puppies when they are finally born … we’ve been waiting a couple of days now … so so excited … the vet says everything is absolutely fine, and not to worry …

        Did you mention volcanoes? Currently they are definitely not a priority … laughing xxxx

    • So I’m the origin of a dogs name. Heh, cool. :D. I hope he lives up to it!

      How I adopted the moniker of Lurking.

      A fellow EW that I went to school with, Kevin Riley, had a bit-o-fun on his ships general announcing circuit. When people are working up on the ships mast, Safety procedures have to be followed that secure all equipment there that could pose a hazard. Hight power radiating antennas or radars that suddenly start rotating can mess you up pretty good. After the Men Working Aloft paperwork had been signed and approved, the Deck Officer has the Petty Officer of the Watch pass the work over the general announcing circuit so that every one is reminded to not mess with equipment that could hurt someone.

      After a while, this standard announcement gets pretty monotonous. Keviin’s version.

      “There are men lurking aloft, do not rotate, radiate, or energize any electrical or electronic equipment while men are working aloft on board USS (name of ship).” (repeat)

      The beauty of it, is that unless you had really paid attention to his pronunciation, it sounded like the standard announcement. And… it was factually correct. There were people lurking aloft.

    • Just put in a link to Tinypic and I will edit it in.
      Today seems to be The Puppy Edition of The Sheepy Dalek Bar!

    • Awwww Kilda:) I am so pleased for you. Welcome to the community LurK 🙂 Don’t forget a photo Please 🙂
      I know where you are coming from. meg gets very demanding sometimes when I am trying to concentrate on the PC and the walks and hovering up dog hairs…. but I wouldn’t go back to being without a friend to talk too. 🙂

  9. One thing I suggest is that you cut back on Iceland. Kamchatka is beginning to gain on me, and so is Italy (a little bit). But there is a bit too much Iceland. I talked about this before with some others. Basically, it has better monitoring, easier access to more information and there are webcams pointed at it. I think that there should be more focus on volcanoes less prolific and less discussed.

    • Personally… I like Iceland. It’s got just about everything geologically that you can ruminate on, all gathered together in a little island. Besides…. despite the prodigious sensor array, there is a lot about Iceland that is not known. In a way, it’s like a lab experiment.

      “Will she or won’t she?” Nobody knows for sure. :D.

      Besides, Iceland has such colorfully named geological structures!

    • Mabe I do agree. But there is certain demand *tongue in cheek!* and there is much better monitoring or rather acess to monioring (and we do concentrate on and on on our own small corner of the world, true, as we do not dare venture into other areas) but you must give us some small credit – and Kamchatka has “current experts” covering it – Maybe its Indonesia as a whole that lack covering!
      At least I have no real knowledge of other that the Icelandic volcanoes. Maybe as I literally grew up on not so old pillow lava, crawling into tiny lava caves as a kid, and am expert in examining how it ran (or how much it actually follows the slopes and terrain)

      • May be. But I would rather spend time researching an obscure volcano. For me, while Iceland is quite an interesting place, it is not outstanding.

      • Indeed, it was Iceland that brought most of us here, yet we follow volcanic activity elsewhere in the world.
        I agree about Indonesian volcanoes – well, I love them all – and I am very happy with the paths taken by this blog!
        Thanks everyone! 😉

        • I know. I don’t know why, but I still have an unusual like for the obscure. My god, I like some of the west antarctic volcanoes. I can probably count the number of research papers done on them with one hand.

    • Well, we did go a bit nutzoid on El Hierro when it was generating usable data. Hell, I even got am informal cease and desist from one of them due to some of my plots.

      The greatest driving force on where we focus attention usually has to do with available (plotable) data.

      I know for a fact that Santorini has data on the low end quakes… teh ones that are of prime interest to us, but the data is not publicly available. Some researcher has it squirreled away behind a password. Can it be gotten at? Probably… but you may violate a few IT laws in doing so. Incidentally, that is where Mr. “It’s Private Data” screwed up. That data had no protections on its availability what so ever. In order to gain legal support for a “hack” claim, the data or site has to have some measure of protection put in place on it.

      That’s also why I didn’t promulgate the URL’s for the alternate seismos at El Hierro. It was not my data to give, and even though “security through obscurity” is the absolute worst method of protecting data, it’s still an attempt to protect it. Eventually, they F’d up and let the URLs slip out on their own, so they just proved the ineffectiveness on their own.

      Soapbox time.

      Offsite Data back-up and archival services are popping up all over the place. I hear adverts for them all the time on the radio.

      For anyone thinking about it… a mental exercise for you. Who controls access to the data? You? Only those that you authrorize? Do you really think that a company presented with a subpoena is going blink at turning over the data under their physical control? Are you aware that many governmental inquiries place a “do not notify” order on service companies that get served these court orders?

      If your data is being sniffed by a governmental entity, don’t you think that you should have the right to be notified of it? (that way you can seek legal council) The only way to be sure that you are notified, is if you maintain physical control of your data.

      Just something for you to mull over.

      Side note: One of the adverts stated that they use “military grade encryption” on the warehoused data. Now that was a laugh and a half. The Military and the Crypto agencies have a cottage industry going that specializes in breaking those codes. Who is gonna best know the weaknesses in that very same code?


    • Hello MDATC!

      One of the reasons there is a lot about Iceland is because I prefer to write about what I know best. I perhaps have grown a tad lazy. There will most likely be a bit less Iceland since I will most likely be editing only one day in the future (to much real life).

      Problem is that the obscure volcanoes need a lot of reading up, and therefore it takes time to do those posts. So we badly need more people doing posts on them. How would you feel about writing a few?

  10. 3) wallis island ? (william wallace – scottland, and david wallace – US version of ‘the office’) ?

  11. Laughing … no … its not as obscure as that … there wont be any hints till much later … but I will say just this … all the information you need to identify the William and David is right there in the clue!
    Oh … and good morning Edward.

        • https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mount_McKinley ? but’s only a pluton and not really a volcano. – but it is a ‘seven wonders’ and it’s not exactly ‘little’ so maybe that’s right ? there is a william McKinley it was named after, but while there exist david mckinleys I can’t see the connection so probably not.

          • Hmmm you’re really not on the right track and it is much too early in the day to help with hints … sorry!

            • I’m never on the right track, not to worry, I’ll just keep mooching around in the wrong direction and see if I stumble on something else interesting.

  12. 6} tried to invert 65928 – 1/65928 gave 1517 so I assumed that would be a volcano number in GVP but nope.
    so then I looked and saw it was red so I tried ‘blue volcano’ which found me http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stadion_Kajzerica which is probabbly not the riddle solution either.

    so tking an old school calculator in the same way one might type in 5318008 I got something a bit like B76SG that doesn’t seem to work.

  13. ok don’t think I can solve any of these riddles, so I thought I’d add one
    “Eli had shot a ring of arrows around a short midsummer month’

  14. http://www.ct.ingv.it/it/webcam-eolie.html
    Hello all,
    Just noticed that INGV have the Pizzocams on Schtromboli back online…
    It’s amazing what you miss when you go 5 days without the interwebnet…
    5 posts, 500 comments; it’s a lot to catch up on…
    Anyway just finished, thanks all for the great posts/ comments; nice to see Henrik back too…

  15. Hi

    A presentation from GNS about the 6.3 (or 6.5) quake in NZ this week. There is a small replica during the presentation at 36:10.

  16. I’m also just catching up after a few days doing other things! The weather front has just arrived in West Wiltshire – only heavy rain so far.
    I like Icelandic volcanoes – but I also like reading about all volcanoes. I don’t know enough to write posts but love reading them. I’ve learned so much since VolcanoCafe started!
    Congratulations to Kelda and Kilgarrah on the arrival of various dogs! My dog, Sulis, is snuggled up next to me as I write – I can’t imagine life without a dog around somewhere!

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