Volcanic food + Friday’s Riddles

There be Dragons.

There be Dragons.

Kilgharrah sends her regards; due to real life interference she could not do the ordinary riddles, so I put on my best cap of evil brain wrecking. The points will be added to the regular score. I hope these ones are sufficiently evil to keep you occupied for a few minutes at least.

The soul-filled neighbor of the non-stereophonic boar mutt (Dedicated to Henrik) – 3 points to be had, one each for the two neighbors and one for the last volcano that erupted in the country. Clue 1; The “mono boar mutt” is the name of a volcano, the other half is a clue to its neighbour. Solved, Mount Tamboro, Mojo Island and Ili Werung was the answers by KarenZ.

McVock (This is a special for the non-native English speakers) – Two points for the volcano and one point for the name of the last eruption. Clue 1; The Riddles Enigmatic cousin. Solved: Katmai, famous eruption Novarupta, solved By Graniya who gets 3 points. This was a replacement Cipher.

Volcanic food

Last weeks winner was Diana Barnes with her Hotspot Cabbage. Keep the recipes coming for the Volcano Café cook-book.

How to make cabbage erupt with flavour and a hint of deep seated magmatic heat?
For 4 people. (You can make it according to your country or spice tolerance)
Half a white/ drumhead/ savoy any sort of cabbage really not red though. Too tough for this treatment.
1 small chorizo sausage loop sliced.
Some cooked ham. About half a cup chopped. Spanish or Italian or even English
A couple of spring onions/ scallions/ or small red or white whatever to hand.
Garlic 1 teaspoon died or one clove fresh or leave out if you are on a first time date.
1/4 teaspoon Nutmeg.
Salt & Black pepper to taste.
Gently fry the Chorizo slices in a little olive oil until the fat runs.
Stir fry the rest of the ingredients until the cabbage is to the texture you like slightly crisp for me but husband likes it well done.
So simple but having this tonight with Oven baked garlic & herb potato wedges (Home made)
and grilled pork steaks and sausage with a creamy white wine sauce. (All cooked from scratch. I don’t like ready meals or sauces . I like to know what I am eating!)
The children actually liked eating cabbage this way. You can add more paprika or chillie.  You can in fact just do all kinds of varations on this. Just Never, ever boil cabbage to death in salty water. It is a crime against cabbages and gives them a bad name.
PS Always add nutmeg. it takes the smell of cooked cabbage away

Saint Brendans Flaming Surtsey

Saint Brendans Flaming Surtsey

Saint Brendans Flaming Surtsey

1 shot Sambuca
1 shot Tia Maria
1 shot Baileys
1 shot Blue Curacao

Layer Sambuca over tia maria in narrow glass and pour a shot of Baileys into one shot glass and blue curacao into another. Place straw into layered tia maria and sambuca and ignite sambuca. Then drink before straw melts and as last dregs of sambuca are being drunk pour in baileys and blue curacao at the same time. These are to be drunk through the straws at the same time.



112 thoughts on “Volcanic food + Friday’s Riddles

  1. Totally OT, and shameless name-dropping … (but as we seem to have a few rugby nuts around then I can’t resist) ….

    The not-so-little ‘Lill-Viggen’ and I (plus a handful of others) have just spent the afternoon on the training pitch with Andy Farrell, Graham Rowntree and Mike Catt (http://www.rfu.com/squadsandplayers/coaches). Brilliant blokes all – and some great (and almost certainly unrepeatable) banter flying around!

      • Haha! They are a truly award-winning pair of lugs.
        As the forwards guru he took my boy’s group. The ‘Lill-Viggen’ was the biggest lad there so was the ‘lucky’ one chosen to help GR demonstrate the drills.

        One of the cheekier lads *innocently* asked Catty about Jonah Lomu .. 🙂

          • Some evil dad certainly set that one up – none of the lads were born when that happened.
            My boy did put GR on the floor at one point which was quite a feat – but I also have a great pic of GR strangling him Homer-style!

  2. Evening – Lovely pic !

    As you know, the volcanoes from Kamchatka are pretty active and in particular Tolbachik is still erupting.

    This is the update for the Tolbachik Shiveluch area from July 30th to August 23.
    The side colorbar shows date on the left side (earthquake color is according to date) and terrain elevation on the right side.

    The title bar shows earthquake count vs total, date span and current event date.

    Circle size is proportional to magnitude (see scale on the plot)

    The video is in 3 parts.

    First part is a day by day view from the East, second part from the South and third part is a rotating plot.

    The Magma reservoir under the zone @ about 30 km depth is still pretty active.
    Shallower activity is more prevalent under Shiveluch and Klyucheskaya Sopka (swarm on 15 and 16th august).

    the Tolbachik area is pretty quiet comparatively.

    Data from NOAA and emsd.ru, made with Gnu Octave and avconv.

  3. Thinking of Spirit lake and Gorch Fock while slurping up the last drop of Vulkan beer and walking over to the jukebox.

  4. A couple of quakes near Langjokull yesterday. Magmatic movement?
    23.08.2013 01:54:35 64.591 -20.223 6.5 km 1.4 99.0 21.7 km SSE of Eiríksjökull
    23.08.2013 01:27:58 64.606 -20.226 11.0 km 1.3 99.0 20.1 km SSE of Eiríksjökull

    • It is one of those might or might not bees. I haven’t seen the waveforms, but I would spontaneously say no. It think it is the continued shrinking of cooling magma in the magma chamber.

  5. And lo and behold… A very rare one indeed. Surtsey!

    23.08.2013 11:09:56 63.383 -20.629 0.8 km 1.3 99.0 7.9 km N of Surtsey

        • No offence intended but this is one you should try Carl:

          To make this colorfully named shooter, the Flaming Asshole, use the following recipe instructions by carefully layering each of the ingredients in order.

          To make a Flaming Asshole cocktail, layer the ingredients in this order: Grenadine, creme de menthe,
          banana liqueur, white rum. Light the rum before serving.
          Pour the grenadine into a shot glass.
          Gently pour the creme de menthe over the back of a barspoon into the shot glass.
          Next, gently pour the banana liqueur over the back of a barspoon.
          Finish by pouring the white rum over the back of a barspoon.
          Carefully light the rum before serving.
          Serve with a straw and drink quickly or the straw will melt!

          Don’t burn yourself, and enjoy your cocktail, the Flaming Asshole!

  6. For the second riddle: “mcvock” is KATMAI in Affine Cipher Encryption. The “Great 1912 Eruption” or Novarupta Eruption? That is all I could find so far; but if you are referring to Harry Potter, then I am lost entirely.

    • Ding & Ding!

      3 points for you.

      Last time anyone actually used this simple substitution cipher (plus every letter up two positions) was when the famous message “Ceasar has crossed Rubicon” was sent.

    • …. groan… not more modulo math!

      That hurts my wee brain!!!

      My first experience with it was when another more senior instructor handed me a piece of paper that he was fiddling around with, killing time between class. On it was the algorithm for a one way public key cypher. It also had the decrypt function using the private key. I wrestled with that damned thing for three months trying to get my head around it. In the end I had by computer seeking primes, just for the sake of doing it.

      The amazing part about him was that he had managed to be promoted despite having an incident with his division officer and a hammer. (he had somehow managed to whack him in the head with it)

    • Ding!

      Mono boar mutt is truly Mount Tamboro, I must admit that I loved that one if I may say so.

      The others did not fit the other half of the riddle. 🙂

      So two points still for grabs and no more clues…

  7. Fuego has just had a larger eruption.
    An ash column have been ejected up to a height of 4700 meters, an exclusion zone of 12 kilometers is in effect. BVD has heightened the status to Orange and there is a flight advisory for Guatemala City and Guatemala in effect.

    An increased amount of harmonic tremor and magmatic earthquakes have been noticed.
    This is the third Guatemalan volcano to erupt in as many days, the other two are Pacaya and Santiaguita.

    More to come as we get information.

    • Thanks Carl! What a screeming pity that they DO have a webcam on Fuego and publish only 1 (in words: one!) image per day from it! That would be an impressive sight! Same with Santiaguito!

      • Trust me, it is as good that they do not send more pictures per day.
        100 volcanoholics sitting pressing refresh would kill the internet for the entire country… I sometimes feel bad enought for hogging it for an hour every day talking to Dr Morataya.

        Trust me, the internet there is not good…

    • And a trivia bit for them that don’t know….

      In the early 80’s, our entertainment on cruise was off of the shipboard TV system. No satellite, no Internet. Just taped movies that we were provided via Welfare and Recreation funds… and occasionally locally produced “news” casts. In other words, someone from the ship reading the news that came in via radio traffic. One of the things that we got were some film school movies. This was one of them. (along with “Dog Brain”, an animated short)

      In the credits for Fish Heads… specifically for the bar scene, was Sissy Spacek. She went on to fame in the movie Coal Miners Daughter and others.

  8. Now… soul-filled – filled with many souls… Java is the most densely populated island in the world, and it is one of the neighbours of Sumbawa. Is that the solution? Of course the next door neighbours would be Lombok and Komodo, or East Nusa Tenggara, just filled with a liitle fewer souls. Depends what you count as neighbours.

  9. It is fun, the part I thought would be the easiest to solve is the one that takes the longest. You guys are over-complicating things.

  10. Happy Birthday Carl. A Tambora is a drum in south america- Soul Music? But it’s called that in several different countries, so I’ll take a stab at Morne Patates dome…. Plat Pays Volcano that comprises the southwestern end of the island. This was a Pelean eruption and radiocarbon ages from the block and ash deposits suggest it occurred about 500 year ago. In addition there have been two steam explosions (phreatic activity) in the Valley of Desolation in 1880 and 1997. Am I on the right track? hope so , but will leave it to others to sniff out the answer. Got to go to Big Mudder tomorrow…wish me luck!

  11. Hope all is well with Killy and her dog and pups. Just want to pass on my best wishes and let her know I’m thinkin of her. Puppy Power!!

  12. Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes!

    Now over to the last point… I must say that you all are making the “magic lifeforce” rather to complicated. It is all there, nice and neighborely.

    • Moyo (Mojo) Island is next to Tambora. No reference to its being a volcano but it probably had volcanic origins.

      • Ding!

        And there we had the last answer! What else could it be than the volcanic island of Mojo Island 🙂
        Even though it is either heavily dormant or dead as a door knob today, it had volcanic origin.

  13. Oh no!, Missed out on the Friday party yesterday, was hard at something else!
    My apologies, but belated Happy Birth-Day and may the healing force be with you!

    OT For them watching Iceland ; tonight at 23:00 (local) there will be both firework displays in downtown Reykjavik harbour area and at Jökulsárlón (possibly latter one viewable on the mila website and possibly Reykjavik too, on non-center camera?)

  14. It looks like Grimsvotn wanted to wish you a happy birthday with a couple of little earthquakes. Just kidding.

    my name is Mike

  15. Happy Birthday, Carl. You missed an awesome night on the Nautilus. I didn’t give a heads up because it was the wee hours of the morning your time and I knew everyone was BBGN. They were exploring the eastern side of the ridge where the Von Damm hydrothermic vents are. It is extremely steep with pillow lava everywhere. I didn’t know that Bob Ballard is a geologist among his other titles. He started a conversation about how the Cayman Ridge is the result of a huge fissure from the spreading center located there. Actually compared it with Laki in it’s length and the amount of lava found there. They were at 3800 meters and nowhere near the bottom. Since some of the “youngsters” on board had never heard of Laki, he had them look it up on google before proceeding and it was pretty funny hearing all the “wows” and “incredibles” going on. He then discussed Iceland with them – the Mar, the glaciers, different volcanoes which he could actually pronounce. A lot of the pillow lava was open on the end so you could really visualize how the lava had flowed on down slope. That eruption, probably a million years ago, must have been something.

  16. And the invariable OT from me…

    My wife doesn’t feel well. She has a “kink” in her back next to the shoulder blade. I feel for her, I had the same problem last week. After getting my morning caffeine allotment, I took it upon myself to make breakfast. I’m not a picky breakfast eater, I can make do with destroyed eggs (scrambled) if I’m in a hurry. She, however, likes omelette’s. Omelets can be difficult if you don’t keep track of what you are doing. It’s easy to burn em. I can, with much effort, make em Waffle House style, but those are even harder than US Navy “I got to get my ass to watch” style. (easiest omelet in the world.) So, that was the route that I took. I did the sausage, prepped the pan for an omelet, and succeeded in making a passable one, with cheese. I then scrambled three eggs for me… also with cheese.

    Meanwhile, the dogs sit on the other side of the house, intently watching me… the aroma of goodies wafting through the house. I take my wife her omelet and go retrieve my eggs. The little hairy rat dog bounding around my feet, desperately wanting what’s in my hand. I look down, “are you sure you want this?” I ask. Dog is freaking by now. I lean down, open up my can of tobacco and let him sniff it. He wrinkles his nose and retreats a few feet… somewhat confused. He knows that he smelled sausage, but I’m carrying something vile.

    Later I gave him and the other one a piece of sausage, just to lessen the torture of smelling something that good but not getting anything.

    • Navy Cook style, hot flat griddle plate, thin veneer of eggs. They cook quite fast this way. As they firm up, lay in your “fixins” and then start folding the eggs over, one spatula width at a time. Sure, you eggs aren’t fluffy, but your omelet turns out multi layered.

      You can get some fluffiness if you run your eggs through a blender for a few minutes.

      For a “Western Omelet” use a Picante sauce. If you want a really unique Western Omlete, use Sriracha_sauce. We commonly refered to that as “Kicking Chicken” sauce from the appearance of the label.

      This stuff has a really good flavor… unlike many of the things on the shelf that claim to be hot. There are a lot more things to being a good hot sauce than blister inducing heat.

      Note: Why is hot sauce “hot?” Because the chemical in the hot peppers skew the response curve of the heat sensors in your skin and make them register heat when they would normally not do so. That’s also why you can be blistered from it. It’s the bodies response to skin damaging heat… flood the area with fluids. If it over saturates the cells, you get blisters.

      And now a musical interlude.

  17. Oh A very happy belated birthday to you Carl. many ,Many happy returns……..
    I missed the quiz.. A family crisis. and I am only just beginning to relax again.
    The problem? Six weeks to step daughter’s wedding and nothing really organised. No cars. No food. It now appears that the “I don’t want anyone taking over” syndrome has changed to the “HELP! ” Syndrome. I been busy fixing small bridesmaid dress and ordering cars between times making crocheted jacket to keep small bride’smaid warm if it’s cold and rainy and trying to devise something to stop bride’s bosom from escaping a badly fitting dress and with the other hand juggling the mouse as I scan the web for a replacement veil….
    I desperately need a Flaming Asshole or three..:D
    I am so sorry Carl but this is the best I can come up with for you under the circumstances ….It is a small tribute to you , knowing how you travel the world, How you love your boat and how you you encourage the likes of ex-mariners such as GeoLurking to write their store of fascinating reminiscences. I do not mention the sheep as they are of course a statutory requirement for a good VC OT Comment…….

    • Diana, I can understand your chaos. I’ve still got billing stuff popping up from my stepdaughters wedding that I had no idea that my wife had spent money on.

      One thing that I found, is that Bloody Marys can be quite good with the correct seasoning. Sure, you have the obligatory celery stick, but the Sriracha sauce that I mentioned earlier can add a unique punch to the mix. Think of it as basalt infused rhyolite. One other reason is that no one who is partaking of your round of drinks will dare steal your drink. I’ve only had that happen once, and they never purloined a drink from me ever again…. and I didn’t have to confront them about it. It was of their own doing. Many people are adverse to drinking the culinary equivalent of fire.

      • Note: I’m still gonna get my payback against my stepdaughters husband. The evil grandfather way. The new granddaughter will be 15 in about as many years, I’ll just sit back and chuckle as he slowly looses his mind. :D.

      • Oh Lurking….. It’s a pity the Atlantic separates us. We could have such good fun counselling each other on the trials and tribulations of being wicked step mother or father. 😀 .It would go thus….. Your round…. My round…. Oh hell bring over the bottles!
        One plus about the great day is that as Mark is very unhappy about giving speeches and it comes second nature to me.. I get to write and deliver the Bride’s Father’s speech… Starting with…..” Well Lyndon(Bridegroom to be)I am now officially THE MOTHER-IN-LAW from hell and what I say goes!!…….”. 😀 😀
        Twenty years of wicked step-mother dovetails nicely into Mother in Law from hell 😀 :D.
        As for finances I will admit our bank balances are suddenly depleted but our normal common sense and frugality is thankfully saving us from the excesses of other’s grandiose ideas. 😀

  18. A heartfelt thank you to everyone for the well wishes on my Birthday!

    Here is a report on what I did with my birthday.

    During the week me and my new old army friend have stubbornly avoided all the idiotic things that new students are supposed to do, like being drunk as skunks while swiming in the particularly slimy university pond. He have done so because he has toddlers, and I have done so because I am a stubborn asshole.

    Most in class think we sit together because we are old. That is though not true, it had to do with us wearing the same sword and parachute pin in our lapels.

    So after having avoided all the silliness we got faced with the mandatory dress welcoming dinner. What entails being dressed for a dress dinner have changed over the years. Now you are truly lucky if the guys have a suit and tie, and the women wear some sort of dress and not a bunny costume (she wore a green bunny costume for the occation).

    Instead we opted for the formal dress uniform, a couple of orders of magnitude above a suit and tie. Since I no longer fit my old dress uniform jacket I had to move things from it to a new jacket.
    So we sat in his house swaddled in toddlers (one two year old and two newly hatched twins) polishing shoes and doing needle work. He did awesome pineappletinis that made the needle work go much better.
    Together with mission markers, jump pin, medals, and general blingy things we looked rather spiffy. Add to that the carolinian dress swords and you had two severely overdressed grade A military dorks.

    He of course went with his wife as a date. Just to put an additional hamper on the fun for everyone else I went with one of our more goodlooking professors (same one that handed me the brain).

    The DJ was not particularly amused when we threatened him with large amounts of bodily harm. In the end he though obliged us with playing a wienerwalz for the first dance. To me there is nothing saying party like two uniformed men sweeping the dance floor with beutiful women in a wienerwalz. The rest of the men seemed to have hated it, not our fault that they do not teach people how to dance properly nowadays. I had fun, but then I am just a particularly stubborn asshole.

    • BTW Carl… Bravo on the Uniform endeavor. It tends to iritate crap out of the snot nosed anti military shitbags. I had one professor that was of such a mindset. Despite his inuendo that patriotism was a pavlovian response, I didn’t bite. When I all but aced his class he was a bit perplexed… he knew full well that I was one of those military “cretins.”

      “Humanities of the Ancient World”

      DragonEdit: Duly released from the Dungeons.

  19. OT – Just cam back from Reykjavik Cultural Fireworks show (10 min), including FlaK and such hear damaging niceties, and starshells. Felt just like Night in Berlin, about April 1945 … not that I was there .. it must have been thou(gh). Only no Lancasters flying overhead, beeing roamed by radar equipped night fighters of the Strahljager variety.

  20. hi everybody there has been two small earthquakes in the uk 2.4mag and 3.3 mag the first must have been a foreshock . I was just wondering if these are foreshocks and will there be any larger ones or is it all over now.

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