Lava Baguette & NtV Riddle (10)

Photograph by Lughduniense showing the hot baguette.

Photograph by Lughduniense showing the hot baguette.

It seems like Lughduniense got severely inspired by the magmatic baguette post. Here is her take on the dish!

Lava Baguette Grand Suchet

2-3 baguettes or several pistolets (smaller sized french baguette buns)
350 grams walnuts
150 grams fresh bread crumbs
1 clove garlic
125-150 ml (extra-virgin) olive oil
2 Tablespoons honey
3-5 red bell peppers – either you roast them, or from a jar, you need about 350 grams
1 Tablespoon fresh lemon juice or cider vinegar
1 teaspoon ground cumin
1 pinch of cinnamon
1 pinch to a teaspoon of salt
1 pinch to a spoonfull  of red chiles, depends on how hot you like it. Tabasco, sambal or Piri-Piri will do too.

If you use fresh bell peppers, you need to prepare those first. Put them on baking paper/tin foil under the grill at 200-220ºC/390-430ºF till they start blistering, look cooked and the skin turns black. Take them out, wrap them in the paper/foil and put the package in a plastic bag that you close and let them cool. Then cut them in parts, remove crown and seeds. If you put them in the plastic bag or any container to cool makes it easy to take off the skin easily.

Now for the preparation of the lava filling: First put the walnuts, bread and garlic in the blender (together with fresh chiles if you use those). When you have what starts to look like a mashed mass, you add oil, honey, red bell peppers, lemon juice, cumin, salt, cinnamon and cumin and blend again till you have what looks like a nice smooth mass.

Put into a tupperware thingy and leave in the fridge overnight so the tastes will mix.

Then cut the baguettes on the side, fold open, and hollow them out a bit and fill with the Grand Suchet Red Hot Lava Sauce. Serve with cold Vulkan Brau.

NtV Riddle (10)

So sorry there have been no NtV Riddles for a few weeks … 10 naughty Goldendoodle puppies have made life somewhat problematic!

3 points for numbers 1 – 8 … have a great weekend!

No 1 … It has a supergiant, very bright, yellow-white tipped tail … think constellations! SOLVED Little Bear Mountain

No 2 … W L S-C’s mountain. SOLVED Mount Churchill

No 3 … A Cetacean’s melon … a marine mamal and part of its body!

No 4 … Madonna’s outstanding assets! SOLVED Doma Peaks

No 5 … Chlorine, Ethanol and Sulphuric Acid … etc. Find the link!

No 6 … Universally Speaking, the guys will point you to the solution. Look for the song title.

No 7 … Wow! It certainly is one mutant, mean, lethal strato. SOLVED Mount Etna

No 8 … Raised to about 16762 in 2009. SOLVED Stromboli

No 9 … VolcanoSearch

2 points for each volcano (there are 16 hidden in the grid) and 2 points for the common link between them.

Normal WordSearch rules and only volcanoes of 6 or more letters apply.

               A V E T P M O L B Q G C E P M U 
               U T Q Z E K D S O N N Q Z M I Y 
               G F A Z T R N M R Q O D C A L A 
               U Q A H A K A N A R R R F W F U 
               S R H X C N T Z W M O M W J H F 
               T H H R A A I A L P M H M Y R T 
               I S I G S B S A I Q A O A E O X 
               N A O S A U C M T X K P T S T J 
               E B M T H K A Y I K B R A H O V 
               A E M A K E N K B U O F L Y Y N 
               O M X P L L I S A C Q R N J O Y 
               I V F M V E X K O H J C S F W W 
               P D S Z R V L N A C R W C U S J

Source: SI/USGS Global Volcanism Programs List of Holocene Volcanoes

Identified: Augustine, Nabukelevu, Papayo, Mammoth, Oktaina, Lamalele, Petacas, Shisheika, Managoba, Ranakah, Trocon, Borawali, Petecas, Amorong and finally Quimsachata!

Link: All the volcanoes in the grid are Lava Domes

Current Points Table, inclduing 3 points each for KarenZ and Granyia awarded a couple of weeks ago by Carl:

82 – Alison

16 – Renato Rio, Frances, KarenZ

15 – Kelda

14 – Pyter

13 –  Diana Barnes

11 – Random Joe, Stephanie Alice Halford, Granyia

  7 – Edward

 6 – Talla, inannamoon667

 5 – chryphia, sa’ke

 4 – UKViggen

 3 –  Bobbi

 2 – dfm, grimmster, sa’ke

 1 – mdatc, HolgerS



234 thoughts on “Lava Baguette & NtV Riddle (10)

  1. Dr Morataya who often takes nice pictures of Guatemalan volcanoes for us reported in a fairly large earthquake while I was sleeping.

    It was a 6.5M earthquake, not unduly large, and numerous aftershocks. The epicenter was close to the Quetzaltenango area, so there is a small possibility that it will activite a volcano or two.

    If you look at the picture you will notice two red lines, one is the normal faultline where the pacific goes in under the landplate, the other red line is where nuerte and sureno americas is divided. If anyone wonders why Guatemalan volcanism is as active as it is, there be the answer. Also not how clear the MTs are.

      • I did not even know that was possible… One learn something as long as one lives.

        I do not think so, I know that there is an immense faultline running roughly along that line. Actually one can see the starting point clearly out at the continental shelf and then it runs onwards through Guatemala City itself. And that is the reason for 7M+ quakes that hit the city where it is now and where the capital was before (Antigua). It makes Amatitlan Caldera into a tripple faultline subduction volcano, probably the reason behind it repeatedly suffering from those VEI-7 eruptions happening in the caldera.

  2. I started collecting the recipes. And added a page below Welcome to Volcabocafe. Thought food and drinks for a welcome seems appropriate.
    If i missed some recipes, please let me know, and i d love to be able to add a pic to Dianas cabage.

    • Next time I cook cabbage I will try to get a photo Spica. I don’t normally have my camera in the kitchen and Cabbage is not the most photogenic dishes 😀 How are you ? OK ?

      • Oh yeah, overworked but fine. Need to go to work again soon. Festival times are really busy. But on Tuesday… our flight to Lanzarote takes off.
        Hope you are fine too. Hows the weather at your place? Lovely autumn here.

  3. Volcano # 1 West crater …or West Eifle volcanic field or Westdahl ….. West the name of a comet!
    Then it could be Halli Gubbi….. I had a bad night!

    • DING 3 points for Litle Bear Mountain (Ursa Minor which has Polaris at the end of its ‘tail’ … a supergiant, super bright, yellow-white star!)

  4. Ursa mino does not have a supergiant as far as i know. Cygnus has one called Deneb which forms the swans tail and is a white supergiant. But i have no clue which volcano would connect to that.

      • Ok ok giving up.
        Need to go to work anyway.
        Archives are updated btw, besides the posts in June which are still wonky if you just try to go through older posts. ( Many of them just dont appear)

    • There would be an eagle lake volcano but the constellation does not have a supergiant and Altair or Alpha Aquilea forms the head not the tail.

      But just to help others solve the riddles i ll try to name constellations with tails: Draco the Dragon, Chamelopardis the Giraffe, Canis Mayor and Minor, Leo Mayor and Minor, Canes Venastici the hunting dogs, Lepus the hare, Delphinus ( a very faint but easy to find constellation) Corvus the Raven, Hydra, Serpens, Scorpius, Pisces ( very faint) Aries, (very faint) Taurus the Bull does not have a tail not even hind legs as a heavenly body, Pegasus ( same as Taurus)
      Hm What else is in the northern hemisphere..
      My first choice the hints would still be Cygnus with Deneb…

      • Really two options there. As you point out Spica, first choice is Cygnus with Deneb (the hen’s tail in Arabic iirc), an A2Ia white supergiant at an absolute magnitude of -8.73 and 200,000 times the luminosity of the Sun. The second option is Scorpia with Antares, an M1.5Iab-b red supergiant at an absolute magnitude of -5.38 and 65,000 times the luminosity of the Sun. none of the others harbour a bright supergiant star.

  5. Does number 6 have anything to do with the Red Hot Chilli Peppers as that’s their song, or am I totally up the wrong avenue?

  6. No 3 … A Cetacean’s melon … a marine mamal and part of its body!

    The Melon is a part of the dolphin’s head, used for their sonar. You have also a melon -headed whale. So I go for Whale Island

  7. A 2.8 on El Hierro, at 22km this time. Maybe starting to wake again?
    1231126 07/09/2013 12:18:03 27.7745 -18.2027 22 2.8 mbLg W FRONTERA.IHI – El Hierro

  8. Etna seems to have changed it behaviour completely.
    Current activity is Bocca Nuova and Southeast crater, and it seems to be more prolonged but smaller in scale.

  9. And as I run to have the beers I did not get yesterday, here is a conundrum for you that I leave for Islander to solve.
    Austmannsbunga, it is situated closer to Katlas center of attention than anything else. It just got angry. I think that there is a chance that something might be happening there, what I do not know.

  10. Paddy, just read the older posts from this site and you will pick most of what is needed.
    However, some links below for background information. Cost some money.

    Or email this man and ask for some information.

    Just and time and Google are the best assists for that question

    • KarenZ: That round collapse reminds me of a sinkhole. Thanks for that link!! They’re popping up all over the place (in U.S.). How do these things get so perfectly round? Figuratively speaking, of course.

    • That’s interesting.

      What was holding the floor up before?

      Where did it go?

      (think Kilauea a couple of years ago…)

      Interesting. Changes afoot. Wonder how the big picture looks at Etna? Longer-term trends on tilt, GPS, gas emissions, seismicity etc. etc.

  11. Gallagher during his prime. You can get to part 2 via YouTube.

    It’s somewhat biased towards US culture, TV commercials and celebrities of the 1980’s… but you may enjoy it.

    • #6 ought to be the red hot chili peppers song but too many volcanoes in chile, no volcano names match their discography (according to wiki) I’m lost 🙂

    • In the famous words of the late Steve Irwin – CRIKEY!!! That’s one LUCKY driver who had his car knocked sideways out of the way of the huge boulder…

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