Schunday Schummary: Ubinas, Peru.

Ubinas has had 25 recorded eruptions since 1550 and is considered Peru’s most active volcano. Since the beginning of the month there have been 9 explosions of ash and gas which have damaged crops and polluted water supplies. Ubinas’ summit is at 5672 m and she is located in Moquegua province, 1250km south of Lima.


Wikipedia, on the 2006 eruption:

IGP website:

Latest volcano reports:

International Space Station image from 2006.

International Space Station image from 2006.

2nd September.

First report on Volcanocafe was from Renato Rio:

I have read somewhere over FB that Ubinas volcano, in Peru, has had a phreato (magmatic) explosion. Maybe this information could be confirmed.  🙂

Diana Barnes:

I found this very interesting Documentary film about Misti and Ubinas. Although it is in Spanish I found it easy to pick up the general gist of the commentary. Some superb views of the road following the pass of the Altiplano.  I think Lurking will agree with me that that road looks to be a bad place to break down or have a flat. Certainly I would advise taking a couple of spare tyres as the rocks on the road are probably pretty sharp! Also the film shows again the lengths to which Volcanologists will go to collect data in order to try to predict lahars, pyroclastic flows and eruptions. Society does not appreciate their work enough.


Found it! Ubinas volcano.

It is not clear if there is juvenile magma ascent…

Schteve’s Selection of videos:

1st explosion:

2nd explosion, filmed by IGP volcanologists:

And a slightly disturbing edit of (I think) the same:

3rd September.


Erik Klemetti has a short post today on Ubinas’ eruption, citing IGP statements that they have been phreatic caused by snowfall, and more such can be expected in bad weather conditions. However, a group of scientists have been “sent” to investigate the state of the volcano.

Rick Dangerous:

Fire and ice in the Andes: snow makes a volcano erupt.

Same thing could happen for most of Iceland I think. Yet it is just steam.

This one’s a lot of fun… Schteve 😀

5th September.


This is a well balanced report:

6th September.

Pyter again:

12th September:

13th September:

18th September:
IGP reports a notable increase in seismic tremor starting at 2 a.m. but says that the levels of tremor are still very moderate.
And the real time seismo:

Worth keeping an eye on I think…

Schteve x

79 thoughts on “Schunday Schummary: Ubinas, Peru.

  1. Etna!

    The volcanic activity of Etna has continued to increase, with volcanic explosions taking place about every 20 minutes. Earlier the explosions have been mainly containing cold material and has reached heights of approximately 40 meters above the crater rim and were sporadic in nature with just a few instances per day.
    Also, now there is incandescent material being ejected during the explosions, the incandescent material reaches a few tens of meters above the crater edge.
    Furthermore there have been reports of increased fumarolic activity outside of the craters edge.

    No increase in harmonic tremor have so far been registered.
    Currently the INGV site is down.

    • This just gotta be the slowest sunday in the history…
      It feels like the end of civilization, on the tomb of Humanity the epitaph will be… “They just fell into eternal sleep on a Sunday”

        • Well, we lost that one. Meanwhile, back to Kant. I know he is considered the father of German idealism but I think you’d be making a mistake to lump in with the pure idealist philosophy (it’s all in the mind thinkers (whatever that is)).
          Kant is for me much more subtle. He says (heavily paraphrased) that space and time are necessary constructs for our mind to perceive the world around us and in that sense they are hardwired into the way we perceive things. He is not saying that there is no real world outside of what we percieve (which you can ascribe to much more hardliner idealists like Berkeley). If I understood the amplituhedron correctly, this is indeed the implication from the maths: space and time are our way of getting a grasp of the form defined by the amplituhedron (at least the little bits of it we perceived before quantum mechanics came along), but they are not actually inherent in the form.

          • Pretty clear grasp of the amplituhedron there Bruce!
            I am so looking forward to going into depth of the concept as soon as the paper is published.

            • yeah and my mind does turn to spaghetti using a word like “form” in the same sentence as the one saying space is not actually inherent in it… damn language. inadequate as always… trying to catch up to where the mind is at play..

            • As you were watching Americas Cup I was lifting the boat out of the water so that the ice will not crush it come winter. It is the latest I have done it, and the warmest… It felt odd to stand there in twenty degrees centigrade doodeling with the boat for the winter.

          • Berkeley, Russell, Nietzsche, Kant. All used by my former philosophy teacher to torture us youngsters. This f…ing plant in the middle of the room that does not exist when we go home and have no perception of it… Oh come on. Sure, torturing the intellect is interesting. But a part of what they were doing is nothing else than wanking. Parallel to that had to study the sick Kafka. I’m sicker that that man, but just don’t write down my Madness. Yeah, whatever. Long life to “earth-warming” that will lead us to whatever terrible things one could imagine, as I read in the cheap news-papers these days. Global warming turned to be called climate change, ok, but earth-warming is a nice terminological addendum I shall remember. If CO2 is warming earth, I will drive my car much more in future to increase volcanic activity and thus the chance to see Hekla trigger Katla’s eruption… Aaaaaaha. But who cares, if we all (especially the icelanders) close our eyes and ears, they don’t exist and can’t erupt. Geeez I should have gone for a phd in philosophy…

            • Thing with Kafka is that he in no way was sick. He was actually a pretty happy dude. He wrote his texts to enjoy his friends with equally bad sense of humour and never wished his pieces to be published. He would probably be horrified that we miss the gigantic sense of dark humour in his writings.

              I laughed my arse of at: “Suddenly one morning Gregor Samsa awoke and found that he had turned into a gigantic cockroach”. Epic!!!

            • Having been forced to read far too much of his “production”, always without any choice than to interprete things the way the german teacher wanted it to be interpreted, I really lost my sense of humour with that dude. Even if it finally was quite easy to give the teacher what he wanted. Emphasizing on the “Kafkaeske Momente” was a guarantee for a good mark. Days of wasted time. Never made himself responsible for that, but I was pissed at a system that considers that I have to spend time dealing with his thoughts, jokes or whatever one might want to call it. Mr Spock or Mr Worf have been of much more amusement to me…

  2. Interesting about the tripple swarm in Yellowstone!

    “We know that a significant enough earthquake in the region has potential to alter geyser activity,” the spokesman said. “A strong enough earthquake, like the one that occurred out at Hebgen Lake in 1959, did change the interval of Old Faithful eruptions.”

    That quake, a 7.3 to 7.5 on the Richter magnitude scale, caused nearly 300 features on the Yellowstone landscape to erupt, 160 of which had no previous record of geysers.

    Smith traced the three recent earthquake swarms to the Hebgen Lake quake.

    “These are a really related,” he said.

    “We think that much of the seismicity is still aftershocks from that event in 1959. It can go on for hundreds of years.”

    If it is true that the eartquake swarms are related to the Hebgen earthquake of 1959 it pretty much means that from a volcanic standpoint Yellowstone is totally comatose, or even stone dead. If this is true even the detected magmatic earthquake would just be magma redistributing as consequence of tectonic shift.
    I guess this gives even more credence to the suposition that the Yellowstone hotspot has moved on, or moved sufficiently to have decreased effectiveness as an energy provider for the Yellowstone.

    Anyhoos, here is a link to the news item.

    • Ref the 1959 event:

      the United States Geological Survey recorded the quake at both 7.3[4] and 7.5 on the Richter scale,[3] while other seismographs recorded the quake at 7.8


      And the debris field from the 80-million ton landslide that formed Quake Lake.

      Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

      • Pretty much if a 7.3 – 7.8 earthquake in combination with a 80 million ton decompressive slide didn’t set it off it would take a lot of reactivation for Yellowstone to even be able to have small eruption. There just can’t be enough energy down there for an eruption to start without massive emplacements.

        Sleep well little Yellowstone!

        I guess Henrik would call me an Anibiruist now.

          • Western region.

            The last swarm that I bothered tracking began under Yellowstone Lake and slowly traveled north east to under the north shore of the lake.

            Turns out, The 59 quake was definately outside the caldera structures. It happened near Hebgen Dam. The Landslide occured further down river (to the west) and formed Quake Lake.

            Note: The Wikipedia Article is where the arrowed quake location comes up at. The red dot is where the quake was located via the graphic overlay. Your mileage may vary.

            • Would actually be there since that is the area vacated by the hotspot as it moved on its eastwards trajectory.

            • I agree.

              The historical track is to the NE, but recent tomography has indicated that the hotspot plume is actually to the NW.

              Beats me… but it definitely ain’t dead yet.

            • I have wondered if this Hotspot isn’t one of the fastest moving on the planet.
              from Oregon to Wyoming in 16-18 million years is quite fast. It, as you
              say isn’t done yet. I also wonder if the digestion of some of the mantle under
              the Rocky Mountains isn’t somewhat reduced as it appears to be heading
              into Eastern Montana…
              (have a bad cold tonight, not real clear thinking..)

            • Nice map Lurking! Really easy to get the bigger picture from that one regarding the 3 last caldera forming events.

              TG McCoy, I have never really pondered the speed with which it move, Heck, I do not even know what speed the overlaying plate is moving. According to all known principles a hotspot does not move, it is the overlaying plate that moves.

              But… Let us assume that it is pluming up after a small terane, as time goes by the terane moves, and the plume is forsed to bend with the movement up untill the motion becomes to big, then it could in theory “snap” into place on the other side. This is just a sudden brainfart on my part and has no basis or foundation in known science.

              But here is the rub… This was most likely the last Terane/terane boundary it could erupt between. Next one is the Rockies and the big arsed craton and that is moving with 2.3 cm per year in a southwesterly direction.

            • And then we get that the relative hotspot movement speed would be 23 kilometers per miljon years. 115 kilometers in 5 miljon years.
              Further away than that it get pointless to calculate the speed. Why? Well, US has wobbled a bit, the actual trajectory of the hotspot is mainly like the letter U. From that we learn that during the last 16 miljon years the US has made a U-turn. So, some calderas can be from the other leg of the U. Also, the movement speed can have varied greatly over time.

              Now… What in the holy name of hork happened that has energy enough to about turn the huge arsed American craton? And also make it move to the Southwest? Well… let us follow that line to where it becomes interesting? Where did you think we end up? Hello Islander!
              There is after all only one thing up there with enough energy to actually stop a continet dead in its track and push it back and that is Iceland.

  3. 2.20 am …..Arthritis playing up so here to take mind of joints and back. Rumination is a good natural version of WD 40 (Universal stuff that lubricates rusty mechanical parts) as it takes mind off the grinding and creaking 🙂
    I feel so much for those scientists sent to the top of Ubinas in the cold, thin air. being pelted by debris…. I wouldn’t want to stay there long!
    And a new take on Volcanic and other forms of atmospheric dust. This summary from a programme on BBC Radio 4.
    Talking about the “Nuisance” of assorted Dust.
    1) Lake Chad, in Central Africa, was once a huge Lake about the size of California. Small organisms live in the lake when they die they sink to the bottom forming a fine organic silt.
    Climate change about 6.000 years ago caused the lake to dry up leaving the silts to desiccate. Wind Blowing towards the West carry these fine particles of silt across the Atlantic where they are deposited over the Amazon rainforest. This dust adds vital nutrients to the forest soils which are impoverished by leaching due to the heavy rainfall.
    2) There is a constant amount of dust in the atmosphere from either organic rich sediments or soils or chemical rich fine ash from volcanos. This provides a certain amount of protection from the sun thus keeping the Earth cool.
    3) The dust from dried agricultural or grassland soils(eg Natural Prairies/ American Dustbowl) may be eroded from one area but lands and enriches another area until that too dries and is moved on thus dust plays an important part in the natural cycle of habitat creation and destruction.

    OK! So A huge eruption causes global famine but now I see beyond the Nubiristic view .The doomsday ash cloud is in fact a natural way of scattering fertilizers thus either sustaining or creating habitats without which our planet would become organically stagnant and stale. Climate change also changes habitat patterns and is a natural event. It’s been going on for millions of years. I am not saying humans have not affected climate change just that it has also happened for million of years without our help
    I really have wanted an excuse to use the N word

    • @tgmccoy… Take a hot toddy (Warmed alcoholic drink) for your cold. Wont cure it but makes you feel better. Get well soon, nothing worse than a cold when it’s warm weather, except of course man Flu 🙂 🙂 🙂

        • Hot chocolate with a very large whisky, but in this case I would go for tea with ginger and a bit of chili, both contain anti-viral agents.
          I wish I could take a big mug of chocolate with whisky myself, but it is six in the morning and that is about 12 hours to early for me. Even if it is a rainy and gloomy monday.

          What has been seen can not be unseen… remember this… To survive a monday one needs a dose of weirdness to get by… Nothing wrong with one of the best guitarist and drummers in one go is there? The half hand high drummer would be a relative to Silly Wabbit. 😉

          • Carl I have a problem the videos you and geolurking post show up a a small reddish square icon with a g occasional i can reload and get them but not lately is it my interface to the world that is defective or the other end of the data link

            • the symbol that appears with me is the g+ symbol wich you see at the right bottom of the ‘commentwindow’ when you

            • HM!!!!
              That was a new one.
              g+ is the Google+ symbol, and since Google owns Youtubber it might be some sort of interference with a Google+ account.

              My five cents of not really knowing what is happening. 🙂

    • I love WD40. Used it a lot to get rid of rust on my Estwing-hammer, which seems to have been built for oxydation. And don’t throw all geologist into a same category. I don’t know many who regularly polished their hammer. It’s just me. But I’m also the guy that uses tire-blackener/shine when he cleans his car. A car is made to get dirty, but then there’s no reason why it couldn’t be cleaned between to actions that get it dirty. Same thing for toilets, kitchens, andandand.
      What’s my point? There is no point. Just a sort of homage to a lady knowing WD40.
      And girls that use the N word are hot. Let that be said.
      Have a nice day.

      • I use schampoo on my boat, and conditioner. Schampoo is really soft on the topcoat and hard on any slime attached to the boat after the summer. Conditioner is perfect before waxing the topcoat in spring since the cold have dried out the topcoat.

        And my boat smells lovely! I buy these huge ass one liter bottles of small girls strawberry shampoo and conditioner at a discount store. Strawberry girl smelling boat? I am the man!

      • My stepson used to do a lot of paving work. Before his injury, he ran a tack truck. He swore by WD40. Works on the stings of goo from the tack and on lovebugs.

        I hate it for him, but he made out in the end… so far. He caught wind of a pending divorce and managed to get the evidence and the drop on what was coming down, and got away clean from the soon to be reprehensible other half. Then got his foot partially run over by a several ton steam roller that had no parking brakes. Should it wind up going to court, he has witnesses from the maintenance department about the shoddy upkeep of that unit, as well as from the guy that transported it there about how hard it was to secure it to the flatbed. My stepson had parked and secured the unit and was preparing to get off of it when it took off down the hill. They aren’t made to do 35+ mph, and as it was headed for the ditch, he bailed, it caught the side of his shoe as it went by. A year of rehab and surgery and his tendons still don’t work quite right on the outside of his foot. But, he has a new love interest who seems to be just as interested in him. Meanwhile, I have his two rat dogs until they can find a place that accepts pets.

      • 😀 WD40 is an essential tool kept in my kitchen 😀 Used for a multitude of things mre often than not stolen and then I have to retrieve it from Husband’s garage! I will buy him a year’s supply for his Xmas present 🙂

    • Interestingly those subduction faults are forming in many places along the European coastline where there is no longer any space left for thin crust compression. I have one of those formative faultlines right to the north of me.

  4. And the motivational video of the day…
    In 2007 Kyoji broke his wrist the day before a concert. Normal people would have called it off… Not him.
    Still a better guitarist than 99 percent of them.

    • For all. He is using “hammer on” to get the strings to vibrate. With “Humbucker” style pickups, the gain can be set quite high with out picking up external interference. One side benefit is the ability to get the string to vibrate just from the act of fingering the note.

    • That’s the sort of thing that keeps my mind going…. what then? If there is rifting, it means there is stretching, doesn’t it? Thus, there is indeed “slab pull” taking place, which causes the mantle stretching, no? The author also says “there is decompression” causing magma to melt.
      So, what is really the “conundrum” here? The fact that there should be more magma in the rise or what? – I don’t think I quite grasp the discussion… I would enjoy very much if you could “translate” it for me… 🙂

      • It’s not easy, even for a native English speaker, but here goes:

        Kathy Whaler, a geophysicist at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland, studied the Afar Rift in Ethiopia in order to gain an understanding of the final stages of the break up of a continent. Scientists think that the Afar Rift is marked by enormous gashes that signal the breakup of the African continent and the beginnings of a new ocean basin.

        In addition to the shallow feeder reservoir for the 2005 dike intrusions, Whaler and her team found 120 cubic miles (500 cubic kilometres) of magma which reaches a depth of 35km in the mantle under the Afar Rift. The magma pool is also located mostly below Badi volcano.

        Magma in the area is believed to be created from mantle rocks rising beneath the thinning crust melt from lowered pressure. The crust is being thinned by the separation of the three tectonic plates in the Afar region.

        Her findings show two anomalies:

        1) The magma pool is much deeper than expected when compared to mid ocean ridges.
        2) The magma is just sitting there not ascending rapidly, despite being hotter than the surrounding rock.

        Whaler stated “It’s [the Afar Rift] not as close to fully formed seafloor spreading as we thought”.

        • Not sure that does help. But it does raise the question of what is happening under Badi volcano and what is the constraining pressure.

      • Yup, that’s pretty much it. The thing that the article never addresses is slab pull, which is why I brought it up. This is a clear example that something other than upwelling magma is the driving force. Slab pull is a natural fit, though direct evidence is not there in the article.

          • They would be on the other sides of the associated plates. With the African Plate, that gets problematic. For the Indian Plate… beats me. The Arabian Plate, well, it’s ramming into the Eurasian plate and forcing up the Zagros mountains.

  5. Morning, all,
    FYI… my website with the webcam collection is working again, as it seems, with the usual URL. However, I am going to create a subdomain for volcanoes, so it will change in the near future.

    Kluchevskoy this morning (or rather evening) on Bezymianny 2 cam:

  6. Soufriere Hills seems to have done something ashy the last 2 days, judging from the webcam and the thermal cam. Tried to find out more, but the MVO site was not accessible.

  7. FYI, lovely Miss Hekla had nearmiss 0,6 R quake (only 5 km away from top, is on the slopes leading to it) on Saturday, 21 Sept 2013, 11:56, depth 2,5 km.
    IMO likely was on weekend holiday and only showed me this moring (or I did not notice yesterday) but now older than 48 hrs and gone off dayly chart. Fortunately some saved it 😉

  8. WTH is going on here?!?

    As I click onto this site, click a topic or a comment, I am asked whether I’d like to open or save TWITTER. Get this – I HATE Twitter. I HATE intrusive programs that demand I join their f’in site or install their f’in application.

    Please fix this and make VolcanoCafé a Twitter-free zone.

    • F’in twitter torrent. FIX THIS ffs! Get RID of it! Make a worm that destroys every twitter account globally or whatever it takes, just get rid of the intrusive and unasked for SHYTE!

    • Hello!

      Honestly I have not a clue what this is… We do not have a twitter feed. At all. I am of course going to double check so no “box” have been ticked inadvertantly.

    • Not found this to be a problem. You haven’t accidently clicked on one of the share icons? But I’ll leave the site and see if I have the problem when I return.

    • I found that somehow a Twitter function had been activated for the two last posts.
      I have deactivated it (I hope).
      Since I do not get this problem, could you try again. If it is still there I will continue to search for a solution.

      A question, are you permanently logged in when you post comments here?

  9. Afternoon all 🙂
    Just back from work…
    have checked up on Ubinas and there’s nothing new to report, apart from what looks like an LP event early this morning.
    Then I checked on El Hierro, and noticed these 3 quakes in a ninteresting location NE of La Palma:
    here’s the waveform for the last one a 3.3 at 35km depth:
    And annoyingly IGN have further horked there website by not allowing one to proceed directly to the other islands seismograms from the chie page 😦

  10. Uh! Oh! seem to have ended up in the dungeon. Are there any of those cookies left? Hmmm ….. can see some crumbs ………

    But I am not having an issue with Twitter (unless that is how I ended up in the dungeon).

  11. Hello Everyone!

    Regarding the new nuisances that has come up today. It seems like The Happiness Engineers at WordPress have made us Depressed Users of WordPress again and launched an update. This one has changed a few setting. I think I have fixed som of them. I just have to backtrack the g+ problem.

    If anyone sees that g+ I would be happy if they could verify that the sign indeed is Google+ logotype.

    If you encounter any more problems just tell us, no need to blow a gasket, we are not responsible for the updates of WordPress program. Todays problems are not caused by the Theme changes done on friday. That one worked flawlessly up untill today (with a minor problem on early Android Phones).

    As usual, we all want this to be a nice place, in every way.

  12. Wondering about the Yellowstone hotspot, I wonder if it’s still under Yellowstone or if it has moved on to somewhere else. I read in one of my books that it will be under Billings, Montana in the future.

    • At the current speed Yellowstone hotspot is moving at a rate of 23 kilometers per 1 million years.
      If one follow the trajectory it will soon (well, geologically speaking) end up under the Craton that goes from the Rocky Mountains troughout most of the US eastwards. So, “soon” it will be Rocky Roads for that particular hotspot and no eruptive festivities.

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