Waiting for Etna + Riddles

Wonderful image by Christian Klepp from Kverkfjöll in Iceland. It shows one of the jökulhlaup caves leading into the glacier.

Wonderful image by Christian Klepp from Kverkfjöll in Iceland. It shows one of the jökulhlaup caves leading into the glacier.

Some people wait for Goudot, we wait for Etna. While we are waiting for Etna to do her thing and Kverkfjöll is doing whatever she is doing out on her glacier, we can as usual fall back on the weekly riddles.

This week’s big issue have without a doubt been Etnas earthquake swarm, and the debate if that heralds new magma arriving. So far we have been bestowed with a few smaller explosions from the New South East Crater, but it looks like we might get a paroxysm during the weekend.


Evan Chugg seems to be inching away, we will see if he can keep the top spot next week. Behind him there is a fierce battle for the second spot among no less than 4 people. As usual, two points until I append clues, thereafter one point.

Who might this volcanic fellow be?

Who might this volcanic fellow be?

  1. Wet non-stereophonic + Image – Monowai Seamount (Spica, 2pt)
  2. The fat guy that sang – Type of fat singing guy – Tenorio, Costa Rica (Diana Barnes & Maggiemom, 1 pt each since they answered at the same time)
  3. Liquid ice mountain on a horse – Stop horsing around, it is the name of a horsepeople (hint, the horse is not an american invention and the famous horse people is not americans) – Mount Kazbek, named after the Karachay language, the Karachay was defeated by the Khazar (Cossacks). In Georgian the name is Mqinvartsveri which means Ice Mountain and in the Vainakh language it is Bashlam (Molten Mountain). The Vainakh is also a horse people originally known as the Nakh. (KarenZ, 1pt)
  4. Closed fist man without an eyebrow on a mountain – Oyama Caldera, Mas Oyama (karate-legend), Karate = closed fist, he lived for 14 months on a mountain and shaved off his left eyebrow (Granyia, 2pt)
  5. Home Alone – Macauley Island (Cryphia, 2pt)

Score board

9 Evan Chugg
6 Harrie
6 Henrik
6 KarenZ
6 Sissel
5 Talla
4 Diana Barnes
4 Stephanie Alice Halford
3 Alison
3 Michael Ross
3 Sa’Ke
3 Shérine France
2 Kelda
2 Lughduniense
2 Matt
1 Arjanemm
1 Bobbi
1 Cryphia
1 Edward

Friday Recipe
Black Ash Noodles

  • 1 kg floury, mealy potatoes
  • flour ( not too finely grounded)
  • 5 spoons semolina
  • 3 eggs
  • some molten butter

Cook the potatoes, peel them and press them using a ricer. Add the eggs and the butter and the semolina  and start working in  flour. Add flour till you have a dough which can be formed to noodles. Try not to work on the dough for too long. The longer you need, the worse the dough will become. ( Potato doughs have to be done fast and cooked or baked immediately after they finished.) The amount of flour you need depends on the sort of potato.

Form long rolls on a board  cut of tiny pieces , form noodles using both hands and throw them into cooking, lightly salted water right away. The noodles are done once the rise up to the top in the cooking water. You won’t be able to do all noodles in one go. Fish the done ones out and let them slip into icy cold water.

Start melting butter in a pan and add grounded poppy seeds and sugar. Add the potato noodles and let this simmer till the noodles are heated again. Serve right away with some sugar.

Guten Appetit!


Magnifiction 100 fold.

And now compare poppy seeds to the volcanic ash from the 1736 Timanfaya ( Lanzarote) eruption. I crawled deep into a lava tube in order to get such a sample.

CARL (The Evil Riddler) & SPICA (Noodler Extra-Ordinaire)


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