2 year anniversary + Riddles

Volcanoes and sheep, kind of sums up Volcanocafé in one image.

Volcanoes and sheep, kind of sums up Volcanocafé in one image. The child is saving lambs from the ash of Grimsvötn 2011.

The last couple of days I have been thinking about what to write today, the day that Volcanocafé becomes 2 years old.

It is a great place for learning, there is not a single day in which I do not learn something new and wondrous. I get to read loads of fantastic articles from people from all parts of the world. In our archive we have something about almost everything.

In the end though, this is more than that, it is about the people in here. The people who week after week sit and write wonderful ruminations in the comment field while waiting for the next interesting eruption.

It is also about the nuttery. If you have not noticed it we are truly bonkers for being a serious popular scientific community. During the last couple of years we have had the night of the flying sheep, and the imaginary bar where everyone are welcome during the weekends, and now we have the Inappropriate Tomato of Surtsey.

I am looking forward to the coming year, there are things in the making that I am very much looking forward to, but the idea is not mine, so like the terrible tease I am, you will all have to wait for that. Just know that the idea is one that is turning me into a child seeing wonders shining like stars in the future.

Happy Anniversary Everyone!

Torre del Filoso is no more, during the last Paroxysm Etna finally did away with the last vestigial part of the building. Torre del Filosofo was originally a hill, a hill now passed away. Photgrapher Dr Boris Behncke.

Torre del Filoso is no more, during the last Paroxysm Etna finally did away with the last vestigial part of the building. Torre del Filosofo was originally a hill, a hill now passed away. Photgrapher Dr Boris Behncke.


As usual there are two points to be had before I append the clues, and one after. On the score board Evan is still in the lead, but KarenZ is giving fine chase, and at the third spot there are no less than 3 hard boiled riddle-solvers. I would like to say that this round of riddles will be running to the end of the year. After that a new round will begin.Riddle

  1. Image + mouth in the water (would be a most naughty volcano in Swedish) – (2 bonus points for Satsuma Seamount and Kaimondake, Volcano on Satsuma peninsula, Kagoshimato to Sissel, neither the correct answer. Neither was this one correct, but 1 bonus point to Diana Barnes for Satsuma-Iwo-jima (Kikai). Kuchinoshima, literally “mouth island”, is one of the Tokara Islands, belonging to Kagoshima Prefecture. (Sissel, 1pt)
  2. Starsign of the Eggs from the Ovidian language (The riddle will give you a latin name), not technically a volcano, but still a mainstay of Volcanocafé. What would be the name for “eggs” in the language Ovidian spoke and wrote in? Combine that with a particular starsign from the zodiac and you get this staple diet in Volcanocafé. – Sheep (Eggs = Ovis + Aries = latin name of sheep, Lurking, 1pt)
  3. Crane of Robin Hood – Marion Island, Marion was a producer of cranes (Diana Barnes, 2pt)
  4. Shielding the hot zone from the deadly bat of Germany – Mount Elgon, extinct shield volcano, is the site of the Elgon caves where the elephants go to rub their tusks against the wall to scrape lose salt. In it you have the east african fruit bat, it is the carrier of the Marburg virus (Ebolas deadlier brother). The Marburg Virus is named after the German city of Marburg where infected apes caused a local epidemic. Hot Zone, book by Richard Preston. (Sissel, 2pt)
  5. The Dutch Ursus – Beerenberg (Granyia, 2pt)

Comemorative bonus point to Irpsit and Lurking for true VC moments!

Score board
9 Evan Chugg
7 KarenZ
6 Harrie
6 Henrik
6 Sissel
5 Diana Barnes
5 Talla
4 Stephanie Alice Halford
3 Alison
3 Cryphia
3 Michael Ross
3 Sa’Ke
3 Shérine France
2 Granyia
2 Kelda
2 Lughduniense
2 Matt
2 Spica´s mate, St. Ananas
1 Arjanemm
1 Bobbi
1 Edward
1 Maggiemom


I added lots of caviar for optic reasons, normally we eat them with lots less on top.

I added lots of caviar for optic reasons, normally we eat them with lots less on top.

  • 42g ( one cube) of yeast
  • 300ml milk
  • 400 g flour
  • 1 Egg
  • 1 spoon sugar
  • salt, coriander, cumin;
  • 3 spoons butter


  • sour cream
  • caviar: and/or trout, salmon trout, samlet or other fish

Mix the hand warm milk with the sugar, one spoonfull of the flour and the spices and let it rest for 20 minutes. The add the rest of the flour and the eggs and stir. Melt the butter till it is a little bit brown and mix into the dough. The whole dough should be somewhat liquid.

Heat a pan and add oil ( i also add a few drops of tasty sesame oil for taste reasons) Bake the Blinis. Serve with sour creme and caviar. The Caviar i normally use originates from trout, salmon trout and samlet.

Besides the time it takes for the yeast to rest and start growing, the whole recipe is really easy and needs 5 mins  to prepare.

Other Blini recipes an be found here.


402 thoughts on “2 year anniversary + Riddles

  1. At nr. 2. Eggella, another kamchatkan (shield)volcanano. Doesn’t seem to have any relation to the clues but funny enough to mention i thought 🙂

  2. Sheep? → Genus Ovis

    diripienda ova et lardum → Scrambled Eggs and Bacon. (sort of)

    Ares the Ram is a male sheep.

    All we need now is a Dalek… but they are tough and full of gristle.

  3. (Like Carl said) I think they changed something in the automatic detection of earthquakes in Iceland
    Earthquakes are not showing up, even if they did occurred. They only list on the map/table the most significant ones.

    Judging from the automatic SILs data, today there were a few microquakes at Krafla or Tjornes, and several unlisted earthquakes near Hamarinn/Vatnajokull, besides the activity listed near Katla and near Hengill.

    This activity is not listed but shows in SILs tremor graphs. Shame they don’t list these.

    I reckon they increased the threshold of detection to eliminate noise and many low quality quakes. Problem is, this removes a lot of quakes that would be important to know they existed.

    This explains why Iceland seems so quiet for the last several days. And its quite a lost strong of quiet days. Problem is: is not quiet at all. Quakes are not listed and not made into the automatic detection.

    But at least one can look at the automatic stations and look for the spikes…

    • Thing is I know there has been quite a lot of earthquakes. You all know how the quake list use to look, and I have seen the normal amount of earthquakes in other ways I have at my disposal, but I by heck do not have time to sort through them and try to pinpoint their location by hand.
      IMO should go and flick the switch and put the auto list back up. Period.

      • Today I check most SILs. I tried to sort what happened today quake-wise in Iceland:

        The omitted earthquakes were mainly in the northwest Vatnajokull region (Hamarinn, dead zone, Bardarbunga or Grimsvotn), some of these I estimated were up to M 2.0 and probably deep (seem to show over a wide region around Hamarinn).

        Also some quakes, (albeit tiny, probably M < 1.0) in the Krafla region.

        • I must say that this can be a HIGHLY irresponsible behavior by IM.

          Let’s say I want to hike tomorrow to Hekla. And some quake happened there today but was not listed (and that said quake as a precursor one to an eruption that would occur tomorrow). If I would know of such a quake occurance I would opt not to hike Hekla, but not knowing it, puts me in the dark regarding Hekla situation or any other volcano in Iceland.

          You see, such omitting of earthquakes can be a bad thing! Its even stupid, me thinks.

          • I do not really think they are doing it on purpose, I think it is something that is broken that they are not aware of. They look at completely different screens than we do, so they are most likely the last to notice that something is bonkers.
            Someone should tell them. Probably a program malfunctioning, or having some parameters out of whack.

    • Most likely pumping back process water and it got into one of the fissures. One can see the direction on the quake pattern.

      • Yes it seems so. And also most quakes in Iceland have been omitted for several days already, see our previous comments.

    • The den is not the place for having interesting volcanic discussions, so I shoed us out of there. In the den we normaly talk about admin stuff, not volcanoes.
      Here was my my answer to Cryphia, so I had to shove myself with a broom too…

      Earth is having a problem, and that is the cratons. They are on the way to halt the process of continental downpulling. All that is being pulled under right now is oceanic thin crust, it always looses out againt the beefy bullying cratons. And that is grinding plate tectonics slowly to a halt. That and the continental north migration.
      Only thing giving hope is the Baikal Conundrum.

        • The Baikal is the first visible sign of the future supercontinent breaking up. All continents except antarctica and eastern Africa are moving up to connect with the eurasian plate, but the eurasian plate is breaking allready at lake Baikal.
          Here is the conundrum… there is nothing there explaining why it is breaking up. Remember that we are talking about a part of the world that survived a superplume punching a fat hole in it… There is just no explanation right now that explains it.

          • Hypothesis on a very large scale: Could the downward mantle flow indicated by the convergent center in east Asia (according to the Conrad paper, fig. 2) be responsible for first drawing in India 55 my ago, breaking up Eurasia at the Baikal lake 25 my ago and finally swallowing South-East Asia nowadays? Figure 3 in the said paper suggests a SW movement of the convergent center relative to todays plates locations.

            • That’s a really interesting hypothesis, Chryphia, it makes more sense than the current theory that the ocean is bulging in that area, and so causing sea levels to rise disproportionately compared to other parts of the globe.

            • Do you mean the geoid high which causes the sea level to be higher? That is a measurable effect caused by gravity anomalies and I imagine may either be a cause or a consequence of mass accumulation, e.g. in South East Asia or South America where the convergence centers of the proposed quadrupole are.

    • Ok I feel ignorant now 😦
      I wasn’t sure exactly where the south sandwich islands were, anyway a quick look for the earthquake via earthquake report and then google maps to I’ve seen the area on the map, but looking to the east in the sea bed there is a massive semi circular feature – presumably a subduction basin or something similar ?? it must have a name, how did I not notice it was even there ??
      loc: -57° 47′ 10.44″, -26° 20′ 55.96″ (-57.786233, -26.348877) what is it called ?
      Hmm zooming the map in it looks like saunders, montague, candlemas, visoki, zavodovski, bristol, thule, cook and bellinghausen islands make up the south sandwich island arc (according to a further google search) so I guess it might be the south sandwich trench ?

      ah yes ok asking the question properly gives the answer (often the way)

      The trench is 965 km long – I can hardly believe it is not ‘briefly mentioned’ in school – much like say the pyrenees mountains or the alps (in length it falls between the two) I think the mariana trench was the only ocean feature besides the MAR that got named.

      Ok I’ve been and had a bit more of a look at the sea bed for massive trench features and the http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tonga_Trench also looks like a bit of my missing education.

      feeling slightly less ignorant now 🙂
      apologies for slight off topic digression there

      • “Ok I feel ignorant now”

        Ignorance is Sis…. I don’t have one, so I have to deal with my own tripping over stuff, hopefully catching myself before the inevitable face-plant. (Sister and brother died at birth)

        The really wild part about the area you mention… is the bend in the the tip of South America, and the bend in the tip of the Western Antarctica peninsula. Isn’t it really interesting how they line up with the northern and southern boundaries of that plate section that leads to the SZ to the east. Almost as if something drove through there with high energy, causing the feature. (warning, pure speculation here) Suppose that a body struck there, formed a melt pool with a higher silica content than normal oceanic crust, and then became a less dense body that is now overriding the westward moving Atlantic plate?

        • The Sandwich plate is really part of the Scotia plate, separating due to the formation of a back-arc basin. (Not unlike the Mariana plate.) Wikipedia says the Scotia plate formed from a change in relative motion between the South American and Antarctic plates.

          It looks to me more like at some point in history, a portion of the younger, lighter Nazca plate overrode the oceanic portion of the South American plate, only to split off when the ridge between the Nazca and the Pacific started subducting under South America. Note that I am NOT a geologist, though!

        • Maybe so, but your explanation is less loonish than mine. I like it. !

          It also accounts for the spreading ridges evident in the mud portion of that fragment. (back arc basin formation and subsequent spreading)

          • How about something being absolutely stationery grabbing that part as South America went westward and Antarctica coming down from schnogging Australia and the twisting towards the east?
            1. Between those two continents there is an absolute tectonic void, and the growing pacific plate is overrun everywhere except there since there is no continent to subduct under.
            2. You have a spreading ridge causing rift volcanism in the Scotia Sea.
            3. A hotspot creating that telltale track of volcanic islands after it created the antarctic ridge. It is not a straight track since the motion of Antarcica was not straight.

            For those who think I am just snorting a hotspot out of my ass… Please do note that every island in that chain is made out of basalt, and if you look at the images below from Deception island… You catch the drift… Only a hotspot traps make.
            Image and video hosting by TinyPic

            And the nice caldera lake..
            Image and video hosting by TinyPic

            Now if I could just find that reference. And if I can’t find any reference I hereby dub it Carls Hotspot.

            • I think deception island is better thought to be related to the Bransfield rift. I don’t think a hotspot can be the cause, as there is no well-defined track.

            • That is due to the track being warped due to the combined motion of Antarctica rotating westwards, and the scotia sea being stationary. If you rotate antarctica backwards in your head you will see that it would form a straight line.
              No rifting volcanism is known to have caused a trap formation. Rift volcanism is just barely powerful enough to cause oceanic crust, not trap formation islands with big honking calderas. Nope, I can bet my sorry ass this is a hotspot track. Also, contemplate the amount of cubic kilometers it took to create the Coronation Plateau. We are talking about tens of thousands, if not hundreds, cubic kilometers of lava. Go and grab a long look at the GE and you will see my point.
              Tomorrow I will start hunting for a petrological analysis of the rocks. It is after all not that hard to discern crustal rift magma and hotspot/plume basalt.

            • Click to access jwp.pdf

              An excerpt:”In the last million years, volcanism has
              renewed on at least four of the islands (Deception, Livingston, Greenwich, and King George), which is coincident
              with rifting and volcanism in the adjacent Bransfield basin[25]. Therefore, the west Antarctica (including the
              Antarctica peninsula) is much more active than the east.”

            • Okay, Hawkes put them as Arc Island volcanism. Schultz gunned him down pretty hard for that. Bimodal lava of thingmuli type going from basalt containing lavas of an isotopal type congruent with your basic bi-modal icelandic type. Also, the last phase of eruption caused rifting volcanism.
              Deception island was according to this created as the area swept over a hotspot, later it was moved away from the hotspot (as Thingmuli was) and it became increasingly andesitic.
              Problem I think is that people assumed that the subduction arc was there when the island was formed, but it clearly was not the case, first you have the basaltic trap formation stage (basically a huge shield) that became more and more andisitic untill it blew up. Funnily enough as I read both Hawkes and Schultz I got the feeling both could be right. First one stage of basaltic hotspot volcanism leaving the telltale tracks of that, then you have a later stage of subduction volcanism.

              What amazes me is the speed some parts are moving with there.

            • “In the last million years, volcanism has
              renewed on at least four of the islands”
              Fits well with Hawkes and Schultz getting into a fight over the petrology. Old basalt stage, modern andesitic subduction. Quite neat really.

            • And by the way MDATC, if you see traps, it ain’t subduction andesitic or higher order volcanism, it just don’t trap 🙂

            • Can you give me the link? There is also this, which supports my argument:

              Click to access BenZviJVGR09.pdf

              “Deception Island is an active strato-volcano at the southwest end
              of Bransfield Strait, a backarc basin that developed as a result of
              asymmetric extension between the South Shetland Islands and the
              Antarctic Peninsula (Fig. 1). The South Shetland island arc formed as
              the result of the subduction of the Phoenix plate beneath the Antarctic
              plate. The rate of subduction decreased dramatically at about ~4 Ma
              (Barker, 1982) and continues today, if at all, only very slowly(Robertson et al., 2002). The decrease in convergence rates led to the
              onset of the current extensional regime in Bransfield Strait that
              propagated from the northeast to the southwest and is believed to be
              driven by some combination of slab rollback (Barker and Austin, 1998;
              e.g., Barker, 1982; Larter et al., 1991) and trans-tension resulting from
              left-lateral slip along the Shackleton Fracture Zone and South Scotia
              Ridge (e.g., Klepeis and Lawver, 1996; Maestro et al., 2007). There are
              differing opinions on crustal thickness beneath Bransfield Strait
              (Christeson et al., 2003; Janik et al., 2006) but it is clear that extension
              has not progressed to the formation of oceanic crust.

            • It does support it being subduction volcanism now. I never argued that, I am thinking a bit outside of the box here looking for what happened a few million years ago. The hotspot would not be there now.

              It is the word tholeiitic basalt that made me curious. Then I found this paper…
              Let me explain what the finding of forsteritic olivine means. Olivine is a high temperature melt, high temperature formation mineral. It forms in the mantle, but can be regurgitated in later stages. Forsterite is a bitch, it does not form in ordinary rift volcanism basalt since the mantle/crust boundary is to cold. It is formed at around 400 km mantle depth and transported upwards.

              Click to access AJUSvVIn4p83.pdf

              So yes, most likely todays volcanism is subduction volcanism, but the forsterite tells us that at one stage or another a hotspot blasted past.
              I will though shot myself in the fot here and clearly state that it could have happened a few million years ago, or 100ds of millions of years ago…

              Here is the thing. If I found the same forsterite at Coronation island. Then I am correct.

            • The article says forsterite is present in trace amounts.
              But until there is anything about coronation plateau, I think there is no hotspot.

            • Now over to Coronation Island…
              Only one report with very few petrological samples taken (sigh), it is old ocean floor that is interspaced with younger to youngish basaltic dykes high in augerites and epidotes. Only two samples exist from dykes, they neither confirm or deny anything. It does contain Augite that is high temperature formation member, but a far cry from being as definite as olivines, also there is pyroxene (a mantle member).
              Judging from what else is found in the dykes there is olivines somewhere there. But I do not know if they bothered to look even. From the reports I kind of gather that they where more interested in finding ores, and they even mention ores… So a mining geologist and they do not give a crap about olivines (stupid).

              Click to access bulletin26_05.pdf

              Click to access bulletin18_04.pdf

            • I fear the only way to prove it is if someone is stupid enough to go there.
              I say that if we get a dyke containing forsterite at Coronation Island or one of the adjacent islands, then we have the proof. If we are lucky either the English or the Argentinians have a geologist there (or a rock knowledgeable person) who could go and knock loose a piece for us to test.
              We have geologists, we have access to a SEM, heck, we can do the test within our group. And if not I have access to a mining company with a lab. I will write to the stations and see if we can’t get a few pieces of rock from one of the dykes.

      • Well, there are most likely quite a few subglacial volcanoes around. Just in the last couple of years we have found two in Vatnajökull, and I suspect there being a minimum of 3 more down there…

        • Iceland has more studied volcanoes, and said volcanoes are much more accessible. The retreat of Vatnajokull certainly helps things.

          This volcano is supposedly caused by a hotspot. I think this is a decent explanation, as there is a trail of older volcanoes behind it(Executive committee range).

          But I think that there may be a few more sub-glacial volcanoes in Antarctica.

          • The nightmare tuya from hell… 3 calderas, forty some side vents, arcuate fissures, the works, all ontop of a colossal tuya. I think we have found what could lure you to Iceland 🙂

            • Hm… Okay, I see your point.
              Cruise ship 🙂 No scrotal fumblings done on those.
              But, as far as I know they have started to calm dawn a bit. For some unfathomable reason I always get waved past them. It is not like when I go to any former eastern block state and the entire both lights up in a red colour. And no, I am not going to try Belarus or Russia, I know what would happen then. But nothing beats Canada in the nineties. Utterly polite, but the hours just roled past while I was being politely interrogated. And in the end was declared persona non grata. I got as far as the walkway to the plane back home when I was collected by two gentlemen and hurried back (thought I would get excecuted by then), and through customs and more or less thrown out into a cold morning in Toronto.

              My favourite airline story is though not entirely mine. It was my erstwhile boss who flew to a place in the US that I am not disclosing. When he landed he went through the regular check carrying only his briefcase. In it they found what looked like a weird drum for a revolver. This is the actual conversation.
              -Sir, what is that?
              -A crytron.
              -What is that?
              -The triggering mechanism for a nuclear device.
              -A what?
              -A nuke.
              I have never seen so many hands finding so many alarm buttons in one go… I just continued walking without even looking since I knew that the only way to get him out was to call Hanford and tell them that their new and improved Crytron was in the hands of underpaid idiots at an undisclosed rural airport. Had I flinched or said anything I would also have had every hand in the airport up where no hand is supposed to go.

            • Heh… my favorite stupid story is from a CPO I used to work for. He had a CDL due to the fact that previously, one of his tasks was to drive an equipment van from site to site. The van was a tractor trailer. After each assignment, the equipment was stored, and the trailer locked and sealed. Inside were some of the more sophisticated intercept gear one could imagine.

              While in transit, he was stopped by a Virginia State Trooper who was adamant about opening the trailer to inspect the cargo. The trooper was given the option of contacting the govenor and having him come down to the site to order the search. The other option was to have the officer arrested if he forced the issue. After much radio communications back and forth, the officer decided that he really didn’t need to look inside the trailer after all.

              Virginia has a reputation for their hyper aggressive stop and search policies. In Florida, DOT is about the same in it’s aggressiveness. However, I do know that Florida has an issue with fake commercial vehicles. They are the ones that are dressed up like a normal commercial vehicle but are not even affiliated with the displayed company. This is done to run contraband. It’s not unusual to find a vehicle pulled over by multiple agencies with everything in the vehicle being laid out on the ground while LE pokes through it or running the dogs on it.

              One humorous (to me) tactic I have seen are FHP troopers rolling down the highway, followed a few minutes later by an FHP K-9 unit a couple of miles back.

              “Mind if I search your vehicle?” “err, okay” (not wanting to arouse suspicion) Then the K-9 Unit rolls up.

              By far the strangest personal story I have is a trip through courthouse security. My tasking was to change out a SCSI bus tape drive. I usually carry a pair of hemostats to get at the jumpers. (they be quite tiny). Security warned me about having them. They are “paraphernalia.” “Hmm” I thought… and the scalpel sitting next to them is okay.”

            • The iron ore mines need something a bit faster to help crack up the rocks. So they supplement the ANFO with an agent we can call gelatinous nitro. This is trucked in, 24 tons every 18 hours. The transport is heavilly guarded.
              Truck, two teams in two heavy vans plus two civilian police cruisers. All of them equiped with machine guns and heavy body armour. This is after all one hell of a target.
              The other side, two police students sent out to look for drunk drivers. They are not allowed to stop cars on their own, they have forgotten to turn on the raido. For some reason they decide to stop the truck even though they are not allowed to do so.
              They turn on their lights to signal the truck to stop, the truck is not allowed to stop for anything… It does not stop. Police students try to flag the truck down. The truck driver hears one of the vans trying to hail the unanswering cop car with the students.
              Now the ultimate in stupid, one of the police students decide to wave with his unloaded gun towards the truck, the truck-driver now thinks it is a bogus police car trying to hi-jack the truck and he presses the alarm button.
              One of the vans drive up along side the “fake” police car and pit manouvers it over a rail down to another road. Stunned police students crawl out of the wreck and looks into the barrels of HKMP5s. The students never became police officers.

              By happenstance. A few years ago they redid the police education to have fewer accidents like that. Now you have to do a 4 year masters program at a University, and they are heavily influenced to live inside the gym. The result was that we now have police officers built like the hulk and with the brain of Bruce Banner… The new ones have not tried to stop an explosives truck inside a city… mostly because they have brains.

            • Heh.. yeah, Normady Road is used for the escort Marine detachment. It’s not uncommon for base police to stop and ticket people who use it to zig-zag across town. The road is Federal property, and it parallels the railway out to the piers. It’s not uncommon to have several tonnes of ordinance rolling down that track for a ship load-out.


              BTW, that pier is three miles long because of the ex USS Solar.

              A very scared looking peice of metal from that ship, about 7 feet long, was set in concrete as a memorial pretty close to where it landed near the main admin building at the complex.

              40.417857°N 74.071133°W

              Gawd I hated that pier. You can’t drive it, and you can’t walk it. You have to take the bus… though there has been at least one instance where the bus has driven off of the pier. Loaded.

              We came back off of a cruise one time and had full on blizzard conditions at the end of the pier… and 45°F and sunny weather at the foot of the pier.

  4. And El Hierro has been quiet for 2 days now, following quite a bit of action on the 15th, up to 10km depth. I suspect the quiet zone may be leaking something into the sea somewhere. I could be wrong though. It may just be resting… ah…

  5. OT: As some of you may have noticed, I have stated that ISON will experience radiant energy levels of about 25,000 watts per square meter when it gets to perihelion. This is based on the energy curve derived from the average distance of the planets vs the amount of radiant energy they receive.

    Well, now it appears that ISON has had a fracture event.

    COMET C/2012 S1 (ISON) update November 16, 2013 from CBET 3715
    H. Boehnhardt, C. Tubiana, N. Oklay, and J. B. Vincent, Max Planck Institute for Solar System Research, Katlenburg-Lindau; and U. Hopp, C. Ries, M. Schmidt, A. Riffeser, and C. Goessl, Astronomical Institute, Ludwig Maximilian University, Munich, report the detection of coma wings in Laplace-filter-processed CCD exposures of comet C/2012 S1 obtained with the 0.4-m telescope of the Mt. Wendelstein Observatory on Nov. 14.16-14.21 and 16.16-16.21 UT. The arclet-like wings appeared in opposite direction from the nucleus at position angles 15 and 195 deg on Nov. 14 and at p.a. 25 and 205 deg on Nov. 16. The coma wings extended straight from the nucleus for about 4700 km on Nov. 14 and 13500 km on Nov. 16 on either side of the extended radius vector and continued in streamers of the plasma tail. No coma wings were found in similar exposures obtained on Nov. 13. The coma wings suggest the presence of two or more sub-nuclei with individual expanding atmospheres in the overall cometary coma and may indicate recent nucleus splitting in the comet.

  6. And in Indonesia, there is another one perhaps making ready for an eruption: Gunung Semeru. It is the highest Mountain on Java. So far there are only small puffs visible, but you never know what they lead to…

    From Wikipedia: “Known also as Mahameru the (Great Mountain), it is very steep rising abruptly above the coastal plains of eastern Java. Maars containing crater lakes have formed along a line through the summit of the volcano. It was formed south of the overlapping Ajek-ajek and Jambagan calderas. Semeru lies at the south end of the Tengger Volcanic Complex. … Semeru has been in a state of near-constant eruption from 1967 to the present. At times, small eruptions happen every 20 minutes or so.” – well, I have not seen any activity for the last half year or so, so, it’s about time! 😀

  7. Jon is saying those quakes by Vik are either magmatic or a dike intrusion. Considering their depth they might not be tectonic.

    • I agree on the part that they might be magmatic. Problem is what is causing them. It is not Katla that is for sure. So… we have a problem finding which volcano it could be. If we follow the NE/SW en echelon fissure swarm we find that Vik is most likely at the extreme end of Grimsvötn fissure swarm.

      And, while looking at Google Earth I noticed that they have new imagery for Vatnajökull. Oh my have things changed. Thordharhyrna is now a visible Nunatak. The Grimsvötn caldera is visible. Something have blasted a hole NNE of Grimsvötn, and the entire area up to Kverkfjöll is covered with melted out Grimsvötn 2011 ash. Entire mountains have just appeared. That is one fast melting glacier…

  8. Okay, it is still some sort of weekend… So, wildly OT, but hellishly impressive still. What do you do if you want to show that you have the most exact steering of a truck ever? Answer, you first make Jean-Claude van Damme crap himself when he hears what he is supposed to do. Then you spend more money on one single take than ever before spent in advertising history.

    Then you do this one off take without cuts. This is a real filming.

    Hell, I am impressed by the two guys driving… When the left truck driver makes that turn out, no hesitation, no qualm, just bang on.

      • My point exactly, the most impressive part is the driving skills. And yes, being 53 and being able to do that split is also impressive. Half way my gonads would be gone. And no… I can’t drive like that. Ever.

  9. “This mythical mountain of gods was mentioned in Tantu Pagelaran, an Old Javanese manuscript written in Kawi language from 15th century Majapahit period. The manuscript is describing the mythical origin of Java island, and the legend of moving some parts of mount Meru to Java. The manuscript explained that Batara Guru (Shiva) has ordered the god Brahma and Vishnu to fill the Java island with human beings. However at that time Java island was floating freely on the ocean, ever tumbling and always shaking. To make the island still, the gods decided to nail the island upon the earth by moving the part of Mahameru in Jambudvipa (India) and attaching it upon Java.[17] The resulting mountain is Mount Semeru, the tallest mountain of Java.


      • Well, not trying to top it, but a late Sunday distraction is at the expense of the youngest of the Rat dogs, and the Monster. Both of them are fans of the little red bug. (laser dot) and will go out of their way to catch it.

        If one of those two dogs decides to sit and explore their private parts… as dogs are known to do… if you illuminated the floor right in front of their face, they will immediately stop their licking and try to get the dot. Usually quite startled by it’s appearance.

  10. Does anybody have any further insight or speculation on Sinabung? I can’t tell if it’s just letting off some excess steam, or if it’s just getting the party started. I’m leaning towards getting the party started since it hasn’t erupted in 400 years, but that’s not really enough to say anything definitively.

    I’m surprised there has been so little commentary about this on here!

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